Essentials : Learning & Recall anything at Warp Speed! Today
4.3 (155 ratings)
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Essentials : Learning & Recall anything at Warp Speed! Today

The most useful Neuroplasticity techniques to learning FAST - Learn to speed up your learning and recall now
4.3 (155 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,565 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Barnett
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What Will I Learn?
  • Enjoy Accelerated Learning of any information
  • Learn more information, Faster, more efficiently and more accurately than ever before
  • Create mind maps that are directly linked to the way the mind has stored information
  • Digest the written word FAST with the Warp Speed reading process
  • get ideas and concepts and learning triggers down and on paper with the warp speed writing process
  • Understand HOW they learn and will be able to adapt their personal learning style
  • Create a learning environment conducive to Warp Speed learning
  • Memorise huge lists of items through using Memory techniques such as the Peg system
  • develop memory skills through learning linking techniques
  • Develop and create Memory Palaces
  • Develop and create and utilise Mega Palaces for rapid information recall
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  • You should have an open mind and a willingness to learn
  • You should be prepared to step out of your comfort zone sometimes

'I know Kung Fu!' a famous line from the Matrix where Neo is plugged into the Matrix and information is dumped into his brain, filling him up with knowledge instantly. Well... I can't promise you the same results as our Matrix hero, however I can guarantee that if you follow this course you will be speed learning, you will increase the amount of information you can absorb AND you will absorb it faster than ever before. PLUS you will be able to recall it easily, straight away, and forever !

This speed learning  course is about utilising the incredible power of the mind to maximise its performance when it comes to learning. By studying this course, you will become a learning machine, with astounding memory and recall abilities that will amaze you and your friends / peers.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn at super fast speeds - Warp speed
  • This course is for those who want to maximise their efficiency and get LOADS achieved in a short space of time
  • This course is for people who have an interest in how the mind works - so that they can hone its efficiency
  • This course is for people with an open mind who believe in possibility
  • This is not a course for people who enjoy slogging through hours of learning material
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Curriculum For This Course
58 Lectures
Introduction & the WARP Speed paradigm
11 Lectures 01:05:34

So why is it that some people are able to easily learn and take in and recall information when other people have to really work hard at absorbing it,? how is that some people can learn loads of information in really short spaces of time, when others have to give up time they will never get back to learning. Why is it again that some people seem to be able to recall huge amounts of information at will while others seem to forget the information just as soon as they finish their exams. Do you ever get frustrated because you forget what you have learnt?

These are questions that people have asking for years in this course you are going to find the answer. You are going to learn the latest tools and techniques for communicating with your unconscious mind to make sure that you learn at an incredible rate with fantastic recall ability

Preview 03:45

I reckon if I was school today then I would probably have been diagnosed as having ADHD. Or similar and probably would have got the help that I needed to be a good student. However, I didn’t and my school years were some of the most miserable years of my life. But there was something which used to really frustrate my teachers back then and that was that I was able to easily breeze through my exams and assessments even though I was either absent from class or stood outside the door facing the wall for most of the lessons. I used to score high in all my exams, I was in the top groups for all subjects and in all my exams I used to regularly get marks in the high 90’s. A lot of my friends quite recently have commented on how much it used to frustrate them as well. One friend confessed to having a real resentment when we were at school, as he used to study really hard and prepare for his exams etc whilst I was usually messing around getting in trouble.

A personal experience of Warp Speed learning

learning is not linear, learning isn’t restricted to the things you see, or hear. Learning is a whole system activity and when you are able to engage that whole system in the way that you are designed to, then you are able to learn at WARP speed. The good news is that it is incredibly simple to do, although you may find that you resist the process because it is not what you are used to. And that is fine,

And I will let you into a little secret, you already know how to do it and not only have you done it already you are still doing it. What you will learn in this course is how to learn at warp speed in any context and at will.

The problem with learning - why warp speed learning rocks !

o we will have a look at peripheral vision and how to do it, and the good news is that you already know how to do it, and do it well. When you are walking down the street, for example you are probably in peripheral vision, which is how you are able to avoid obstacles and see potential problems ‘out of the corner of your eye’. What we are going to do though is consciously learn to use peripheral vision to enter the learning state whenever we want to absorb information, this will open the pathways for direct communication to the unconscious minds and allow that data to flow freely into our unconscious minds where it will be stored

Ok so as I mentioned you already know how to do peripheral vision, you have probably just been unaware that that is what you have been doing, so, we have turned it into a simple process that can be taught and learned.

