Embody Your Voice: The Yoga of Sound
4.8 (23 ratings)
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Embody Your Voice: The Yoga of Sound

Clear Energetic Stagnation and Open Your Creative Channel of Expression Through Self Sound Healing and Ancient Nada Yoga
Best Seller
4.8 (23 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
244 students enrolled
Created by Destiny Love
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use your voice as a tool for self-healing, and to clear stagnant energy in your system.
  • Express your creativity from your fully embodied voice.
  • Use sounds to clear energetic and physical "blocks" within your body, mind, emotional, and energetics bodies.
  • Discover the hidden gifts within your expressive challenges and traumas.
  • Use your breath as a tool for grounding, calming, and supporting expression
  • Include Nada Yoga and Primal Sounding as a part of your healing practice
  • Stay connected with classmates and teacher, Destiny Love, through Facebook Secret Group portal.
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  • This course will address your physical voice, and the deeper energetic layers of the voice. This is a course for healing the energetic layers of voice and re-establishing healthy and vital self-expression.
  • A basic understanding of yoga and yoga energetics is helpful, but not required, as we will address basics in the course.
  • This course includes lectures that require making sounds; during these lectures, its helpful to find a space that you feel comfortable making primal sounds and nada yoga vocal toning.

Ultimately, this is a Life Mastery Course, where you will be gaining the practical skills of utilizing the powers within your body and VOICE to open your channel of creative expression. This course is also a Vocal Embodiment course for Speakers, Singers, Writers, and especially, for those who wish to fully activate Your Voice in the World. 

I am frequently told by my new and potential clients, "I have no voice." And to that statement, I agree otherwise. Our human systems are designed to express, to emote, to sing, to wail. In the way of healthy energetics, your voice serves as a tool for purifying the rest of your system; your physical body, emotional body, energetic body, mental body, and spiritual body will benefit from this course. In this course, I will share with you how to utilize your voice as an awesome and powerful tool of purification, as well as for life activation-- to awaken your authentic voice within your life and within the world. 

Learn the energetics and power within your voice, and access your fully embodied state, your full potential, through simple practices. In this course, you will learn to embody the deep, profound wisdom that is ready to move through you, and in this, purification will happen naturally, as your own Truth becomes crystal clear, you will rise to meet that Truth. 

This course is based off of the teachings of My Embodied Voice, and is rooted in the ancient teachings of Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), Shamanic wisdom, and energetic internal awareness. You need not have any prior yogic experience for this course-- as you will be learning about your chakra system, your energy body, and how to clear stagnation from your creative channel, so that life and creativity can more easily flow through your words. 

In this course, you will work with your physical voice, but what makes the work of My Embodied Voice different than any other vocal techniques (that I am aware of), is that you will also work on the energetic layers of your voice, and together, we will get to the root of why your voice hasn't been working the way you might wish it to function. By getting to that root, which may be nervousness, self-judgement, lack of organization or energy, anxiety, "what are they gonna think of me", "what if I’m not perfect", "what if its not authentic", "what if I mess up", "what about my first impression", "what if someone steals my brilliant idea"—this list, really, could go on and on— but by getting to the root of your inner critic, you can unwind a great deal of stagnant, potential creative energy, thus creating a massive opening for your fully embodied creative expression to shine, all the while, your channel of creativity is now flowing steadily. From this state, you can receive yourself. We can only give (to others) authentically if we are first receiving of our own precious gifts. You will learn to do this here. From this work, you will begin to live a balanced life. 

This course is best integrated over a week's time, or even a month, if you'd really like to stretch it out. You may choose to take the course, and repeat it again and again to really let it steep into your life. 

Suggested Course Materials: 

A notebook (yellow pad, notebook, or journal), a pen, 

Optional: a voice recording device (a smart phone has this feature, and so do most computers), a video recording device (a smart phone has this feature, as do many computers, and a webcam will do just fine), plus a printer to print PDFs from the Guidebook. 

This course contains audio and video lectures, a guided Embodied Breath meditation, a guided Sivasana meditation, sound healing transmissions and directions to Self Sound Heal, and homework PDFs from the My Embodied Voice Guidebook.

**Optional addition: I offer participants a discounted private integrative session with me, via Skype or phone, upon completion of the course (1/2 rate, contact me for details) 

Who is the target audience?
  • "Embody Your Voice" is designed for aspiring singers, professional singers, and people who think they cannot sing.
  • "Embody Your Voice" is a great addition to many healing practices, massages therapists, yoga instructors
  • This course is an effective approach for clearing stagnant energy in the tissues of the body, thus it is also effective for those in pain, to help to relieve pain through Primal sounding practices, "self-sound-healing."
  • Yoga teachers and practitioners! This course is a great addition to any yoga class-- as it includes traditional Nada Yoga teachings.
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
Foundational Practices
7 Lectures 16:57

The foundation of this work is embodiment. Without embodiment, creativity and expression cannot flow. In this sections, you will attune your awareness and practice embodying your entire body, and then you will connect your body awareness with your authentic vocal expression. This merging of body and sound is the root and foundation of this work.

