Excellence in Excel! Make any chart dynamic in Excel!
4.4 (116 ratings)
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13,712 students enrolled
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Excellence in Excel! Make any chart dynamic in Excel!

Excel dynamic charts, a more efficient why to create 1 chart that displays many values by pressing a button in Excel!
4.4 (116 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
13,712 students enrolled
Created by Nicky Wong
Last updated 5/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create an interactive graph in Excel
  • Create a dynamic chart in Excel
  • Create a buttons with specific functions
  • Understand how to activate the Developers tab in Excel
  • Discover how you can use buttons to instantly change the figures displayed on a chart
  • Make any chart interactive.
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  • Have an openmind and the willingness to take action (Massive Action)!
  • Have a working Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Excel, create by Doing!

  1. Are you looking for a useful Excel course where you truly learn something practical and create a valuable tool?
  2. Do you want to place more charts in Excel only to notice there is too less space in the tab?
  3. Do you want to make your data more clear and reduce the clutter in your spreadsheet?

If so, this course is for you!

This course will teach you how to use Excel functions and create dynamic charts. Many people learn Excel functions and all the possible options that you can do with Excel. The real thing is that you will probably not use 80% of the power of Excel.

Excel is powerful but if you do not understand how to use it, your knowledge remains powerless. This course will show you how to use just a few functions and create in the meanwhile a very useful tool. This learning method is named CREATE BY DOING!

If you feel intimidated by Excel do not worry! The real issue is not Excel or You but by the method of learning it! Yes, the way you learn something can be successful or unsuccessful. This course uses the SPEED LEARNING methods of the learning cone. What is that? This is a method development make sure you truly remember 90% of everything you learn. How? Just by doing and following the exercises.

This course is active, and you have to do the exercises and follow along.

Why should I take this course? Your competitor has a bigger course!

I understand you point, but do you know the difference between have a toolbox and understanding to use just only 2 tools. I can teach you every tool you want that you can add all the tools in your toolbox. But would you be able to see the practical value out of it? I do not think so.

What if I give you just 2 tools, a screwdriver and a saw and teach you how to create a great piece of furniture? That would be 100% more valuable and that is what I do! I teach you to make useful tools that you can use for your personal life. By doing you create your furniture! That has a lifelong value!

There is a real difference between knowledge and power. Knowledge is only potential power, without the practical use of it, it becomes powerless. Power is the knowledge that you apply in your daily life! This course is powerful because you use the tools and put it into great use.

I never succeeded in Excel, is this course suitable for me?

Success is a path you walk. Learning Excel is exactly the same. Did you fail before; perhaps you took the wrong path. You learned from a bad teacher or a boring book. If you took the wrong path all you need is readjust your path and start walking again. This course truly is a very easy and slow paced course with much repetitions and exercises. The way to learn is by doing and by great explanations. This course has it both many times over!

No risk to take a peak and try it out!

To make it even better, I offer this course as no risk. This basically means that if this course is not right for you, you can get your money back in a blink of an eye. There is truly no reason not to do it and it has no risk at all.

Start taking actions right now and take this course. In life you have winners and losers. The winners take action at once and the losers keep on looking and waiting for the right time. In life there is never a right time except NOW! I truly belief you are winner because you are looking and reading this course.

Press "Take this course" now!

Alright winner, it is time to take action! Click on “Take this course" and start making great pieces of Excel Furniture!

Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals who want to polish and improve their Excel skills to the next level.
  • Professionals who want to use specific buttons to display information more efficiently.
  • Businessman that needs Excel to display information in a professional manner.
  • Business Owners that uses Excel for their business to track results.
  • Students who want to discover new possibilities with Excel.
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Curriculum For This Course
Start Here
2 Lectures 01:26

Excel Course

Welcome to this course! Im excited to have you here!

Excel is a wonderful tool to create powerful programs. Sadly, many people cannot grasp the true power of Excel. In this course you will learn the formula`s and functions to create practical Excel sheets and tools.

The real power of Excel is Create by Doing! I do not want to you learn a basic Excel function and let you go. I want you to understand the practical use of Excel by using just a few tools to create something that has a value of a lifetime. In this part you learn will learn how to make a dynamic chart with a button.

Before we start, download the Raw Data in the next lecture!

Preview 01:26

Excel Course Raw Data

In this part you can download the raw data. You will not receive the full data. Why? Because I truly want you to learn it by doing. This course is titled: Create by Doing! It is a challenge and the big question is, can you do it?

Download the Excel sheet so you have the Raw Data at hand that you need for the upcoming lectures.

Download the sheet in the resource section before you start with the course.

Download the Excel file with Raw Data
2 pages
Create part 1, the Input Data tab
4 Lectures 18:07

Excel Tab 1

In this lecture you will use the Raw Data and place in it in the first tab. You will give this a good layout and place all the essential in it.

