E-Commerce Business Guide to Alibaba for eBay & Amazon
4.6 (210 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,436 students enrolled
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E-Commerce Business Guide to Alibaba for eBay & Amazon

Learn how to find, source, and import hot selling products from Alibaba to resell on eBay, Amazon, & Facebook!
4.6 (210 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,436 students enrolled
Created by Danny Guerin
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Source hot selling products from reliable manufacturers
  • Learn to the process of importing products to your door
  • How to sell your products to get maximum returns
  • Become a product photography pro and stand out from the crowd
  • Beat the competition everytime
  • Master eBay to dominate your chosen niche
  • Use multiple channels to sell big and professionally
  • Scale your operation up and sell even more with Amazon & FBA
  • Make your product original and sell more with a master class in branding
  • Forge relationships with factories and have your products altered and improved to make sales and customer reviews even better
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  • Be super enthusiastic
  • Be computer literate and a regular user of the internet
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Engage with the other students and use all the information sources I provide you
  • Knowledge of eBay & Amazon is a bonus but not essential

Join the eCommerce Revolution Now!

That may sound like a bit of a dramatic headline but the fact is retail is dead. Every year more and more people are changing their shopping habits to eCommerce, Amazon, eBay and its only just getting started.

With crazy new buying trends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday only prove that the world is starting to hit the online market places in a big way with Billions being spent every year.

This course teaches you how to build a business importing hot selling high quality products from primarily China and sell them for HUGE profits. You will be taught in detail what to source, were to source it and how to sell it to maximize your sales and profits.

You are going to learn in detail how to use one of the worlds biggest marketplaces known as Alibaba. We will cover:

  • What sort of products to look for.
  • How to know that you are going to be able to sell your products. Guaranteed!
  • How to communicate with factories and suppliers.
  • Master shipping techniques and know how to get your products safely to your door ASAP.

Once you have your products you will be shown how to present them and sell them like the pros do, beating 90% of the competition hands down. We will cover:

  • Mastering product photography to take professional looking images of your products anywhere anytime.
  • Writing killer product descriptions that convert like crazy and are also keyword optimized.
  • Building hot selling titles. Having your product title structured correctly is vital to getting high amounts of traffic to your product listings. We will show you how.
  • Keyword Research is key to getting maximum exposure to your listings. You will learn how to find the best keywords for your product and use them to dominate.

Once you have your products presented professionally, you will learn advanced techniques in selling on eBay and Amazon to take your sales to the next level. We also cover in detail branding and private labeling your products to differentiate yourself from the competition and truly create your own empire.

This course is the complete package for anyone looking to succeed in selling products online. I am constantly adding and updating the curriculum to give you the most up to date selling and importing techniques and methods.

Also included is access to a private Facebook community for all students to interact, help and motivate each other to achieve their goals.

So sign up now if you want to make this year the year you make it online or your money back.

***30 Day Money Back Guarantee***

Course Update March:

  • I have just added some quizzes at the end of each section to make sure all of the key points have been taken in and you are on you A game! ;)
  • There is now a Course Resource area at the bottom of the curriculum that has the course downloads in it so students now have them all in one easy place.

Course Update April:

  • There is now a brand new private Facebook group for all members of the course to hangout, chat, exchange ideas and help each other. This will develop into a very powerful tool over time as you are only as good as the people you stand with.
  • A new promo video ;)
  • New Terapeak Masterclass section!

Course Update June:

  • New lecture on how to check what is selling on Amazon and at what price.
  • Over 100 members on the private Facebook group!
  • I have added a Conclusion lecture for students who complete the course. I really hope your one of them.

Course Update August:

  • 200 members in the private Facebook Group
  • 25 Awesome reviews from my happy students. :)
Who is the target audience?
  • This is course id for people who are serious about starting a new business in import/export and online commerce.
  • This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and will take a lot of time tenacity and enthusiasm.
  • For people who have a love for selling, getting a bargain, enjoy the hustle.
  • As with starting any business, the start and setting up is very hard. This is no exception, there will be sleepess nights and times you just want to give up. But if you follow the lessons and do what I say you will be introduced to a way of selling that cant be matched and has huge rewards.
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Curriculum For This Course
99 Lectures
1 Lecture 05:18

Welcome to the course! This is an introduction to me and and to some of the things that you are going to learn on the course.

