Facebook Marketing For Authors
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Facebook Marketing For Authors

Your 7 Minute A Day Facebook Strategy
4.0 (19 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
95 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Market your books to a highly targeted audience - to people who are actually interested in your books
  • Quickly find more people who are avid readers of the topic you are publishing in
  • Create Facebook ads that will aim to get readers interested in your book
  • Get new fans without spending tons of money doing so
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  • All you need to know is that Facebook is a place to find more readers who are highly targeted for your book!
  • Facebook is a great place to market your books
  • The time is now to start marketing on Facebook. It doesn't take a whole lot of money to do so either!
  • A Facebook Account - It's free!

Facebook Marketing For Authors will allow authors and publishers to learn how to effectively market their books on Facebook to instantly get in front of people who are fans of the topics you are writing in.

Master the art of instantly getting your books in front of the most targeted fans on the web in as little as 7 minutes!

Are you struggling to get more exposure for your books? Are your books just not getting enough eyeballs on them? Promoting your books on the powerful platform of Facebook will get your books in front of the right people with minimal effort and cost.

You will be able to:

  • Market your books to a highly targeted audience - to people who are actually interested in your books
  • Quickly find more people who are avid readers of the topic you are publishing in who will keep coming back to buy your books
  • Create Facebook ads that will aim to get readers interested in your book
  • Get new fans without spending tons of money doing so

Facebook Marketing for authors is designed specifically for authors who desire a larger following without breaking the bank. Promoting your books on Facebook will allow you to instantly market your book to people who are already reading other books in the topic you are writing about.

In the course, we show you step by step how to find these people as well as tailor your message so they are more likely to click through to the books you are promoting.

There is no other marketplace out there that has this kind of power to reach highly targeted people and we show you exactly how to do that. You will be bragging to all your friends in no time that you know how to find people who are interested in your genre! This is so exciting!

Content Overview

This course is suitable for people who have never done paid advertising before. I’ve never done paid advertising before Facebook came along and it’s the easiest platform to learn on (and funnest for that matter).

All too often authors are stuck in a rut on how to promote their books effectively. This course takes you from starting from nothing (or very little) to finding people who will be excited to see what you’ve got to offer.

Here is just some of what you will discover with this course:

  • Why Facebook is the most powerful place online to promote your books
  • How to instantly find people to target who already have interest in your subject matter and niche (this is really fun and it works like a charm)
  • What to say in your advertising to compel people to look at your offers
  • How to market your books effectively to get the most out of your advertising spent
  • How to not ‘break the bank’ with simple ads targeting the right people on Facebook
  • How to adapt ads to your audience so they respond (this is really cool and most people miss this)
  • A step by step Facebook ad creation process that gets easier and easier (it’s amazing how that happens)
  • And much more from an experienced Facebook marketer and author

This course is packed with tons of information that you can use for LIFE in your marketing! It’s very exciting!

But wait, there’s more…

We added a BONUS SECTION to this value packed course. In the Bonus Module, we go through how you can get even more out of your Facebook Advertising. There’s one little trick that marketers are using to re-engage people who might not have taken action the first time they click on your ad. There is a special way that we are going to show you how you can actually market to these highly targeted people a second time. You see, not everyone will take action right away and we’ll show you how to take advantage of a simple feature inside of Facebook that is highly underutilized but highly effective!

Click Take This Course right now and begin getting more exposure with Facebook advertising immediately.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for any author or publisher who wants more exposure for their books
  • This course is for any author or publisher who wants more readers and fans of their books
  • This course is for authors who are looking for an incredible marketplace where they can instantly get in front of people who might be interested in their books
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Why Facebook
5 Lectures 19:26

Welcome to your Facebook Marketing for Authors Course! We are excited to bring you a ton of information on how to run a successful Facebook Advertising campaign!

Preview 03:04

This video will show you why Facebook marketing is one of the easiest ways to market your product and how you can use it to create a thriving business.

Why Facebook

This is where you will create your Facebook Author Page. In this video, I will teach you how to create a Facebook Page from scratch. You will also learn what you need to post to your business page before you should start creating Facebook ads.

First Thing's First - Set Up Your Facebook Page

This is the very first assignment you will get and what you will need to do before you can move through more of the training. You'll need to create your Author's Page on Facebook before you can move on.

