Epic Travel Planning: Upgrade Your Life Through Traveling
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Epic Travel Planning: Upgrade Your Life Through Traveling

Learn how to plan an extended Travel Adventure which will upgrade your Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Lifestyle.
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
15 students enrolled
Created by Raleigh Latham
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Internalize shortcuts and strategies for meeting friends, romantic partners, travel partners, allies, and mentors while you travel.
  • Pinpoint extended travel destinations with the lowest cost and highest lifestyle advantage.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars by traveling. Find travel destinations with free tuition, low cost medical care, low cost of living, and access to international jobs.
  • Make money while traveling.
  • Plan an extended travel journey which will dramatically improve your standard of life. Improve your health, wealth, relationships, and potential through traveling.
  • Avoid travel traps and errors which could cost you thousands of dollars and months of your time.
  • Undertake once in a lifetime development experiences which will take you out of your comfort zone and help you develop your personality.
  • Reverse chronic stress and chronic illnesses by finding retreats and quality medical care.
  • Develop your professional skills by taking unique apprenticeships.
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Pause if this seems familiar… Do you feel like you’re stuck in a loop?

You get up, you work all day, you come home, watch TV, browse Facebook, crash, and repeat. Work is on your mind 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. ]

Eventually, this cycle leads to a few places…Chronic Stress, Depression, Burnout.

But, what if you could make a complete 180 degree shift in your life? What if you could put aside your pain and stress for a year or more, and fulfill your deepest dream in another country?

Maybe you want to spend months healing your body, or bike across continents, or volunteer with endangered species across the world.

The Epic Travel Planning Course is the ultimate step-by-step process

for planning an Extended-Travel Adventure which can

restore your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle.

This Course will help you make sure your adventure actually happens.

This course goes into the nitty gritty of every aspect of travel planning,

far beyond the realm of just "travel hacking"

Heres an example of what you'll learn to do:

- Create A Travel Goal, Cost of Living Estimate, and Savings Plan.

- Overcome Travel Fears and Pitfalls.

- MakeMoney, Save Money and Live like a Local.

- Travel Hacking for Transportation and Lodging.

- Restore Your Health through Travel.

- Find Friends and Romance while you Travel.

- Educations, Apprenticeships, and Internships Abroad.

- Personal Transformation Challenges and Volunteer Projects.

- Coming Home or Staying Abroad.

If you really go for it, an Extended Travel Adventure can help you save tens of thousands of dollars while you fulfill your dreams.

You might only get the opportunity for a real adventure once in your life.

If you take this Course, then you'll be able to make it count.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for People COMMITTED to going on an adventure which will push them outside their comfort zone.
  • This course is for ethical people who want to use their time, money and energy to make a positive impact on the world.
  • This course is for people who want to travel 6+ months at a time. It's not meant for 2 week vacationers.
  • This course is for people who are committed to taking a radical, life altering. journey.
  • This course is for people who are health conscious , environmentally conscious, and willing to experience the lifestyle of another culture.
  • This course is for people who value experiences over things.
  • This course is NOT for people who want to stick to guided tours and hotel rooms while they travel.
  • This course is NOT for people who are not willing to do the work of saving up and planning for their adventure.
  • This course is NOT meant for people unwilling to change their lifestyle as they travel.
  • This course is NOT for people who would disrespect the people and cultures they travel in.
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Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
Part 1: What Do I Want and Where Do I Go?
1 Lecture 12:46

Module 1- Deciding: What do I want and Where do I go?

  • The mistakes of meaningless travel.
  • Short travel vacations vs. extended, immersive travel.
  • Why an Extended Travel Journey can actually be life-altering.

The BIG Question:

What do what do you want to do most? Why do you want to travel?

  • Your guiding compass for your travel adventure.

Where Should I Go? Steps to picking the perfect adventure destination

Cost of Living-

  • First World vs. Third World Countries
  • Using Technology to create a cost of living estimate, ANYWHERE.
  • Finding travel destinations with the maximum standard of living, at the lowest cost.

