Facebook Marketing
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing strategy for promoting your own and affiliate products.
3.5 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,210 students enrolled
Created by Jim Bruce
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page
  • Find Groups on Facebook
  • Choose and join the right Facebook groups
  • Apply the 80-20 business rule to Facebook promotions
  • Apply the correct procedures for safely posting to Facebook groups
  • Ensure that your Facebook posts have maximum exposure
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  • No previous knowledge or experience is required - you will need a Facebook account.

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Facebook Marketing is rapidly gaining strength as this internet giant continues to grow.

Many internet marketers are developing strategies that use memberships of existing communities as an abundant source of clients for their products and services.

The big question is - how to turn Facebook users into website visitors and possible buyers?

This course basically teaches the strategy that I successfully use to market my own product (blues guitar lessons) on Facebook but can equally be used to promote and sell affiliate products from the Clickbank market place.

In this course you will learn:

  • How To create an appealing, working Facebook Fan Page - essential for any strategy
  • How to find the audience for your products
  • How to identify and join niche Facebook groups interested in your products
  • How to make sure your group postings stay fresh
  • How to automate the whole process

I regularly earn between $500 - $800 per month on Facebook using the exact strategy demonstrated in the course (see screen shots in course promotional video).

Please note: This is not a theoretical approach that MAY work, but a verified strategy for making money on Facebook. You will learn step-by-step by literally looking over my shoulder as I build a Facebook Fan Page, add content, and post on Facebook Groups.

The course is perfect for beginners and people wanting to hit the ground running. This Facebook strategy works, and in it's basic form costs nothing except time - great for starting out!

An example tool that can be used to automate the whole process is discussed, with important guidelines for correct usage.


  1. How to create the perfect Facebook video ad.
  2. Detailed explanation - how to get cheap likes to your Facebook Fan Page

More Goodies!

There's even a section covering Youtube video marketing to further increase your reach. As you may know, Facebook is rapidly overtaking Youtube as far as views is concerned, and I recommend uploading video for your Facebook promotions, rather than just using Youtube video.

Why? Well it stands to reason that eventually Facebook will start to monetize video and that the search algorithms will behave (probably) in the same way as Youtube does now, so it pays to be ready!

Facebook For The Future

Marketers are trying hard to keep pace with any changes made to the Facebook platform, and with this in mind, the techniques taught in this course don't rely on any sensitive rules tat might change from time to time - it's future proof!

When there are any changes to basic actions, such as posting on Facebook Groups for example, the course will be updated as soon as is possible.

Facebook Video Ads

I consider that video will be the Number One marketing tool for Facebook marketers in the very near future, so I'll be preparing a separate course showing how to create the perfect Facebook video and how to create an ad that delivers leads for around 0.07c.

However, there are other interesting possibilities on the Facebook horizon, such as animated GIFS and Cinemagraphs. GIFS have been around for a long time, and consist of layered images that change quickly, either alternating from one to another, or in a short series.

Cinemagraphs have a short piece of real video embedded in the image, but the trick is to have just one part of the image moving. The effect is eye-catching. Watch out for Facebook introducing these in the near future.

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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is just right for an internet marketer new to Facebook. Although all levels will learn something from the techniques taught, basically it's a Beginner's Guide To Facebook Marketing
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction To Facebook Marketing and Course Plan
1 Lecture 02:32

The whole subject of internet marketing is at the same time exciting and frustrating for the newcomer. On the one hand we read articles and promotions how we can make thousands of dollars promoting products and on the other hand it's difficult to know where to start!

The other problem is that many other marketers know this and make a living selling internet services to newbies.

When starting out, money is limited - we're trying to make money, not spend it! Of course, sometimes it's necessary, but there are many things we can do without over spending.

My own experience covers Google search, Youtube and Facebook over a period of 10 years. It's very easy to spend hundreds on promotions and services which are just not necessary to make money.

