Everything you need to know about success
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Everything you need to know about success

Become Productive and Efficient overnight
4.2 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
957 students enrolled
Created by Iliya Ryakhovskiy
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use the materials in this course to maximize their productivity and efficiency in every day life
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  • This course is entry level. Anyone with knowledge of the English language may qualify.

UPDATE 1/5/2017: Added an entire audio section available for download. 

UPDATE 1/1/2017: 900 Students enrolled in 1 week from course launch. 

Course Release date: 12/26/2017

This course is best suited for people who want to have  useful information on how to become successful in every part of their life. It is short, fast, and straight to the point. There are no long lectures about information that will be forgotten and everything is easily explained. 

Once you start learning and applying the materials in this course, you will see tremendous improvement in your time management, goal establishment and productivity. After this course, you will be able to maximize your productivity to its fullest potential, just like how the pro's do it. 

Sign up, and see for yourself the path to success.

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to become successful
  • Everyone who wants to become Productive
  • Everyone who wants to become Effective
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Curriculum For This Course
98 Lectures
The Principles
7 Lectures 13:39

Principles. Life is based on many different principles that cannot be avoided or changed. For development, we are going to look at principles of honesty, integrity, human dignity, Growth and development. 

Preview 00:53

Honesty is huge. Its what defines a human if they are trustworthy or not. Honest people makes many friends, dishonesty only leads to trouble. 

Preview 01:35

I cannot stress how important integrity is. It must be immediately mastered by every individual who wants to succeed. The number 1 quality of all millionaires in the world is high value of integrity. Think about that one. 

Preview 01:43

Humans are humans. Some are good and some are bad. Some are smart and some are...well, not so smart. This video puts emphasis more on building and holding relationships. 

Preview 01:19

Growing and developing and looking back how far you come is a wonderful thing. Progress is what drives us everyday to do the things we love. Teachers really enjoy teaching students that develop instead of the ones who don't care. 

Preview 05:20

Don't treat everyone the same. Some learn quicker and some learn at a slower pace. People are not machines that can be managed the same way. 

People see things differently

They can't. Try it. If they cannot be changed or broken, then you must either follow them and achieve growth, or ignore them and achieve sorrow. 

Principles cannot be broken
4 Lectures 08:23

This section talks how important habits work everyday of our life. How we can manage are old habits and develop new ones. 

Preview 01:34

Its interesting how our brain works. We do things without thinking in almost every moment in our lives. So lets learn how habits work so that we can steer them the right direction.  

How habits work

We always want to learn a new habit sometime in our life. We know its important, but we never get to it. With our habit formula, we can use that to generate new habits in anything you wish for. 

How to create new habits

Habits can be good. Habits can be bad. Very bad. So why not get rid of them? Here is how you do it. 

How to change habits
8 Lectures 13:00

Are you proactive or reactive? While watching this section you will find out. There are 2 different ways you can direct your life. You can direct it in a proactive way or a reactive way. 

Proactivity Intro

Not foreign languages like Chinese or Portuguese. Types of languages means ways to say things correctly. Every time a opportunity arises or an argument happens we have a specific set of words we use in those situations. But where do your words lead to? 

Types of language

An easy list to follow of things you should say and things you shouldn't say for maximum productivity. 

The do's and the dont's

Circle of influence

When a problem arises our natural response is to fix it. Some people do it while others just ignore it completely. 

Think of it like an oil light check light in your car. There is 2 ways how we can fix this problem. One way is to..well...change the oil of course, the other way is to unplug the light. Ignoring the problem or to make it go away is not fixing the problem. The way how we see the problem is the problem. 

The way we see the problem is the problem

Everyone makes mistakes. We are not robots, we are humans and humans make mistakes. Once a mistake is make, this lecture talks about how to overcome that mistake so that it doesn't grow into something worse. 


This one is hard to achieve but it is very powerful. It is what separates from the successful and from the lazy. Commitments. Every day, every week, month, year(s) we need to have commitments that we must keep. 


This is a simple video explaining the application of proactivity to ones daily life.  

How to apply proactivity
The Final Goal
12 Lectures 21:06

The end is the beginning. Once we see who we want to become, we get a clear idea on where to go to become that person. 


Leadership is not management and management is not leadership, but are similar. Using these powerful skills needs to be done carefully and correctly. 

Leadership and Management

A mission statement is our reference point when we are traveling through our life. It is something we need to look at regularly so that we don' go off track. 

Mission Statement

Centers are who we actually are. What we do, how we plan, how me manage our time, how we set goals, everything. Everything surrounds a particular center. 

How we define our center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by the family or/and spouse. 

Family and spouse center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by money. 

Money center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by work. 

Work center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by possessions and reputations. 

Possession center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by entertainment and pleasure. 

Pleasure center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by religion or church. 

Church or religious center

When all the decision making and limitations are determined by ones self interest.

Self center

As we went through some of the most popular center people have, now its time to define the right center for maximum productivity and efficiency and ultimately happiness. 

The Correct Center
Time Management
13 Lectures 24:48

Time is more valuable than money. This can be one of the most difficult but powerful quality to achieve. When we manage our time correctly we can go very far into our career and talents. 

Preview 00:46

Everyone must be independent. We are naturally created to be able to make our own choices and to live our lives how we want to live them. 