The learning state - the perfect state to be in when learning at warp speed

The unconscious mind is where all the fun happens ! you will be amazed at the incredible processing power of your unconscious mind. In this lecture Matt introduces you to your unconscious mind and explains how the warped learning paradigm engages with this powerhouse to get you incredible results.

Warp Speed Learning : The Unconscious mind

The unconscious mind is where all the fun happens ! you will be amazed at the incredible processing power of your unconscious mind. In this lecture Matt introduces you to your unconscious mind and explains how the warped learning paradigm engages with this powerhouse to get you incredible results.

Warp Speed Learning : unconscious mind part 2

We are taught to make notes, or revision notes that e can refer back to when we need to prepare for an examination which tests out knowledge of a subject. This is how it is done and has been done for many many years. And it can lead to knowledge, of course it can, however a lot of the time it doesn’t. As you see there is a big difference to knowing something and being able to recall something.

Warp Speed Learning : Study is linear - Knowledge is quantum

One of the most significant things you can take away from this course is the knowledge that most likely the way you have been learning stuff to date is the most inefficient way possible. If what you are looking to do is gain real knowledge that can be retained and easily recalled.

You have most likely been taught in a similar way to the way I was, that is with lectures and lessons , where the lecturer gave you information. You most likely made notes, one on top of the other like a list, and then you probably reviewed those notes in preparation for examinations. Which tested you on that information. This is a very linear approach to learning and teaching .

The difference between learning and knowing & why it is important

In this lecture I want to discuss the concept of how memory and information’s stored Holographically within the human body. Now this is a fairly involved topic, and it is important that you have the general concept in mind as it has a bearing on the understanding of some of the upcoming lectures. So I am going to give you a much simplified explanation of holographic memory and will explain to you why it is an important aspect of the WARP Speed learning system.

Preview 07:03

There are many reasons for wanting to take a course like this, and certainly one of them is that people feel like they are not very good at learning stuff. This is pretty common actually, and if you are like most people I have spoken to, there is a very real worry that we aren’t doing it right. And of course there is no way anyone could tell you whether you were learning correctly is there ? Learning being a very personal subjective experience. Instead we wait till after the event so to speak and test in things like exams, by which time of course it is too late if you haven’t been learning correctly.

We are natural Warp Speed learners

You will learn some of the basic principals around my Entropy Coaching paradigm as well and how it translates to learning. This whole system approach to learning is of course the fastest and most effective way to learn, and here is the really great news,

Whole system Warp Speed learning
The WARP Speed Mind-set
8 Lectures 35:57

The human brain is an incredible piece of equipment and the most complex structure in the known universe.

So here are some facts about the amazing grey matter between your ears which will give you some insight into why what you will be doing in this course works so well.

The Human Brain

the human brain is the most complex structure known to man and as such I will not be attempting to describe the brain in detail here - instead I will describe three brains. Yes the three brains that we all have and how they contribute to our overall functioning.

The triune brain theory was developed by a man by the name of Paul Maclean 1970 and it gives us a useful insight into how the brain has evolved over thousands and thousands of years.

The triune Brain : Three brains in one

Neuroplasticity it all sounds very complex but the concept is actually very simple. You may well have head the saying ’Neurons that fire together wire together’ and what that means is that when say for example in the case of education and learning, we take in information we create neural pathways directly related to that particular nugget of information.

Preview 03:27

Ok so one of the first and most important keys to learning at warp speed is the concept of intention.

And I wonder have you ever truly considered this? When you take a course of any type or take any sort of study, it is the intention for learning that will be the one thing that makes a massive difference to you ability to absorb the information and be able to recall it at will.

Setting your positive intention for learning

Remember the intention for learning is unique and personal, and must always be positive. So make sure that when you answer these questions you do so in the positive, so for example. I want to learn french because I don’t want to feel left out in a conversation is NOT the right answer

[EXERCISE] Why are you learning this course

whatever I am teaching you right now, in this moment, or at least what you perceive to be the course I am delivering is very different to the actual course that I am recording now, and why is tat ? Because, your unconscious mind is filtering the information, the words and the images etc and creating a perception of what this course is about, what information is important, what has value, and how it helps you to reach you goals and that perceptions is formed by the filters that you are applying at the unconscious level.

