Excel Shortcuts: How to work faster and easier than before!
4.7 (6 ratings)
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Excel Shortcuts: How to work faster and easier than before!

Learn how to use all Excel shortcuts that you need to know to complete tasks faster while remaining accurate. Start now!
4.7 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
630 students enrolled
Created by Hunting Training
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Complete the tasks at your workplace faster than before by using Excel shortcuts.
  • Analyse data quicker by creating charts using Excel shortcuts.
  • Add more consistent data by applying the data entry shortcuts.
  • Format your data quicker by using the formatting shortcuts.
  • Add, rename and move through worksheets much quicker by applying the worksheet shortcuts.
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  • You should have the basic computer skills.
  • You should have the basic knowledge of Excel.
  • You will need to download the training files provided, in order to follow along.
  • You need to have the Microsoft Excel 2007 program installed on your computer.

In this course, you'll learn how to master all the most useful Excel keyboard shortcuts.

I used long hours and most weekends in trying to meet deadlines at work. But, since I learnt these wonderful Excel shortcuts, I managed to halve the time I used to take to complete tasks. Now, I don't have to work long hours and weekends anymore. I get to spend more time with my family & friends and dance some of the nights away!

This course is targeted to all the Excel users who want to speed up the completion of their tasks by using the Excel shortcuts. Fly through your work by using shortcuts such as Ctrl + B for making text bold, Alt + = for summing up numbers and Ctrl + G for jumping to a particular cell. All using just a keyboard and not using the mouse.

By learning Excel shortcuts, you get to complete tasks in a much shorter time than before. This increases your productivity and will impress your employer and yourself. By leaving your fingers on the keyboard for as long as possible, you halve the time that it would have taken if you were using your mouse for completing all your tasks.

Topics in this course include:

  • Ten must know shortcuts
  • Formatting shortcuts
  • Workbook and worksheet shortcuts
  • Selection shortcuts
  • Data Entry shortcuts

Training files are included which you should use to follow along.

  • Take this course in order to increase your chances of getting a promotion.
  • By using the Excel shortcuts, you can save up to 50% of time you spend when doing your work.
  • You will impress your boss when you submit your work much earlier than before!
  • The more you wait, the more you still have to spend extra hours at work, including leaving late at work, as well as working weekends, in order to meet the deadlines.
  • Excel gurus hardly use the mouse; they focus on the keyboard since they know that's the best way to beat deadlines. You can do that too!

Take this course now!

Who is the target audience?
  • This Excel Great shortcuts course is for employees who want to speed up the completion of the tasks given to them by their employers.
  • This Excel Great shortcuts course is for business people who want to speed up the analysis of the data given to them by their employees, so they have more time to focus on their business.
  • This course is for users who have at least the basic Excel skills.
  • This course is not for you if you do not have the basic Excel skills or have not used a computer before.
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
3 Lectures 01:43

This Excel 2007 course was created for Excel users who want to complete their work much faster than before, without sacrificing accuracy, by using Excel shortcuts.

I'll teach you how to work in Excel much more efficient by making you leave your fingers on the keyboard for as long as possible.

Preview 01:17

Before taking this course, you need to know the basics of Excel. You need need to know how to use a computer. You'll also need the Excel 2007 program.

Preview 00:24

Training files for Excel 2007 great shortcuts. Download the files to follow along.

Training files

Who is this Excel 2007 Great Shortcuts course create for?

1 question
Ten must know shortcuts
10 Lectures 26:05

We are going to learn about the top ten shortcuts that every good Excel user must know. The idea here is to make you leave your fingers on your keyboard as long as possible and give your mouse a break. This way, you can fly through your work without sacrificing accuracy and save yourself some time.

Preview 02:07

Learn the keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy and paste data from cell to cell in Excel.

Cut copy paste

Undo your mistakes or redo the correct entries by using built in Microsoft Excel 2007 shortcuts.

