Emotional Abuse - Understanding what it is
4.5 (90 ratings)
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2,098 students enrolled
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Emotional Abuse - Understanding what it is

Understand what Emotional Abuse is, how it's formed, who it affects, what forms it takes and how you CAN escape it.
4.5 (90 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,098 students enrolled
Created by Will Perry
Last updated 10/2016
Price: Free
  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Recognise Emotional Abuse
  • List a few different types of Emotional Abuse
  • Know the patterns to monitor in order to confirm Abuse
  • Identify the environmental factors that leads to Abuse
  • Explain the two roles in all Abusive relationships
  • Realise the role the Victim plays in perpetuating Abuse
  • See that an Abusers love is not real
  • Know the next steps in order to have me help you move forward with your situation
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  • This Programme lays the foundation for your understanding about Emotional Abuse, it can stand alone of you can choose to go into much more detail on HOW to change your situation for GOOD in the follow-on Programme to this FREE Introduction Programme
  • You don't need any specific level of understanding or even MONEY for this Programme, just the facility to be able ENROL and watch it in your own time
  • This Programme has been organised into bite-sized chunks do you can take it at your pace and re-cover ground again, whenever you want - you're in control!

In this FREE Programme Will Perry covers the subject of Emotional Abuse from what it is, how it starts, what it looks, sounds and feels like to what you might need to do in order to overcome it.  This Programme is open to anyone, young or old, people who have suffered abuse or people who simply want to understand more about it.  The main focus of the subject is within adult relationships, yet young people will benefit a greater understanding of emotional abuse from this Programme too.

The Programme is created in small sections that you can re-cover at any time and you can take the Programme at your own pace, you can take it in all in one go or in sections - so you are in control.  

This Programme is the Foundation a second, more comprehensive Programme, which follows this one that is designed to help you on your journey of building your self-esteem so that you never experience Emotional Abuse again.  How long that journey takes you is completely up to you and as part of this Programme Will has set-up a secret FaceBook support group, should you like to be part of that too.  This Programme will help you to build your self-esteem in a way you have never been shown, meaning that you get to learn HOW to take control of your mind and create the reality and future, you desire...regardless of weather you think it currently possible or that indeed you deserve it.  Will shows you how to change your Mindset so YOU take control of YOU for the first time.

The second Programme is optional and chargeable, designed for those wanting to move forward and away from abuse, yet this FREE Programme is open to anyone and will help you SEE the patterns you might be experiencing, and as Will says "once you've seen the patterns, you can't not see them."  And this is the wonderful starting point for you on your journey to freedom.

Who is the target audience?
  • This FREE Programme is aimed at people over 18 who are in a partner relationship where they feel there is something 'not quite right' and are curious to find out more about Emotional Abuse
  • This Programme is an overview to what can be a very complex situation, yet if you are knowledgable about abuse, then this short Programme can be very confirming about YOUR situation
  • If you are under 18, this FREE Programme can be very useful to you in understanding this complex subject, yet I have aimed the Programme at adults as there are different options available to them in dealing with Abuse.
  • If you already know you are in an Abusive relationship and know that you want help in progressing your situation, this is a great introduction to the development Programme I have developed specifically yo give you the tools and techniques to move your life FORWARD
  • If you already KNOW you want to take my development programme specifically designed to help you move forward, then this FREE Programme is the best starting point
  • If you have never experienced Emotional Abuse but want to understand what it is, then this short and FREE Programme is for you
  • If you have ever been physically or sexually abused, then Emotional Abuse HAS been present in your life, please watch this short and FREE Programme to understand an aspect of your situation that might be hidden to you
  • This Programme gives you awareness, which in itself can change your life, however please do not expect this Programme to change your life, YET know that there is a follow-on Programme to this where I give you the tools and techniques to take control of your life
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
Your Journey
3 Lectures 19:36

An introduction to Will Perry, his background and how this Programme is structured


Will shares the story of his early environment and how he discovered Emotional Abuse

My Story

Will gives an overview of the diversity of early environments and subsequent experiences that can lead to you experiencing Emotional Abuse in your current situation

Do You Suffer From Low Self-Esteem?