This course outlines my own strategy that generates about half of my monthly income. You will learn step by step how to put this strategy in place and maintain it to maximize your success.

In it's basic form, you don't need to spend money to carry it out, but you will learn how to use an inexpensive tool to automate the process if you so wish.

Lastly, my Bonus Sections demonstrate videos that I use today in ad campaigns, and a complete detailed explanation of getting Fan Page likes very cheaply.

Preview 02:32
Creating An Appealing Facebook Fan Page
1 Lecture 08:17

In a previous free course, I demonstrated how to use Facebook ads to generate up to 100 likes per day for just $1, in order to develop the important social proof for your Fan Page.

How important is a fan page? First of all, it's the showcase for your service or product. It needs to be appealing, factual and just be downright interesting!

Visitors should want to hang around and watch your videos or read your content. That way they will probably Like your page and hopefully share some content, further spreading your reach.

In this lecture, I build a new fan page to show how quick it can be, and the essential elements you should include.

Preview 08:17

Creating An Appealing Fan Page
3 questions
Where Is My Audience? Finding and Joining Facebook Groups
1 Lecture 04:39

Step 1: Decide on your niche

Step 2: Search keywords, using the suggestion tool

Step 3: Join the Groups, and importance of Fan Book Page

Step 4: Prepare your postings - links or no links? Video vs Images

Step 5: The 80-20 rule - time savings (details in the video).

The whole process is a simple as that, but the success is in the detail.

Groups - The Life Blood Of Facebook Marketing

Finding and Using Groups
3 questions
Posting To Facebook Groups
1 Lecture 05:44

Once we join groups we can start to post text, images or videos on these groups. The aim is to get exposure for our product, or an affiliate product. That said, we can't simply post whenever we like - our account would either get suspended, or un-joined by the Group admin. If we posted unsuitable images, or we posted too often, for example.

In this video I explain the safe way to post to Facebook groups.

Posting To Groups - Best Practices
What Is Post Bumping and How Does It Help?
1 Lecture 03:17

In the ideal world your post will attract comments and Likes. One of the great things about a comment is that it 'bumps' your post to the top of the page.

Imagine that you have a post on a group with 50,000 members and just a few thousand of them are active on a daily basis. It's probable that your posts will only be seen for short time as new ones push it further down the page.

Just like Google search results, the top posts get a lot of attention and not many people will go down much further than 10 posts, so it's very important that your posts stays in the limelight.

A good way to do this is to either get someone else to post comments, or to comment yourself. There is a way to do this that doesn't make it so obvious, and annoying people in the process.

Making Sure Your Post Gets Seen - Maximizing Your Presence
BONUS 1 - Automating Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns
1 Lecture 04:40

Take some time to read reviews and forums relating to the various tools offered on the internet and make a careful choice.

When you sign up to Massplanner using my link, I will share my own personal settings that I use every day for my promotions.


Disclaimer: Massplanner is also an affiliate product of mine - although it won't cost you any more using my link, I will receive a payment from Massplanner.

How To Post and Bump Automatically - Typical Software
BONUS 2 - How To Get Cheap Likes For Your Facebook Fan Page
6 Lectures 20:50

Facebook Marketing beings with the creation of an appealing Fan Page, which show-cases your product or service. There are many services that can help you do this, or build it yourself, using the Tab function and your own creativity.

However, once created, the number of Likes will appear prominently close to the LH corner. In the beginning, this number will be very low, and it has a subtle effect the people who visit your page. If a visitor see a few thousand Likes, then he tends to think 'this page is worthwhile, because many people Like it - I'll stick around and check it out!'

Basically, it's the social attraction factor that your need to give your promotions the best possible chance, so we need likes. At this stage, you are not really concerned where these Likes come from. It can be tempting to by Likes, but this is definitely not advised. Your account could be banned, and anyway, this course will show you how to use ads to get Likes up to 50 times cheaper than buying them from other providers - and they're safe!