Undo and redo

Don't just rush to print that beautiful spreadsheet of yours just yet. You might save yourself some money to buy your baby nappies by not wasting paper. Learn how to first preview what the spreadsheet will look like before you print it. Learn the print preview Excel keyboard shortcut.

Print preview and print

Make sure that your work looks professional before handing it to your manager to review. Use the built-in spell checker that comes with Microsoft Excel and correct any spelling errors that you might have made.

Check spelling

Excel 2007 Tutorial: Creating tables

Tables offer a better and a more beautiful way to present your data.

The shortcut to create a table is to press Ctrl + L. A Create Table dialogue box appears. Select your data upfront. Since you selected the data upfront, Excel puts that range in the area 'where is the data for your table' and correctly ticks that your table has headers.

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Preview 02:28

There'll be times when you'll need to hide some data in Excel so that it doesn't get into your way when you want to focus on some parts of data. This is where filters come in. In this lesson we are going to learn how to create filters by using a shortcut.

Filtering data

Without a doubt, you will use an Autosum at some time in your work in Excel. It's the most used function by many users. So it's a good thing to know its shortcut so that you can become more efficient.

Autosum function

The format painter command helps to copy one format of data to the other so that our layout is consistent.

Format painter

Creating charts quickly by using MS Excel 2007

To create a chart using a shortcut, press Alt + F1 on your keyboard. And just like that, you have a chart below your data.

To move your chart to a different sheet, and while the data is selected, press F11 on your keyboard. A chart is created on a separate sheet and named Chart1 or some other name. You can just rename that sheet to a name you like.

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Preview 01:44

Ten must know shortcuts quiz.

Ten must know shortcuts
2 questions
Formatting shortcuts
4 Lectures 04:44

To make text bold by using a keyboard shortcut, select the relevant cell. Then, on your keyboard, press Ctrl + B.

To make text italics by using a keyboard shortcut, select the relevant cell. Then, on your keyboard, press Ctrl + I.

To make text underlined by using a keyboard shortcut, select the relevant cell. Then, on your keyboard, press Ctrl + U.

Bold italic underline

To speed up your work while remaining totally accurate, use the keyboard shortcut to repeat the command you did last by pressing one key.

Repeat last action

To change the format of decimals in a cell or cells to be a percentage format, press Ctrl + Shift + %.

Percent style

Here, we look changing the format of numbers to contain decimal places. This is to ensure that all our format of numbers remains consistent throughout our workbook.

Comma style

Formatting shortcuts shortcuts.

Formatting shortcuts
1 question
Workbook and worksheet shortcuts
7 Lectures 09:08

In this video, you get to learn about the keyboard shortcuts for opening and closing workbooks (and worksheets) in Excel 2007.

Opening and closing workbooks

Let's take a look at how to quickly switch between open workbooks so you can fly through your work and save valuable time by not using your mouse for each every little task in Excel.

Switching between workbooks

If you have too many workbooks open and wish to quickly minimize the one you are working on, you can use a shortcut to do that. That's what we will cover in this video.

Minimize window

Inserting worksheets using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Learn how to insert worksheets by using keyboard shortcuts. To insert a sheet via a shortcut in Excel, press Alt + Shift + F1. A new, blank worksheet gets inserted to the left of the current one and we are taken there.

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Preview 01:05

In this video, we'll be talking about renaming a worksheet via a shortcut. This next coming shortcut is actually a weird but fun one. To rename a worksheet via a shortcut, press Alt + O + H + R.

Renaming worksheets

In this video, we are talking about a shortcut for switching between worksheets.

Switching between worksheets

Here, we'll take a look at the fastest way to select all sheets in a workbook. You might want to do this when you want to print all the sheets in a workbook and don't want to Ctrl click each sheet one at a time to select all the sheets.

Selecting all worksheets

Workbook and worksheet shortcuts quiz.