Visa Requirements

  • Different Types of Visa: Working Holiday Vs. Temporary Travel Visas.
  • Visa Requirements by Continent and Country


  • Foreign or familiar?


  • Open, conservative, restrictive?


  • Stable, or in disarray?
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Part 2: Overcoming Travel Fears and Pitfalls. Saving Up and Preparing to Travel
2 Lectures 29:40

Lesson 2 Overcoming Your Biggest Travel Fears and Avoiding Travel Pitfalls

In this chapter, we will systematically dismantle the biggest fears which keep most people from traveling,

and show you how to avoid Travel Pitfalls which could cost you Tens of Thousands of Dollars and Months of your Time.

Travel Fears:

  • Traveling alone- adventure is worth a bit of discomfort. For women, often vulnerability is a big obstacle while traveling alone, for men, it’s often loneliness and awkwardness.
  • Leaving your job- what would you lose if you left, and what would you gain?
  • Not knowing the language- How long would it take to learn?
  • Running out of money- Making money while traveling and keeping an emergency fund
  • Safety- being in a Third World country is often WAY less dangerous than you think.

Travel Pitfalls:

  • Overspending on tourist traps- Commercial Adventures are costly and can drain your travel fun, though are worth it time occasionally.
  • Unforeseen costs and splurges- food, luxuries (hotel stays), bars, equipment breakdowns. Can be costlier to travel with someone you love.
  • City money-pits- Having the same spending habits you have at home might cut short your trip.
  • Staying at hotels and hostels vs. staying with PEOPLE
  • Not looking after your health while traveling- eating and fitness.
Overcoming Travel Fears and Pitfalls

This lesson will help you set up a system for saving up for your Extended Travel Adventure, and show you the essential steps for making a smooth transition into your Journey.

The Automatic Travel Savings Fund-

Put a percentage of your wages in an untouchable savings fund so you can forget about it. 10% 20% 30% 50% Depending on how much you make and how much you can live with, you can push up your travel date.

Preparing to Travel Long Term

  • (Cost of travel case study NZ (Raleigh) versus Mexico (Owen)
  • Leaving your job or working remotely
  • Storing your stuff
  • Essential Items
  • Mail forwarding options
  • Pets (long term pet sitting with friends and family versus traveling with pets) Options for both.
  • Talking with locals, getting a sense of costs
Lesson 3: Saving Up And Preparing For Your Journey
Part 3: The Money Saving Adventure
4 Lectures 47:05

This chapter is a big "HOW TO Chapter" it's all about travel and housing hacking.

This chapter will help you be able to make a smooth, cheap transition into long term

travel in a way which will save you thousands of dollars.

You'll learn how to:

  • Find cheap or free flights using miles hacking and secret travel listings.
  • Find free places to stay in the city and countryside.
  • Find cheap long term housing.
  • Find your perfect transportation method.


  • Flight Hacks- Getting there Cheap
  • Rail Travel (in Europe and Elsewhere)
  • Buying a Car (and selling it later) NZ case study
  • Traveling by Bike (and bus) Owen Case Study
  • Traveling by Motorcycle
  • Traveling by Boat (Yacht crewing and Cargo Ships)
  • Traveling by Bus, Carpool and Foot


  • Couchsurfing for short term city stays
  • Woofing in the countryside for rural experiences
  • Finding a local travel ally to stay with
  • Eco Villages
  • Hostels (for short term interim city stays)
  • Van Travel
  • Apartment rental
Affordable Transportation and Lodging Hacks

Extended Travel gives you the opportunity to fulfill your Academic goals, or professional training goals. Education is cheaper abroad, and learning while you adventure gives you an opportunity for a more immersive experience, be it a Masters Degree, an Apprenticeship, an Internship or a Workshop.

In this chapter we'll go into:

  • Finding Free or Low Cost Tuition
  • Taking Apprenticeships and Internships While You Travel
  • Low Cost Workshop Strategies
  • Benefits of Education while Traveling.