This is Key to this Programme and Will now has the Self-Esteem Score questionnaire available on-line, it's really quick to do and will help you identify the level of your self-esteem, which Will can talk you through.  Here's the link:


Many thanks


Your story
What is Emotional Abuse
4 Lectures 26:44

Will gives a broad understanding of what Emotional Abuse is, where it would be evident and who it would be evident to

An overview of Emotional Abuse

Will describes the role of the Abuser, what they are motivated by and why they need to control their Victim

The Power, Control and Manipulation of Abuse

Will describes how Emotional Abuse precedes and exists in ALL Physical and Sexual Abuse cases

Physical Abuse and/or Sexual Abuse

On the Spectrum of Mental Illness, Emotional Abuse is in the grey-scale - Will explains why. 

The grey-scale of Mental Illness
Some types of Emotional Abuse
8 Lectures 39:44

Will introduces this section on some classic and different forms of Emotional Abuse, starting with Minimising

Some recognised types of Emotional Abuse: Minimising

Manipulating through withholding information or refraining from an action


Manipulating through use of aggression over another


Manipulating by isolating from friends and family 


Manipulating by use of jealousy to control another


Manipulating through the use of fear


Manipulating through confusion 


Manipulating through the approach of domination

Noticing the Patterns of Emotional Abuse
3 Lectures 17:40

All patterns are different,  you need to notice the pattern you are locked into

Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow...

A CLASSIC expression within Emotional Abuse

Walking on Eggshells...

As the Abuse normalises so the Abuse must INCREASE to have an effect

Things can only get...better....
You as the VICTIM
3 Lectures 11:11

There are three outcomes for Children brought up in an Emotionally Abusive environment - which one are YOU?

Three possible outcomes from your childhood environment...

Time to get realistic about how YOU are the perpetrator of your situation

The uncomfortable truth

It' GOOD NEWS...you're in control of YOU!!!

Only YOU can Change
An Abusers love is NOT real
2 Lectures 10:31

Given the Emotional Immaturity of the Abuser, they simply cannot experience the same level of emotion

The Immaturity of the Abuser's love

They do not have the capacity for self-reflection...BLAME will be RIFE

Their reality is very different
Changing your VICTIM mentality Going Forward
5 Lectures 21:56

It's normal to experience a range of emotions when facing change

The stages of change

Once you've seen the patterns of Abuse, you can't not see them...you'll be ready when you're ready

The tipping point - making your decision now

You will make your decision to move forward based on either your head (balance of information) or your Heart - what more information do you need?  Things worth considering:

  1. The consequence of Leaving and not Leaving
  2. Your Safety
  3. If you have Kids - what's the impact on them of staying or leaving
  4. The likelihood that this will happen again if you don't change your Mindset
  5. That you will likely get lots of emotional blackmail to keep you IN the relationship
When you're ready to move forward...

Will walks through the NEXT Programme, which helps you to raise your Self-Esteem, taking you forward and AWAY from ABUSE 

The Overview to the Next Programme

Will closes the Programme, providing the link to the Follow-On Programme for those wishing to move FORWARD with their issue.

Thank you and I wish you every Happiness
About the Instructor
Will Perry
4.6 Average rating
119 Reviews
2,198 Students
3 Courses
Self-Esteem Coach

Will Perry has over 15 years experience in the field of personal and professional development.  He was Head of Action Learning at the BBC, where he was also an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer.  Will is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which informs much of Will's work where he specialises in raising people's Self-Esteem.

Will has been helping people raise their self-esteem to overcome Emotional Abuse for over 7 years, helping to change the future of countless people.  Will also has an established YouTube channel through which he helps raise awareness of Emotional Abuse.

His passion for quick and lasting change are matched by his humour, believing that you learn best when you're smiling!