  • Who is Danny Guerin?
  • Some of the things we are going to cover in this course.
  • Please leave a review
  • Some of my other projects im currently working on.
  • Don't forget to join the Facebook Group
Preview 05:18
Introductions & Preparation
5 Lectures 48:30
  • Whats required:-
  • How much to get started (if you dont have anything then start selling)
  • Reality Check - Lots of work, creativity, determination, tenacity, you are going to get stuck so be ready to ask for help.... Which is always there- myself, the community, Maximism.
  • This isnt a quick buck or everyone would be doing it. This is a skill and is going to take time to learn and master, but once you do the rewards are amazing.
  • Potential growth
  • The life style
Preview 08:12

In this lecture we will be covering what is involved in being an importer and what the procedure is.

Preview 09:37

This lecture will provide an overview of the sheer potential in how much money can be made with this course. Alibaba is one of the biggest websites in the world and has hundreds of millions of factories and supplier listed, ready to distribute their products.

We will cover some of the products available and look into the profit margins that you will easily be able to take advantage of once you get your teeth into this course.

Preview 17:55

This is a link to the private Facebook community that compliments this course. Our Facebook community unites all students to achieve their goals, push them forward and solve common issues and questions.

"You are only as good as the people you stand with."

Private Facebook Community Access

This is a few questions to see if you have remembered the key points of this section.

If you get these right then consider yourself... Awesome!

Are You Prepared? Quiz
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Find Your First Product
16 Lectures 02:17:53
Introduction- Whats being covered

  • What is Alibaba?(details, stats, size, money)
  • Gold suppliers
  • Paypal is a must
  • Escrow
  • General feel for a listing
  • Unit prices and MOQ's, everything is negotiable
  • Saving to favorites
  • Aliexpress intro
  • The crappy messaging system.
Alibaba Overview

Terapeak Overview

The best types of product that create the least amount of hassle.

  • No electrical
  • No moving parts
  • No food
  • No chemicals
  • No explosives or wild tigers.
Product Selection Checklist

Introduction to Amazon Bestsellers

Product Research Step 1

Product Research Step 2

Product Research Step 3

Shipping & Duties

Product Research EXAMPLE 1

Product Research EXAMPLE 2

Product Research EXAMPLE 3

Product Research EXAMPLE 4

Product Research Top Tip

Bonus Products

Selecting Your First Product to Sell

This quiz covers a few of the key points covered in this section.

If you get these right then you are.... Still Awesome!<br>

Find Your First Product Quiz
6 questions
Terapeak Masterclass
5 Lectures 39:05

This is an introduction to the Terapeak section and what to expect. Some of the many subjects that will be covered in this section are:-

  • The potential of Terapeak.
  • What we are doing about the different versions of Terapeak that students are using.
  • Learn how much eBay shoppers are paying for a product.
  • How quickly a product is selling on eBay.
  • If the price and demand of the product is trending up or down.
  • Who else is selling the product.
  • Where and how they are selling it.
  • An introduction to The Terapeak Hotlist and how we can use it.
Terapeak Masterclass Introduction

This lecture gives an overview of Terapeak and its various features that we can use to help us when researching products. The main focus points here are the Analysis Report and the View items report.
Getting Started With Terapeak

Being able to assess your competition is one of Terapeaks most powerful tools, you will be able to not only see what your competition is selling (good for product research ;) but also how they are selling it, for how much, their listings and much more.

Questions that may make you more competitive:-

Are you competing at the lowest price?

Are you using professional photos to stand out form the crowd?

Is your shipping method(s) the best it can be?

Assessing Your Competition With Terapeak

In this lecture we will cover the power of Terapeaks product search and illustrate just how much detail and how refined your searches can actually be.

This is really useful when researching products to sell or finding your correct selling price.

Refining Your Terapeak Product Search

The Terapeak Hotlist is a free service and can be used to see some of eBays best sellers, how much they are selling for, how many units are selling on a week by week basis and who is selling them.

There also direct links to a Terapeak data page for further research and also and direct link to the eBay listing page should you wish to sell the same.

Preview 05:32

Here are a few questions on the key points made in the Terapeak section.

Good luck! :)

Terapeak Masterclass Quiz
4 questions
11 Lectures 01:12:36
Introduction to Samples

What's Being Covered in this Samples Section?

Alibaba Listings

AliExpress for Samples

Different Types of Samples

Sample Quality Checks

Don't Be The Boss!

