Essential bodyweight exercises and workouts
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Essential bodyweight exercises and workouts

A new, great way to learn simple bodyweight exercises through 3D animation system and step by step exercise breakdown.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Damjan Linic
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to get into shape through short interval workouts and 30 days challenges.
  • Perform exercises correctly and make improvement!
  • This course will raise your self confidence by burning body fat and feeling better!
  • Knowledge to exercise specific muscle groups like legs, chest, gluteus, abs, etc...
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  • No prior bodyweight/fitness knowledge is required ( everything is explained in video with step by step breakdown)
  • Everything you need is willpower to start training and make your life better!
  • Make sure to warm up before starting any workout program!

1. What makes this course different from others?

Essential bodyweight course offers varius types of bodyweight exercises that are made as 3D animation with step by step breakdown for each exercise. Each exercise video consists of execution and 3D animation that have pointers to indicate proper body position in exercise breakdown as well as female voice narration that guides you throught exercise. At the end of the video target muslces are shown on human body.

2. Course description summary...

Course is divided in 8 sections and each section works on different muslce groups. Last section has 9 different workout routines ( + warmup and stretching routine) as well as 30 days challenges for different muscle groups and exercises.

3. Disclaimer

Damjan Linic strongly ecommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Damjan Linic from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Damjan Linic's  negligence.

Who is the target audience?
  • This curiculum is created for beginners and people who have some expirience in bodyweight and fitness.
  • Ideal for people who like to exercise with in comfort of their home.
  • Essential bodyweight saves your time and money that are spent on gyms, personal trainers and different weight loss camps
  • Both men and women looking to improve the quality of their lives!
  • Athletes who want to learn safe and effective way to strenghten and define their whole body
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Curriculum For This Course
97 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:48
Push up exercises
11 Lectures 09:48

Learn how to perform regular push up which is the base for many other upper body exercises.

Preview 01:08

Wide push up targets your muscles differently by putting more stress on pectoralis muscles.

Wide push up

An advanced exercise in which you need to contract your muscles and forcefully raise into a jump in order to clap your hands.

Clapping push up

Diamond push up is a great way to work on your biceps and triceps muscles in  only one exercise!

Diamond push up

An advanced version of push up because it adds more weight and stress on triceps and pectoralis muscles.

Feet elevated push up

A great stability and isolation exercise which puts more stress on triceps muscles.

Narrow push up

One of the hardest push up exercise because more stress will be put on grounded arm. It also works on your body stability and endurance.

Preview 00:56

An easyer way to perform one arm push up. After some training it's important to do regular one arm push ups in order to make progress.

Self assisted one arm push up

An advanced push up exercise because it puts your muscles in greater range of motion.

Side to side push up

A great exercise for beginner athletes because its easyer to perform then a regular push up and puts less stres on your muscles.

Torso elevated push up

In this challenge you'll be able to perform 50 push ups in one go. Challenge is diveded throught sets and different numbers of push ups with 60 seconds break between the sets.

30 day push up challange
Bar and dips exercises
14 Lectures 13:07

Pull ups and chin ups are most common bar exercises. Pull up works on your triceps and latissimus muscles primarly. Also, bar is required to perform this exercise. 

Preview 01:01

Chin up unlike pull up exercise works more on your forearm and biceps. Bar is required for this exercise.

Chin up

A great street workout exercise that works on your glutes and hamstrings. You can perform exercise on a table or bars like in video. Dip bar is required.

Reverse hyper

An advanced pull up exercise because it puts your body in greater range of motion. Requires bar to perform exercise.

Side to side pull up

Chest dip exercise combines triceps and biceps workout in combination with deltoids and latissimus muscles. Dip bar is required to perform exercise

Chest dip

Hanging leg raise primarly works on your abs and obliques but also on secondary muscles like triceps, deltoids and latissimus. Also bar is required for hanging leg raise

Hanging leg raise

If you find hanging leg raise exercise to hard to perform, you should try easyer way like hanging knee raise.

