Email Marketing Blueprint: Strategies for All Levels
4.3 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,261 students enrolled
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Email Marketing Blueprint: Strategies for All Levels

Get from newbie to sought-after marketing strategist in 7 lessons: the most actionnable blueprint you'll ever find
4.3 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,261 students enrolled
Created by Robin Hanna
Last updated 1/2016
Price: Free
  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 5 Articles
  • 11 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Write sales texts that will make potential buyers throw money at them
  • Construct elaborate email sequences that will sell any given product on autopilot
  • Use 5 advanced psychological strategies to great peaks in sales EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • Multiply the revenue of any business
  • Construct an automated sales system that will deliver cash on a constant basis
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  • How to write (this course is about selling using the written word)

Have you ever wondered how you could get people who are just kind of interested in your business to throw money at you?

Do you struggle with getting people to talk about your business to their friends, to buy from you again or even to leave cool testimonials?

Are you considering building a product but are afraid that nobody is gonna buy it once it is out there?

Did you ever wonder if it’s even possible to make money by sending out emails, since everybody seems to complain about emails send by Amazon, eBay and other companies?

Or Are you downright CONVINCED that sending newsletters and emails to your clients is a waste of time/down-right annoying that have no ROI whatsoever?

If you’ve answered « Well… yeah » to ANY of the questions above, this new course will wipe you of your feet.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to increase your bottom-line on the spot, get customers to purchase from you over and over again, make people who are kind of interested in your product become raving fans…

then this course was created especially for you.

My Name is Robin Hanna and I’m a marketing strategist and growth-hacker… and creator of one of the biggest and most reviewed Marketing courses on Udemy (UPDATE: Best-seller in digital marketing since November 2015).

I’ve consulted with a ton of entrepreneurs, and increased the bottom-lines of every kind of business that you could imagine, ranging from fashion startups to hospitals.

Some changes I made are specific to each one of them, but one amazingly lucrative area is ALWAYS overlooked.

And today, I want to teach you EVERYTHING I know about this much-ignored area.

The things you’re gonna learn are the most powerful and easy changes you could make to your marketing/sales approach.

I’m talking about… drummroll… EMAIL MARKETING.


I’m sure that your brain directly jumped to the annoying sales email you’ve received (and deleted) this morning when you read the words « email-marketing ».

That’s not what I’m talking about.

See, GOOD email-marketing exist. And it’s NOT about spamming your customers with emails announcing deals.

Here’s what I’ve achieved lately - just by sending out emails:

I made 14 000$ from 900 stone-cold subscribers who had never interacted with my client before… selling high-end leather shoes, in 7 days (well, 6 actually, the last day I watched the cash roll in).

I wrote multiple emails that sold everywhere from 3000 - 9000$ worth of products in

It’s about delivering value and making people crave and drool over your product.

It’s about making people see you as a friend.

It’s about making them cheer up every time they see your name in their inboxes.

Without further ado, let me give you a fast preview of what you’re going to learn in this course:

- I’ll teach you how to write home-run sales copy. Yes, you heard me right. Before hitting send, you need somme kickass email copy. And guess what: not any email copy will convert your reader into a raving, money-throwing fan. At the end of this section, you’ll be a master at forcing people to take action just by using words! (this is a section that’s also included in my best-selling, 5-star course)

- I’ll show you EXACTLY the emails I send out to make 14 000k in 7 days. Even better: I’ll explain you WHY I wrote what I wrote so it’s kind of a plug-n’play sort of thing. After this section, you’ll be able to make money on auto-pilot using emails to sell anything you want (for real, I sold weird looking leather shoes using email. You can use this to sell ANYTHING)

- After this, I’ll teach you 5 ultra-advanced strategies you’ll encounter IN NO OTHER COURSE ABOUT MARKETING. These will literally force your email-subscribers into buying your product (Please, use this ethically). It took me 4 years of intensive studying and experimenting to discover them. These will transform your business in a way you couldn't even imagine. (Hint: Apple has used ONLY ONE of these to make the iPhone 6 a best-seller, and you haven’t even noticed)

- I’ll analyze the email-marketing of 3 big&awesome companies in deep details (Hint: Airbnb is one of them). And I’ll destroy it in front of you, just so you understand once and for all what real, hyper-lucrative email-marketing is. After this section, you’ll be able to become a high-end marketing consultant and earn at least 3-figures/hour.