Sample Hacks

Template emails pdf/text

Sample Checklist

Sample Logbook

Do this quiz to make sure you have learnt some of the key points when it comes to samples.

If you get all these right then super cool! Feel free to pat yourself on the back.... repeatedly. <br>

The Samples Quiz
5 questions
Making Your First Order
7 Lectures 39:55

Here is the moment of truth! By now you should have your final product chosen, received some samples and tested the market with them. If that's all looking good then its time to proceed onto this section where we will be making some "Large Small Orders" I call them these because they are larger than sample orders but often under what the factory wants provide as a MOQ. There are a few techniques to doing this and its now time to get the ball rolling.

Lets Do This!!!

Introduction- Whats being covered

Depending on the product you have selected and the supplier the MOQ will vary. Some MOQ's will be quite high for a first order and that can be quite a commitment in terms of space to put the order and financially. Often be ready to negotiate with your suppliers to make an order that is less than the MOQ. I will show you some ways to do this in the next lecture. Having an order of a couple of hundred as opposed to thousands has the following benefits:-

  • The financial commitment isn't too high.
  • You are able to see on a smaller scale what is involved.
  • The quality of the product.
  • Build your eBay score and general credibility
  • Get much valued customer feedback and make any adjustments needed before you next bigger order.
  • Build your bank balance.
  • Save costs by operating from home.
Start Out Small!

  1. Tell your supplier that your boss (you are never the boss) that he loved the samples and wants to move forward with the product. Explain that you have sales staff around the country and would like to send them each a couple of samples to test the market and see how they sell. You have 30 members of your sales team and you would like to send approx 10 units to each of them so if our next order could be 300 units... etc
  2. Ask you supplier directly for a order under the MOQ. Explain that you need to test the market further and your boss doesn't want to pay the amount required to meet the MOQ until he has more confidence in the product and that it sells well.
  3. Order through Aliexpress. Most of the factories are on Aliexpress and if you cant find the factory you got the product with then you will proabaly find the product. See what the price is for ordering a couple of hundred and then use this as leverage with the factory that you got the samples from that is resisting.

Rememeber this is all about fake it till you make it! Once you get the hang of it it is actually quite fun and the rewards can sometimes be very surprising. Your hustling for the best deal and you not going to give up till you get it! ;)

Ways To Make a Large Small Order

There are many different methods of shipping and getting you products to your door. Do not worry as they are all pretty straight forward and so long as you know whats involved and how much its going to cost it will be fine. Here are some options and ideas:-

  • Find out the size of the shipment you have ordered from your supplier. Explain that you want to calculate shipping rates, they are usually happy to do this and sometimes it is displayed on their Alibaba page. Then head over to freightrates.com and put that data in.
  • Ask the factory you are ordering with to take care of it. This is very common and a lot of factory's get excellent rates from shipping companies.
  • Get a DHL shipping account. I would recommend only doing this is if your package is small DHL are quite expensive but they provide a good service and all that is involved your end is to send the factory your personal DHL number which they will supply you.
  • Hire a shipping agent. A shipping agent is definitely an option to look into as your orders get bigger because they are in touch with multiple shipping companys and savvy with all transportation methods that combined will get you the best deal. Shipping large quantitys around the word can serve up multiple complications but with a good agent most can be avoided or quickly sorted.
  • Be aware that you could well be in line to pay some customs and duty tax fee that will be billed to you at a later date. This vary s from country to country so be sure to check with our local authority.
  • If you have followed my product criteria we are always shipping by air.

Maybe split shipping up into separate lessons??


So you have hustled and haggled your way into making a large small order and it is on route you right now! Woohoo! Nice Work! Now you have to prepare you work area on and offline. Here are a few things to take ito consideration before the big delivery:-

  • Where are you going to store your order?
  • Is there any preparation needed upon its arrival (packing it with bonus product, putting it in new packaging..etc)
  • Do you have space for this preparation? If not what is the plan?
  • How much is the postage going to cost?
  • Prepare packing materials for shipping to customers
  • Where are you going to sell your product and do you need to open new accounts? eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, Craigslist, notonthehighstreet, locally, local shops, Facebook, Twitter.
  • I recommend using online postage and printing the labels, its way quicker the queuing in the post office and looks more professional too. The Royal Mail have an online facility in the UK and I believe Stamps(dot)com is the go to for the US.
Preview 06:08

Once you have got your products up for sale in any form then it is important to plot your route carefully and not start running before you can walk. One of the mistakes I made was rushing head first into branding my product and modifying it before i had really made any sales. It is very easy to start looking at the big shiny options that are now available to you and that I will address even more in this course but please take things one step at a time. Your number one goal is to SELL SELL SELL!