Hanging knee raise

Unlike hanging leg raise, this exercise will put your obliques to test.

Oblique hanging leg raise

A great way to perform reverse crunch in street workout using a bar.

Hanging reverse crunch

Inverted curls are isolation exercises for biceps. To improve your workout, place your legs on a small bench.

Inverted curl

If you find inverted curl hard to perform, try short lever inverted curl instead.

Short lever inverted curl

Triceps dip is an isolation exercise which can be perform on a chair or a bench.

Triceps dip

For more challenging triceps dip exercise place your legs on a small bench in front of you.

Three point triceps dip

After completing pull up challenge you'll be able to perform 20 pull ups in one go. Each day has 3 sets with different numbers of repeating and 120 seconds rest between the sets.

30-day pull up challenge
Crunches and situps
8 Lectures 06:47

Learn how to perform crunch, a basic abs exercise!


A variation of regular crunch that builds stability of lower back, spine and hips.

Preview 00:50

Unlike regular and reverse crunch, side crunch will work more on your internal/external oblique muslces.

Side crunch

An advanced abs exercise because two different exercises are put in one (Sit up and leg raise).

Sit up with leg raise

Quite like working on your abs muscles, straight leg sit up will improve your hip and legs flexibility.

Straight leg sit up

Exercise where you'll twist waiste to one side and then reverse the action. It can be find more challenging then a regluar sit up.

Twisting sit up

The most challenging abs exercise because you'll not only work on your abs muscles, but also develop endurance and flexibility of legs and lower torso.


  • We challenge you to perform 150 cruches in one go!!  After 30 days, ofcourse. Each day perform given number of crunches in one go and at the end you'll complete the challenge!
30-day crunch challenge
Leg and gluteus exercises
17 Lectures 17:38

A basic gluteus exercise for beginner athletes.

Donkey kick

Variation of donkey kick exercise which helps out your quadriceps, glutes and overall body stability.

Bird dog

Basic gluteus isolation exercise for beginner athletes.

Preview 01:11

More challenging version of glute bridge. Chair or bench is required to perform elevated glute bridge.

Elevated glute bridge

The most challenging glute bridge variation. Your upper and lower body are placed on a higher objects.

Shoulder and feet elevated glute bridge

Unlike glute bridges, glute march exercise will work on your gluteus muslces in a maximal glute contraction.

Glute march

If you find glute march exercise easy to perform, you should try elevated glute march

Elevated glute march

This is the most challenging hip exercise because you'll not only improve your hip muscles, but also overall body stability will be improved.

Hip raise

A simple exercise to work out your calf muscles using your bodyweight only.

Elevated calf raise

More challenging calf exericise because more strees will be put on a grounded leg.

Single leg elevated calf raise

A great way to exercise your calf muscle in a squat position.

Squat calf raise

Regular lunge is abasic exercise which activates quadriceps and hamstrings in combination with gluteus muscles.

Regular lunge

Variation of lunge, where you step backwards instead of forward like in regular lunge.

Reverse lunge

You can also work your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles by keeping the same leg position.

Preview 01:06

Simple exercise for lower back, hips and butt.

Single leg Romanian deadlift

A variation of single leg Romanian deadlift in which body balance is required.

Reaching single leg Romanian deadlift

A classic, simple and easy way to work on your gluteus and legs.

Step up
Neck and shoulder exercises
6 Lectures 04:46

A variation of push up which works more on a neck muscles and deltoids.

Pike push up

If you find pike push up easy to perform, try feet elevated pike push up. Small bench is required.

Feet elevated pike push up

The hardes variation of a pike push up, because it puts body into greater range of motion.

Three point pike push up

The hardest push up of all. Not only strong body musculature is required, but also coordination and body stability.

Preview 00:50

A simple way to work your neck muslces without using weights.

Forehead neck exercise

A neck exercise where you work muslces placed on bachead without using weights.