- I’ll give you a bag of tricks, short but highly-advanced techniques that you can implement in LESS than a few hours in order to boost ALL your conversion rates (want more e-mail subscribers? DONE. A flood of new customers? DONE. More twitter followers? DONE. I think you got it.). This is instantly valuable stuff.

Oh, and I’ll also teach you how to build multiple cool products in little to no time in order to sell more and to increase your prices. For real, it often doesn’t take more than one day to crank out an additional product you can add to your existing one and sell for a much higher price.

And much, much more…. but you’ll see for yourself, there are some additional surprises in there that will make you cheer up, I promise!

To sum up, this course is the best thing you’ve encountered about email-marketing (and frankly, it's the best thing you'll encounter in a long time).

If you implement just 10% of what I’m teaching you, you’ll be able to make the price of this course back in a few weeks.

I took great care of designing the course in a way in which even a your 8-year-old nephew could take it and become a email-marketing specialist just by watching it and by taking the 4 assignments I’ve created to make sure that you progress in an epic way.

Seems good enough?

And also a little to good to be true?

Well, then you’ll certainly enjoy knowing that you got a 30 day no questions-asked money back guarantee. That means that you can watch the course, learn everything there is to learn… and get your money-back if you’re not satisfied with the content.

No hard feelings.

In fact, if you aren’t completely happy, I’ll MAKE you get your money-back.

You heard me right: I only want top-notch, excited and hustling student s in my course.

Just send one little email to Udemy, and…. That’s it. They’ll send you a full-refund.

It takes 2 minutes top.

There is no-risk whatsoever if you’re just a little curious and want to try this course out.

So… to sum up:

Worst case scenario: you get my course and absolutely HATE it… and get your money back.

Best case scenario: you get my course and fall in love with it. You apply what I teach. You transform your business and skyrocket your bottom-line by applying every little strategy I’ll teach you about. We become best friends.

Don’t wait. Enroll now. I know, it’s cliché, but….you’re really losing tons of cash every single day by ignoring effective email-marketing.

Just sayin.

Get in there. You’ll thank me for it, I guarantee it. Just look at the testimonials below.

P.S: Here is what Daniel DiPiazza, columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine and founder of Rich20something has said about my course.

My friend Bryan Harris made 220 000$ in one product-launch using less than 50% of the strategies I teach in this course.

P.S: Oh, and of course, you’ll get ALL my updates and new strategies when you enroll in the course. This course is gonna grow a heck of a lot in the next months and years, and you’re gonna get access to all my new, nifty strategies, case-studies, sales hacks… and other awesomeness that I’ll publish in the course. Short: you’ll never stop learning and improving on the topic of email-marketing :)

Do yourself a favor ENROLL NOW. I'll be waiting on the other side :)

Who is the target audience?
  • People who have ANY product to sell or want to have one
  • People who want to learn the exact strategies master marketers use to get people to buy.
  • People who want to sell themselves (job interviews etc.)
  • People who hate business and don't want to have anything to do with it should not take this course
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Get event the LAST dollar out of there...

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So… I hope that you’ve enjoyed this section :)

Is crammed with massive information, so let me make sure that you retain all of this.

Ready for some exercise? Yeah? Then let’s go!

Test What You Know (Do It, come on!)
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Answering these questions is the first step you should take in order to become highly sought-after email-marketer :) Go on and see what you've learned!

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HOW TO WRITE COPY: How To Write A Text That Will FORCE People To Take Action
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AIDA is everywhere... or, at least, in every beginning direct-response copywriters mouth. But what they do not know, is that AIDA is flawed and that following it is not at all optimal. There is something missing from it, and that leads me to introduce a new, improved formula. (Don't worry if you don't know what AIDA is, I'm explaining it in this lesson)
How Talking to a Guy named Bob will make people love reading your copy

This is the most important part of the Formula. Without getting your readers attention, he is not going to read your copy, and without reading your copy, there is NO chance that you will convince him. Seems logical, doesn't it? Don't worry though, Direct-Response copywriting will give you everything you need to make your visitor lust after your headline. (And no, I'm not talking about click-bait)

How to write Product Headlines that DRAG the reader into your copy (with pizza)

Hooks... they're many different ways to write them, but the basic principles are the same. My favorite one is the question-hook. Wanna know why? Watch the lesson!
Get’em hooked : get your Target Audience PSYCHED and get rid of verybody else

You want to know how Steve Jobs made Apple what it is today in so little time? Why EVERYTHING he touched became gold? Here is his secret, in this lesson. Although millions of people watched his Keynote speeches, you must be a real salesman to understand the magic he is operating.
Steve Jobs way to make products desirable and create NEEDS (and how to do it!)

