English Vocabulary. Learn 200 Toefl Words

English Vocabulary for TOEFL. Learn Vocabulary easily with comics
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English

Course Description

Do you have difficulty in memorising the new words?

You cannot make sure how you can pronounce English words correclty? Which English articles you want to read likewise Chineese when you start to read ? You have grammer knowledge but which words you didn’t know makes harder to understand that you read.

You want to pass Toefl exam with high score. And you afraid how will you pass?

Well, you’re in right place? You are not alone.

  • In the beginning every task looks hard and sometimes be impossible but there is one thing you should learn about learning. You can learn everything! If you work hard day by day. Any exam can not stand out in front of you!!
  • I can teach you hard english words with comic frames. For better study life and better working life
  • I chose to teach English, an easy and fun way.

In this course;

  • I prepared 20 HD videos and 20 Quizes thats include 200 Toefl words.
  • This course for which people want to improve english skills with out no stress.
  • For 200 memorable words with comic frames.

Take this class and unlock to English knowledge!

Best English vocabulary gives you access all English article. %90 of Internet contents include English language! Do you imagine in how much informations you will reach with better english vocabulary?

Click the button to enroll in this course now! Improve your English and improve your life!

What are the requirements?

  • Open mind
  • Intermediate English Reading and Listening Skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • to keep new words in mind easily
  • to pass Toefl exam simply
  • to use upper-intermediate English words in right place
  • to connect all the world with new English words for instance colleagues, academical teachers

Who is the target audience?

  • This course for who want to improve English skills
  • This course for who want to improve English vocabulary
  • This course for who want to pass Toefl and similar exams easily
  • This course for who want to have high degree for Toefl exams
  • This course for who want to have in difficulty while learning new words in English
  • This course for who want to use Englih language in business

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Buradan başlayın
Section 2: English Vocabulary 10/200

in this lecture we will learn ten teofle word from affinity to voluminous. There are 10 teofl words each lecture.

14 questions

Lets make those first 10 words memorable

Section 3: English Vocabulary 20/200

main need to pass toefl exam is have a great english vocabulary. in this lecture we will learn another 10 toefl words to brusque from voracious. Good luck

Quiz 2
10 questions
Section 4: English Vocabulary 30/200

We will learn 10 more words in this lecture.

Which Toefl Words will we focus on is

  1. Coalesce
  2. Decadence
  3. Exemplary
  4. Exuberance
  5. Incidental
  6. Insolvent
  7. Parsimonious
  8. Prodigal
  9. Surreptitious
  10. Writhe
Quiz 3
10 questions
Section 5: English Vocabulary 40/200

We are going well. We already learned 30 words in those pass lecture. Now time to step forward. no pain no gain.

in this lecture we will learn another 10 Vocabulary Words. You can find the list of words bellow

  1. Brevity
  2. Clemency
  3. Frivolous
  4. Heist
  5. Lampoon
  6. Querulous
  7. Reproach
  8. Respite
  9. Torpor
  10. Unscathed
Quiz 4
10 questions
Section 6: English Vocabulary 50/200

You are doing well. After this lecture. you will be learn 50 Toefl words. which words we will learn in this lecture is here.

  1. Copious
  2. Dearth
  3. eloquent
  4. Jargon
  5. Levity
  6. Meander
  7. Peripheral
  8. Substantite
  9. Unobtrusive
  10. Vacillate

good luck. And keep focus your goal!

10 questions

Section 7: English Vocabulary 60/200

How's going students! Learning Toefle Vocabulary have never been easy before this havent it!

Remember, you should use all those words make them memorable. Dont be shame to use new wold you learned.

Here we are and this lesson we are going to learn another 10 toefl words.

you can find bellow the list of words you will learn.

  1. Appall
  2. Cognizant
  3. Commiserate
  4. Expedient
  5. Hindrance
  6. Kindle
  7. Lavish
  8. Ludicrous
  9. Obtuse
  10. Opaque

Good luck.

Quiz 6
10 questions
Section 8: English Vocabulary 70/200

in this lecture we will focus another 10 Toefl Vocabulary Words. This course created for helping you in toefl exam. And other wise improve your english. here are the list of ten words.

  1. Paucity
  2. recapitulate
  3. accolade
  4. assuage
  5. cacophony
  6. censure
  7. diatribe
  8. edifice
  9. gravity
  10. infraction
Quiz 7
10 questions
Section 9: English Vocabulary 80/200

We will learn 10 more toefl words in thise lecture.

from profane to rescind.

Good luck

Quiz 8
10 questions
Section 10: English Vocabulary 90/200

Learning Language is a long way. You should be happy all step. If you can explain yourself like Barney Stinson. Don't be unhappy for you cannot write like Hemingway. Be glad with your own that makes you forward.

