Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain
4.8 (2 ratings)
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Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Learn Simple Pilates & Yoga Poses. Stretching Helps To Improve Blood Circulation. Gain Flexibility. Feel Years Younger.
4.8 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
45 students enrolled
Created by Ervin Ruhe Jr
Last updated 10/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You Will Be Able To Choose The Right Stretches To Relieve Lower Back Pain. These Moves Can Be Used Anywhere At Anytime.
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  • Have A Yoga, Blanket Or Stretching Mat. Plenty Of Space To Stretch. Bottle Of Water Close By. Relax , Breathe & Have Fun.

At The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To Stay Healthy, Relieve Lower Back Pain, Reduce Stress, Improve Your Balance & Lose Weight.

You Will Improve Your Flexibility. It Will Help Your Balance, Focus & Reduce Stress. In This Course You Will Learn Easy Exercises To Improve Your Posture & Improve Your Range Of Motion In The Joints.

You Will Be Able To Improve Your Health From Better Posture, Better Sleep & Reduce Back Pain. This Course Will Help You Live A More Pain-Free & Active Lifestyle.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Course Is Meant For Those Newbies Or Beginners To Learn How To Stretch Out Their Back Muscles. Using Easy To Follow Pilates & Yoga Exercises.
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Curriculum For This Course
Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain
8 Lectures 47:20

Welcome to the Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain Course.

If you've invested in this course... Is most likely because you are dealing with chronic to extreme back pain... OR, maybe you are just looking for something to ease your back after a long day of sitting at your desk. Whatever the case may be...

In the training, you'll discover a series a videos that will show you exercises, strategies and techniques that you will be able to use over & over again... To relieve, in some cases even cure, severe to chronic back pain.This Video Will Help You To Loosen Up The Hips And Lower Back Muscles. While Massaging The Entire Back With Your Weight. These are easy to follow verbal cues with video. Here to help relieve lower back pain. Be sure to breathe and move comfortably. Don't strain yourself trying to get into these poses or exercises. Listen to your body. Back off and wait for the next exercise you can do. Be sure to drink water to stay hydrated. Wear loose fitting clothing. Shoes & socks are optional.

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Pilates Breathing is in through your nose & out through the nose or mouth. Use each breath to slow down your heart rate. Inhaling bring new oxygen into those body, into your blood and brain. Exhales release toxins from your breathe from foods we eat.

  1. We are going to contract the abdominals or abs.
  2. Start to lift the right leg with an exhale out of the mouth.
  3. Inhale through the nose as you breathe in. Repeat the breath 10 times.
  4. As you lift with the exhale and inhale lower the leg.
  5. Keep your leg up on the 10th rep. Point through the toe & straight leg start to circle 10 clockwise then 10 counterclockwise.
  6. After that plant both feet, knees are bent. Inhale prepare the body.
  7. Exhale, lift butt or tilt the tailbone and lift one vertabrae at a time. Hips up and inline with the knees to shoulders.
Preview 05:09

In this video these exercises help stretch the hamstrings and the low back muscles. Modify, if needed. Listen to how the body feels. Some days you may be stronger than others.

  1. Straight alternating legs is excellent for stretching the low back muscles.
  2. Both legs into the chest. Place your hands behind the left knee. Lift the leg to the sky .
  3. Point through the toes. keep the leg straight.
  4. Extend your left leg out.
  5. Your shoulders and head can rest. Lift the head & shoulders for more of a challenge.
  6. Low back is connected to the mat. Abs are contracted.
  7. Bring back your right leg as you exhale.
  8. Lower the left leg to about 45 degree angle.
  9. Looking up, Switch as you inhale,
  10. Exhale bring the left leg back with 2 pulses close to the shoulder.
  11. Inhale switch, extend the left leg out, bring back the right leg.
  12. Keep the legs straight.
  13. Repeat up to 20 times.
  14. Rest, breathe, drink of water, if needed. Stay hydrated.
Pilates | Alternating Legs, Straight Legs & Corkscrew

Following these tips will help you to open your hips. Stretching out the muscles around that area. Using a strap or towel will help you move deeper into the poses. You will feel more flexible, improve your posture and increase your energy with regular practice.

Yoga | Hip Openers Using A Yoga Strap. Bridge Pose & Rolling.

This video we go through how to do a seated forward bend. Helps to stretch your hamstrings and lower back muscles. Relaxing with each breathe as you fold deeper into each pose as you listen to your body. Staying hydrated is very important. This also helps to reduce cramps. These stretches help to open up the hips, stretching your hamstrings, activates & energizes your organs.