Let's talk about the "D"... It's quiet simple actually, but most copywriters don't really understand what's the deal with it. How does it work? Why is there even a "D"? You'll get all the answers in this video!
Manufacture Emotions : THIS is how you paint pleasant pictures in his Mind!

OK. Finally. THIS is what is missing from AIDA. Let me introduce you to it, it seems quiet logical once you're confronted with it!

What is OK and why is this the most important and exciting part of sales?

OK is a mindset. It's the mindset that differentiate TOP-NOTCH salesman/copywriters from great salesman/copywriters.
The OK Mindset : the Way to kill ALL Objections your Target Customer might have

There is something in your fine-print that can make your sales skyrocket IF ONLY you told your customers about it in a sexy, enticing way...

A TINY Thing that EVERY Business has but doesn’t use to bring the Sale Home...

We're going to talk about harpoons and bombs in this lesson. For Real. These 4 weapons are my favorite part of OK... using them will give you an unfair advantage over all your competitors. Applying them when selling can 10X your income.

4 Psychological Weapons : Make a Case for your Product that NOBODY can refuse!

Testimonials. They increase sales. They kill multiple objections your customer has. They give you credibility. They bring the sale home. BUT they can also backfire and make sales DROP...

Testimonials : Why they increase your sales but could also make them DROP...

Grant Cardone, multi-millionaire sales trainer, says that this is the number°1 reason salesmen fail at their job. Don't worry I'm showing you exactly how to master this step in this lesson! Only knowing THIS ONE THING makes you a killer salesman and copywriter.

A Sure-fire Way to Increase Sales, but that Society keeps you from Taking

Let's bring all the strategies, principles, tactics together... and use them to write actual copy for a product. You'll see, it's not that difficult once you see how I apply all of this. After watching this and training a bit, you should be able to dramatically increase the sales of any given product just by rewriting the sales texts!
Too much information? Let's apply all of this so you see how powerful it is!

Here is the sales text from the lesson above. Download it, so you'll always have an example of good sales copy with you ;) Remember, I wrote this in 50 minutes and I'm not native! If you train actively, you'll kick-ass at writing sales copy!
IT'S EASY! : a Sales Description I wrote in less than one hour just for you!
3 pages
About the Instructor
Robin Hanna
4.4 Average rating
302 Reviews
9,896 Students
2 Courses
Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

"Robin is hungry for growth and expansion. He has the knowledge and the capacity to implement researched strategies to increase anybody's sales in a matter of days and he proved it multiple times when working with us"

David Braun, Sales Director at DASHRapp

«I couldn't be happier with the results achieved thanks to Robin and his dedication. Any company who is lucky enough to work with him will see rapid, substantial growth"

Maxime Van Rothem, Founder of Jacques&Déméter

Hey there!

My name is Robin and I'm a marketing strategist, Business consultant and an active member of the American Marketing Association. 

I fell in love with sales when I was a child (yep, I'm a weirdo) and consider it a science, even if many despise it and find it demeaning.

I've seen 7-figure-deals get closed in front of me (I even prepared the contracts for them) and I promise you, sales can be pretty exciting.

Fact is : The whole world is and always was Sales. Everybody has something to sell : products, services, themselves, ideas… you name it!

So, when you know how to use psychological strategies and persuasion techniques to convince your potential customer, you've won.

However, you cannot become good at sales without becoming an expert direct-response copywriter, studying and knowing the ins and outs of social and behavioral psychology. These are topics that I LOVE and that made me sign-up to Udemy, as an instructor.

I want to take people by the hand to get them to the point where they get kickass at sales, so they can get there amazing ideas and products to the market and blow everybody's mind.

I created an extremely detailed course on this subject here on Udemy, in which I reveal all the tactics I used to help my clients skyrocket sales the fastest way possible. ( for instance, 12 hours of work resulted in an increase of 633% in sales with one client, which means that I helped a start-up get from 9 000$ to 58 000$ in sales.)

I've helped start-ups build up lucrative sales funnels from scratch, consulted with european businesses which where massively leaking money to improve their online marketing strategy and with entrepreneurs who had no idea whatsoever on how to sell (which is quiet a problem when building a company).

Of course, I'm passionate about many other subjects, on which I plan to create courses : productivity and memory training are just a few of them.

Being native in german and french (I graduated from universities in both countries), I'm going to share my knowledge on these markets soon, watch out if you're interested.