Another common problem is that people tend to get overwhelmed and start to freak out a bit about what they are supposed to do once there orders start coming in. CHILL! You have got this far in the course and have already achieved things that most will never, problems always seem worse than what they are and they just barriers that you will smash through.

In the start its very much a DIY effort, you will probably be fulfilling the orders from your home so its important to have as much set up as possible. Relax, its not going to be as frantic as you think but it will still be fun and you are going to learn loads.

Your Guerilla Hustler Mindset

  • Always start out small
  • Be ready to negotiate with suppliers for an order under the MOQ.
  • Research the best shipping option for you and your product.
  • Get your work space prepared and order any packing or equipment you think you might need
  • Take a deep breath and chill!! Your sole goal at the moment is to sell sell sell.
  • It is only a problem when it becomes a problem and when it becomes a problem you will realize that dealing with actually isnt that bad. Problem just become barriers that you will smash through with ease.

This is a quiz to make sure you know some key points about making your first order.

If you get this right then get ordering! Things are about to get very interesting for you!


Making Your First Order Quiz
4 questions
Product Photography
6 Lectures 53:52

With your order on the way it is very important to have as much ready as possible so once it arrives you can get it out to market ASAP. With the sample that you have left for your records we are going to take some super sweet product photos for all you listings. If you have sold your sample then dont worry you can just use one of the products when they arrive.

Taking photos of your products that look great is easy and cheap. If you have a bit of spare cash then the there are more options available to you. In this lesson we are going to cover it all.

Introduction- Whats being covered

Equipment Guide

Hot SLR & DSLR Camera Tips

Step By Step Photo Shoot

Use the Gimp method.

Step By Step Easy Photo Editing



Websites & Services

Here is a quick quiz to see if you have learn't some of the key points of product phtography.


Product Photography Quiz
4 questions
Preparing Your Products
2 Lectures 08:28

I remember when I got my first delivery of products and all of a sudden my house seemed very small. There were boxes everywhere and to say I was overwhelmed would have been an understatement. I was FREAKING OUT! Only for a while though.

When your delivery arrives take it all out of the boxes and check all of it. Make sure it is all intact, the right colour, size and anything else that might be relevant. Also count all of it an make sure the supplier hasn't sold you short. If it is all looking good then awesome, looks like you might have a good supplier. If its not then assess the situation and see what can be done to make good. Getting your money back is very unlikely. If the product is still sellable then you must keep moving forward.

My suggestion would be to notify the supplier that the order is wrong and that you are not happy with the situation. Then play it by ear. I would probably try to sell what I had and then use the mistake as leverage to get a discount from them next time or get them to cover the delivery charges. This kind of stuff does happen and unfortunately there is not much that can be done other than to move forward get the product to market ASAP and try to make the best of it.

If your factory is under Alibabas Trade Assurance Agreement then it will be a lot easier to get your money back. I would still communicate with the facory first and see what can be done as you are building a relationship with these guys so if a mistake has been made and can be resolved then that should be your first option.

Introduction, Congratulations and Don't Panic

Remove all the products from their boxes but don't throw the boxes away (unless their are hundreds of them), boxes are expensive and if you don't use them for shipping stuff in then you can cut them up and use them for packing.

Once everything is unpacked (hopefully it will look a little less daunting) it times to get evrything sorted and shelved/put away so that it easy to find once the orders start coming in. If you have a bonus product with your main order then they will need to be paired and ready for shipping. The idea is to make it as quick as possible to get the order ready to ship once the order comes in.

This can be accomplished with by haveing a storing area for the stock, a packing area and dispatch area orders that are ready to post.

Other tips:-

  • Having loads of positive reviews and feedback is essential for online selling. Even though your product is excellent and your service was flawless people still need to be reminded to leave a review. I have little square business cards printed with a big THANK YOU! and then directly asking the customer to leave me some feedback on the respective website they bought it.
  • I purchased an ink stamp which also says 'Thank You' which I stamp onto the back of the box/envelope so the customer can see it. This may seem like unecessary work but its the little things that make the big difference.
Getting Set Up
How To Write Killer Product Descriptions
8 Lectures 54:15

80% of amazon descriptions are terrible. Fact!

