Plated Desserts Made Simple: Elegant Chocolate Towers
4.7 (52 ratings)
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Plated Desserts Made Simple: Elegant Chocolate Towers

Make stunning and incredibly yummy plated desserts and chocolate decorations that are sure to impress everyone!
4.7 (52 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
142 students enrolled
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Advance your baking & decorating career by learning a huge variety of critical recipes and sophisticated decoration skills.
  • Apply CakeNuvo's "principle of balance" to create desserts that are true culinary masterpieces.
  • Create unique and stylish chocolate and mousse-based desserts.
  • Serve the Towers as elegant fine-dining style plated desserts, with many stunning designs to chose from.
  • Expand your chocolate making skills by learning how to make amazing chocolate decorations.
  • Apply unique methods to create intricate colorful patterns on chocolate.
  • Customize the recipes and presentations to match any taste and event.
  • Master the art of working with modeling chocolate, and use it to create various decorations.
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  • No previous baking or cake decoration experience is necessary - everything is explained from the ground up
  • Some baking utensils such as dessert rings, cutters and a rolling pin are required - can be purchased through the class store
  • For some of the decorations you'll need a stencil and chocolate transfer sheet - can be purchased through the class store
  • Commitment and time to learn the techniques taught in the course

Learn how to make amazing chocolate and mousse Tower desserts for any occasion! These edible creations are incredibly yummy, visually stunning, and very versatile. Let award-winning pastry chef Irit Ishai guide you, as you explore all the elements that will allow you to create your own show-stopping plated desserts. 

In the course you’ll learn how to create these desserts and customize them to match any event theme, and explore many great chocolate-based recipes like chocolate mousses and ganaches, as well as delicious fruit sauces. You’ll also master the art of creating various chocolate decorations, and learn how to make and decorate unique and modern elements such as 3D chocolate rings, chocolate discs, chocolate spheres, and chocolate sticks.

At the end of the course you'll get a detailed step-by-step demonstration of plating and serving these magnificent tower desserts in ways that are sure to leave your guests speechless!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is learning towards a career in baking, decoration, and pastry art
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to make stunning desserts and chocolate decorations at home
  • Anyone that's interested in learning professional techniques for creating unique chocolate decorations
  • Intermediate pastry cooks and chocolatiers who want to learn a huge variety of recipes and sophisticated decoration skills
  • Professional pastry chefs who want to add sophisticated plated desserts to their menus
  • Bakery or pastry shop owners who want to sell fantastic personal desserts
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
First Off - Let's Have Some Fun!
2 Lectures 03:36

Serving the Chocolate Mousse Towers is sure to wow any guest! Watch this short video and discover why.

Preview 01:43

Watch this lesson to get a brief intro to the Udemy Video Player. It'll help you to quickly learn the player's most critical features so you can enjoy this course the most.

Optimizing Your Learning Experience
The Art of Making Amazing Plated Desserts
4 Lectures 31:32
Before You Begin - WATCH THIS

In this lecture Irit presents a broad overview of everything that this course covers, and introduces the subject of this course: the Elegant Chocolate Tower desserts. She also explains how the recipes and decoration skills you'll learn in the course can be used to create amazing chocolate based desserts and how they are useful for other baking & decorating projects as well.

Project Introduction

In this lecture we take a bit of time to plan our project, and above all - make some very important decisions that have strong impact on the results of the desserts we’ll make. Irit also introduces the "Principal of Balance", and explains how it applies to pastry art in general, and specifically to the Chocolate Tower Desserts.

The Yin and Yang of Pastry Art

Every component of the tower can be changed per your needs and personal taste, which makes it an extremely flexible and versatile plated dessert. In this lesson you’ll learn how to customize the flavors and visual appearance of your tower desserts to fit almost any occasion and theme. You'll see how easy it is to create versions of the tower dessert for events such as birthday parties, Christmas and Halloween.

Customizing Your Chocolate Mousse Towers
Working on the Recipes
5 Lectures 29:36

The base of the tower dessert and some of its layers are made of chocolate mousse, which is a very versatile recipe that can be made using any type of chocolate: dark, milk or white. it goes really well with many kinds of fruits, and that gives us lots of options for creating well balanced and fantastic flavor combinations. 

In this lecture you'll learn the secrets to a great mousse recipe, that you can use for many kinds of cakes and desserts. You can also use this mousse to frost cupcakes or simply serve it in a cup with whipped cream or fresh fruits.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Serving the tower with fruit sauces makes a lot of culinary sense, as it creates a sensation of flavors and colors that is truly amazing and delicious. In this lecture Irit introduces the two kinds of fruit sauce you’ll make in this course and explains how we'll use them when we plate and serve the tower desserts.

