eBay: How To Sell Used Car Parts On eBay

eBay sells 2,000,000 used parts/month. These parts are easy to find, inexpensive to buy and offer large profits.
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About This Course

Published 6/2015 English

Course Description

Selling used auto parts on eBay is a REAL biz model that is low risk, simple and profitable. This step-by-step course will teach you exactly 1) what to avoid 2) how to maximize your profits. Your customers are often desperate because older car owners have few options when that auto or light truck breaks down. eBay isn't just an answer - it's the ONLY answer ... and that's where you come in. Before you choose a single part you will know its wholesale cost and its average eBay profit so the amount of money you make selling used parts is 100% up to you. Go to eBay now and see the millions of car parts for sale - and then come back here and grab a piece of that market for yourself!

What are the requirements?

  • You must have an eBay and Paypal account
  • You should be able to make a basic eBay listing page
  • All eBay sellers need a camera, even if it's only a smartphone or tablet

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand and appreciate the staggering income possibilities of used car and light truck part
  • Know where and how to source used used auto parts
  • Understand which makes and models are the most proitable
  • Predict what to sell to maximize your profits
  • Know how to present your parts in a way that will appeal to your Perfect Customer
  • Choose your own profit level based on the skills you've learned
  • Appreciate how simple this e-commerce model truly is

Who is the target audience?

  • It is perfect for sellers who are risk-averse
  • Selling used car parts is for those who want to sell a physical product rather than a digital one
  • Selling these parts can be either a part-time or full time income stream
  • This course is perfect for students who don't have huge sums of money to invest in a business

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Proof: This Is A Highly Profitable Biz Model

We hear a lot about "great" business opportunites that just ... aren't. So feast your eyes on these 8 delicious reasons why you absolutely can make money by selling used auto part on eBay. This is the proof you're looking for and you will find it here.


I've been selling on eBay since the winter of 1996 and I've been teaching almost my entire adult life. So if you're wondering if I'm one of those losers who just makes up stuff to sell courses or books, check out my credentials.


There's no question that eBay has dropped in selling power in the last few years. So eBay executives must be singing and dancing over the incredibly lucrative used parts business on eBay. Watch this video and see the MILLIONS of listings for yourself. Don't you want a piece of this action?


If you're not very interested in car parts, don't worry because I'm not either. I don't know a spark plug from a carburetor - but we don't have to know. You are selling them, not becoming a car enthusiast - although, if cars are your passion, that's cool, too. Question: if it's not immoral or illegal, do you really care what you sell?

2 pages

It's way too easy to get excited about an idea - and then let it slip slowly away. I don't want that to happen to you so use this simple guide for increasing your motivation. It won't take long and it will dramatically increase your chances of sticking with this - until you start making money. At that point, the motivation won't be a problem.

Section 2: Where To Get All The Used Parts You Want

Your profit depends on how EFFICIENT you are at sourcing your parts. So here's some great advice on how NOT to get those parts. It's not that this advice is bad - it's just unreliable. Fortunately, these's a better way and we will teach it to you.


So many would-be sellers wonder where the Big Dogs get their inventory. Do they have secret sources? Is there an Insider's Club from which they're excluded? Starting in this video, we'll show you how to get all the used parts you want, more than you can ever handle, with a constant stream of new inventory coming your way. This time, YOU are the insider!


Come with me on a visit to my local parts source. It's where I get all the parts I sell on eBay and you will see exactly why I'm so excited about this way of making money. They have more parts than I can ever handle and I've NEVER seen another eBay seller on my trips. In fact, with discreet questioning of employees, I don't believe there are any others. So let's just keep this our secret, OK?


There's a famous selling maxim that goes, "You can make money when buy, not when you sell." Before I leave my office, I know what parts are available and I know what I'm going to buy for resale. No standing around with smartphone in hand trying to figure it out. If the maxim is true, I've made my money while I'm still sitting in my office chair and you can do the same thing.

Quiz: Finding Those Parts
9 questions
Section 3: What Car & Truck Parts Should I Stock?

Take advantage of my experience to decide which parts you're interested in BEFORE you spend a single penny on inventory. In this video, I explain the parts I'm not interested in - and why. Of course, you may make different choices, which is great, but you need to think rationally about this important subject before your first buying trip.


Here are the parts I focus on and why I love them so much. After watching this video, you will be able to make your own list of parts that make sense to you so that you can maximize your profits while minimizing your time.


You just might be surprised at some of the car makes whose parts don't sell well. For instance, we all think we would love to find a Lamborghini or Ferrari ... but they're not good choices at all. This information is based on lots of experience with selling parts and following listings on eBay - and they're based on some bad choices that cost me money or are still sitting in our storeroom.


In this video, you will learn about my favorite cars, the ones that are predictable money makers. Spend your time on these - especially when you're new to the game. This video will help you to focus your efforts until you get the experience you need to feel confident about what parts you want to sell.

Quiz: Which Parts?
10 questions
Section 4: The Must-Do Key To Auto Parts Profits!

This is a very simple business model. There are only two parts that are challenging at all. The first one is knowing how this business works and you're learning that in this course. The second one is doing your research on eBay so that you avoid mistakes. This video will clearly show you why you absolutely must do your 'homework' before you specialize on parts. This business is NOT about ''guessing''. We're professionals.