Learning While Traveling:

Local Classes -Language, customs, martial arts. Learn essential information and meet people along the way.
Workshops- Connect with people with similar interests while learning something you want.

You can volunteer at Workshops to attend for free and meet great people.

Apprenticeships- An extended learning experience that can help you build a

long term skill or learn a trade, while being immersed in a place
University Options- Free university in Germany, and in other places.

Work towards a degree back home.

Learning While Traveling

Often the biggest roadblock that keeps people from traveling is the idea that "I can't make a living while I travel" This chapter will end that notion and show you various ways you can earn a professional wage while you go on your extended travel adventure.

  • -Freelancing
  • -Finding a Job
  • -Passive Income Strategies
  • -Remote Working
  • -Gigs and Creative Work.
  • -Money Saving Strategies.

  • Freelance options- Upwork, Elance, Online work. Photography, Video, Marketing, Copywriting, Virtual Assistant. (It’s possible to have a U.S. salary in a Third World Country)
  • Remote Working- Work with your company back home. Finding a virtual assistant to help
  • Gigs and Jobs- Bartending, Weddings, Catering, Crewing. High pay, short term jobs to keep you traveling
  • Living Cheaply- Reducing expenses to essentials when you need to. Traveling with essentials.
  • Avoiding Money Leaks- Using no fee credit card, local banks and credit unions, and fee-free money transfer services like Paypal and Bitcoin (and others)
  • Local Jobs- Finding work in a foreign city.
Making Money While Traveling

This chapter will help you find ways to integrate yourself into local culture.

-Learn Local Languages

-Meeting Local Friends

-Taking Local Classes

Connecting with the unique culture of a place-
Going to Conferences, taking classes, volunteering, and taking workshops.

Find a unique local experience through local connections
Finding the secret places only locals know about.

Experiencing vs. Having
Having a native friend gives you access to true culture, and a way to experience true culture.

Nature Experiences

Backpacking and Nature Adventures, seeing local swimming holes, and hotsprings, finding nature retreats.

Living Like a Native
Part 4: Improving Your Health and Finding Love and Friendship While Traveling.
3 Lectures 48:17

Finding and Creating Solid Friendships is one of the most important aspects of going on an Extended Travel Adventure. I'll show you shortcuts to creating solid friendships that last while you travel.

Meeting Travel Friends

The Opportunity for Camaraderie

Conferences, Gatherings, Festivals and Classes are a great way to meet people with similar interest.

For example at a Permaculture conference you might meet other like minded ecological people who love to travel, or at a climbing class you can meet others into climbing. If you’re learning a language in a country you will likely run into foreign travelers doing the same.

Travel Allies

A TRAVEL ALLY is someone who you connect with deeply, often on a deep spiritual or world-view level. These people are often older couples that want to assist you and will lend a helping hand when you need it, sometimes offering you a place to stay for a week or more, and advice, and jobs.
You can often meet travel ally’s by helping them out at things like conferences, workshops, and on their property. Usually if you help them, they help you.

Deep Connections Vs. Shallow Connections

It’s all too easy to meet people while traveling, but you will likely not be able to expect the same level of connection and help compared to friends back home. Shallow connections are people you might meet a few times, or travel for a bit with, but not maintain the connections with, or be able to call favors on. Deep connections are usually stronger with romantic travel partners, or people you volunteer with for weeks and months.

Finding and Creating Solid Friendships

Romance, Sex and Love are often what we desire the most, and what we lack the most in our stressful daily lives. Your adventure gives you the opportunity to find the Romance you crave in your life.

Finding Love While Traveling


  • Tinder, Bumble and OKcupid. They are international and effective for quickly meeting up with people. How to use them effectively.
  • WhatsApp and other essential communication technologies.