Introduction to Fruit Sauces

Fruit sauces are traditionally added to many cakes and desserts, and are a staple in most commercial pastry kitchens. These sauces complement almost any dessert really well, because of their sweet yet tangy flavors and beautiful vibrant colors. In this lecture you’ll learn how to make raspberry and mango sauces, however you can use the techniques you’ll learn to make sauces using any fruit you like using fresh fruits, frozen fruits or fruit purees.

Raspberry and Mango Sauces

Caramel sauce is a great recipe to have in your repertoire. It is decadent, creamy and overall delicious, and besides using it when serving your towers you can use it for many other purposes. In this lecture you'll get a fantastic recipe and detailed demonstration for making the best caramel sauce, as well as important safety guidelines you should pay attention to when working with hot caramel. 

Preview 05:09

Ganache is a mixture that's commonly made of chocolate and cream. Based on your needs, it can be made using any type of chocolate: dark, milk, or white. In this lecture Irit walks you through making white chocolate raspberry ganache, which is a uniquely flavored ganache that has a strong vibrant color. The ganache adds interesting colors to the tower’s composition and balances its sweetness with tangy raspberry flavor. Note that you can use this recipe and techniques to create other kinds of ganache, simply by using other fruit purees instead of the raspberry.

Preview 05:44
Making Decorated Chocolate Elements
5 Lectures 51:24

Our tower desserts includes many kinds of chocolate elements, which serve as "building blocks" of its layers. Fortunately, this means that you’ll get the opportunity to create various objects using chocolate. Needless to say, chocolate objects are extremely useful in cake decorating, and there are endless ways you can use them to garnish your edible creations. In this lecture you'll get an introduction to making chocolate elements, and learn how to make flat chocolate discs and rings. 

Chocolate Discs and Flat Chocolate Rings

In this lecture you’ll learn the secrets to creating and decorating beautiful and intricate 3D chocolate rings using tempered chocolate (tempering is also covered in this course as bonus material). You’ll discover how to shape and color the rings and how to change their sizes and patterns per your needs. Later we'll and we’ll use these stunning rings to wrap the base of our towers, but obviously they can also serve as great decorations for many other cakes and desserts. 

3D Chocolate Rings

In this lecture you’ll discover how to create delicate chocolate sticks using tempered chocolate, and how to shape and cut the sticks to any height and size you like. We’ll use these gorgeous yummy sticks to decorate the towers and make them even taller and more impressive. Just like the other chocolate decorations we cover in this course, these sticks can also be used to decorate many other cakes and desserts.

Chocolate Sticks

In this lesson we explore really cool techniques you can use to decorate flat chocolate objects such as discs or rings. You'll discover how you can create beautiful and accurate patterns on chocolate in any color you want. You'll also learn how to use free-hand style to draw stunning abstract patterns, which comes handy if you need more flexibility. The skills in this lecture are very valuable. In this project they enable you to decorate the top of your towers in your own way so they can match different themes.

Decorating Chocolate Objects

The last chocolate decoration you'll learn how to make in this course is actually a delicious and adorable candy: the chocolate sphere. The spheres make the colors of the tower more vibrant and add an unusual and whimsical dimension to its presentation. In this lecture you'll discover how make the spheres and how to decorate them, as well as many other tips and tricks that will help you to make perfect chocolate spheres consistently.

Chocolate Spheres
Using Modeling Chocolate to Make Decorations
2 Lectures 14:50

Modeling chocolate is a pliable paste that is made of chocolate and corn syrup. it’s a fantastic material for decorating cakes and desserts, because it tastes great, really easy to work with and can be easily molded and sculpted into all sorts of shapes and objects. In this lecture you'll explore a quick & easy technique to make modeling chocolate from scratch. This technique gives you great flexibility, since you can determine the precise color and flavor of your modeling chocolate, and make sure they fit the theme and flavors of your cakes and desserts.

Making Modeling Chocolate From Scratch

In this lesson Irit is going to show you how to create colorful chocolate strips using modeling chocolate, and how to create various patterns on their edges. While plating our towers we’ll use these strips to decorate their bases, however they can also be very useful in many cake decoration projects.

Decorative Chocolate Strips
Plating and Serving Your Towers
4 Lectures 37:17

In this lesson you’ll see how you can use the leftover mousse from the tower’s ring to create cute and tasty mousse petit fours. Using simple steps we’ll create petit fours with unique and interesting decorations and flavors.

BONUS - Making and Serving Mousse Petit Fours

In this lecture you'll discover how to use all the decorations we’ve made, as well as fruits and candies, to create several stunning presentations for the chocolate mousse tower. We focus here on two raspberry-based designs, and Irit demonstrates how to create the towers layer by layer, and how to plate them in a sophisticated and elegant fashion.

Plating the Towers: Raspberry Design

This lecture demonstrates the flexibility of the tower's design, by walking you through the creation and plating of two distinct design variations. One of the alternative designs uses fresh mango instead of raspberries. The other one is really fun and whimsical, and uses yummy chocolate candies and colorful raspberry ganache. As you're going to discover, you can change almost every aspect of these tower desserts very easily. There are virtually endless combinations you can use to create amazing flavors and presentations that fit many occasions. All it takes is some creativity and imagination!