First Assignment

This is just a recap of what you learned in Section 1. It is important that you create your Facebook Author's Page before you move on. It isn't required but it will help you move forward quite a bit.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Conclusion Section 1
Finding Your Target Audience
8 Lectures 31:25

In Section 2, you'll learn the importance of Target Audiences and how to use it effectively. You'll learn:

  • The importance of your target audience
  • If you're on the right path
  • How to leverage these strategies for fiction and non-fiction
  • 3 different search strategies
Facebook Marketing For Authors Introduction Section 2

Your target audience is imperative to your success. It is one of the most important steps through your Facebook marketing process. It will allow you to put your ads, your offer and materials in front of the people who want to see them and could be a new lead or potential client.

The Click Through Rates will be perfect for you to learn what is working and not working with your ads and your target audience.

Preview 03:13

To understand if you're on the right path with your Facebook advertising, you'll need to monitor your Click Through Rate (CTR). The higher the CTR the better! It means that you're targeting the right people who want to see what your offer is. If your CTR is lower than 2%, you'll want to work on your target audience a little more to ensure success.

Your CTR is comprised of these 3 things at first:

  • Audience
  • Graphics
  • What you are saying in your ad
Indication You Are Getting It Right

You will learn that the beauty of Facebook marketing is that you can use it for almost anything, including fiction and non-fiction. There is unlimited potential with Facebook as long as you're doing a few things right.

Fiction & Non-Fiction - It Works For Both

One of the first things you would do to find your target audience is to find authors in your genre through search on Amazon. You will need to find authors that are pretty big author in your niche.

You'll want to have 15 - 20 big names in your niche and create a list of them for you to reference back to and use for the Facebook ads that we will be creating. Next you'll want to do the same thing with Google and type in popular _____ authors. Most of the time, someone has already done this for you so you'll be able to see some big names.

Google and Amazon Searches

In this video you will learn more about your target audience with Facebook Audience insights

Audience Insights

Yasiv is a really great tool to help you get more advanced in your targeting. When I pull the book title from Amazon and put it in to Yasiv, it pulls other books that are connected to it. When it pulls up all of the books, you're able to see what books are popular by how many arrows that are pointed to each book.

As you are looking at books, you'll start noticing similarities in each book so you can see what is working in your genre. With this tool, you could plug in keywords or titles to find categories and popular authors to use to target for your Facebook ads.


This is the conclusion to Section 2. Congratulations! We are getting closer to creating a stellar Facebook ad. Please feel free to review any part of Sections 1 or 2. Let's jump in to Section 3.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Conclusion Section 2
Where Should You Market Your Ads For Your Book Promotion
7 Lectures 27:52

In Section 3, we will talk about where you should be marketing. By the end of this Section, you'll have a clear and concise plan on where you should be marketing to, where you send people and what are some of the strategies that you can use to take advantage of the traffic you're getting with your Facebook ads.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Introduction Section 3

You could send people to your Amazon book listing, but it is not recommended.

Here are a few reasons why sending them right to your Amazon book listing won't work:

  • Hard to track results
  • The traffic dies
  • You're relying too much on Amazon
  • Too many distractions on Amazon and other things to potentially buy

It is generally better to send people to a self-hosted web page. You could add a video and graphics to make it easier to capture leads.

Preview 04:23

Running your traffic to some kind of page that you own (website, blog, etc) is highly recommended. It gives you more control of your traffic and lead capturing. If you are sending traffic to a blog page, you should test different strategies on the offer that you're creating

Split Test Offers:

  • Buy book now strategy
  • Squeeze page strategy

These are the two things that I do when I market my books. When you are creating each offer, there should be a strategy behind it such as getting people on your list so you can market to regularly or getting people to buy your book.

You could do a search for a template to use or you could use a program like LeadPages, Optimize Press or InstaBuilder to create a simple page to lead capture.

If you want someone to do it for you, there is a great resource called Fiverr where you could find someone to set up your blog for you.

It might take a little longer for you to put together rather than sending traffic right to Amazon, but you're capturing a lead and creating a successful funnel for yourself.

Self Hosted Page - Much Better

In this video we will be discussing KDP Select. With KDP Select, you're able to enroll in this program through Amazon. It allows you to make your book free for a certain amount of time.

