Eating Balanced for Life
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Eating Balanced for Life

Regulating your blood sugar is the Ultimate lifestyle eating to stay healthy and young
4.0 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
502 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Become confident about the basics of nutrition
  • Learn the basic food groups and which nutrient category they belong
  • Learn basic of blood sugar regulation via food
  • Learning the glycemic index and glycemic load of carbohydrate foods
  • Able to decide which food is best for when
  • Able to build menu plans
  • able to evaluate meals and make them balanced
  • Learn to incorporate any kind s of foods int the meal plan, "Have the chocolate cake and eat it too"
  • Learn to become self manager of bod weight and have the tools to apply for loosing weight or maintaining
  • Learn a way of eating which you will never feel hungry again
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  • Elementary school biology

You have been looking for the way of eating where you can eat anything and everything, you just need to learn how to build into your menu plan?

HAve you tried all diets and fashion trends, yet still hungry and gained the weight back?

Do you have any degenerative disease, diabetes, here disease, high cholesterol, high sugar had stroke, or cardiac episodes?

Do you have poor memory and low energy or feel depressed?

Do you like to have a healthy family and learn how to make balanced eating for your children?

Are you an athlete who is looking for to improve performance?

If yes then this basic simple course is for you.

You will learn very simple step by step the basics what you need to know to become your on nutritionist.

Dr Zsu has 3 master and and a PhD, a member of American College of Nutrition as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, --specializes in Blood sugar regulation. With 20 years experience in performance Dr Zsu confidently brings you the most practical, simple and easy way of eating what you can keep for life and enjoy what you eat.

And yes you ask if she eats this way: Yes she does

Visit her fb/fajcsak as questions directly

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has been confused about diets and trends in fashion diets
  • Anyone who tried any kinds of weight loss programs and gained it back
  • Anyone who is interested to make the shift and make health as highest value and have sustained healthy weightloss
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants to gain muscle
  • Anyone is looking for eating lifestyle where there is no hunger feeling
  • Anyone with diabetes and blood sugar issue
  • Anyone with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, low energy, depression, inflammatory illnesses, low immunity
  • Students or anyone who wants to increase focus and study better and more efficiently
  • Mothers who wants to build at home healthy lifestyle for the kids too
  • Athletes who like to improve performance and speed up recovery
  • Anyone one who wants to stay young and active longer
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
Introduction to the course
2 Lectures 11:35

Why should you learn to eat in Balance? and why should you study with Dr Zsu here. 20 years in teaching and 16+ in nutrition and a life long practice for keeping in shape and learn what the best for the body which is still sensible and science based. Blood sugar regulation is.

Dr Zsu as a performance coach infuses here many coaching aspects to understand your psychology and emotions which creates the current unhealthy lifestyle.

Preview 02:37

Why does starvation and restricted diet don't work and have actually adverse effect not he body. What works, and why should your approach be integrated starting with behavioral change, integrating lifestyle - Balanced eating with exercise

Preview 08:58
Body composition
3 Lectures 15:50

Learn what the body is made of, water, muscle and fat, and what percentage is healthy body fat. Its important that you understand the gender differences in how our body is made up, that men and women are not the same, and you shall not compare yourself.

It is vital that you understand the role of essential fat in the body, that you can not lose so much weight to effect this amount of fat, which is vital for the body to stay alive.

Storage fat is the only amount of fat you need to bring to healthy level

What is the body made of - Body composition

Learn why measuring body weight on a scale may not be so accurate when you are on a weight loss program and why using body fat assessment techniques like circumference and skin fold measures are far better and easier to show objectivity

Learn the marketing techniques in the industry what they use for fat measure.

There are simple two lead BIA (Bio Electric Impedance) machines what they use to me sure fat around your arm- which is accurately showing fatness on your arm.

Stay simple. USe the good old measuring tape, for your vallet sake too, as that is the best, along with your belt, as if you are losing fat health your belt size and pants size will be getting smaller.

How do we measure the body fatness- body composition

Learn the effect of cardio and strength training in the body, which will bring you the biggest most desired result.

Engaging your self into cardio exercise is important to get your heart, lungs, circulation in shape- metabolic fitness as well -- this means your blood cholesterol your sugar and insulin with blood pressure will normalize. CArdio if esp done on empty stomach will have benefit to lose fat. However to have a great effect on your body, you must combine cardio with strength training which will build muscle. Muscle is the only tissue which uses energy while at rest. So for the fastest effect combine the two.

How does training affects body composition

Weight loss and body composition
4 questions
Basic Nutrition knowledge
6 Lectures 23:17

The basics of energy, the definition and easy understanding how it relates to food and physical activity, which will help you to understand your health and nutrition in that reference.

It is not same calorie wise to eat 100g of caulk flower, 100 g of bred or 100g of almonds. LEarn why they are difference.

1 g of fat is 9kcal

1 g of carbohydrate is 4kcal

1 g of protein is 4kcal

So it matters that you learn what you eat, is it carb, protein or fat

Learn the caloric cost of different exercises and daily activities. Its important to understand that just spending your day with your daily work tasks, esp if you are sedentary is not enough for you health. Exercise and more activity n your life like house work is very important.

Chose your physical activity for you dray according to the goal you want to reach, Understand that light walk is more than sitting, however a brisk walk will accomplish more.

Energy and Food

Carbohydrate, Protein and fat are the basic of the nutrients which gives us energy. they have specific functions in the body.

Carbohydrate is most important fuel for the body, and its used for energy while costing the least amount of energy for the body.

Protein has specific role, as to repair cells and build new cells. Protein also functional elements in the body for hormones nerve cell ect. However when you don't eat enough carbs, then your body will use protein - your muscles to convert it to sugar and then to help fat to make energy for you

As fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates.