Meeting Hotspots:

  • Conferences, Gatherings, Festivals and Classes are a great way to meet people with similar interest. For example at a Permaculture conference you might meet other like minded ecological people who love to travel, or at a climbing class you can meet others into climbing. If you’re learning a language in a country you will likely run into foreign travelers doing the same.
  • Travel Hotspots- Beaches, Hiking Spots, Hot Springs, Swimming Holes, Lakes. If you enjoy it, chances are you will meet people are are looking for the same activity.
  • Hostels- If you want to meet others who are likely traveling alone or in a small group, then a Hostel is a great place to meet people.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is a must if you want to find love while traveling. It can be much easier if you go out with friends to meet people, or do a challenge for yourself in which you force yourself to approach strangers and people you want to meet.
  • Personal Comfort Zone Challenges

Benefits and Tradeoffs of Traveling with Romantic Partners

  • The Benefits of traveling with someone you love usually FAR outweigh the drawbacks. Traveling as a couple usually gives you a vast amount of trust with people and older couples you stay with, and host will usually be much more hospitable towards you. You can have the romance you want in the most exotic places in the world and share in the amazing experience. It’s also often much safer, and far less lonely to travel with someone you love.
  • Drawbacks are also real though. Often time, partners differ in the standards of luxury they want. Sometimes one partner will want to stay in a hotel or hostel, while another wants to camp. You might have different diets, and desires for food. For myself, I had to leave my girlfriend in New Zealand to travel to Indonesia, and I didn’t get her back.
Romance, Sex and Love While Traveling.

A year of Travel is a precious, once in a lifetime opportunity to radically improve your health. You can reverse decades of chronic stress, chronic illnesses, and bad habits that have plagued you your whole life.


  • Medical Tourism- Traveling to other countries with cheaper healthcare can allow you to get surgeries and care that might not be possible back home. South America is a popular destination to get major surgeries, while places like New Zealand offer cheap checkup and urgent care.
  • De-stressing- One of the biggest benefits of traveling, bar none...is the ability to let go of stress compared to being back home. Transitioning from a busy, 9-7 work schedule to travel freedom gives you the time you need to focus on yourself, calm down, relax, and really decide where you want to go with your life. For me, traveling allows me to backpack in nature for weeks at a time without worrying if I will lose my job, or my friends. Traveling is a powerful way to reverse decades of stress.
  • Reversing Chronic Health Issues- Traveling gives you the opportunity to completely change your habits and your lifestyle. In that change you might notice you have health issues you’ve been ignoring...which you finally might be able to do something about. Traveling gives you the luxury if you want to take an extended time off, of weeks, if not months, to address a single health issue. Often times, you can Wwoof in Rural locations, or take internship programs on farms that will give you great food, and the time to heal. You can also stay and volunteer at nature retreats to give you that time. For me, I used my time on a farm to help reverse a chronic digestive issue.
  • Fitness Challenges- You can use your freedom of time the opposite way too, to push your body to it’s limits of fitness. Train for a marathon, train for a fight, become a good surfer, bike across a country. Use this once and a lifetime opportunity to see what your body can do at it’s peak.
  • Potential Challenges- You might eat like crap the first few weeks of traveling. It is also difficult to store the food you need when you are jumping around hostel to hostel or going into different cities. For myself, while traveling with a car in NZ, I kept a cooler with essential, storable foods like sauerkraut, cured meat, vegetables, non-perishables, and snacks. Use your long stays in the city to prepare food for longer journeys.
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Part 5: Self Transformation and Service: The Ultimate Purpose of Travel
3 Lectures 21:51

A Travel Adventure is a chance to reconnect with your Purpose.

What do you stand for? What inspires you? Travel can help you find the joy of service to others.

The Ultimate Purpose of Travel. Helping others and transforming yourself.