  1. Rest sitting on a yoga mat with your legs in front of you. Legs together, flex you feet to the knees.
  2. Flesh out from under your sit bones. Reach your arms up to the sky.
  3. Exhale fold forward with a flat back. Hinging from the hips.
  4. Crown of the head inline with your tail bone.
  5. Hold here for 30-60 seconds or more.
  6. Inhale back up with a strong back.
  7. Now a single leg forward bend.
  8. Bring your right foot inside the inner left thigh. Lower the right knee toward the ground.
  9. Be sure there is no pain in the knee.
  10. Inhale sitting good tall posture, folding with the exhale with a flat back over the straight leg.
  11. Hold for 30-60 seconds.
  12. Place you left hand on you leg or under and inside the left thigh.
  13. Exhale turn right looking up at the right arm. Line up the right hand through to the left shoulder.
  14. After several breathes. Lengthen your right arm over your head. Reaching beyond your left foot.
  15. Stack your shoulders. Bring the right shoulder back to stack on the left shoulder.
  16. Hold here for several breathes 30-60 seconds.
  17. Release the left leg. Now Inhale come back up with a strong back.
  18. Plant the right hand behind you. Left hand placed on the knee to thigh. Use that to help you turn to the right side. While lower the right leg.
  19. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Release with the exhale.
  20. Mirror the image with the right leg straight. Left placed inside the right thigh.
  21. Left knee moves toward the ground.
  22. Exhale, hinging from the hips fold over the straight leg.
  23. Repeat steps 12-19.
  24. Hold here for 30-60 seconds.
  25. Inhale back up and relax with your breathe. Straighten the legs.
Yoga | Seated Forward Bend, Seated Twist, Seated Twist Reaches

  1. These stretches with cat & cow or dog pose. Helps to stretch the spine and the abs. The lifting and lowering of the spine help to get more fluid around the vertabra.
  2. Hold each move for a few seconds. Each move helping to get more range of motion.
  3. Downward dog pose helps to strengthen your shoulders, stretch the hamstrings and calves. Brings new blood to the heart. Increases fitness for the whole body. This pose helps to relieve headaches, builds self confidence & build stronger arms.
  4. Hold 30-60 seconds or longer.
  5. Inhale, lift one leg up, bend the leg. Lift the hip and leg higher. Bring the leg back.
  6. Exhale, ground the foot. Lower the heel toward the ground. Lengthen the lower back. Lift your hip higher. Move the leg & hip to grounded for side.
  7. Keep pushing back against the hands with strong arms.
  8. Holding here for a few breathes.
  9. Inhale lift the leg. Swing it down placing the knee on the ground. Behind the hand. Sliding your other leg back. Resting on the top of the foot. As it's flat.
  10. Arms are straight. Torso is up. Shoulders are down away from the ears.
  11. Hold a 2-3 breathes.
  12. Exhale lower the torso to the ground. Walking the hands forward.
  13. Resting your head on the mat or stack your fist. Rest your head on the hands.
  14. Hold for 30-60 or more.
  15. Place your hands under the shoulders. Inhale lift your torso. Straighten the arms.
  16. Lift your hips up slide the legs back to table. Hands under shoulders.
  17. Resting in childs pose. Hips sit back to the heals. Relax here for 30-60 seconds or longer.
  18. Inhale come up to table. Knees under the hips Hands under shoulders. Relax and breathe.
  19. Toes under, inhale lift the knees and hips up.
  20. Downward facing dog pose. Repeat steps 5-16 with the other leg. Relax with it and breathe.
Yoga | Back Flexibility, Hip Openers & Sciatica Stretches

  1. Standing in mountain pose with good tall posture can be a challenge for some people with bad posture. Do this standing against a wall to help improve your posture.
  2. Going into a Triangle Pose is a great way to stretch out your back, hip and hamstring muscles. Focus on breathing and going deeper into the pose with each exhale.
  3. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Longer if desired.
  4. Be sure to do the same cues for the other side. Listen to my verbal cues. Focus on your breathing. Relax and have fun.
  5. Standing Forward Bend Pose is very good to stretch the back, hamstring muscles.
  6. Bend your knees, if you feel your hamstrings are really tight.
  7. Each exhale, bring your shoulders and head closer to your feet.
  8. Lifting the hips.
  9. Lengthen the low back. Keep it flat as you can.
  10. Hold for 30-60 seconds with the breathe moving in & out.
  11. Always listen to your body. Stretch to where you are comfortable and slightly uncomfortable. This will help you to improve your flexibility and range of motion.
Yoga | Standing Poses, Torso Seated Twist, Hamstring & Back Stretches

  1. This is a great secret sauce stretch that you can do standing up.
  2. Be sure to listen carefully to the verbal cues.
  3. You will feel a big stretch in the hip with the leg that goes back.
  4. Drive the heel into the ground.
  5. Rest your hand on the front leg.
  6. Small lunge into the front heel with the hips.
  7. Reach the arm up.
  8. Then lean to the opposite side. Slightly lean back. If your back can handle it.
  9. Focus on breathing and holding for 30-60 seconds.
  10. Repeat on the other side.
  11. Then go into triangle pose again to help stretch the back out some more.
  12. Repeat these stretches with another set. Or return to stretch some more later.
  13. This can be done in the morning and evening.
Yoga | Standing Back Stretches & Triangle Pose
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