The Ultimate jQuery Course
3.9 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,098 students enrolled
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The Ultimate jQuery Course

An excellent guide to learn jQuery from scratch with strong foundation, that turn you into skilled & confident developer
3.9 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,098 students enrolled
Created by Abdul Basit
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Join multi billion dollar industry of Information Technology
  • Become a part of giant enterprises of market using jQuery tehcnology in their top-noch products
  • Become a jQuery free lancer and start earning thousands of dollars from free lancing web sites
  • Turn out to be a hot cake by world wide acceptance of this plateform independant technology
  • Put jQuery logo on your CV and become a talent hunt for more than 50,000 SME companies searching out for jQuery developer
  • Enter into biggest community on the web and open doors for yourself for a wonderful career as a develpoer and designer
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  • Little basic knowledge of HTML & petite awareness of CSS

The most amazing course of jQuery designed specially, to learn in very simple manner with solid grip and control over the subject.

Are you looking to be a part of multi billion dollar industry ?

Are you looking to increase your income by becoming rock star jQuery developer ?

Are you already a developer, but have confuse knowledge and can not compete with other professional jQuery developers ?

Whatsoever is your aim, The Ultimate jQuery Course is fit for you. You are taking the right course.

This is thorough, economical and life changing course for you.

At the end of course, you will be master of

  • Setting up jQuery
  • Selectors
  • Attributes
  • Filters and Traversing
  • Manipulation
  • CSS
  • Events
  • Effects
  • AJAX
  • Utilities

I will provide you friendly and quick life time support & tips on twitter, facebook, google plus and udemy forums. During the course and after completion of course, you will get 100% free support from me, even after 5 or 10 years or whenever. I will be there for you. if you get stuck during studies or working on any project after completing the course or whatever the case, I will assist you from my forums quickly, friendly and graciously. Teaching people is my passion. I always welcome you to contact me and discuss your issues. It's time to change your life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn web development with jQuery and have zero experience
  • People planing to make a living (or side-income) from jQuery web development
  • Any jQuery developer who is lacking skills, troubles in development and facing less confidence in team
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Curriculum For This Course
54 Lectures
5 Lectures 19:18

A brief introduction on jQuery. Why it is used widely and key features of this library that supersede it from others.

Preview 02:44

How to download and include jQuery in your web page or project. The two famous methods of including jQuery from local computer or Content Delivery Network.

Preview 05:08

A brief description of Document Ready. Why it is require and benefit of using it.

Document Ready
6 Lectures 15:10

A vivid introduction to selectors. You will know what are they and what's their purpose in library. You will also know about five types of it.


A brief introduction of name selector. How to select DOM elements with it and its scope.

Name Selector

The insight of id selector. Its importance and its wide usage over web page

Id Selector

One of most commonly used selector is class selector. Detail introduction of it and its usage.

Class Selector

jQuery has immense power over a web page. Universal selector is its example. It is not widely used but this lesson cover this feature too.

Universal Selector

jQuery have variety of functionality. Multiple selector allows to select multiple elements at a time. This video describe all that. How to target more than one element simultaneously.

Multiple Selector

Now we have studied selectors types so far and I want to put up a quiz. The purpose of quiz is not to confuse you, but it will help you to apply the knowledge practically. If you try to learn judo karate, you will see your coach would train you first tact individually, like different kicks and punches, and then let you apply those techniques in practice fight, a process called some thing like 'katay'. So I want you to train practically for real world. Ok, please first see the quiz file

Quiz for selectors
2 questions
6 Lectures 17:22

A fleeting introduction with attributes. jQuery dealing with them and their importance.


The library give developer community power to access and alter the attributes of DOM elements. This lecture teaches how to do that. How to get and set attribute's value of HTML element

Get & Set Arrtibute Value

Developers of jQuery can play with CSS on elements. addClass methods allows to add CSS classes to a HTML element. See this video tutorial, how to do it.

Preview 02:16

This is another diversity of CSS genre jQuery methods. We can verify either an element contains any specific class or not with the help of jQuery.


We can remove already applied CSS classes from HTML elements on the fly. This lecture cover this important topic.


There is another great functionality of jQuery. This is toggle. This lesson covers its use for beautifying page and switching classes on/off.


The purpose of this quiz is to judge your knowledge level on jQuery attributes. This quiz is based on multiple choice questions. These questions are about attribute methods, their role and usage in daily life of coder.

Quiz for Attributes
3 questions
Filters & Traversing
2 Lectures 11:51

This video teach how simple filters allows jQuery developers to capture any element within parent element. Filters optimize code and access to elements robustly.

Simple Filters

The use of complex filters with the combination of CSS method, CSS pseudo classes and chaining of methods.

Complex Filters

Welcome to the quiz for Filters & Traversing. I will judge your knowledge and skills you have learn so far. The purpose of quiz is you can be sure where you stand. If you pass the quiz, hats off to you otherwise, you can see the videos again for improvise.

Quiz for Filters & Traversing
3 questions
9 Lectures 23:41

Introduction to manipulation of content with the help of jQuery. How jQuery caters content manipulation in a simple manner.


Before diving into manipulation, a brief introduction of 'this' special keyword. Its concept, usage and scope.

