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How to run a $20K per month E-book publishing business. Coaching by top marketing consultant. A must for entrepreneurs
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Course Description

Welcome to the most comprehensive coaching course in E-book sales and publishing.

Today, with 3 billion mobile internet users internet, there is a huge opportunity to sell affordable e-books to the masses. Average writers using a smart marketing system can access a large share of this market. In fact, you do not have to be a genius or a "New York Times best seller". You can learn how to use powerful marketing tactics to start your own successful e-book publishing business and deliver ordinary products through mass marketing.

Industry Facts: Due to Internet Democratization, the power is shifting from large multi-million dollar publishing companies to smaller FAST MOVING companies who typically earn between $50 000 and $100 000 per month. This executive coaching course for publishers will teach you everything about starting, growing and selling your own publishing business.

5 Reasons why this this course could be the best investment you ever made:

1. Modeled on a proven marketing system which is already making millions for other publishers. We teach you exactly how the Harvard Business Review, MIT and other best selling publications are distributed on the web - and how you can do the same in order to receive a solid income from readers around the world.

2. You save THOUSANDS in consultancy fees - since you will have access to a specialist marketing consultant who is also your course tutor.

3. Accelerated learning: You can learn quickly about what works best in the publishing industry

4. Templated, ready-made solutions: No need to re-invent the wheel. Start your business immediately after completing the course

5. Business support: Use the Udemy forum to get free business support for your new publishing company.

Here is what you will learn:

Learn which supply chains really matter for your ebooks:

A market segmentation analysis reveals why you cannot give exclusivity to one vendor - and which supply chains to use. We debunk myths and disinformation about contracts, teach you how semi-exclusivity works - and empower you to become a multi-channel publishing operation.

The best practical advise to publish on multiple platforms:

Learn how to leverage Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Apple iStore with specific tactics that work on each platform.

Avoid costly mistakes: There is a tendency among new publishers to miss out on massive segments of the market by signing exclusive deals with Amazon's KDP select program. Instead of limiting yourself to only a fraction of the market through exclusivity, this course teaches e-book publishers to seize Maximum Market Share.

Leverage the power of outsourcing:

Learn how to make 700% profit on ebooks that other writers create for your publishing company. Work less yourself and hire more people to contribute towards your wealth.

Selling your publishing company for a 7 figure deal within 12 months:

After starting an e-book publishing start-up can be sold for as much as $500K. After consulting with several publishers on a successful formula, Adriaan Brits will share valuable tactics that will enable you to sell an e-book company every 12 months to cashed up investors.

Next steps:

Are you ready to soon launch your own e-books and that of other writers into a market of 3 billion users across Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Apple iStore ? Ready to apply some powerful principles to your own e-book publishing business and to see credible results? Join us today and join the insider track to successful e-book publishing.

What are the requirements?

  • You should have good internet access
  • Be prepared to participate in the forum discussions
  • You should complete the course before starting your publishing business

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 33 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • Use a multi-channel approach to target millions of e-book readers globally
  • Learn proven marketing systems that works for successful publishers
  • Plan and scale your publishing business
  • Identify new mass marketing opportunities for e-books every month
  • Create & Design awesome e-book content
  • Understand and leverage the value of social proof
  • Write great e-books yourself for multi-channel publication
  • Outsource to other writers to build your own online empire
  • Sell your business to investors within 12 months of starting up

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs interested in the digital publishing field
  • Writers who want to reach a much bigger audience
  • This course is probably NOT for people who are interested in blogging or OFFLINE publishing and printed books, since we focus on digital supply chains such as iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon
  • Content marketing specialists who need to know more about multi-channel mass distribution
  • New and Existing publishers will gain excellent value from the course

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
Lifetime access

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion


Section 1: Introduction to the executive coaching course for publishers
Introduction and Welcome

Meet your coach session


This course is highly interactive with forum support - this is your invitation to make the most of it.

Section 2: E-book market facts and trends: 3 Billion and growing fast

Here we show you where the market is today - and where it is heading in the next few years, and why this is such an awesome opportunity.


Here we show you who the most important players are within the supply chain and why multi-channel e-book retail is so important.