Using the guidelines in the next videos, you will regularly get between 80-100 likes each and very day.
Introduction To The Strategy

Before starting an ad creation, let's review what a successful ad looks like, what it can do for our social proof and what you can expect.

The ad shown in the video regularly gathers 800 likes per week and costs around $7, which is exactly what we need. A secondary benefit of gathering this all-important social proof, is that we can use it on any of our web pages.

By pasting a small script onto our web site, we can display the number of Likes from our Facebook Fan Page. For any visitors, it seems as though the Likes displayed are in support of the web page, or the product featured.

Next video we take a look at the audience for our ad.
Social Proof - A Look At A Working Ad

Setting up the audience is crucial to the success of this Like gathering ad.

Remember - we are interested in numbers, that's all. We don't really care where the Likes come from, as long as they are real users and that they stick!

It's tempting fro English speakers to create an audience of English speaking countries like the US and UK. This would make sense if your ad as trying to sell something, but we just want Likes. These countries tend to be expensive - we don't want to pay up to 25 cents for a Like!

In this Lecture you will learn how to target countries that give you a Like for between 1 and 2 cents.
Creating An Audience

The goal of our course is to gather Facebook Likes for between 1 and 2 cents, and we want to keep costs as low as possible.

Our ad budget is going to be set at just $1 per day, which just about anyone can afford. With the correct audience settings, this will generate between 80-100 Likes each day.

The ad will be set to run continuously and we will let Facebook take care of the optimization - they will present the ad to the people most likely to click on that all-important LIKE BUTTON, which appears underneath the ad image.
Setting the Budget

Your ad image is super important!

There are many, many images and banners presented to web surfers, so yours has to stand out. How do we do this? Simple graphics with bright colors are good - does your image tell a short story?

Make it unusual, or funny in any way you can. It has to appeal to a variety of people and make them want to click on it. If it's refreshing and new, they will click on it out of appreciation.

The video shows some images that I use in my business and why I use them.
Creatives - The Image

Creatives - The Text and Conclusion - Wrapping It All up!
BONUS 3 - The Perfect Facebook Video Ad
2 Lectures 02:25

This video is an actual ad that I use regularly - because it works! It advertises my own product.

The ideal video for advertising purposes has the following features:

  • FB autoplays video once a user scrolls down, but there is not sound. Include some moving text in the first 5 seconds to attract people's attention.
  • Use strong colorful images that are interesting and invite users to click, even if it's just to find out what the video is all about.
  • The video should be no more than 1 minute long.
  • Make it clear what the video is promoting all the way through.
  • Include text reminding viewers to click the link in the description or at the end of the video - repeat this text throughout the video.
  • Present the strong benefits of your product
  • Create a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of the video to reinforce your message and maximize clicks.
Video Ad Example 1 - Blues Guitar Lessons

I use this video to promote a Clickbank affiliate product 'Learn Piano In 30 Days'. This niche is competitive, but this product has the edge I think.

For example, people can start for just $1, which is a powerful incentive for people to sign up. Also Rachel Welch is easy on the eye and attracts attention.

Video Ad Example 2 - Piano Lessons
About the Instructor
Jim Bruce
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FaceBook & Internet Marketing

Facebook Marketing is the latest 'flavor of the month' for internet marketers in general, and with over 10 years active online marketing experience, Jim Bruce is well equipped to guide newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs alike in all aspects of making a living online.

This is the goal - how to use all the internet's resources efficiently to make a living. The golden rule for embarking on this journey is to learn from someone who has successfully made a living from the internet for several years. From getting cheap FaceBook likes, to promoting affiliate products on Youtube and FaceBook, Jim has done it all.

Many people make a living on the internet by selling courses showing how to make a living on the internet! Jim learned the trade the hard way - by successfully marketing his own blues guitar lessons on Youtube, Facebook and other platforms for the past 10 years.