Guitar Insanity Workout - Eatmystrings!
3.9 (18 ratings)
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2,675 students enrolled
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Guitar Insanity Workout - Eatmystrings!

Amazing guitar picking exercises to develop great technique, Results in just 30 days!
3.9 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,675 students enrolled
Published 7/2012
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will significantly improve your guitar technique including: alternative picking, legatto, sweep and string skipping
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  • all you need is a guitar and desire to improve in just 30 days!

Welcome to the "Eatmystrings - Guitar Insanity Workout"

This course will help you develop guitar-picking techniques through guitar picking exercises, master pentatonic shapes, modes and arpeggios! It will work for beginners as well as advanced guitarists.

First, you will start from 85 BPM with simple warm-up guitar exercises, then it will move to 5 E minor pentatonic shapes, scales and the last technique would be sweep.

Don't skip the slow part because this is how you will get the best workout! The slower you do it, the more control you have over your hands!

Play through section 1 every day once a week. You will notice the improvement on your right hand touch and will have full control over your hands!

Once you feel comfortable with section 1, start working on section 2 (100 BPM), and continue your daily workout on section 1

When you get to section 2 you will notice different and more complicated pentatonic licks and instead of 5 pentatonic shapes, we will get into 7 modes from G major scale to 6 string arpeggios.

Start adding exercises from part 2 into your daily workout and keep practicing part 1 daily!

It will take some time to master part 2, but pretty soon you will start seeing results!

Once you are comfortable playing through section 2 move on to section 3 (120 BPM)

Section 3 is the final part of the workout and will help you polish your technique and make all the transitions smooth! It contains a new set of warm up licks, all 7 modes and sweep arpeggios.

Gradually start adding section 3 to your daily workout and continue practicing sections 1 and 2.

By the time you get to the third section you will see a difference in your playing!

After completing section 3, practice this workout daily. After all the shapes are mastered and desired level is achieved, you can use part 3 as a daily warm-up!


Who is the target audience?
  • this course is fit for any levels vrom beginner to advanced
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:47

Hi my name is Alex Feather Akimov, I have been a professional guitar player for more than 15 years. I have been active in the music industry for nearly ten years as a touring musician, a session guitarist and a solo artist in his own right, appeared on eleven studio albums, has played in over 100 live performances across the United States and has collaborated with a wide variety of notable artists, including Steve Vai, Britney Spears and Rihanna,Greg Howe, Frank Gambale.

This course is a guitar workout and will bring you results in as little as 40 minutes a day! 

Preview 01:47
Part 1 (85 BPM)
10 Lectures 33:24

This part is a series of warm up exercises based on A minor pentatonic, when you are playing it make sure your hands are relax and there is absolutely no tention in your hands and arms! 

Preview 05:31

Warm Up exercises 85 BPM PDF format
Preview 2 pages

In this section I will explain in details part 1 will show you all the scales and shapes being used! 

Preview 07:53

Pentatonic Workout Section

This section contains three different exercises:

1) E minor pentatonic 5 shapes (Long)

2) E minor pentatonic 5 shapes (Short)

3) E minor pentatonic string skipping


By doing this exercises you will master all 5 shapes of minor pentatonic, will develop alternative picking and string skipping

Pentatonic Workout (85 BPM)

E minor pentatonic 5 positions
Pentatonic Workout 85 BPM
5 pages

Scales Workout Section

Contains two exercises:

1) F# Locrian Scale 

2) F# Locrian Scale in thirds


This exercise will help you to master alternative picking you will also learn playing scale in thirds that can be turned into creative and interesting licks! 

Scales Workout (85 BPM)

G major scale
Scales Workout 85 BPM
7 pages

G major scale played in thirds
G Major Scale In Thrirds 85 BPM
1 page

Sweep Workout Section

85 BPM

This section contains 4 exercises 

1) G major 6 string arpeggio with tapping

2) A minor 6 string arpeggio with tapping

3) Sweep Sequence based on 5 string arpeggios from G major scale

4 All 5 string arpeggios fromn G major scale (7 positions)


From my experience 85 BPM tempo is the easiest tempo to practice sweep and picking not too slow and not too fast! This exercises will improve your sweep picking technique very fast! 