When a customer makes it to your listing, wherever it is, they have liked the title, they have then looked at the images and where impressed at what they have seen then they will do one of two things: The first is that they will buy the product there and then this happens about 40 percent of the time and I know I am one of those people that has seen what he likes and buys.

The second are the remaining 60% of people who scroll down and look at the description, these are people who are very interested in your product and are close to buying ‘half-sold’ but want a bit more information. The product description provides this and can be crucial in sealing the deal in a lot of your sales.

Product descriptions are also a help with how Amazon, eBay and other market places show your site with their algorithms and having a detailed and helpful description will do no harm in your rankings on marketplaces and search engines like Google.

Use the description to display your product to the customer in as much detail as possible. Give unique selling points, product dimensions, as well as a killer description, which we going to cover in this section. Tell the customer why they should buy your product and not the competitions. The description should be written like a sales copy which engages, entertsins and closes the sale.

Introduction to High Selling Product Descriptions

The first thing to remember when writing a product description is that it is all about the customer and the product and not about you. Learning how customer feels and what they are thinking at the exact time they are reading your description is an art. An art which you will learn in the following lectures;)

Having a description that is one line long or even non existent is extremely lazy, if you are not inspired enough to write a description why would your customers be inspired to buy from you? I have seen other product descriptions that hardly describe the product but instead talk about the company or brand that is selling the item. ZZZZZZZZZ! A customer is on that page and about to read that text because they want to know 1/ More information on the product they are going to buy. And 2/ What the product is going to do for them and better their life. Thats it!


Its All About The Customer!

This formula is used by companies the world over and brings in millions of dollars of sales every year. Once you learn the concepts of AIDA then you will start to see it everywhere in marketing.
When you write your product descriptions, or any type of selling for that matter you NEED TO REMEMBER THIS:
Attention - Interest - Desire - Action
Now with a combination of good titles and the respective marketplace positioning our product in view we have got our customers attention and they have clicked to view our listing.

Its now up to the bullet points (Amazon), images and description to keep them interested with interesting facts about the product and how it can better their lives.
This will make them want to buy it as they can visualize themselves using it and what a good idea it would be to purchase..... Desire.

All this on a highly optimized sales page like the ones we will operating on will lead the customer to taking action and clicking the Buy Button.

This Technique Will Change The Way You Write Descriptions Forever!

So we have a customer who has just clicked onto our product listing. We have their Attention. We now need to spark their interest. This will normally be done with good images and if your on Amazon then utilising the bullet points is crucial to make the customer either buy there and then or scroll down to your super awesome description. Either way once your customer has been wowed by your attention grabbing title and professional looking images then their interest juices should already be starting to flow as they scroll down to the description.

**We Always Start Our Descriptions With a Headline**
in bold front and centre. This tells the customer that there is more very relevant and cool information on the product you are looking at and very interested in.

The headline needs to be completely focused on the product and what it can do to better the customers life (very important).

Version A: Sports jump rope for sale!
Version B: Reach Insane New Levels Of Fitness! Used By Instructors, Professionals and Enthusiasts All Over The World!

The point of a good headline is to get people reading more of your description. If you were to use headline Version A then it would be easy for a customer to skip over the description and move on. By having a description like Version B you are enticing the customer to read more as it generates interest. You will also notice in Version B that there is no mention of the product anywhere. Your customer already knows what they looking at, all they care about is what it can do for them.

Write down a minimum of 5 different headlines for your product and have read through them, this gets the brain into gear and can be quite fun. You will usually see one that jumps out at you, this is the winner and you try that first.

If you are having trouble with getting to grips with headlines then then the formula below will help. The ROT Formula is a popular way of getting a headline that grabs the readers attention.

Headline Conclusion
** The customer on cares about themselves! Not you! Not even the product! Its all about how the product can better their lives and what it can do for them.
** Never trick or mislead people with your headlines. Its ok to make your product seem bigger than it is or tell people that its the best. But if you say it comes with a built in stereo system that uses space shuttle technology then it had better. Having confidence in your product is a must but don't sell something the customer is not going to get.
** Always write your headline first as this will make you super focused for the description.
** Once you have wrote out multiple headlines then ask some friends/family which one stands out for them. Ask your Facebook friends and see what they think.