Backhead neck exercise
Planks and core exercises
13 Lectures 10:45

Basic isometric exercise that targets abs more then other muscles.

Preview 00:46

If you find front plank hard to perform, try short lever front plank.

Short lever front plank

Harder version of front plank because more "weight" will be put on by placing your feet on a higher object. Small bench is required.

Feet elevated front plank

Unlike front plank, this isometric exercise will work on your obliques more then any other.

Side plank

If you find side plank easy to perform, you should try elevated side plank.

Elevated side plank

More challenging version of the plank that imrpoves body stability and coordination.

Three point plank

The hardest of all plank exercises, advanced variation of three point plank.

Two point plank

A great way to keep your back pain free and work on you core muscles!


Crunch variation where more stress will be put on your core. Higher object is required.

Seated knee up

Basic leg exercise for beginner athlethes.

Single leg extension

If you find single leg extension easy to perform, you should try double leg extension.

Double leg extension

Exercise which works on your core and quadriceps muscles by keeping upper torso in neutral position.

Leg raise

30 day plank challenge that will improve your plank endurance! The goal is to plank for 5 minutes!

Preview 00:00
Squat exercises
10 Lectures 09:06

Most common squat exercise that works on your quadriceps, hamstring and gluteus muscles.

Regular squat

Variation of regular squat that puts more weight on quadriceps and hamstrings!

Sumo squat

Also an variation of regular squat that increases hip joints and activates the gluteus

Counter balance squat

A great way to learn proper squat mechanics by sitting on a box/chair. Higher object is required to perform this kind of exercise.

Box squat

Harder version of box squat because you'll forcefully raise into a jump.

Jump box squat

If you wanna work on your leg muscles more intense, you should try this exercise!

Single leg box squat

More challenging version of single leg box squat because at the end you'll raise into a jump.

Jump single leg box squat

Great exercise for beginner athlethes in order to learn proper squat mechanics.

Wall squat isohold

Squat marches will put your leg workout to another level.

Wall squat march

A great way to improve number of squats you can perform. At the end of the challenge you'll be able to perform 150 squats in one go!!

30-day squat challenge
Workout programs and 30 day challenges
17 Lectures 01:09:01

Combination of push ups, squats, crunches and pull ups set as 30 day bodyweight challenge.

Preview 00:00

30 day challenge with exercises that will shape your buttocks and legs. Designed for female athletes.

30 day leg challenge

Created for outdoor workout enthusiasts. This challenge requires bars in order to complete it.

30 day bar challenge

Great way to work your chest without any weights. 

30 day chest challenge

Improve your core strength and make envious results!

30 day core challenge

Create your own program and challenge yourself!

Create your own program - draft

A short warm up routine that can be used before your workout!

Preview 03:04

Combination of different types of bodyweight exercises that targets different muscle groups.

Preview 07:37

Short interval training created for beginner athletes.

True beginner workout

Tighten your core in order to complete this short interval training!!

Core of steel workout

Lose your belly fat and make six pack visible!

Extreme abs workout

Everything is said - do not skip leg day!

Don't skip leg day - workout

A great way to work your pecs using your body weight only! 

Powerfull chest workout

Short workout that will tighten your gluteus muscles!

Quick booty shaper workout

Are you feeling like a superhuman? Try this workout then!!

Superhuman workout

Combination of bar exercises created for outdoor workout!

Street workout

It is important to stretch your muscles after any kind of workout!

Stretching routine
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Damjan Linic
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Animated fitness and combat

After years of self-defense training and teaching various groups of people, me and my team created idea of Animated fitness and combat. The idea is to combine 3D technology with fitness, self-defense, judo and MMA to create effective and simple learning videos for wide audience.

My team can offer you fitness, kettlebell and dumbell, selfdefense, judo, and MMA courses based on previous knowledge, seminars, competitions, adrenaline camps and years of teaching and tranining people.

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