Preview 04:59

Excel Tab 1

In this lecture you will learn a very important part and that is the cell value combining. Combining 2 cells to one is important for later on. Make sure you pay attention to this skill. Please note that combining cells is only useful if you understand what formula`s you will connect along with it! In this course you will discover how we will connect it with another formula.

Preview 05:59

Excel Exercise 1

In this Excel Exercise you will practice by creating a triple text to 1 cell. You need to understand how you can combine different cells into one cell by extracting the value out of a cell. In this challenge you have to create something based on formulas. Practice this and pause the video to truly take action.

Excel Exercise Test 1

Excel Exercise 1 Answers

How did the Excel Exercise went? Was it hard or could you manage it? In this lecture I will show you the answer and you can double check your work.

Excel Exercise Test 1 Answers
Creat part 2, creating the "Machine Room tab" and the dynamic chart.
5 Lectures 27:25

Excel Tab 3

In this lecture you will learn how to create the essential part of this tool. The machine room is the engine of this tool. It contains essential coding and once they are in place they should never be touched. This is the primairy reason why the tab is colored red. Never touch the excel cells in this tab.

Excel Tab 3, creating the Machine Room Tab

Excel Tab 2

In this lecture you will learn how you can create the second excel tab. First you need to create the essential formula`s that is combined with the Machine Room tab. You will:

  1. Combine 2 cells into one
  2. Use the SUMIF statement
  3. Create a perfect layout
Excel Tab 2, creating the core formula`s and layout

Excel Tab 2

In this lecture you will create the dynamic part of the chart. You will:

  1. Make the chart
  2. Create dynamic Chart title
  3. Activate the Developer Tab on your Excel ribbon
  4. Create a button with the Developer tab
Create Tab 2, creating the dynamic chart and the button

Excel Exercise 2

In this Excel Exercise you will practice by creating a mini chart. Now there is a challenge for you. How well did you understood the lessons of Section 3? This is your challenge, create an equal chart with dynamic buttons and restrict the amount that is being displayed.

Once agian repetition is the mother of all learning. In this challenge you have to create something based on formulas. Practice this and pause the video to truly take action.

Excel Exercise Test 2

Excel Exercise 2 Answers

In this part you will get the answers of the mini exercise. You can double check if you did it properly. Discover if you did everything as it should. Did you had a hard time or was this an easy challenge to take? Find out all the steps you needed.

Excel Exercise Test 2 Answers
Thank you!
3 Lectures 03:53

Excel Conclusions

Congratulations of completing this course. Remember that you always should continue learning and improve it. That is why I would like to hear from you! Do you want to create something new? Did you like this learning method? Just let me know!

You have learned a lot of quality information and understand how to use some functions to create a practical tool. You might wonder what can I do next? This is what you can do from now on:

  1. Go and rate my course!
  2. Go ahead and tell me what you want to learn more about Excel in the discussion board!
  3. How can you use this knowledge in your daily life?
Final Points

Excel Reference sheet

You learned a lot and I truly believe you want to make sure you remember all the information as well. So here you have a reference sheet. I placed the best functions on this sheet with a very brief explainaton. Are you on a mobile phone? Do not worry! I have also a mobile format ready for you!

Excel Reference Sheet by Udemology
4 pages

Learn more about Excel

You can never be an overachiever! Get the next course for a great price!

Bonus: Further Learning
About the Instructor
Nicky Wong
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33,374 Students
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Data Analyst, Market Researcher, Data Visualizer!

Nicky Wong is an expert in translating data into market opportunities. Data is his passion, Excel, Databases and Big Data are truly wonderful topics. As an absolute data lover and he is always looking for ways to analyze it. It started with stock market facts and now quickly turned to everything that is unique and different.

However, all the information have one primairy goal and that is "How to use this information to gain a competitive advantage". As a Market Researcher with it roots in Marketing Nicky understands that knowledge is power. Whatever you do make sure you use data at your advantage.


My vision of Data and the future


Why Data visualization matters!

I truly belief that Big Data is giving us all a new obstacle to overcome! Information overload is a serious challenge and with Big Data it only multiplies the issue. If you are a data miner you will know that much data has no meaning if you cannot connect any meaningful dots.

Large chunks of data, reports and tables are not effective. It is impressive to get a huge database but it is demotivating for others to read data. The biggest data trend is increasing this issue! Big Data = Information Overload x 10.

From (Digital) Information Age to the (Digital) Understanding Age

A data analyst can analyze data but the most important skill is Data Visualization! These so called "data visualizers" will develop a new skill gathering meaningful information and present it in a very understandable and effective way.

The issue is not anymore the data but the way to give meaning and communicating meaning to others. The person who can do that will have a huge advantage in the so ever growing Big Data world.

Big Data is here! Data Visualizer is on it`s way! In all of my courses I use techniques to create understandable data and present it in an impactful manner.