We Always Start Our Descriptions With a Headline

If you are having trouble with getting to grips with headlines then then the formula below will help. The ROT Formula is a popular way of getting a headline that grabs the readers attention.

Headline Conclusion
** The customer on cares about themselves! Not you! Not even the product! Its all about how the product can better their lives and what it can do for them.
** Never trick or mislead people with your headlines. Its ok to make your product seem bigger than it is or tell people that its the best. But if you say it comes with a built in stereo system that uses space shuttle technology then it had better. Having confidence in your product is a must but don't sell something the customer is not going to get.
** Always write your headline first as this will make you super focused for the description.
** Once you have wrote out multiple headlines then ask some friends/family which one stands out for them. Ask your Facebook friends and see what they think.

Create A Headline That Sells!

Something you don’t see too much and is a very popular method of selling is telling a story that is related to your product. This can be a true story, or semi true story that you have bended to fit with your product or you can completely make it up. This might not be for all products or all sellers as some people are just not good story tellers but if you are or know someone who is then it is recommended.
I know this is a bit hypocritical as I said earlier that customers only care about them selves, which is true, but I can’t argue that the story method does work well as it get customers to relate to the product more and if you can add humor to the story then all the better.

The story formula that I use is:
[Story that happened]+[how the product could help]+[how to buy product]

Jump Rope: I have been going to the gym with my friend Steve for about 3 years, we have pretty much the same training routine so like to help each other with the weights etc. When it comes to the cardio and general agility Steve is by far better than me. This frustrated me know end until my wife and I had dinner at Steves one evening and I noticed in his conservatory the K19 Jump Rope. He had been cheating!! I promptly ordered one when I got home and within a week of using it I noticed the results…

Tell A Story

The whole reason you have wrote this is to get the customer to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. If your customer is heading towards the end of your description then they are ready to buy. So finish by sating something like:

So if you are ready to take you fitness to the next level and enjoy free next day delivery hurry whilst stocks last.

We only have a limited amount of stock so buy now and also enjoy our 30 day money back guarantee.

Finishing like this gives them a sense of urgency to take action now and also offers one final incentive/reassurance to help push them the right way.

Once you have got a few reviews then add these to the bottom of the description too. This gives a the customer a sense of reassurance that you are credible and people love to read a good review.

Call To Action

1/ Get into the right mindset. No one cares about you (apart from when you are telling a story;) or your business or the brand you are trying to pump. Focus on what is in it for them. |What they are going to get. How is going to improve their life? How are they going to feel after buying.

2/ Make an interesting headline that is going grab you customers attention. Remember the ROT Formula and start making headlines using it.

3/ Master AIDA! it is one of the most powerful things you can learn to turn your descriptions into super powerful scripts.
Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

4/ Tell a story about your product and how it saved the day or changed the way you do things.
[Story that happened] + [how the product helped] + [how to buy product].

5/ Try and get some credibility going. You can start with quotes from successful people in your products field and once you start getting some 5 star reviews then add them to the bottom of your description too.

6/ Remember to close the sale. Add a sense of urgency to the close and reminding them that the delivery is free (if it is) and/or there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

7/ Add two sets of bullet points to your description. The first is a list of benefits of what the product can do for the customer and how the customer will benefit from them.
The second is a list of product specs that you feel would benefit the customer to know i.e. weight, size, spare parts…
Do not put these lists together but break them up with some text.

8/ Make sure that the description is well broken up and spaced out. If customers see great big paragraphs of text they are not going to read it. Ensure there are bullet points of the best bits/specs, anything important or you think should stand out should be in bold. A nice spaced out description is easy and quick to read and very customer friendly.

Killer Description Checklist

Here is another quick quiz to make sure you are all up to date on writing high selling awesome descriptions that sell sell sell. :)

Writing Killer Descriptions Quiz
3 questions
Selling Your Products
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Ok I am guessing that you are sat with your products screaming ’LETS GO TO AMAZON, LETS FBA! LETS GET THIS STUFF ON EBAY!’ and i totally understand. BUT this is not the answer and another mistake a lot of people make. There is a lot of low hanging fruit all around you that should be taken advantage of before heading over to two of the worlds busiest market places where you will be competing with the biggest online sellers.

