Introduction to Facebook Live Streaming
4.4 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,289 students enrolled
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Introduction to Facebook Live Streaming

Learn how to live stream to Facebook and choose the best software for video production of your next show
4.4 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,289 students enrolled
Created by Mr Paul Richards
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Live stream to Facebook
  • Promote Facebook live events
  • Choose the best live streaming software for them
  • Schedule live events on Facebook
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  • How to use a facebook account
  • How to start a facebook page
  • How to operate a windows or mac computer

Facebook Live is here and this course takes you through the basics of live streaming on the platform. Instructor Paul Richards, extends his course offerings with this list streaming course which includes videos on OBS (Open Broadcast Software), xSplit, Wirecast and vMix. This course is perfect for anyone NEW to facebook live and covers the basics from a streaming software and technical level. 

  1. Detailed live streaming tutorials specifically for Facebook Live
  2. Free downloads include - Facebook Reaction Icon Pack and Facebook Live Virtual Set (Use with xSplit, Wirecast or vMix!)
  3. Experienced instructor with over 1,600+ students and 27 positive reviews
  4. 9 courses on live streaming including: YouTube Live, Hosting a Live Talk Show, Green Screens / Virtual Sets and more

Once you have taken this course you should have a strong path forward for choosing the right live streaming software for you! You will be introduced to the foundations of successful live streaming show structure which includes a pre-show, hosting a talk show and including post-show information such as credit rolls. 

We will even include a $20 credit towards any vMix or Wirecast software license (call 610-518-2200 USA Only... Limit one per customer). 

Who is the target audience?
  • Interested in live streaming
  • Capable with computers
  • Has a computer, webcam and microphone
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Introduction to Facebook Live
4 Lectures 13:04

This brief introduction to the course reviews the entire course and the sections inside. We will review the Facebook Live platform and the software you need to stream to Facebook. This course will include brief tutorials on OBS, xSplit and Wirecast. If you desire more in depth explanations on the live streaming software please see my other courses. 

Preview 02:39

Let's take a look at who is currently using Facebook Live. We tour the Facebook Live Map and jump around the globe to view live streams and understand how the platform is being used. 

Preview 03:47

Let's take a tour of what is possible with Facebook Live. This new live streaming tool from Facebook is completely free and you probably already use the platform. So let's familiarize ourselves with this powerful live streaming tool!

Preview 03:42

Facebook Live Reactions are the key to creating engaging live streams on Facebook! See the download below to get started with our Facebook Reaction Creation Kit. 

Preview 02:56
Facebook's New Live Streaming Application
3 Lectures 18:18

Facebook just released a new Live Streaming Application. If you don't see this on your Facebook page when logged in on a Windows or Mac computer DONT WORRY. Facebook is slowly rolling out this new feature. 

Facebook's New Live Streaming Application

Use Facebooks Live Streaming App with vMix

Use Facebooks Live Streaming App with Wirecast
What is RTSP Streaming?
1 Lecture 04:10

In this lecture we review the RTSP streaming protocol needed to live stream to Facebook. We show you where you need to go to obtain your unique RTMP Server and Stream Key required to stream to Facebook. Once you have everything copied down you are ready to start streaming with one of the following streaming software solutions we will review below. 

Live Streaming Overview
Software for live streaming overview
3 Lectures 17:01

OBS is one of the most basic live streaming software solutions available on the market today. This software is also completely free and there are plugins available to extend the capabilities. You can download OBS at the link provided in the resources below. 

Also, if you are interested in build a virtual set see the downloads in Wirecast and vMix. I have included the files you need to build a virtual set with OBS. If you need more help see my course on Green Screens and Virtual Sets. 

Live Streaming to Facebook with OBS

vMix is one of my personal favorite live streaming software solutions. You can download a free 60 day trial at the link below to get started. This is a very basic tutorial to show you the power of vMix (Which was used to record every other video except this one). If you would like a full tutorial on vMix check out my vMix Master Class Course. 

Live Streaming to Facebook with vMix

xSplit is a step up from OBS. I really like xSplit for live streaming because it is incredibly easy to use. If you are looking for a simple way to set up live streams without having to use plug-ins and scripts with OBS xSplit might be the best choice for you. Like all the other live streaming software solutions for Facebook Live xSplit has a free trial. If you like what you see consider downloading xSplit and giving it a try. 

Also, if you are interested in build a virtual set see the downloads in Wirecast and vMix. I have included the files you need to build a virtual set with xSplit. If you need more help see my course on Green Screens and Virtual Sets. 

Live Streaming to Facebook with xSplit
Setting up your live show
3 Lectures 10:25

Setting up a pre-show is incredible important because it gives your audience time to gather before the show. Just because you click the live button doesn't mean you can't give yourself another 5-10 minutes before the show starts. Consider playing music and using a countdown timer to notify the audience of your planned start time. 

Setting up a Pre-Show

At PTZOptics we host a live show every Friday and after over 100 live shows we have found that creating a show with structure is the most professional and effective way to live stream. By using Credits at the end of your live stream you gain the ability to thank everyone involved in your live stream PLUS you can claim your registered trademarks and copyrights. Finally, a post show Q&A is a great way to boost engagement with your audience. 