  • Helping others- Travel opens the gates to allowing you to to truly help out others, and to work on a world problem you want to solve.
  • Volunteering for a cause you care about- The freedom of time allows you to go where people need your help. There are volunteer programs across the world that always need helpers depending what your passionate on. For example, for myself, I was passionate about Permaculture and Orangutans, so I volunteered in Indonesia at the International Animal Rescue center in Ketapang, I woofed across New Zealand, and took a 3 month farm apprenticeship there as well.
  • Options for volunteering- pay for volunteering. You can also volunteer at workshops to get the ball rolling on connections to subjects you are passionate about. You will start to feel needed, start to feel significant.
  • Volunteer tourism- Volunteer services.
  • Volunteering to help a friends- You might meet a friend along the way that has a dream of their own that you can help with. You can use your time to help out this person make their dream a reality. In my case, I helped several friends produce films that helped their careers, and as a result, the bond is still strong between us.
  • Your dream- Never forget that you might have a dream of your own you want to accomplish. That might be finding love, Flying in the sky, becoming strong again, or finding something you love to work on. Take the time while traveling to test out things you love, and grab onto your dream. Travel gives you the opportunity to make a dream you have become real, and truly transform your life in the process of its pursuit.
  • Case study: Raleigh- Work with Orangutans, 30 day kickboxing challenge, learn Permaculture. Owen- Bike across South America.
Volunteering and Service

This chapter is a check up and a big reminder- Are you fulfilling your travel dreams?

Realizing Your Travel Dreams

A Travel Adventure can feel like it lasted a lifetime, because you experience so much, but eventually, it comes to an end. It is up to you to decide whether to return home, brining what you've learned with you, or continue on your journey.

Do I Stay or Do I Go?


Will always rear its head. You’ll miss friends, family, pets, and loved ones. Or, you might want to stay and adopt a place as your new homeland.


  • Extending your Visa
  • Work to Residency Programs
  • Work Visas (Finding a Job that will sponsor you)
  • Attending University- Finding a Student Visa that might lead to a Work to Residency Visa.
  • Marriage (an option if you’ve really felt like you’ve found the one while traveling

Going Home

  • Preparing - selling your stuff, buying a return ticket.
  • Scout out jobs back home months in advance so you can hit the ball rolling once you get home.
  • Adjusting to life- Immerse yourself in your friends and family, or take new classes to keep your transformation going. The worst thing you can do is to think that your journey meant nothing, when it really did. You can come home and be a better person as a result or your adventure.
Do I Stay or Do I Go?
Bonus Content Part 1: Epic Travel Case Studies
2 Lectures 12:51

In this bonus chapter, we'll look into the case studies of travelers who spend a year or more going on an Epic Travel Travel Adventure in their own.

From retireers and young professionals living in Thailand, to cross-continent cyclists in South America, these case studies will help you understand what to expect on your adventure in another country.

Each Case Study is unique, for each own you'll find out:

Cost of Living

Cultural Expectations

Job Opportunities

Visa Requirements

Personal Growth Stories.

Languages and Cultural Challenges

Preview 00:02

Bonus Content Part 2: Epic Travel Podcasts.
1 Lecture 00:03

The Epic Travel Podcast is a collection of stories and lessons from Extended Travel Experts from Around the World.

Listen in and learn about:

Travel Mile Hacking

Traveling the World with Your Family

Extended Travel by RV

Travel Adventure Stories

Creating a Passive Income Online Course to Travel the World

Creating a Startup while you Travel the World

Traveling to Break a World Record

Entrepreneurship and Traveling

Reversing Chronic Stress with Nature Therapy.

Epic Travel Podcasts.
About the Instructor
Raleigh Latham
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Travel Instructor, Online Course Creator, Terraformer in Training, Filmmaker

Hi there,

My name is Raleigh Latham.

I'm a filmmaker, online course creator, ecosystem regeneration fanatic, and 30-day challenge addict.

For the last 3 years, my travel experiences have been the defining moments which have changed my life and made me a better person. From New Zealand, to Indonesia, to Mexico, I've found that travel has open doors in my life that I never even knew existed.

Since I started traveling, I regained my hope in the world, found a new vocation, and started to actually live an exciting life.  There are a few opportunities we get in our lives to truly change the path of our life, and I hope the courses I create can help you find the opportunity to change your life for the better.

Currently, I live in Oakland, California, producing films and courses between traveling and creating products with regenerative businesses.