Eating for Weight Loss
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Eating for Weight Loss

Get to Grips with Food - Learn how to give up on the "diets" for good.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Created by Lesley Morrison
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to develop a sustainable and healthy diet, without "dieting"
  • Learn the importance of Nutrient dense foods for health reasons
  • Understand what Micro & Macronutrients are and why they are important
  • Explore the real meaning of "Sustainable" diet
  • Know how to calculate your own personal calorie intake and expenditure
  • Understand the necessity of water in a healthy lifestyle and what it does for the body
  • Have a better understating of the body and how it processes food for energy
  • Understand what may have been preventing a successful weight loss up to this point
  • Improve your relationship with food.
  • Know the best course of action to suit your needs, lifestyle, culture and budget.
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  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • You may want to print the course resources or make notes throughout the course.
  • You will require a need a notepad & writing tools to keep notes of any important points within the course.
  • You will require access to a PC, Mac, laptop, mobile or tablet for this course

Diets & Nutrition are confusing, everyday there is a new tabloid article contradicting the previous days claim. Leaving us, the general public, sat scratching our heads not really knowing whether we should cut out carbs, reduce fat or remove red meat from our daily food intake. 

During this course, I set the record straight, allowing you to enjoy food whilst still successfully losing weight. 

  • Do we really need to strip our diets back to lettuce & plain chicken in order to lose a few inches? 
  • Are carbs evil? 
  • Does fat make you fat? 
  • Does Alcohol really affect my waistline?

I'll answer these and all of the most frequently asked question, I'll explain what food is & what makes up good nutrition. I'll explain macro's, calories, metabolism and much more.  Oh and of course, Alcohol. 

This course will free you from the constraints and restrictions of the "diets" put upon you by the multi-billion dollar corporations that fuel the lies to feed their profit. I'll give you the real, honest facts and help you to change the way that you think & feel about food. 

You will complete this course and never need to "diet" again. 

Plus as an extra bonus, I have included over 100 amazing, healthy, easy to make recipes for you to download from the resources section and try out at home. 

Start living and enjoying food, stop counting calories and living from one diet to the next!  Understand nutrition and step away from the "one size fits all" approach that simply doesn't work to support your goals.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who wish to lose weight or change their body composition
  • People who want to grasp a better understanding of what "good" nutrition is
  • Anyone who wants to eat a healthy and balanced nutrient dense diet
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
2 Lectures 06:04

Welcome to the Eating for Weight Loss course. 

Thank you for joining the course and embarking on this journey through food and diets with me. 

During this course I am going to share a lot of facts and information with you, but take your time and digest all of it. 

Remember you will have lifetime access to this course, so if you ever feel confused, simply revisit the lectures and refresh your knowledge.

Before we delve in to the course curriculum, let me just explain a little more about how the course works and what to do if you get stuck or have a question. 

Once again thank you for joining me and I hope that you enjoy the course. 

Preview 02:15
What is Nutrition?
19 Lectures 02:02:40

Have you ever thought of what food really is? Or is it simply calories & fuel to you?

During this lesson we start to explore what food is and why we need to start thinking of it as more than simply "fuel".

Preview 07:15

When we talk about what good nutrition is, we are not just talking about how much you are eating, but what you're eating and the quality of your food. 

What do you think good nutrition is? 

Let's explore this during this lecture. 

What Is "Good" Nutrition?

Now that we have talked a little about Nutrient Density, let's just check your understanding. 

Do You Understand Nutrient Density?
4 questions

Being Mindful is a way of thinking, and in this lecture we are going to look at how you can apply mindfulness to your eating behaviours. 

It is quite self explanatory, however, as we spend so little time consciously thinking about our actions from day to day, this simple change to your thought process can have profound effects on your actions and results. 

Mindful Munching - What Are You Eating & Why?

It's important to remember that the choices that you make are exactly that, choices. By not being on a diet you are not confined by rules or restrictions, rather choices and decisions. 

The choices that you make will always have an outcome and if that outcome is a change in your body composition, size of weight then the choice or action is right for you. 

During this lecture I am going to discuss with you the choices that you make and why you make them. 

Habitual behaviours, influences and peer pressure are three of the main causes for people to "fall off the wagon", but this needn't be the case. 

Your Food Choices

Over the years I have come to recognise that people find food labels confusing. There is a great deal of information provided, but it is often misleading and downright impossible to make sense of. 

During this lecture we look at food labelling, what each piece of information means and what you should be looking at. 

Reading A Food Label

You have probably heard people say "your diet needs to be sustainable", but sustainable to who or more importantly, what? 

As humans we take "food" for granted, and we don't consider where it comes from or how it gets to our plate. But what would happen if suddenly, all of your favourite foods simply ceased to be? 

During this lecture we discuss the sustainability of your "diet" not only to you, but to the land in which the food grows or grazes.

Sustainability Of Your "Diet"

If you have tried various "diets" then you may have come across the term Macros before. You may even have a brief understanding of what it means. 

In my career as a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, this term has come up on more occasions than I can remember, but not one person has ever really understood the term. 