We learned 80 high-level TOEFL words until now. and this lesson we will be know 10 more TOEFL words. from stagnant to uniform.

Quiz 9
10 questions
Section 11: English Vocabulary 100/200

After this lecture, we have 100 TOEFL Words. That is amazing. Welcome to 100 TOEFL words Club.

This course include 10 high-level TOEFL words. Full list bellow.

  1. blasphemy
  2. enmity
  3. erroneous
  4. garner
  5. heretic
  6. incite
  7. languish
  8. peruse
  9. recluse
  10. renounce
Quiz 10
10 questions
Section 12: English Vocabulary 110/200

we are on the second part of this journey. The second part might be hard. You already know 100 new TOEFL words. Before take next 100, take a deep brief and make sure you learned last 100 words.

you feel ready here are the full list we will focus on this lecture

  1. indelible
  2. duty
  3. messy
  4. mend
  5. heal
  6. demise
  7. depleted
  8. neat
  9. ruminate
  10. shrink
Quiz 11
6 questions
Section 13: English Vocabulary 120/200

Hello everyone, in this case, we will learn another 10 TOEFL words. Passing to TOEFL exam become easier day by day.

This lecture includes 10 words from Footstool to Resemble.

Quiz 12
5 questions
Section 14: English Vocabulary 130/200

you are getting stronger. Times news article does not look like a Chinese article anymore, you can read and understand.

Here we are learn another 10 TOEFL words, with funny comic scripts.

Full list bellow.

  1. Wise
  2. deceive
  3. impart
  4. flunk
  5. vanish
  6. knob
  7. fright
  8. roll out
  9. shiv
  10. catering

Quiz 13
5 questions
Section 15: English Vocabulary 140/200

in this lecture we will focus on another 10 words.

Full List Bellow

  1. seizing
  2. stem cell
  3. trite
  4. embrace
  5. remain
  6. inmate
  7. lame
  8. slight
  9. among
  10. ease
Quiz 14
5 questions
Section 16: English Vocabulary 150/200

for a better career, you should handle advise English Degre, these days proof of advice English TOEFL. And one of the coolest thing about TOEFL it's not a rocket science its can be handled with working. And this course we try to create, enjoy the learning experience.

I hope we achieve this.

Full article of this lesson words.

  1. snub
  2. chimera
  3. cease
  4. swath
  5. ruse
  6. donor
  7. snore
  8. muck
  9. hold dear
  10. rehearse
Quiz 15
5 questions
Section 17: English Vocabulary 160/200

in this lecture, we will learn another 10 words.

full list bellow

  1. swamp
  2. poultry
  3. stark
  4. stage
  5. sage
  6. stripes
  7. hatch
  8. fast
  9. dye
  10. grief
Quiz 16
6 questions
Section 18: English Vocabulary 170/200

learn to keep going to learn another TOEFL words.

  1. smear
  2. breed
  3. decay
  4. leery
  5. dimple
  6. blast
  7. pledge
  8. deed
  9. rot
  10. mole
Quiz 17
7 questions
Section 19: English Vocabulary 180/200

in this lecture, we are going to learn another 10 words.

  1. groan
  2. blister
  3. wart
  4. callus
  5. burden
  6. loaf
  7. shrink
  8. harsh
  9. rash
  10. overwhelming
Quiz 18
6 questions
Section 20: English Vocabulary 190/200
  1. crotch
  2. blade
  3. seam
  4. upsetting
  5. screech
  6. edge
  7. wedge
  8. hedge
  9. lease
  10. worthy

here we are to learn next 10 words before the last. Good luck guys.

Quiz 19
6 questions
Section 21: English Vocabulary 200 /200

its The last lecture we will learn, you can always back to class and take all lecture again. You have life time access anyway. I am to happy you can stand all monster words and be here.

I hope it was helpfull for you. Enjoy your last class.

Full list of words.

  1. rekindle
  2. sovereignty
  3. burst
  4. slaughter
  5. gorgeous
  6. stretch
  7. spree
  8. bout
  9. captivity
  10. spotter.

Quiz 20
7 questions
Section 22: Last Words
Thank You

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Instructor Biography

Sermin İletir, Mathematical Statistician


I am 26 years old. I graduated from Yıldız Technical University, my major department is statistics. I do love to share my own knowledges with the others. I am taking charge about social media literacy’s trainer to high school students as a volunteer.

My career obtain is a meaningful and challenging position that enables me to adapt my knowledge and experience to create added value and to learn more about marketing and brand fields (which also suits my master education fields) at a multi-cultural setting, form a network of people who are experts in my field, and to be exposed to the inner workings of the company. Now, I am working at a multiple company as assistant buyer.

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