Excel: Time Saving Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity ✔
4.6 (54 ratings)
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Excel: Time Saving Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity ✔

Get The Tools You Need to to Improve Your Excel Skills, and Save Time.
4.6 (54 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,691 students enrolled
Created by IsáBel Harrison
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • QUICKLY Navigate Through Your Excel Workbooks
  • SAVE TIME with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • TRACK the Changes Users Make to Your Spreadsheets
  • CREATE a Data Entry Form Fast with Excel's Built-In Form Tool
  • CREATE Functional Tables with a Couple of Keystrokes
  • SORT Data with Your Own Custom Sort Lists
  • QUICKLY Format Your Charts
  • CREATE PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • SET UP Printing the Way You Want
  • PROTECT Your Excel Workbooks
  • CREATE Simple Time-Saving Macros
  • ... and much more!
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  • You should already be familiar with basic navigation in Excel.
  • You should be familiar with concepts like entering data, and how to create charts.

You use Excel.  You want to use it faster.

Faster Excel with Less Stress, That is What You Will Get By Enrolling In This Course.

By the end of this course, you will learn over 70 ways to:


↳ Learn TIME SAVING Analysis Tools, and FORMULAS

↳ Have DATA VALIDATION Help You Restrict What Users Can Enter Into Your Workbooks

↳ CONDITIONAL FORMATTING Your Data for Faster Analysis.

↳ Create TABLES, and CHARTS Quickly.  Learn About SPARKLINES, and How to Create a SECONDARY AXIS.

↳ See How Easy it is to CREATE PIVOTTABLES

↳ PRINTING Done Right.

↳ Learn to Create Simple MACROS


ENROLL Right Now, and Join the Over 3,600 Others Who Decided to Become a Better Excel User.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Excel course is meant for anyone, and everyone who wants to save time, and work more efficiently in Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016
  • This course is not for anyone who needs to know the basics of Excel, step-by-step.
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Curriculum For This Course
86 Lectures
Latest Excel Time Savers Quick Tip
1 Lecture 00:05

Get the latest Quick Tip for Microsoft Excel Tips: Spotlight on Excel Time Savers

Preview 00:05
Welcome to Excel Tips
2 Lectures 02:15

Welcome to Excel 2013 Tips & Tricks: Spotlight on Time Savers on Udemy.com

Preview 01:58

Use copies of the attached workbook for exercises in thisExcel: Time Saving Tips That Will Boost Your ProductivityUdemy.com course

The Exercise Files
Excel Navigation, Workbook Environment, & Worksheet Tips
23 Lectures 01:16:19

Customize Excel's Ribbon. Create your own tab(s) on the Ribbon to find what you need most, when you need it.

Even share the customizations with others.

Preview 09:31

Find the Excel tools you need fast with the Quick Access Toolbar

Preview 06:36

Learn the quick ways to select cells and ranges of cells in your Excel workbooks

Selecting Cells & Ranges

Use your mouse and the CTRL key in this quick tip on moving and copying cells in Excel

Moving & Copying Cells

You are not limited to only copying one item onto the Clipboard. Learn the power of the keyboard.

Copying Multiple Items to Office Clipboard

Learn to Quickly Navigate to Worksheets in your Excel workbooks

Quickly Navigate to Worksheets

Take advantage of being able to name your cells and ranges by using those names as Navigation tools in your Excel workbooks

Named Ranges for Navigation

The Fill Series has so many uses. Learn how they can help you save time in Excel

Fill Series: Quickly Copy Formulas, Text, and Create Series Patterns

Learn the quick tip on inserting the same data into multiple cells

Quickly Insert the Same Data into Multiple Cells
1 page

Use Freeze Panes to keep your headings in place when working with long spreadsheets

Make Sure Your Headings Stay Put with Freeze Panes

Too much data in one cell? Learn how to split your data into multiple columns.

Splitting Data Into Multiple Columns

You have probably tracked changes in Microsoft Word. Did you know that you can also track changes in Excel?

You can.

Track, Accept, and Reject Changes Made to Your Workbooks

When you need to add data to multiple existing Excel worksheets, watch this lecture.

Grouping Worksheets to Quickly Add Data

This quick lecture, shows you the quick way to copy and rename your Excel worksheets

Copying and Renaming a Worksheet

Coloring your Excel worksheet tabs is a great way to get organized

Changing a Worksheet Tab Color to Help You Organize Your Workbook

Learn the quick way to enter the Current Date and Time on your Excel Worksheets

Entering the Current Date and Time

Keep this printable Keyboard Shortcut document handy when working on Excel

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Function Keys
2 pages

Keep this printable Keyboard Shortcut document handy when working on Excel

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL +
2 pages

Learn how the ALT key can help you quickly navigate through Excel's Ribbon commands

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: ALT keys - KeyTips

AutoCorrect can do a lot more than just fix your misspelled word in Excel. Find out what else AutoCorrect can do

AutoCorrect: It's More Than Just For Misspelled Words

Did you know you can turn your lists and tables into forms with just one click?
Learn to create a user-friendly form for easy data entry and searching.

Preview 03:34

Use Excel's Camera tool to Take a Picture of the Data You Need to Track

The Camera Tool: Take a Picture of the Data You Need to Track

In Excel you are not limited to rectangular shaped comment call-outs

Changing the Shapes of Comments - Make Your Notes Stand Out.
Useful Tips on Excel Formulas & Functions
12 Lectures 51:55

3D formulas allow you perform functions on values across multiple worksheets in your Excel workbooks

3D Formulas: Calculate Across Multiple Worksheets

You copy down your formulas and functions, but something is just not right.
Are you using Absolute or Relative Reference?
What is that, and how can you tell?