Every time you make a sale its a rush… and that rush never goes away either trust me. There are people much closer to home which can give you those initial sales and get that momentum going before heading over to the bigger market places. It is not uncommon to have a good percentage of your itinerary sold before even opening your eBay account. With the information I’m going to share with you here you will have enough sales to catapult you into the big time in no time.

You have a product that you have researched and you know sells well on the internet but initially you need to validate this product by seeing actual sales. This validation proves that the product is sellable and your research is correct but also gives you confidence in your abilities as an importer and your product research.
Validating your product also takes advantage of the low hanging fruit that are available to get sales. Why try to sell to complete strangers when there are plenty of people you already have a relationship with or can get to know to sell your product to.
In the next few lectures are a few suggestions as to where to get sales and also where to get inspiration for other custom products to sell in the future.

Introduction To Easy Sales

When you have a new product or a new product idea then asking the ones closest to you is usually my first port of call. Remember everything they say either by recording it or writing it down. They might come up with an idea or an improvement that you didn’t even think of! Next see if any of them will buy it from you. A verbal ‘yeah i would buy it’ is not good enough, actually take money from them.

You shouldn’t assume that your friends will just buy it and that asking them is not a fair assessment of your product. Or you might be like me and just not like asking people for help because you are scared of the rejection.

There are is an exercise that can help with this and also gives you a bit of a reality check.

Ask your friends on Facebook for £1 or $1 and see how long it takes to make a fiver. Remember they have to GIVE it to you, not lend. When I did this I realised that my friends where a bunch of tight wads but I also noticed that asking people for something isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Friends & Family

What is Reddit? What can we use it for?
Reddit as another great place to get customer feedback and reviews for your products. This can be accomplished by posting you product details and product photos and seeing what people think also sending off some off your products as a loss to people in exchange for reviews on Amazon and eBay (we will cover this in details later.)
Many people think of Reddit as on giant community of people on a mahooosive website. This, i think, is a very broad view. It much better to see Reddit as a huge group of little communities that join together to make one giant website.
These little communities are known as Subreddits. Every pst on Reddit belongs to its own Subreddit community. Each Subreddit has its own set of users and their own set of rules. Reddit as a whole provides a very easy to use interface for managing what posts you see by letting you subscribe or unsubscribe from certain Subreddits.

When you make an account with Reddit you are automatically subscribed to set of default Subreddits. The default Subreddits are highly popular with the majority of Reddit users and the Reddit administrators feel that the average person would get some use from them to start with.

If for what ever reason you don’t like the Subreddits that you have been defaulted too then you completely free to hit the Unsubscribe button which is located in the sidebar.

To find a Subreddit that would fit your product niche i.e. fitness services you would check out the fitness service Subbredit. This can be done by using the search bar. Once you have make sure you are operating within the Subbreddits guidelines before submitting anything, if you are still unsure then consult one of the moderators before by sending them a private message.

If all is good then post your product with a friendly paragraph on your background with the niche and the product and ask what Redactors think about it and if there is anything they would change. Also include the price you are thinking of charging.

When you get some feedback make note of what has been said, if people are all saying the same thing then this is something you need to address. Once you have got your eBay and Amazon set up you can ask these guys if they would like a free sample in exchange for a positive review on eBay or Amazon.


Facebook is a great place to get honest opinions on your product and also get some sales. After people have got over the fact that you just took a £1 from;) Ask them what they think about your product and if anyone is interested in buying. If you have friends on fb that you think would be interested in it because its their hobby or that genre your product is in is a big part of their life then message them directly. If they are passionate about that niche then they may be interested in buying the product or will have some super cool info for you on how to improve it and really take it to the next level.

Facebook Success

Easy Facebook Sales

I believe that these two websites are now becoming excellent places to sell your products online with minimum competition. Craigslist and Gumtree are the two biggest classified ad websites in the world. Craigslist is just starting to gain momentum in the uk and is massive in the US Gumtree is big in the uk and I believe Australia. I have friends who are making great sales with these two sites alone and they are a great way to quickly get your product up in front of people for free or for a very low cost.

Introduction to Selling on Craigslist

Making a Listing on Craigslist

Selling on Gumtree

If you type the niche of your website into google and then type ‘forum’ afterwards then you will get a whole bunch of websites with forums that are full of people looking to buy your product give advice on how to improve your product and you will also get loads of inspiration for future products and bonus products if you haven’t already got one.


This quiz will check to see if you are ready to sell like crazy!<br>

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