Workbook and worksheet shortcuts
1 question
Selection shortcuts
4 Lectures 03:52

In this lesson, let's talk about the shortcuts for selecting cells for the whole worksheet, cells only in a table as well as selecting all cells in a column or a row, so you can still be that very efficient user of Excel.

Selecting all cells in a worksheet

In this video, we'll talk about selecting only cells in a table. A very useful shortcut indeed.

Selecting all data in a table

In this video, we'll take a look at quickly selecting an entire row of data without using your mouse. Remember, it is about leaving your hands on the keyboard as far as possible.

Selecting the entire row

Let's now take a look at the shortcut for selecting a whole column with a keyboard shortcut.

Selecting the entire column

Selection shortcuts quiz.

Selection shortcuts
1 question
Data Entry shortcuts
7 Lectures 26:58

In this video, we'll talk about entering data in many cells at the same time, so that you don't have to waste time entering data one by one in each cell.

Entering data in cells simultaneously

In this MS Excel 2007 Tutorial, learn how to use Ctrl + F and Ctrl + H keyboard shortcuts to find and replace data quickly and easily.

Finding and replacing data

In this Office Excel 2007 video, let's learn about going to a specific cell instead of having to scroll down one cell at a time by using the down arrow on our keyboards.

Go to cell

There comes a time when you need Excel to fill in information for you as you drag across cells. That's where the Autofill command comes in handy. We'll look at the built in autofills that come with Excel and we'll create one of our own.


As you enter data in Excel, you would want to enter it consistently, using the same spelling every time. You don't want to have different variations of the same name, for instance.

This makes life even easier when you do filtering or pivot tables. In this video, I will show you how to enter data so that it is the same spelling every time by picking data from a drop down list.

Picking data from drop down list

As you work in Excel, sometimes you'll come across cells that have long text. And it's better at times to have that text wrapped so that the column width doesn't become too large.

Yes, you can double click the column on the right side to make it automatically fit but that doesn't always achieve the goal. The goal being to have the column heading readable and have the column width to be a reasonable size.

Working with a line break

Working with dates in Microsoft Excel 2007

When you prepare reports for yourself and for other people, you will sometimes need to put a date when the report was prepared and maybe the time it was prepared as well.

I prefer the NOW function when working with dates in Excel 2007 as it will update the date and time each time the report is opened on a different date and time.

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Preview 02:15

Data Entry shortcuts quiz.

Data Entry shortcuts
1 question
Ribbon shortcuts
2 Lectures 04:36

In this lesson we'll take a look at the shortcuts that are linked to the ribbon. You'll definitely use the ribbon and commands from it regularly as you work in Excel.

Using the alt key

Sometimes you need extra screen space to work on your worksheet. The ribbon with its groups might take up your space as you don't need it all the time.

In this Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial video, I will show you how to minimize the ribbon to get it out the way for you to have more space to do your work. You can then bring it back after you have finished or if you need to access a certain tab.

Minimize the ribbon

Ribbon shortcuts quiz.

Ribbon shortcuts
1 question
Formulas and functions shortcuts
2 Lectures 04:57

In this Excel 2007 formulas shortcut video let's talk about the shortcut to expand the formula bar. This is very useful when you have a long formula that needs to be on 2 lines so that you can analyse the formula or function better.

Expanding the formula bar

There comes a time that you need to select cells to create a function, say a SUM function. And every time you need to refer to that function you need to remember which cells you added previously.

In this video, we are going to use named cell ranges to create functions and make your formulas easier to read and analyse.

Summing up named ranges

Formulas and functions shortcuts quiz.

Formulas and functions shortcuts
1 question
2 Lectures 01:04

Thanks for joining me in Excel 2007 great shortcuts.

I hope you have learnt something new and helpful, had some fun and that you’ll use your new knowledge in a work and home environment to improve your productivity, speed and make you more efficient.

Goodbye and thanks

Conclusion quiz.

1 question

Please rate my course. I really appreciate it.

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