If you go to a store like Walmart, you have little choice but to use your smartphone or tablet when you're choosing inventory, because you don't know what they have for sale until you get there. Fortunately, with used auto and light truck parts, that's not true. I carry all my research with me on my tablet so in a few seconds I can find what I'm looking for and know if it's a smart buy. That's what you need, too, and a spreadsheet is one way to make your precious information portable.


A database is even more useful for carrying around your information, because the data can be instantly organized in so many different ways: by category, by car part; by make or model, by price, by shipping costs. However, databases are a bit tricky to set up so this video is only for more technologically advanced folks (or those like me who are lucky enough to have a tech whiz for a son).


It would seem that online services like Evernote might be a great way to store your data. After all, they're portable, aren't they? Yes, but we don't recommend them and in this video I'll tell you why. You may still choose to use them but at least you'll know the problems that might occur.


In this video, we'll show you exactly what to look for on eBay so that you'll have a clear understanding of whether a part will be profitable for you - or not. It's not that hard; it just takes a bit of practice.


When you look at eBay used parts listings, you will see the term "OEM" everywhere. An OEM part is more trouble but it has a higher perceived value so you need to decide if it's worth it to you to figure out whether your parts are OEM.


You've figured out that a car part is a really b-a-d idea, so it's time to delete it from your spreadsheet or database, right? Wrong! In this very quick video I'll tell you why I never delete any kind of information from my database.


It's finally time to go on your first inventory-buying safari. It's exciting and a bit intimidating. But it will go well simply because you took the time to follow this process. So pack up your tools and let's head out.

Quiz: Avoiding Mistakes & Losses
9 questions
Section 5: Getting Your Parts Off The Car or Truck

Obviously, you need some tools to deal with car parts and I was personally intimidated by that. But the good news is that you most likely have everything you need in your house or apartment right now. After all, doesn't everyone have a screwdriver? And if you don't have anything, borrow from a friend or family member just for your first trip. The ONLY tool I recommend buying cost me less than $10.

1 page

This handy sheet will help you be more organized about your tools. Relying on memory when you're heading out the door is inefficient and may cost you valuable parts because you can't remove them. So plan ahead and don't forget anything.

Section 6: Listing My Parts For Maximum Profits

In this video, I show you a really terrible listing and an excellent, very professional one. There's always a lot of value in seeing what NOT to do, although the interesting thing is that the awful seller sold almost every one of his parts. Still, he insulted his customers which is a foolish thing to do and a mistake you don't want to make.


eBay may be famous for auctions but they offer Buy It Now (BIN) sales as well. Which should you choose for used parts? The answer is very clear and you will know what to do after you see this video.


Used car parts are a keyword-drive business and your title is critical. No matter how great your offers, if the desperate car owner can't find you, you lose. Fortunately, that won't happen after you watch this video.


Did you know that car parts often fit multiple cars and multiple years? In fact, it may fit up to 15-20 different models. Obviously, you want to let all of those sellers know that you have the answer to their problem - but how do you do that?


Price is always tricky. Too low and we leave money on the table, too high and we price ourselves out of the game. Fortunately, eBay listings will give you fairly accurate guidelines until you gain the experience to know exactly what you can charge.


There are sellers you post pictures of chipped, rusty, cobweb-covered parts. But that's foolish because it repulses buyers. You don't have to be a great photographer (I'm not!) but decent pictures are a must. We humans are a visual species and you need to use that fact to maximize your profits.


Congratulations! You made that sale and the money is in your Paypal account. Now what? It's important to know your options and make your choices before the sale so that you have a smooth process. Nothing will annoy buyers more than having to wait an exceedingly long time for their order and that is particularly true when they need your part for their ailing automobile.


In this video, we take a look at an auction eBay listing page so that you won't have any nasty surprises when it's actually staring you in the face. Even if you've listed other merchandise on eBay, there are some choices that are peculiar to the used parts business so take a look at how it works.

Quiz: Listing Your Valuable Parts
11 questions
Section 7: Money, Money, Money!

Only YOU can decide on how much money you make because your choices will be unique and individual to you. But we give you some numbers in this video so that you can figure the income you want to make, and how to reach that level. Do you want this to provide a full time income, or are you looking for an additional income stream?

2 pages

With this crucial step, you see exactly what you have to do to create whatever income you want with this business. When you've recorded your data you will know EXACTLY what has to be done to reach your goals - and that information is worth its weight in gold.

Section 8: Handouts
2 pages

This course outline will help you refer to parts you'd like to re-watch and also includes links to some of the resources mentioned in the videos.

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Instructor Biography

Sydney Johnston, Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur and Writer

For 25 years I was a middle school and gifted student teacher. Then I left the school system to be an entrepreneur. I began selling on eBay in 1996 (I was an eBay Powerseller before there were powersellers! :-) I have taught online classes in business and natural health, including the very successful "Auction Genius Course". I have created multiple marketing courses, been interviewed on the radio - including eBay radio, spoken at numerous seminars and have created products with high-profile marketers like Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Jimmy Brown, Armand Morin, Robert Imbriale and Jim Cockrum.

I am the author of many books, several on Kindle and in print, and am an editor and writer for a health blog.

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