Watch this lecture and find out.

Preview 04:11

Probably one of my favorite ways to use named ranges. Learn how named ranges can benefit you, and others using your Excel workbooks

Named Ranges in Formulas

This is not just a regular SUM, but a SUM based on a true condition

SumIf: Sum Your Data Only If It Meets a Condition

This is not just a regular SUM, but a SUM based on multiple true conditions

SumIfs: Sum Your Data If It Meets Multiple Conditions

I am a visual person so I like to use the dashboard like features of the DSUM function in Excel

DSum: Sum Your Data with a Database Dashboard

VLookup is a powerful and very handy tool inside of Excel. Learn how you can use it for your spreadsheets

VLookup: Learn the Lookup Everyone Is Talking About

The IfError function in Excel returns a value if a formula evaluates to an error; or it will return the result of the formula.


Use Left, Right, and Mid functions in Excel to extract only parts of a cell's value

Left, Right, Mid: Use Information From Just Certain Parts of Strings

The Find function in Excel can help you quickly locate characters in your spreadsheet

Find: Quickly Locate Characters

You the Rank function in Excel to find how your values rank compared to others

Rank: Find the Ranked Values of Your Data

Ever look at your Excel spreadsheet and wonder what formula is running behind a cell, or cells?

There is a keyboard shortcut for that.

Showing and Printing Formulas
Using Data Validation for Data Entry in Excel
4 Lectures 11:22

Want an easy way to make sure users enter only the information you want them to enter into a cell or range of cells? Create a drop-down list.

Preview 02:36

Learn how to create drop down boxes that list values based off of the value in a previously selected drop down.

Dependent Drop-Down Lists

Limit the number of characters others can type into a cell or range of cells in Excel

Character Limits for Cells

Create your own custom Error Messages in Excel

Creating Custom Input Messages and Error Alerts
Special, Custom, and Conditional Formatting in Excel
9 Lectures 27:04

If you are enjoying this Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks course, please leave a positive comment, and a rating, which you can do at the top right hand corner of the Course Dashboard.

It takes less than a minute and it is a huge help to other students, and to me too.

How Are You Enjoying the Course?
1 page

Learn about special number formats in Excel, like phone numbers, social security numbers, and more

Special Number Formats: Phone Numbers, Social Security Numbers, and Zip Codes

An explanation of custom number formats in Excel

Custom Number Formatting: Explained

An example of custom number formats in Excel

Custom Number Formatting: Examples

Learn how to use custom formatting to hide the data in your workbook.

Using Custom Formatting to Hide Portions of Your Worksheet
1 page

Learn how conditional formatting can turn your Excel spreadsheet from drab, to fab

Conditional Formatting

Quick Analysis is a new feature in Microsoft Excel. Learn how you can use it on your spreadsheets.

Conditional Formatting with Quick Analysis

When using Conditional Formatting in Excel, you can hide the values, and just show the icons

Conditional Formatting to Just Show Icons or Bars

It's not just Find and Replace, it's Find and Replace with Formatting.

Find & Replace with Formatting
Excel Tables & Lists
5 Lectures 21:14

Using tables instead of lists has big benefits in Excel. Learn what they are in this lecture

Creating Tables

Use Slicers in Excel to create a User-Friendly dashboard to help you and other users quickly filter data

Slicers: The User-Friendly Way to Filter Your Tables

When sorting ascending or descending just won't do, create your own custom sort list in Excel

Sorting by Custom Lists

Created a table, but need the rows in the columns and the columns in the rows? Transposing your data in Excel is quick and easy

Transposing Data

The Subtotals tool is a fast way to add subtotals to your Excel lists

Quickly Create Subtotals for Your Lists
Excel Charts
6 Lectures 14:40

Learn how to quickly create charts in Microsoft Excel

Keyboard Shortcut & Quick Analysis

Quickly format the features of your charts in Excel

Quick Formatting

Learn how to create an exploding, 3D pie chart in Excel

Exploding Pie Charts

Sparklines in Excel are like mini charts in a cell. See if it is a feature that would work for you.

Sparklines: Single Cell Charts

Creating a Secondary Axis in Excel has never been easier. Watch this lecture to see how easy it is.

Combination Charts – Secondary Axis

Need your Excel chart in a Word or PowerPoint presentation? Here is how to do it...

Copy a Chart to Word or PowerPoint
Excel PivotTables & PivotCharts
5 Lectures 21:20

What are PivotTables and why would you want to use them?

PivotTables & PivotCharts Overview

Learn how to quickly analyze your Excel spreadsheets using PivotTables

Creating PivotTables

PivotTables and PivotCharts go hand in hand. Learn how to quickly create PivotCharts in Excel

Creating PivotCharts

Just like with tables, Slicers are a great way to filter PivotTable data


Use Timelines in Excel to filter by dates

Timelines: Dashboard Filters for Your Date Field
Printing Excel Data
6 Lectures 13:25

Ever notice that when you print a spreadsheet in Excel, the heading only show on the first page by default?
Learn how to change that so your headings appear on every printed page.

Print Titles: Repeat Headings on Each Page

When you only want a few cells or range of cells to print you can set the print area.

Setting a Print Area

Whether it's one column or many rows, learn how to fit all of your records on one page in Excel

Fitting Everything On One Page

Learn how to set your own Page Breaks in Excel

Page Breaks

You can hide your #N/As, #DIV0s, and other errors when printing your Excel spreadsheets

Hiding Errors

Add a watermark to your Excel spreadsheets

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