So let's clear up any confusion before we discuss the three separate "MacroNutrients" in more detail.

MacroNutrients - The Power of Protein

Carbohydrates are the root cause of so much confusion for people trying to lose weight. 

  • Should you remove carbs from your diet?
  • Should you refrain from eating carbs after 4pm?
  • Are carbs the root cause of weight gain?
  • What's the difference between simple & complex carbs?
  • Are carbs the cause of bloating?
So many questions arise around carbohydrates, so during this lecture, I am going to share nothing but FACTS with you. This way you know the absolute truth about carbs and can finally put the matter to rest. 
MacroNutrients - Carbohydrate Confusion

Fat doesn't make you fat! It really is that simple!

If you've dieted, you will likely have removed fats from your diets, but do you know &I understand the difference between the different kinds of fat? 

Did you know that some fats are beneficial to weight loss & health?

We all need fat in our diets, so let's discuss fat in more detail and get to know the truth! 

It's time to buy full fat!

MacroNutrients - Is Fat the Enemy?

Although you may be familiar with, or at least have heard of MacroNutrients, are you aware of their smaller brother? 

Micronutrients may be smaller than Macros, and needed in smaller quantities by the body, but that doesn't make them any less crucial for your bodies health. 

This lecture includes downloadable charts and will introduce you to a variety of Micros and what they offer your body. 

In this quick reference guide I have detailed more on deficiencies and their related health problems (although you should not use this to medically diagnose an issue, it may help you to find underlying causes to some minor and quite major health complaints). 


Why Water is So Important

Metabolism is often blamed when people fail to lose weight and rightly so in some cases. 

BUT... have you actually caused your metabolism to slow down to a rate slower than expected for your age? 

Metabolism -what's the story?

Alcohol is like liquid cake, even a small amount of alcohol can yield an incredibly high caloric value. 

It is often the cause of belly fat and imbalance in hormones and can massively reduce the results that you achieve in weight loss. 

In this part of the course you can download an Information Sheet to help you understand how alcohol may be affecting your results. 

How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

Calorie counting has been around for longer than I have, but does it actually work? 

Well yes & no! 

Although counting your calories will allow you to monitor and control the amount of energy going into your body, it does not actually help you in putting the RIGHT energy into your body. 

Should You Calorie Count?

It may sound bizarre, but even the layout of your kitchen may have an affect on your weight loss, so during this lesson I will help with the way in which you lay out and put away foods within your kitchen space. 

I've even included a video into my own kitchen to show you around one of the foods that I keep in stock. 

You can also complete the Kitchen MakeOver test sheet here to see how your kitchen scores. 

Setting Up Your Kitchen

Clean eating has become very popular over the past few years and we have seen diets that promote this from Paleo to primal. 

These diets purely take us back to a diet that cavemen or Neanderthal Neolithic era men and women consumed. 

During this lesson, we'll look at how viable this kind of diet is and what clean eating actually is. 

Organic Foods & Bulk Meal Prepping

Additives & E-Numbers - What Are They?

Sabotage comes in many forms and disguises, you can do it to yourself with negative thought patterns and belief or you may feel that your family and/or friends are sabotaging your weight loss.

During this lecture we look at how to overcome these situations and how to manage, and plan for saboteurs.

We'll  also discuss why it may be occurring.


When you first start to eat a good, well balanced, nutrient dense diet, knowing what to eat or how to combine foods can feel daunting. That is why I have included this final lecture of the course.

Over my 10+ year career as a nutrition coach and personal trainer I have created, played with and tried out hundreds, if not thousands of healthy recipes.

Each of these recipes supports a weight loss goal and offers a starting point in which you can find new ideas and inspiration. 

In this lecture you will find, in the supporting resources, over 100 healthy recipes to try. 

These recipes include drinks & smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, treat and snacks.

There are even recipes for healthy option cakes and cookies. 

Because eating healthy isn't about deprivation or restriction it's just about balance. 

Recipes For You To Try
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Lesley Morrison
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Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

For ten years + I have been helping people across the world in achieving their weight loss results, both face to face and online. My career as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and mindset coach has led me to some amazing places and I have had the privilege of working with some truly inspiring people. 

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some of the worlds leading nutrition coaches, mindset and transformation specialist, psychologist and neuro-specialists. This has allowed me to develop a service that goes beyond just exercise & diet! 

I have been able to take all that I have learnt & studied and create a programme, or series of programmes, that have succcessfully changed lives, and I have now been able to turn these programmes into online course which can be accessed all over the world at any time.

Taking from my own experience of weight loss, and those of my clients & creating live workshops, courses and training for people who want to make successful changes to their health, lifestyle and body. 

Having trained and worked with some of the worlds leading authorities in Mindset, Nutrition, Health, Mindfulness, Reiki, CBT and NeuroPlasticity, I have dialled in on a greater strength and energy to transform the outcomes of diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Transforming lives rather than just bodies. 

I want to help people, not only achieve happiness in their bodies, but happiness full stop.