A million different courses

the NLP communication model begs the question, how do we know anything is real?

Regardless of whether our experience is real or not, we certainly act as if it is, as if our internal representations of events are the events themselves. So where do these internal representations come from? Well every second of the day we are bombared with data, information that we take in through our 5 senses, the things wee see, hear, feel, taste and smell

The NLP Communication Model

Our representational systems are intrinsically linked to all of our senses. In the same way that we see hear touch taste and smell, those same senses are created in our minds when we have an internal representation. So for example, whenever we remember a memory we re-create that experience with all of those senses and we do so internally. Remember, we don’t ever actually smell or hear anything, our brains create smells and sounds based on input from sense organs. So the things we see and hear, are perceptions, or the interpretation of vibrations, actualised in our unconscious mind.

Primary Representational systems
Setting up the WARP Speed learning environment
5 Lectures 19:47

So as you might imagine visual learners are very much influenced by the things that they see, and this includes learning. Remember the first thing that happens when we receive information is that it is filtered at the unconscious level to create a perception of what that information IS - and only then can it be processed within the unconscious mind. So The visual learner will prefer to see graphs an charts, images on whiteboards etc etc. And will take on new information very much by the way it is coloured visually. And visual learner are by far the most common.

Visual Stimulus: Primary Representational systems and the learning environment

next I am going to talk about the auditory aspect of your environment and this is way more useful than you might think. You may have heard that listening to music good for study and indeed you might well have found this to be the case yourself, And you may have found that there are some kinds of music that are better than others for you when it comes to learning.

Auditory Stimulus

So what are the things that you might want to analyse or assess when setting up your environment?

Well first of all, do you prefer a formal or a non formal setting? Are you more comfortable learning sat at a desk or bureau or do you absorb more information when you are curled up on the sofa or on your bed?

Neat and tidy Vs all over the place

So peripheral vision allows us to go into a light trance state and enter the learning state which is ideal for absorbing information, and Peripheral vision is a kind of soft focus view of the world

Which is very different to the opposite of Peripheral vision, Fovial vsion, which is very much a focussed view of a particular thing. When you are focussed on something that is directly in front of you you essentially put up barriers to what else is around you, you cannot enter the Learning state and as such information is not so easily received or stored at the unconscious level.

The learning state

in my humble opinion a fundamental problem with the process of examinations that are typically used within our education systems I should say straight away that as a processor education in our society there needs to be a bench mark, there needs to be a way of determining if the content of lectures etc has been covered adequately and taught to an acceptable standard. To that end I can’t immediately think of a better way to do this than by using exams. But again, in my model of the world there is a problem with this as a concept or measure of knowledge or more importantly understanding.

Exams tell you little
Learn how to learn at WARP Speed
14 Lectures 01:00:38

this lecture we will be looking at the work of Carll jung and his theory of Psychological types. We will take a look at what those different preference types are what they are and then we will go through each and see how they ar important when you are learning at or preparing to learn at warp speed.

Preview 06:25

Starting with The general preference of Introvert / Extrovert in my opinion, ‘study time’ the best way of studying for an individual is s very much a reflection of this general preference When you are in the state for Warp speed learning you are very much in ‘downtime’ which is in my opinion when we are most receptive to new ideas and is very similar to the state we are in when we are recharging our batteries either with others or on our own.

Jungs personality types and learning

the Myers Briggs type indicator test was developed by Isobel Myers Briggs and her Mother Katherine Briggs. Who wanted after studying the work of Carl jung to make the incredibly accurate assessment of individuals personalities by understand the 4 basic dichotomies we spoke about previsouly more accessible to the general public. If you like to make the theory that Jung proposed practical in its application to real subjects.

Myers briggs type indicator test

When I speak to people about learning, often because people are struggling to learn or maybe are not doing so well in their studies, the conversation often ends up at the quality of teaching.

Now, lets start by talking about teaching as we generally understand its format to be.

Who is responsible for teaching

If you have been brought up in a culture where people generally do their best to pass responsibility away from themselves and accept none themselves, then this is a fairly big change in your thinking. And its one you are going to really have to take hold of if you want to see those goals coming to life.