Plating the Mango Tower and Candies Tower

In this lesson Irit shows you how to decorate the serving plates with elegant whipped cream quenelles, and how to serve the towers with warm sauce that complements its taste. The real surprise arrives when the sauce is poured on top of the towers. As you’ll see, this creates a stunning melting effect, which never fails to generate excitement!

How to Serve the Towers and Maximize the Wow Effect
Wrapping Up
1 Lecture 07:43

Before she says goodbye Irit takes a moment to review and summarize what you learned and accomplished in this course, which is quite a lot! If you took the time to learn everything and practiced what you learned, you're well on your way to creating incredible culinary masterpieces! Congratulations!

Project Summary
BONUS - The Art of Chocolate Tempering
3 Lectures 27:13

In some people’s mind tempering is only done by professional pastry chefs, however you're about to discover that you can easily temper chocolate at home, even if you don’t have much experience or expensive equipment.  In this lecture you’ll learn a great deal about tempering chocolate: why it's important, when it's best to use it and for which purposes. You'll also explore the two methods you can use for chocolate tempering: either manually or by using a tempering machine. Irit covers the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and explains when it's appropriate to use each of them.

Introduction to Chocolate Tempering

In this lesson you’ll learn a great technique for tempering chocolate manually, which Irit perfected over years of experience working with chocolate. You’ll discover how simple it is to temper chocolate at home even if you don't have any experience. In fact, all you need is a little bit of patience and a chocolate thermometer, which is not expensive and can be easily found in most specialty stores.

Manual Chocolate Tempering

Our discussion of tempering wouldn’t be complete without covering the subject of using a machine to temper chocolate. Using a machine has many advantages over manual tempering. In this lesson irit covers the different kinds of machines available to you, and explains how to pick a machine that's right for your needs. You'll also get a demo of running a full tempering cycle using a machine.

Using Tempering Machines
Course Materials
1 Lecture 00:32

Here you can download all course materials for "Elegant Chocolate Mousse Tower Desserts":

  1. Class Companion - 31 pages eBook with important info, tips and tricks
  2. Project Timeline - a bird's-eye view of the preparation process for the towers
  3. Recipe Book - all recipes used in this course
  4. Metric Conversion Guides - US/EU metric conversion tables
  5. Food Cost Calculator - Raspberry Tower Design
  6. Food Cost Calculator - Mango Tower Design
  7. Food Cost Calculator - Candy Tower Design
  8. Link to Online Class Store - online store where you can buy most tools/materials used in this course
  9. Wave Template - used to create patterns on chocolate
  10. BONUS - Chocolate Tempering - Class Companion - eBook with important info, tips and tricks
  11. BONUS - Chocolate Tempering - Project Timeline
  12. BONUS - Chocolate Tempering - Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion Table
  13. BONUS - Chocolate Tempering - Class Store
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Where Cakes and Art Mix

CakeNuvo provides high-end online video classes in cake decoration and baking art, guiding students step by step through their journey in the art of cake design, and encouraging them to unleash their imagination and creativity. Starting from basic methods and reaching the most intricate and awe-inspiring designs, every online class provides students with detailed and structured demonstrations, and is packed full with unique techniques and battle-tested tips and tricks, which can only be learned through real-life experience. 

CakeNuvo’s classes are exciting to watch, and address the needs of enthusiasts and pros alike. We believe that almost everyone can learn cake design! Our focus is on helping you to create stunning cakes, desserts and other baked creations, and we provide you techniques and tools to do this in an easy and consistent fashion. We make sure to break down even the hardest tasks to simple and achievable objectives, and hold your hand and guide you to make sure that the end result is beautiful and awe inspiring!

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I'm an entrepreneur and award-winning pastry chef, with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of baking, pastry art and cake decoration.

I worked at several fine-dining restaurants, designing innovative recipes and plated desserts. Most notably, I've been head pastry chef at the famed Manresa Restaurant (currently 3 Michelin stars), named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants By Restaurant Magazine. At Manresa I collaborated with renowned chef David Kinch, winner of the Iron Chef competition. 

I perfected my chocolate-making skills working under master pastry chef Pascal Janvier, who was named one of the top 10 pastry chefs in America in 1998 and 1999 by Chocolatier Magazine.

Building on my extensive fine-dining experience, in 2004 I founded "Sugar Butter Flour", a European-style pastry shop and bakery, which specializes in high end custom cakes, desserts, chocolates and wedding cakes. It became one of the most successful and widely recognized bakeries in the Silicon Valley, with 2 retail stores and dozens of large high-end wholesale customers.

In 2011, after 8 long and fulfilling years, I sold Sugar Butter Flour and established CakeNuvo, an online school for pastry art, where I'm lead instructor and course designer.