Credit Roles and Post Show Q&As

Using the Facebook Reaction Kit is a great way to boost engagement on your Facebook Live Streams. We will briefly show you how to prompt your audience with Facebook's official reaction emoji''s. PLUS: Don't miss our free download below with all the PNG files you will need. 

Using Facebook Reactions and the Icon Kit
BONUS Section!
5 Lectures 39:15

The most important factor for social media marketing, in my honest opinion, is audience segmentation. Each platform offers unique tools for "finding your audience" and marketing to them. So let's take a look at the ways we drill down in each platform to make our marketing dollars go further.

In this video, we discuss what we learned marketing live events on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We review each platform and there access to demographic tools for marketing our live streams to the best possible audiences. In general, our most effective campaigns included a mix of each social major media platform allowing us to promote our message to highly targeted audiences. 

Promoting live streams with social media

Wirecast is the software for live streaming that most professionals use. We briefly show you how to use a virtual set and start start live streaming to Facebook. To use a virtual set you will need a green screen background. We have a free virtual set available for download below. 

Streaming to Facebook with Wirecast

There are three main ways to advertising on Facebook: Boosting a Post, Boosting a Event and Creating a Boosted Offer. If you are selling tickets to your live stream or event you can do so with an Event or an Offer. I would highly suggest using Facebook's event and offer features because they are free to use. You only have to pay when you boost your events to your target audiences. Boosting a post is ideal for promoting a last minute livestream invitation or a promotional  video. We have testing boosting links to our YouTube Videos and our organic facebook videos which astonishingly different results. We spent $5 promoting a YouTube video and received 17 engagements (16 likes and 1 click) where we promoted the same video organically uploaded to Facebook for $5 and we received 106 views. Through the Facebook platform you very easily integrate your advertising through Instagram which we did through our experiment.

Pro Tip: Facebook is obviously favoring videos uploaded organically to their platform. Don't try to promote YouTube videos on Facebook. Upload your promotional video to Facebook and then boost the post for 10X ROI. 

Facebook has gathered ALOT of information about their users. The most important details are "interests". We have found some very relevant topics of interest available for audience segmenting our social media marketing. Along with interest, Facebook also offers all the standard age, gender and location.

Promoting your Live Streams on Facebook Live

As promised, here is a behind the scenes look at how you can host your own live talk show. The approach does request a pretty fast computer and I recommend an i7. The i7 Intel NUC Skull Canyon computers are perfect for this type of video processing. In this video we discuss two different ways to live stream a talk show. I hope this is help. For more information see my course all about hosting your own talk show!

Preview 04:18
Facebook Live Reactions
8 Lectures 01:08:44

Easy  steps to a live counter:

  1. You begin by entering your access token and post ID, along with selecting your streaming resolution. Easy as 1, 2, 3. It even gives you ice little links to help you figure out how to get locate your post ID and access token.

  2. 2. Now for the fun part. The site allows you to select various forms of counter types, shapes, and the “reactions” you’d like to use. It offers you all of Facebook’s reactions and even offers you the ability to upload a custom reaction image. You also choose the style in which you want your counter to appear. It seems like they’re in the process of adding additional options as well.
    3. The final section is very important. This is where you choose the background image to your post. What will people be voting for? Simply upload your image and your set. Some additional features here include the ability to have a live comment shout out to appear in your stream, as well as the live counter feature itself.

Poll Features


After taking the time to create the previous blog and then having found this, I admit, I feel a bit resentful of our newly discovered website. However, I have a feeling that we are soon to become close friends. I do believe it is important for someone using Facebook as a business platform to have the full understanding of the process. Someone may even prefer to do it themselves so they know everything is secure and custom to their preferences. The website is perfect however for those wanting instant gratification, and to save time. As a beginner to the process, the website eliminates the hassle of downloading multiple applications, paying for access to a server, and learning some basic coding. So, no hard feelings here. We just HAD to share this with you.

Preview 06:59

This is a in-depth setup for Facebook Live Streaming Integration with Reactions. 

Integrate Live Facebook Reactions into your live stream

Learn how to use Facebook Live Reactions in OBS.

Facebook Live Reactions in OBS

Learn how to use Facebook Live Reactions in Wirecast. 

Facebook Live Reactions in Wirecast

Learn how to use Facebook Live Reactions in xSplit!

Facebook Live Reactions in xSplit

Learn how to use Facebook Live Reactions in vMIx. 

Facebook Live Reactions in vMix
About the Instructor
Mr Paul Richards
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7,386 Students
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Chief Streaming Officer

I am a Live Streaming Expert and Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. PTZOptics is an industry leader in affordable live streaming technology. We host a live show on YouTube Live every Friday and we hope to help the world better understand live streaming and technology it takes to produce amazing video content! 

I host a live show on YouTube Live called "PTZOptics Live" where we review the latest in the live streaming and video conferencing industry. This is the basis of our live streaming innovation where you can learn quite a lot of about the industry. 

I have been working in the audio visual industry for 10+ years employed at: Haverford Systems, Conference Room Systems and PTZOptics. Each of these companies have kept me involved in designing, building and operating live streaming and video conferencing systems. Throughout my career continue to help others in video communication projects.