Cause and effect

to be able to learn at warp speed requires a real rapport with your unconscious mind, And if all this talk of your unconscious mind is new to you then you can relax. There is nothing weird or woo woo going on here . This is all perfectly natural, and the key to identifying learning triggers is to trust your unconscious mind. In the up coming lectures we will be looking at warp speed reading and this requires very much a decent rapport with your unconscious mind.

Learning triggers

auditory learners as we discovered earlier, are students that prefer to process information through things that they hear and as I mentioned earlier, teaching styles vary as much as learning styles and as such as an auditory learner, you can’t really expect a tutor or lecturer to deliver his or her content in precisely the way you like to receive it, that said of course it would be nice if lecturers had an understanding of these things so that they can at the very least present their information across all of the sensory preferences.

Auditory learners

So as you might imagine visual learners are very much influenced by the things that they see, and this includes learning. Remember the first thing that happens when we receive information is that it is filtered at the unconscious level to create a perception of what that information IS - and only then can it be processed within the unconscious mind. So The visual learner will prefer to see graphs an charts, images on whiteboards etc etc. And will take on new information very much by the way it is coloured visually. And visual learner are by far the most common.

Visual Learners

Ok so Kinaesthetic learners are learners whose preference is based around feelings. These could be external feelings such as the things that they touch or they could be internal feelings how they feel inside.

So lets now take a look at how a Kinaesthetic learner can extract as much information as quickly as possible from any content that is delivered their way.

Kinaesthetic learners

These people are often the ones that are putting their hands up all the time in a classroom environment, and often it can take quite a while to take on the information - it is not unusual to hear an auditory digital learner saying things like ‘Well I just don’t get it’ or ‘ It just doesn’t compute’

Auditory Digital Learners

Now, everyone is different, and we all know that we all learn in different ways and that the information we learn is a perception of that information only.

And to further complicate matters, there is another preference that we all have and that is our preference for either detail or the bigger picture. And this plays an important part in our taking on information in a rapid way.

Big picture Vs Detail

in this lecture I want to introduce you to a concept that I have been developing for the last few years which is incredibly powerful and I truly believe when you have a good understanding of this principal of what I call Entropy - borrowed from thermodynamics, you will be able to apply it to any area of your life and take control of it. And by that I mean literally any area of your life, your thinking, your relationships the marketing in your business, your property maintenance, your business success everything. Including of course learning.


with everything neatly stored away and with plenty of references and pathways to your main neural pathway for that learning, you can rest assured that you know the information well and at the deeply unconscious level.

So much so in fact that your unconscious mind starts demanding more information, you start filling yourself up with more and more knowledge when you learn this way. So how do you get information in quick enough and effectively enough for the unconscious mind to keep on absorbing it at this rate.

Warp Speed Learning

this lecture is more of a tip than a lecture and this is something that I have found works really well for me and I have had clients get great results from doing this also. In fact , I have done this all of my life and I can’t actually tell you when I started. But it is definitely part of my learning routine and in fact I do this whenever I want my mind to be on top form. And the first thing to do is to make sure you have plenty of water on board. Make sure that you are really well hydrated. Remember from our earlier lectures that the brain is about 71% water so any dehydration will affect the functioning of the brain. Its as simple as that. So make sure you have had a couple of glasses of water before you start to study.

Learn on an Empty Stomach
WARP Speed Reading
4 Lectures 08:56

So what you are going to do is learn to trust your unconscious mind and allow it to speak to you and guide you and this is SO cool. So wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, think of a colour that you want to see. You might even say in your mind, ‘find blue’ for example.

Spot a colour

now we are really getting into the tools for learning at warp speed and there is a process for reading really quickly that you can follow, and of course once you are comfortable with the process you can experiment and try out new ways of doing things until you are happy that you have a system that works for you.

Warp speed reading first pass

his time what we are going to do is a process of reading each page and this time you are going to use the tip of your finger as a guide.

Warp Speed reading second pass

this is the third and final pass within the document or book, and this time what you are going to do is have a piece of paper at the ready to write down your learning triggers

Warp speed reading third pass
WARP Speed Writing
1 Lecture 03:04

Now you have a whole load of recall techniques at your disposal now, and that is great, and when you are following this Warp speed paradigm, the information come s up from the unconscious mind really quickly, in fact so quickly that that sometimes it might even feel a bit overwhelming.