Preview 00:54

This lecture includes multiple videos which will teach you basic Embodied Voice integration exercises, to begin waking up your dormant energy, which includes: 

  • lip buzzing
  • tongue articulation
  • shake and “ah”
  • energetic dredging
  • yawning

I've also included two external sourced videos with these practices in greater detail. One is specifically for speaking, either live, voiceover, and/or on camera. 

Pleasure and Embodiment Foundational Exercises

This is a simple movement practice for waking up our natural qualities of:

  1. Sensuality
  2. Playfulness
  3. Fluidity
  4. Connection
Fluidity as Foundation: Ocean Dance

Energetic Clearing through a YAWN

As well as being a Vocal Embodiment specialist, I am also an experienced yoga teacher (ERYT). Having now taught over 2,000 classes, I have deep gratitude for the wisdom teachings of yoga, and especially for the teachings of yogic breath, or “Pranayama.” Your breath is your foundation, its the support of your voice on the physical level, and it also is the key to embodiment, fluidity, and ease in your body. In this lecture, I will teach you how to use your breath as the powerful tool that it is. In Sanskrit, the ancient yogic language from India, Breath is called “Prana”, which literally means Life Force Energy

This lecture includes an audio series specifically designed for teaching the Embodied Breath Technique. 

Embodied Breath Technique Instructions

Embodied Breath Technique PRACTICE

Clearing your Creative Block
Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound): Awaken the Power Within Your Voice
2 Lectures 16:16
Understanding Your Chakra Centers

Nada Yoga: Introduction and Practice
Healing Trauma through Primal Sounds
4 Lectures 16:07

In the following exercise, Primal Sounding, you will be awakening stagnant energy in your body, through the expression of basic primal sounds— your voice will vibrate into the deep layers of tissue in your body. 

As you enter into the deeper layers of tissue, memories and emotion detached from any story can arise. 

As this subconscious unwinding takes place, energy is freed up in your body and mind, and it can then be utilized in your creative expression. 

This exercise is particularly helpful when feeling depression, anxiety, overwhelm, pain in your body, headaches, anger, resentment, and also helpful in general, when life is flowing smooth and sweet, this practice is helpful because your capacity to hold your subconscious process can be strengthened from being in a stable place already. 

 So with that, allow yourself a space and a time where you have a bit of privacy, fifteen to 30 minutes or so, so you can really dive deeply into yourself and retrieve energy that meant to be working for you, not against you. 

Setting a Safe Healing Container

Remember this: In this work, we will also be making primal pleasure sounds. Its very good to watch what arises for you. Embarrassment? Shame? Pleasure? Deep Pain? Pain in your body? If pain arises in your body during these practices, stay with the sound that triggered the pain. Allow any emotion that arises to flow freely, if its tears, allow yourself to sob, if it's yelling, allow yourself to really yell, if it joy, allow yourself to ride the wave of hilarity or ecstatic pleasure. 

Be gentle with where you are. Cherish your process. For most of us, it's been DECADES of contraction. Let it unwind slowly. 

Primal Voice: Self Sound Healing

This video can also be used as a SOUND HEALING session, if you aren't quite ready to make the sounds, you can simply receive them. These are the primary sounds that I use in my private self-sound healing practice to help my clients release stagnation in their bodies, minds, and energy bodies. What has happened behind those closed doors is pretty profound, miraculous even. And then to witness the results of this unraveled energy then working for them, not against them, is pretty amazing. 

So trust the process, even if it feels weird or too much, just go with it, do it for yourself, for your voice, for the voice that's really wanting to express itself through you. 

Practicing the Primal Sounds

What Arises for You?
Getting Your Voice INTO Your Body
6 Lectures 12:38

Internal Awareness 101: The Antidote to Nervousness and Anxiety-- find the root of your emotions within your body, and learn to give them a voice. You'll also learn how to not take your emotional body's experiences so personally, but instead, how to create space around your emotional experience (around self-expression) and how to harness the gifts that are stored within your body's wisdom. 