KDP Select allows you to:

  • 5 24-hour promotions per month (within a 90 day period)
  • The ultimate goal is to get as many downloads as possible within the free promotional period
  • This forces your book to climb Amazon's best seller ranks

Using this strategy will help you build momentum for when your book isn't free anymore and will help you increase your rankings.

The one disadvantage to the KDP Select program is that if your book is enrolled in this program, you're not able to sell your book on any other platform. That means no Barnes & Noble, no Google Play, no iTunes, etc.

Just because your book is free, doesn't mean that you won't benefit. There are things you can do inside of your book that allow you to build leads.

Set Up Free Day Promotions

You'll learn about free list building strategies in this video.

A couple things that are important for your giveaway:

  • It has to match the topic
  • The gift can be anything that makes sense for your audience
  • You could offer a physical copy of your book giveaway or contest
You could create some momentum around the giveaway. When you announce a winner, you could post it to social media and it will make it more real and give you engagement too.
Free Gift - List Building Strategy

You can use themes and times of the year in your marketing! It's fun and effective!

Using Themes

This concludes Section 3. By now, you should be clear on where you want to send the traffic from your ad. To recap, the number #1 you should not be sending ads to is directly to your Amazon book page.

We want to send traffic to pages that we own so that we are able to control and capture leads.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Conclusion Section 3
The Facebook Ad Creation Process
9 Lectures 56:52

We're here! This is the final section. In Section 4, we will create our first Facebook ad. We will go step by step so you can learn how to create your own successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Don't be scared, you will get the hang of it and as you create, edit and monitor your ads, it will become much easier.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Introduction Section 4

In this video, you'll learn the different Facebook ad types.

The ways you can create FB ads:

Boosted Post: You can create a post on your Facebook author page. If you create it this way, make sure you add a picture. Once you click post and your post is live, you can press the “Boost Post” button.

A pop up will appear and you can select your demographics and what you want your budget to be.

Ads Manager: When you are on the homepage in Facebook, on the left hand side you should see & click on the “Ads Manager.” Once you are in the Ads Manager, on the top right hand side, it will say “Create Ad.” There will be a pop up that asks what the objection is for your campaign.

Most of the time you'll choose one of these:

  • Send people to your website
  • Increase conversions on your website

It is about finding the targeted fans to buy your books and increase your list. In the next video, we'll start getting into the meat and potatoes of building a successful ad.

Facebook Ad Types

How important is link tracking? When you click on a paid advertisement, it goes somewhere. When you are putting your ads inside of Facebook, you should use a tracking link so you're able to track your link.

You will want to create trackable links for every single one of your ads so you can get a better understanding of your ad and how well its running.

When you use Naked Links they could be:

  • Too long
  • Too ugly
  • Could put people off because they look like marketing sites

This is an extra step that you need to take, but it needs to be done so you can monitor your results.

The Importance Of Links and Link Tracking

In this lecture, we discuss 3 important steps for your Facebook ad creation:

  1. Demo of setting up your tracking links
  2. Adding the interest section to your ad creation
  3. Target audience sizes

This lecture is exciting because it is the first time we are actually inside of the ads area inside of Facebook.

Facebook Ad Setup

In this video, we discuss our Facebook ad graphics size. Your FB ad graphic sizes should be 1200x628 pixels. You don't need to worry about designing any other size graphics other than this.

If you don't want design your ad yourself, you can always outsource the graphic creation to someone else.

When it comes to ad graphics, there's no right or wrong answer. You'll have to experiment, guess and go by trial and error.

Some guidelines, tips and tricks:

  • When someone is looking directly at you in the ad, it generally works better than someone looking away in the ad.
  • Attractive females work better than non-attractive females, men or children.
  • We want to use bright and flashy colors so that you can stand out.
It is important that you should test it out. With Facebook you can test a couple different images. Facebook doesn't allow more than 20% text in the ad graphics, so they created a tool to help us. With the Facebook Text Overlay tool, you're able to upload your picture and if you have more than 20% text on your image, this tool will tell you.
Facebook Ad Graphics

This lecture covers what you are actually putting in your add text / description and headline.

Facebook Ad / Message / Description and Button

We will be discussing Interest Ad Matching in this video. For example, Stephanie Meyer who is the author of the Twilight Series. We would want to match our ad copy to the interest that we are targeting.