Independent will

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment:" ~Jim Rohn


Many of us don't realize it, but we encounter urgent and important matters every single day. This video explains the power of time management by putting one in front of the other. 

Urgent vs Important

Use it wisely and you will find yourself farther ahead. 

The Ancient Word

How successful people apply time management in their lives. 

How the Effective People Do It

Introduction to the steps in time management. 

4 Degree's in Time Management

The first step in applying time management. 

Step 1 in Time Management

The second step in applying time management. 

Step 2 in Time Management

The third step in applying time management. 

Step 3 in Time Management

The fourth step in applying time management. 

Step 4 in Time Management

Some helpful tips to live by. 

Helpful Tips

It doesn't make sense when someone learns very useful information and doesn't apply it. Its time to live it! Start applying pro activity, principles, time management in your life and see what you can accomplish. 

Live it
The Philosophies of Life
4 Lectures 06:45

Introduction to the philosophies of life. 


Probably one of the easiest to keep track. Its easy as just looking at the mirror or stepping on a weight scale. The physical dimension leans more into important than urgent which means it should be somewhere on the top of the list to keep track of. 

Physical Dimension

Our brains work like a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger, faster and more accurate it becomes. Do not let entertainment or dull jobs let your mental dimension die out. Learn things constantly so that the brain is always healthy. 

Mental Dimension

Our beliefs give us energy. They are different for everyone but whatever it is that you have hope in, that will give you the power to get through the day. 

Spiritual Dimension
1 Lecture 00:29

Thank you for taking this course. If you liked it, leave a review in the My Courses page. I hope all of this information was helpful and inspiring for you to achieve maximum productivity and success in your life. 

Everything You Need To Know About Success - Audio
49 Lectures 01:15
Principles Introduction (audio)

Audio version for Principle of Honesty.

Principle of Honesty (audio)

Audio version for Principle of Integrity.

Principle of Integrity (audio)

Audio version for Principle of Human Dignity.

Principle of Human Dignity (audio)

Audio version for Principle of Growth and Development.

Principle of Growth and Development (audio)

Audio version for People See Things Differently.

People See Things Differently (audio)

Audio version for Principles Cannot Be Broken.

Principles Cannot Be Broken (audio)

Audio version for Habits Introduction.

Habits Introduction (audio)

Audio version for How Habits Work.

How Habits Work (audio)

Audio version for How To Create New Habits.

How To Create New Habits (audio)

Audio version for How To Change Habits.

How To Change Habits (audio)

Audio version for Proactivity Introduction.

Proactivity Introduction (audio)

Audio version for Types of Languages.

Types of Languages (audio)

Audio version for The Do's and Dont's.

The Do's and Dont's (audio)

Audio version for Circle of Influence.

Circle of Influence (audio)

Audio version for The Way We See The Problem.

The Way We See The Problem (audio)

Audio version for Mistakes.

Mistakes (audio)

Audio version for Commitments.

Commitments (audio)

Audio version for How to Apply Proactivity.

How to Apply Proactivity (audio)

Audio version for The Final Goal Introduction.

The Final Goal Introduction (audio)

Audio version for Leadership and Managemenet.

Leadership and Managemenet (audio)

Audio version for Mission Statement.

Mission Statement (audio)

Audio version for How to Define Our Center.

How to Define Our Center (audio)

Audio version for Family or Spouse Centered.

Family or Spouse Centered (audio)

Audio version for Money Centered.

Money Centered (audio)

Audio version for Work Centered.

Work Centered (audio)

Audio version for Possession Centered.

Possession Centered (audio)

Audio version for Pleasure Centered.

Pleasure Centered (audio)

Audio version for Church or Religious Centered.

Church or Religious Centered (audio)

Audio version for Self Centered.

Self Centered (audio)

Audio version for The Correct Center.

The Correct Center (audio)

Audio version for Time Management Introduction.

Time Management Introduction (audio)

Audio version for Independant Will.

Independent Will (audio)

Audio version for Discipline. 

Discipline (audio)

Audio version for Urgent vs Important.

Urgent vs Important (audio)

Audio version for The Ancient Word.

The Ancient Word (audio)

Audio version for How the Effective People Do It.

How the Effective People Do It (audio)

Audio version for 4 Steps in Time Management.

4 Steps in Time Management (audio)

Audio version for Step 1 in Time Management.

Step 1 in Time Management (audio)

Audio version for Step 2 in Time Management.

Step 2 in Time Management (audio)

Audio version for Step 3 in Time Management.

Step 3 in Time Management (audio)

Audio version for Step 4 in Time Management.

Step 4 in Time Management (audio)

Audio version for Helpful Tips.

Helpful Tips (audio)

Audio version for Live It.

Live It (audio)

Audio version for The Phelosophies of Life.

The Phelosophies of Life (audio)

Audio version for The Physical Dimension.

The Physical Dimension (audio)

Audio version for The Mental Dimension.

The Mental Dimension (audio)

Audio version for The Spiritual Dimension.

The Spiritual Dimension (audio)

Audio version for Conclusion.

Conclusion (audio)
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Iliya Ryakhovskiy
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My name is Iliya Ryakhovskiy. I have been born and raised in the United States learning and maturing in everyday life of all of its wonders. Learning many secrets from people and various sources combined with deep thinking give me the ability to share it with others. 

This is my second course in Udemy. My first one can be found under the piano section.