Sweep Workout 85 BPM

4 Sweep Exercises: G major 6 string arpeggio A minor 6 String arpeggio Sweep Sequence 7 Arpeggios from G major scale
Sweep Workout 85 BPM
4 pages
Part 2 (100 BPM)
7 Lectures 20:57

Pentatonic Licks Section

100 BPM

This is the first exercise of the medium section it contains 14 exercises specially developed to improve alternative picking and sync left and right hands! It has a lot of string skippings and chromatic parts to make all four finger do the job! 

Pentatonic Licks (100 BPM)

Licks workout 100 BPM
Licks Workout 100 BPM
2 pages

Scales & Shapes part 2 

I will explain in details all teh scales and shapes from part 2

Shapes & Scales Part 2

Modes Workout Section

100 BPM

It contains:

1) All 7 shapes from G major scale

2) G major scale played in thirds

This section is not an easy to do but more you will do it easier it will get! This exercise is designed to build strength and sync your hands in no time!! 

Modes Workout (100 BPM)

7 modes of G major scale
Scales Workout 100 BPM
7 pages

Sweep Workout Section

100 BPM

This section contains two 6 string arpeggios G major and A minor

Will help you to get your speed sweep picking to the next level in no time! 

Sweep Workout (100 BPM)

Sweep Workout 100 BPM
Sweep Workout 100 BPM
1 page
Part 3 (120 BPM)
7 Lectures 19:07

Licks Workout Section

120 BPM

This section contains 10 licks that will help you to develop alternative picking and sync left and right hands together! 

Some licks are similar to each other or the same, the reason is that this kind of repetition will help you to build a better muscle memory and get results faster!

Licks Workout (120 BPM)

Licks Workout 120 BPM
Licks Workout 120 BPM
2 pages

I will show you all the scales and shapes used for section 3 and will explain in details what fingers to use! 

Shapes & Scales Part 3

Scales Workout Section

85 BPM

This section contains two exercises:

1) F# Locrian scale

2) G major scale in thirds

Those exercises will help you to sync hands together and build a very accurate and clean picking technique! 

Scales Workout (120 BPM)

7 Modes of G major scale
Scales Workout 120 BPM
8 pages

Sweep Workout Section

120 BPM

This is the last part of the course it contains 5 strings arpeggios of all 7 shapes of G major scale. This exercise will make your sweep technique clean and accurate and will help you to learn theory behind major scale harmonization 

Sweep Workout (120 BPM)

Sweep Workout 120 BPM
Sweep Workout 120 BPM
2 pages
1 Lecture 01:33

Thank you very much for taking my course! You will learn a lot from it and will be able to master all scales and shapes in no time! :) 

Backing Tracks
3 Lectures 17:17
Chord progression: Ami7-D9
Backing Track 85 BPM

Chord progression: G-Emi-Ami-D
Backing Track 120

Chord progression: G-Emi-Ami-D
Backing Track 100 BPM
About the Instructor
Alex Feather Akimov
3.9 Average rating
18 Reviews
2,675 Students
1 Course

Alex “Feather” Akimov (born May 28, 1986) is an Russian – American guitarist and composer.As an active musician for nearly ten years, he appeared on eleven studio albums in addition to collaborating with a wide variety of artists.Alex Feather Akimov started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. In 2006 Graduated from Gnessin State Musical College Moscow, Russia got a BA degree in Classical guitar, Jazz guitar, composition September 2006 moved to Los Angeles, California to study at Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music where he was learning from great teachers such as Frank Gambale , Steve Fister, Greg Howe and many others. After graduating Los Angeles Music Academy in 2008 Alex started working as a full time musician.In 2008 Alex was hired to work with nationally touring band Ziv.Alex appeared on two records “Fearless” and “Paper & Sound” CD “Fearless” become best Independent record of the year, performed more than a hundred shows around the US. After quitting Ziv in 2010 Alex started working with a famous Russian artist 3 times (Russian) Grammy Award winner Irene Nelson.Irene’s music video for debut single “Sunrise” aired on “MTV Russia” and “Muz-Tv,” “Sunrise” charted in the Billboard Dance Charts. 

Debut single “All About The Rain” was released in November 2010 Produced by Alex Feather Akimov/Brian Duffy/Brian Garcia. New single “Search” Ft Greg Howe is a collaboration of Alex with a guitar virtuoso Greg Howe was released in March 2011. In February 2012 third single "Beautiful Lani" FT Frank Gambale has been released on iTunes.