Learn how to win against suppliers such as Amazon KDP select in order to maintain your grip on multiple channels

Powerful market approaches that work: Enter and sustain yourself in the market
Section 3: Growing your e-book publishing business through content promotion

Learn 5 factors that influence the promotion decision of a content management system


Learn how to carry out longtail keyword research and how to follow up with social media profiles to target the right keywords


Learn how to use a copywriting system that guides the reader through all the essential steps

Test your knowledge of copywriting
1 question
Section 4: The premium content strategy: How to charge a premium for the right content

How to create premium products that sells for much higher prices and how to differentiate between premium and mass markets

Pricing throughout the product lifecycle
Section 5: Super Growth tactics with Email marketing

Learn why email marketing is powerful and what types of email marketing templates to use


Learn how email automation can help you manage your customers better and grow your business

  • 1.Be able to create, test and implement an email campaign
  • 2.Grow your business more effectively with better tactics
9 pages

Study some useful terminologies used for email and database marketing

156 pages

This is a supplemental guide which is probably one of the most advanced and up to date scoops on email marketing

Section 6: The 6 golden rules of mass marketing

The difference between mass and niche markets and how to choose a market


Tactics used in mass marketing depends on 6 golden rules. Learn how to use them.

3 pages

This Tech Crunch article has been added to help draw your attention to the fact that more and more digital products are being distributed to the 99% - or poorer segment, across the world. This is precisely why we advocate a mass marketing approach for e-book entrepreneurs.

Section 7: Publisher basics: Help with Formatting, Contracts and publisher ethics
3 pages

Look at this easy guide to HTML formatting

4 pages

This is a text document that you should read about the basics of formatting. Make sure this is also shared with your virtual assistant if you are training them to work for you.

17 pages

This is a quick and easy guide to convert Microsoft Word content to ePub. This will help you publish in iTunes easily.

2 pages

Discussing publisher ethics with reference to COPE

1 page

Publishers have numerous contracts with iTunes, Amazon and Google. This introduces you to the basics of contracting.


Publishers participate in a global marketplace, hence it is useful to consider global business ethics to improve our long term public perception in the marketplace.

Section 8: Outsourcing: How to scale up a publishing business through outsourcing

In this session we discuss the benefits of outsourcing, with tips and traps. We introduce you to Upwork, PeoplePerHour and other outsourcing hubs.

Section 9: E-book millionaires exposed: How they do it

Adopt and implement an easy system for market research that will expose any best-seller.


See exactly what steps this author followed to become successful


Learn powerful tips and processes as a result of reverse-engineering tactics used by the author Tim Ferriss.

Testing your knowledge of marketing tactics
4 questions
Section 10: Selling your publishing business to investors

Learn how to valuate, promote and sell your business to investors with cash.


Learn which channels or agents to use in order to sell your business quickly

Section 11: Final presentation - remember to watch this!
Conclusion message - please remember to watch this video on completion!

Instructor Biography

Adriaan Brits , MBA Marketing Coach

Adriaan Brits is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur with a successful track record.

By taking his courses on Udemy, you can save thousands in consulting fees and have access to some brilliant actionable marketing advice:

Learn from experts how to generate a serious income online using proven platforms

Change your career to become a professional marketer

Adapt your existing business to benefit from digital revenue streams

Gain intensive knowledge on how to benefit from multi billion dollar ecosystems such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple

Spend just a fraction of the price large companies pay for the same advise and learn some really potent marketing concepts: Adriaan Brits provides consultancy to large organizations and start-ups, working with interesting teams of growth-hackers and social media experts. International, Luxury and Digital Marketing are his passions, in which he holds a MSC degree from Oxford. He is a firm believer in continuous development and a dedicated researcher in his field.

Is your company too small to hire a full time Marketing Director or Chief Technology Officer? Join Adriaan's courses on Udemy or consider using him as your consultant.

Adriaan says: "I really look forward to meeting you and engaging with you on the course. It is an interactive environment where our sole purpose is to help you gain valuable business skills that you can turn into profit. Through Udemy, I aim to make excellent advice available at very affordable prices, thereby creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs"

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    • Susan Gast

    How The Big Dogs Market Their eBooks ...

    Great course by Adriaan Brits; didn't realize just how naive I was when it comes to the big world of PROFITABLE eBook selling and mass-marketing. Very glad I took this course which offers good downloadable content and an insight to how to market your eBook and eventually sell your online business.

    • jonathan chapman

    no fluff - just want you need

    I really like the style of setting up your publishing company to maximize all the profit available. Additionally, he gives you all the major niches which saves time and money.

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