An example of ad copy would be, “If You Love Stephanie Meyer...Then You Will Love This Book!”

They will already know who Stephanie Meyer is because you're targeting her as an interest.

This could work with any association, service or product that you are marketing to.

Facebook Ads - Match The Interest To The Ad

With this video, we teach you about ad bidding. This is important because this is how much money you will be spending per ad per lead.

You must ALWAYS manually bid for clicks. It allows you to be in control rather than Facebook spending your money.

You should always bid a little higher than their suggested bid pricing. The beauty about Facebook is that you are able to create a daily budget or lifetime budget for each ad and Facebook will not go over that.

Facebook Ad Bidding

This is the conclusion to Section 4. Some of the things your'e going to see in the set up of your ad section, you're going to want to go overboard and start messing around with other options. It is very appealing, but make sure that you keep it simple, keep to the basics.

After you've gotten use to the process and set up a few ads, then you can start going in and experimenting with other options.

You could use this info to create ads for product, services or programs that you've created as well. This is just the foundation to get you started in your Facebook ads journey.

BONUS: We've add one more section to help you really succeed as an Author. Head on over to Section 5 to jump in!

Facebook Marketing For Authors Conclusion Section 4
Facebook Marketing For Authors: The Bonus Module
5 Lectures 11:44

This bonus module is put together to help authors even an even bigger reach with Facebook.

In this section, we will be talking about:

  • What retargeting is
  • How to set it up
  • How to craft your message to users who have already seen your content
Facebook Marketing For Authors Introduction Bonus Module

What is Retargeting?

It is the ability to market to someone who has visited your site and then leaves your site, but doesn't take action the first time around.

Retargeting allows you to target that person at a later time and to get your name in front of them which could increase their chances to buy or sign up for your offer, product, service.

What is Retargeting

In this video, we will go over how to install the Retargeting Pixel. You'll learn where you need to go on Facebook to create the pixel for the exact URL to target your visitors from and how to add it to your website.

You'll learn what you need to add to Facebook to make sure you're capturing your website views from the last 6 months.

Installing The Retargeting Pixel

In this lecture we discuss what your retargeting message in your ad should be.

Your Retargeting Ad Message

This concludes the bonus section helping you to create successful Retargeting campaigns. We are so happy that you took the time to learn about Facebook Marketing and how it can help you grow your business.

Facebook Marketing For Authors Conclusion Section 5 Bonus Module
Course Resources
3 Lectures 00:00

This is a great resource for what tools you can use to monitor and track each URL in your Facebook ads.

Link Redirect Options
1 page

You will need a website or lead capture page that is self-hosted, beautiful and easy to create. Here are some options that we like and have had great experience with.

Beautiful Page Builder Options
1 page

View samples from inside the course!

Course Samples
1 page
About the Instructor
Cassandra Cholaki
4.0 Average rating
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95 Students
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Facebook Marketing For Authors Trainer

Facebook marketing for authors is essential to finding fans and potential buyers of your book. Marketing on Facebook is one of the easiest ways of promoting your book to find people who are truly interested in the topic you are writing about.

Cassandra Cholaki has a passion for teaching authors the most effective ways of marketing their books. Cassandra focuses much of her time meeting and partnering up with industry experts to help authors marketing their books in the most effective ways.

She believes an effective book promotion strategy must be centered around finding laser targeted audiences and Facebook is one of the best places to do that.

With each new book an author publishes, authors must have an effective book promotion strategy which must extend well beyond their just publishing their books to the many publishing platforms. The keys to success with book marketing is to:

1) Know your audience
2) Make sure your audience is big enough and you can get a massive following easily (before you publish)
3) Know what makes your audience and fans tick!
4) Have a social presence - fans love that!
5) Never stop marketing

Once authors have these basic principals in place, they are pretty much guaranteed maximum exposure for their books for a very long time. As you can tell, Cassandra is very passionate about this topic!

Cassandra currently lives in San Diego and she holds a MA in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She also has a MSD Doctor in Metaphysics.

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I have been doing internet marketing since 2010. Once I typed those famous words into google "how to make money online" I never looked back. Now I love learning and teaching and helping other people succeed online. I love the challenge and I love waking up in the morning and working on growing my business.