#9 Extreme Fermentation Bake "Sour" Sourdough Bread
4.6 (126 ratings)
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#9 Extreme Fermentation Bake "Sour" Sourdough Bread

Extreme Fermentation Baking, Full Flavored Sour or Mild Bread Formula, Recipe, Method
4.6 (126 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
890 students enrolled
Created by Teresa L Greenway
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of this course you will have an understanding of how to do a moderate to extreme fermentation of your dough.
  • Have an understanding of how to modify gluten using a long ferment, which makes the bread more flavorful and easier to digest.
  • You will learn how to modify your method to make really "sour" sourdough if that is what you want.
  • Understand how to make a large batch of dough and bake with only a few hours notice, yet still have long fermented dough.
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  • You should have an understanding of the sourdough baking methods and be proficient in the kitchen.
  • Please see my other beginning and intermediate baking courses before taking this course.
  • You will need basic baking equipment, a good baking stone, a set of kitchen scales that has metric, and a sourdough starter.
  • You will need an active sourdough starter.

This course was inspired by Yohan Ferrant's "Do Nothing" bread which I observed him making at the "Quest for Sourdough" workshop in Belgium at Puratos. 

My objects for this course are:

  1. To modify the gluten of bread, making it not only more digestible, but resulting in terrific flavor. 
  2. Show the student how to make really "sour" bread if that is what they are after. Or how to keep the bread mild flavored if that's what they prefer. 
  3. Develop a method to ferment large batches of dough and be able bake up bread with only a few hours notice after the dough has fermented over the course of several hours or days.

With this course, I believe I have achieved all of my objectives. You will learn not only how to do an extreme ferment of the dough, but how to make it either "sour" or mild and how to have dough handy to bake with only a few hour notice.

Although this course is aimed at the more advanced sourdough baker, it is easy enough to follow if you've taken some of the beginning and intermediate courses. Sourdough baking basics are not covered in this course. 

This course will make it easy for the working person to have world class bread throughout the week with very little work and short notice. It will also be helpful for those who wish to modify gluten to make it more digestible. 

Welcome to "Bake Modified Gluten Sourdough Bread" and enjoy the experimentation! 


Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for the advanced baker with an understanding of the sourdough method of baking bread.
  • Although aimed at the more advanced sourdough baker, this course is easy enough for a baker who has taken some intermediate courses.
  • Professional bakers who wish to learn to bake with extreme fermentation will benefit from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
Hello and Welcome!
2 Lectures 02:16

Welcome to my course on baking extreme fermented breads. In this course you will learn the method of extreme fermentation of dough, to help modify the gluten of the dough and make it more digestible. You will also learn how to make the bread taste either more sour or mild, depending upon how you handle the dough. And last you will learn to make a large batch of dough and then bake it off over several days, so the dough is handy with a few hours notice to make bread. 

Preview 01:30

Most advanced students will have their own sourdough starter already. If you don't, in this lecture you will have some resources to help you make your own starter. 

Preview 00:46
Modified Gluten Bread - The Basic Formula and Method
3 Lectures 12:37

Let's start this adventure by mixing up a large batch of dough, enough for three loaves. Our first loaf will be a "sour" sourdough bread, the two subsequent loaves will be mild but full of flavor. 

Modified Gluten Bread - Mix Up The Dough - A

This is the formula for Modified Gluten Bread, it will make a large batch for three loaves of bread at 750 grams each. We will be baking the loaves one at a time over the course of four days. 

Modified Gluten Bread Formula

Let's finish our autolyse and get this dough prepared for the next step. 

Modified Gluten Bread - Mix Up The Dough - B
Making "Sour" Sourdough Bread
2 Lectures 06:39

You can change the temperature of the dough as it's fermenting and make it taste more sour. For some, getting a "sour" loaf is very important and I will show you how to do that. For others only mild tasting bread is acceptable and I will also show you how to obtain that objective. 

Make a "Sour" Sourdough - Loaf One - A

Time to finish baking the loaf and see how it turns out. Our first loaf is done baking, let's slice into it and see what the finished product looks like on the inside. 

Preview 03:19
Medium Fermentation - Mild Full Flavor
2 Lectures 06:06

This dough has been fermenting three days, what will it taste like? See how to ferment bread so it tastes mild and is long fermented to modify the gluten. 

Medium Fermentation - Mild Loaf- Loaf 2 - A

This long fermented bread is so good and it's actually quite easy to make! Loaf two is finished baking, let's slice into it and see the finished crumb. 

Preview 02:44
Extreme Fermentation - Full Flavor - Long Fermentation
1 Lecture 04:17

Learn how to make extreme fermented bread. This dough has been fermenting for four days and could have gone longer. How will it turn out? How can it be mild after fermenting for so long?

Extreme Fermentation - Full Flavor - Loaf 3

Extreme Fermentation
1 question
More Experimentation with this Formula
2 Lectures 03:12

Here are some results of further experimenting with time and temperature.

More Experimentation with Time and Temperature

Here's a little booklet for you to download which contains the formula, the variation and method for the extreme fermentation bread. 

Booklet Download
EXTRA: Yohan Ferrant's "Do Nothing Bread" Videos
4 Lectures 30:47

Three videos demonstrating the "Do Nothing Bread."

Do Nothing Bread

Video taken of Yohan while he demonstrated his method at "Quest for Sourdough" Workshop in Belgium. This method uses a low inoculation or "micro-levain" to enable the dough to ferment for extended periods of time. 

Preview 11:35

This video shows Yohan demonstrating his "Do Nothing" bread at the "Quest for Sourdough" workshop in Belgium. This is part 2. Watch how Yohan describes his method and see the resulting bread. 

Preview 13:08

This is a Youtube video I made using the "Do Nothing" bread method to make extreme fermented bread at high hydration. It is my take on the method. Follow the formula in the video and make your own "Do Nothing" bread inspired by Yohan Ferrant. 

Preview 05:29
Thank You and Goodbye!
2 Lectures 02:24

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey of experimentation with extreme fermentation. I hope you're as excited as I am by this method of extreme fermentation. 

Preview 01:19

A bonus for my students. See where to find me online and I have a gift for you!

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