Internal Awareness 101: The Antidote to Nervousness and Anxiety

In Yogic Philosophy and in my own personal experience, the body is a channel for life to move through. The same goes for your Voice. In your fullest human potential, your voice is the channel of expression for the life force that moves through your Central Channel, called the Shushumna Nadi in Sanskrit. If there is a block within your central channel (in one or more of your chakra centers), then your voice will, inevitably, express the blocked energy. When our systems can open up as the Life Channels that they are, then life and creativity can move through unobstructed. We must remember our HUGENESS. In order for this method to work, you must be willing to examine WHAT you are, especially in relation to the Whole of Life. 

You are a Channel: It's Not Personal.

As you tune into your authentic FREE FLOW, these qualities (of an Embodied Voice) are good to keep in mind... Uninhibited, Clear, Fluid, Articulate, Authentic, Sensual, Playful. 

Self-Sound Healing-- Non-Linguistic Singing

Non-Linguistic Singing/ Self-Sound Healing: In the following lecture, I will demonstrate how to self sound heal-- to use non-linguistic singing to bring spaciousness and clarity  into your system. As you begin to practice, tune into any part of your physical body that feel contracted or in pain. Then allow any sound to move through your body, out of your mouth. Invite your central channel to open and allow sound to pour through you. Lyrics may come, or nonlinguistic singing, let anything happen, and simply watch and allow your sounds with curiosity. 

Use a rattle, a drum, a can of beans, or equivalent rhythm maker to accompany your sounds. 

Optional: RECORD Yourself... audio or video. Watch or Listen and receive your transmission doubly. 

Self Sound Healing Demonstation

Free-flow Spirit Song

Explore your voice through writing. 

Writing as a Gateway to VOICE
Your Voice in the World
7 Lectures 14:58

We will begin this section with a lesson from the Guidebook. You will explore what's stopping you? What's your biggest challenge in regards to expressing your Truth in the World? (You can also bring this closer to home-- what's your biggest challenge in regards to expressing your voice, in general) 

Homework: What's Stopping You?

Here, I share my four Tools for Authentic expression through video (recording yourself talking).

Homework: Watch this lecture, and then create a video of yourself speaking. Practice the four tools. You can speak about anything that you are INTENTIONAL about SHARING. If you cannot think of anything, talk about what brings you joy, or... oh yes! Why did you take this course?? This is a great prompt, because the intention is woven in. 

Post your video on our online interactive support portal facebook.com/group/embodyvoice

Recording (and sharing) Your Unique Expression

In this lecture, you will learn how to work with your inner critic, to not take it personally, and how to redirect that "critical" energy into something helpful and positive-- you will also learn how do this internal magic trick with external critics.

Overpower Your Inner Critic

Homework: Get to Know The Voice of Your Inner Critic

Not Everyone Has to Love You

When Insecurity Arises (Because It Will )

How to "harness the floodgate"-- when your creative channel opens, that energy can be HUGE-- this section is a means for organizing your creative flow into something manageable that translates well to other people. 

When The Floodgate Opens
Integrating the Energy
2 Lectures 09:24
When I'm Just TOO TIRED... HOW to Cultivate Energy

Sivasana, death pose or corpse pose, is an ancient yogic practice for deep integration, and to help the body viscerally remember its natural state, Connection. I suggest that you practice this everyday for 3-10 minutes. The effects are heightened if practiced directly on the Earth (if you are comfortable, of course). In Sivasana, the intention is to soften and relax as deeply as possible, all the while maintaining internal awareness throughout the whole of your unified body. On the energetic level, when you can allow your body to soften into the ground, your system can open to receive, to unwind further, and to integrate energy. Sivasana is wonderful after a Nada Yoga or Primal Sounding Session.

Guided Practice: Sivasana Meditation
About the Instructor
Destiny Love
4.8 Average rating
23 Reviews
249 Students
2 Courses
Founder of "My Embodied Voice", Sound Healer, and Life Coach

Destiny Love, founder of My Embodied Voice, feels incredibly grateful to have discovered her life path. She has joyfully guided over 7,000 people on the path of embodiment; through yoga facilitation, intentional cacao ceremony, embodied vocal opening, and embodied life-path discovery. Having taught over 2,00 yoga classes over the course of nine years, she has experienced the true results of yogaa visceral remembrance of the human body as a direct channel which Source creates through. This transmission is what she is offering you. Her time is also devoted to the embodied arts as a shamanic sound healer, a sacred songwriter and performer, a writer, and a ceremonial cacao priestess. She is gifted at holding safe, loving, and clear space. Her background is in yogic studies, energy medicine, voice studies, and musical theatre; a powerful combination of modalities from which her work is influenced. She has facilitated thousands of group healing sessions, retreats, and workshops. For more information about My Embodied Voice, upcoming retreats, private one-on-one sessions, or about Destiny, please contact her directly by visiting her website. *If you are a registered Udemy student of hers, be sure to mention for half off your first private Skype session.