So far within this course we have been taking about the conscious mind as if it is nothing but a pest, but in this lecture the conscious mind comes into its own and works together with the unconscious mind to put all of your knowledge in order at an incredible pace.

RealTime Writing
WARP Speed Recall
8 Lectures 41:59

first of all lets look at how the conscious mind deals with things. If you remember the conscious mind is logical and rational. Which can of course be quite useful. However for learning and recall we need to engage the unconscious mind.

Transderivational search

here is a really nifty trick for memorising long lists of facts and items. It is commonly known as the peg system and it is really very useful for recalling information. AND there are a few points that I want to add to the process you may or may not have come across before, to really give it the WARP speed treatment and make it super effective.

Peg system

Now, what you are about to learn now, is a seriously powerful method of recalling information and particularly concepts and historical facts.

Linking skills for memory

Memory Palaces and this is a technique that is really useful memorising huge amounts of information and the beauty of this is that the items you are memorising don’t have to be any particular order which is a really useful feature of this technique.

Memory Palaces

So now that we have all of these little tricks for memorising things. Lets just play with the idea of putting them all together and I hope that you will see how amazing this ca be and how you can recall absolutely enormous amounts of information with no real effort at all.

Mega Palaces

Acronyms are particularly useful for recalling processes, as they can be organised in a linear fashion, with each step being a letter in a word .

So as you are drilling down through, your subjects, you can start thinking about how you can use acronyms to assist you to remember the information you are learning .

Acronyms, catch-phrases, jungles, pictures and fists

OK so , no we know what eye patterns are, lets take a look at how you can use your knowledge of eye patterns to enhance your recall and improve the learning experience. In this lecture we are going to look at how to install information within your unconscious mind in such a way that you can easily recall it along with everything else you need to know instantly. And its a really really simple, process that is going to amaze you.

Using eye pattersn for information install and easy recall

Have you ever had the situation where you have been trying to remember something and eventually you give up and, say ‘I will sleep on it I think’ and then the next morning pretty much as soon as you wake up the information that you have been trying to remember pop into your head .

Well when that happens, quite a lot has been going on

Trust your unconscious minds sort and deliver mechanism
WARP Speed Notes
4 Lectures 14:25

in this lecture, we are going to refer to note taking but truthfully what we are going to be doing is not so much note taking, but rather we are going t be map making. The process we are going to go through, essentially lays out a map or a guide for the unconscious mind to follow to assist it in performing the searches within itself. Which is very different to traditional note taking.

Note taking at WARP SPeed - Stories

mind mapping isn’t a new concept and there have been loads and loads of books written on the subject of mind mapping which to my mind at least seem to make a very simple concept quite involved. I have read a few and I have enjoyed them. However, I think for most people, what I am about to show you will be enough for effective note taking.

Note Taking at WARP Speed - Mind Maps

Over recent years, Infographics have become really popular and they are in may ways very similar to mind maps, you will have undoubtedly seen these being shared on social networks etc and being used as marketing materials. I think these are excellent and if you are a visual learner I think you will get huge benefit from using infographics.

Note Taking at WARP SPeed - infographics

One of the most important things that you can do when writing notes of any kind. And if you insist on writing your notes in a linear fashion then at the very least start including this part of the process and you will see fantastic results from doing so.

Note Taking at WARP SPeed engage your feelings
WARP Speed active rehearsal
3 Lectures 09:03

now we are going to look at one of the most powerful ways in which you can cement in any learning you have taken from a particular subject and that is the fact that the very best way of learning something is to teach it. And that might be in a formal teaching environment or in a conversation over a coffee. The point is though that when you can chat about a topic on the fly and teach someone some of the concepts you have learnt then you are are really cementing in the information and making that learning and the ability to recall it easily permanent.

The best way to learn is to teach

very quick implementation of some NL P techniques to give your unconscious mind a compelling desire to achieve tat state again. So you have provided intention to the unconscious mind, which will now be thinking THAT is what iI want, I want to get to that point with my knowledge of this subject and quite without your knowing it, your unconscious mind will start directing your behaviour, your learning, the things you retain to ensure that you achieve it.

Dissociative rehearsal

in this lecture we are going to look at a part of the WARP speed system that could be considered as going the extra mile. And if you take the time to include this as part of your learning process you will undoubtedly get even better results so I would encourage you to do this.

Take your own instruction
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