'this' : Special Keyword

We can read and write html to any targeted element. This segment gives introduction and how to achieve that.


jQuery also offers to its developers to read and write text to html elements. This lesson is dedicated to this functionality.


Similar to HTML and text, there are also values inside input elements. The val method empower us to access it and alter it.


Replace with is another powerful method offered by jQuery. This lesson cover it all and its usage.


We can remove elements from a web page. This magical method is taught inside this lecture.


jQuery also allows us to insert content to a web page. This is coverage of insert functionality.


There are certain conditions in development when we need to add more data to previous one, instead of overwriting it. This lecture teaches the way, how to attain it.


Welcome to quiz for manipulation. This quiz is designed to determine your capabilities for manipulation of jQuery. It consist of various manipulation methods that you will deal in daily life. These manipulation methods rules over the web page and empower you to play with HTML DOM elements.

Quiz for Manipulation
4 questions
4 Lectures 07:45

A glance look over jQuery-powered CSS capabilities. jQuery can deal with look and feel of a web site and play with stylesheet.


css method is one of most utilized one for changing the make up of a HTML page. In this video, there is coverage how to do that broadly used feature in jQuery programming.


We can alter the width of DOM elements. This video teach that special feature to change the size of an element.


Similarly to width, we can adjust the height of elements too by this method. Height can give access to change any targeted element height.


Here we are with CSS quiz. A quick overview of your learning in CSS section. It consist of questions related of jQuery based CSS methods, and make sure you have grasp good knowledge on these methods.

Quiz for CSS
4 questions
3 Lectures 13:24

One of most complex concept of jQuery is event. Sometimes It takes several years to understand the nature of events and their infrastructure. My several years of experience in jQuery resulted in a very simple design of this module. A very simple approach to understand events and all related stuff.

Preview 00:31

What are events. How they trigger and how to capture them. This video lesson is dedicated to events, its types, event handler & binding.


This covers event object. How to parse it to event handler (callback function) and access its properties inside it.

Event Object

Hi guys. This quiz is intended to inspect your knowledge on this section. The series of questions are covering events nature and technical terminologies used for them. It testify your familiarity on events and their usibility.

Quiz for Events
4 questions
8 Lectures 11:51

We can use animations on a web page by effects. An overview of this genre and its supermacy.


An element on web page can be hide from viewing to user. This lesson will demonstrate, how to do that.


We can also show a hidden element on a web page. This segment teach that method in a simple way.


There is diversity of available methods presented by jQuery. toggle method can hide or show any targeted element like a switch turn on/off. See this illustrated video to understand it.


This is another genre of effects based methods. The video describes how to fade in an element.

Preview 01:13

Fade out is reverse of fade in. This simple video is for learning of fade out effect.


Along with other great animations, slide up is another magical method to attain animation.


Slide down is vice versa of slide up.effect. See the video to get slide down in action.


I greet you to the quiz for Effects. The aim of this questionnaire is to check your skills on effects for jQuery. The questions are based on effects methods powered by jQuery as we learn. The purpose of this quiz is to determine that you are ready to apply various effects on HTML elements.

Quiz for Effects
4 questions
4 Lectures 13:12

jQuery provides its own ajax based methods, which are flaw less, error free and easy to use. See the introduction to them and have a flight with them.

Preview 00:51

load method is one of great method of ajax category. This video tutorial guide how to use it and mean to apply it in real world.


Post method uses post technique to send content to another file. This video cover post method.


Get method use get http request to send data to other file. This video cover how to parse parameter, use target file as content supplier and call back function after success.


This quiz is intended to know your knowledge level on AJAX based jQuery methods.

Quiz for Ajax
4 questions
7 Lectures 29:31

This will provide an introduction on jQuery common methods that supersede JavaScript functions used for common tasks in JS programming.


An important iterative loop for arrays, DOM objects. Its usage and implementation.


We can parse JSON into JavaScript object very simply by this method. Learn how to do that.


jQuery is incredible at web page. parseHTML can investigate inside a HTML formatted string. See the video for understanding it.


We can get the index number of any value of array by using this method.


Merging to two arrays into one. This video teach how to do that and what are the results after merging of arrays.


Trim method allow to strip out extra spaces from both sides or any side of a string. This video will teach how to work out for it.


This quiz is designed to judge your skills over general utilities of jQuery.

Quiz for Utility
4 questions
About the Instructor
Abdul Basit
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Instructor, Senior Web Developer

I'm Abdul Basit, Senior Web Developer & Designer with 13+ years of experience. I love to develop and design clean and functional websites. Moreover, I am also an Instructor, Teacher & Consultant at various software houses and IT institutions.

I have been repeatedly recognized for developing innovative solutions for multi million-dollar, globally deployed web applications and systems. Known for excellent client-facing skills, I have participated in the development contracts that have landed six-figure payout. I also excel in merging business and user needs into high-quality, cost-effective design solutions while keeping within budgetary constraints.

My technical expertise includes cross-platform proficiency; fluency in several scripting/programming languages (including PHP, JavaScript, VB, ActionScript & SQL); and advanced knowledge of developer applications, tools, methodologies and best practices (including OOP, client/server architecture and self-test automation).