The role of fat is to provide storage form of energy, the is why 1 g of fat is 9kcal.

What are the nutrients and what are they used in the body for

Here we learn how to put theory into practice. Learn which foods belong to carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Carbohydrates are not only bread, pasta and rice and potato, but also all fruit s and veggie and so as legumes-- all the beans peas as well.

Protein foods are not only all the meats, chicken, eggs, but tofu and sea food as well. Protein drink is also protein

Food which considers fat, is not only the oils, lards, margarine, buyer, but cream, whipped cream, all nuts and seed, most mayo based dressing and mayo itself.

Carbs, protein and fat foods in picture

This is a photo and pictorial session of seeing the foods themselves instead of the list
Mixed foods in picture

I m showing you pictures here of different foods, recognize which foods belong to carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Carbohydrates are not only bread, pasta and rice and potato, but also all fruit s and veggie and so as legumes-- all the beans peas as well.

Protein foods are not only all the meats, chicken, eggs, but tofu and sea food as well. Protein drink is also protein

Food which considers fat, is not only the oils, lards, margarine, buyer, but cream, whipped cream, all nuts and seed, most mayo based dressing and mayo itself.

Practice recognizing food nutrients

Understand why is carbohydrate so important for the body. Without balanced blood sugar level your brain can't function properly. Only with even constant level of blood sugar can the body use stored fat for energy and keep body fat level healthy.

Carbohydrate stores in the body in the muscles and in the liver. The amount of stored carb depletes during 90 min moderate exercise or 20 hours fast.

The brain lives almost always on circulating blood sugar and for the brain to function properly its necessary to have tightly regulated blood sugar.

Why is carbohydrate important for the body
Basic knowledge for Blood sugar regulation
3 Lectures 14:34

Food entering onto the stomach then passes into the intestines -- goes through digestion during this time.. then absorbs into the blood. The blood transports the glucose to the cells where with the help of insulin glucose enters the cells and available for us to make energy, or if glucose is an excess will convert into fat and stores.

Not every carbohydrate food is the same for the body, Learn here why.

White bread pasta rice and potato will digest very fast and therefore goes into the blood stream fast too. This creates a higher blood sugar response which has curtail effect for your health.

Slower digested oats, fruits and veggies has slower - lower absorption and therefore blood sugar response which is much healthier for your body and the key for losing weight and keep it off.

WHat happens in the body with carbs

Learn the 3 different categories of carbohydrate foods based on they GI - Glycemic Index-- how high they raise blood sugar level.

Glycemic index is the number on a scale of 0-100, describing how fast one carbohydrate food absorbs into the blood, and how fat it raises blood sugar level. Low GI foods absorb faster, intermediate absorb slower but low GI foods absorb the slowest.

Low GI

veggies growing under the ground, except onion and radish, temperate and citrus fruits, legumes, oat,and fructose

Intermediate GI

sugar, papaya, jam, honey, banana if yellow-green, whole meal bread


anything made of white flour, bread, pasta pastry

Rice, potato and all below the ground veggies (except onion and radish)beet root, carrot, corn

How does different foods change the blood sugar level

Naturally we eat mixed foods, and they has an effect on the blood sugar level. This is how.

There are few things as tools to use here.

When you add a high GI carb with a Low GI the GI of the meal will be intermediate- GI averages out in meals.

Addition of lemon juice or vinegar will lower high GI to intermediate almost. a dig lemon water to rice and potato and white bread meals can reduce GI by 30%

Adding fat is not a healthy way to reduce GI but it does. French fries has lower GI then baked potato.

Adding fiber to a meal will reduce its GI, so you may even take Psyllium husk before then potato ad rice meal, however the addition of peas, chickpeas or beans to rice and potato dishes will be more tasty option.

WHole meal flours have always lower GI to stay whole meal

Over cooking rice and potato and pasta will increase their GI, as it soaked up water and gelatinize the carbohydrate molecules

Book for you to read:

Read my website articles

What happens to the blood sugar level when we eat mixed foods

Practice what you learnt about the basics of blood sugar regulation

Basic Blood Sugar Regulation
9 questions
Building Menu plan: Blood sugar regulation in Practice
7 Lectures 17:56

Understand and get confident making One balanced meal - this will help you to eat any foods you want as part of a balanced meal.

Use your two hands to make the healthy portion of your meals. Your two hands together makes the perfect size meal for you .

The palm size of your is the protein size. which is roughy 1/3 of your meal. 1/3 or one handful is your veggie size and 1/3 or the one handful is you rice, pasta, bread or potato size

Fat is added as moderation to your meal.

How to design one balanced meal

Learn how to make one balanced meal. MAke sample meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and in general learn how to make a meal balanced if its presented for ou eating out or you really want to eat something, like a chocolate cake-- so how can you build it into your healthy eating

Important that you prepare for your day so you are never stuck for food and skip meals.

How to design a whole day balanced menu

How to make entire day eating plans and extend it to week and months. This is the base of your future health. It is way worth to make the samples for your self, as this will give you very good help for later.

How to eat balanced in reality - Life long Health

Learn which foods are the best to eat before and after exercise so you have the most benefit of using your stored fat for exercise and feel great during exercise too.

Fruits veggies and whole meal low GI foods are the best for before workout.

High GI foods are the best to eat-- if you wanted to eat them - after workout, within 30-60 min

Otherwise use the balanced plate guide to build high GI foods into tour meals.

How to eat balanced for exercise

This is a sample one day menu for a 80kg normal body weight adult man.

Sample menu plans for normal weight adult exercising man

This is a one day sample menu plan of a normal body weight woman

Sample manu plan for a smaller exercising woman

The hunger scale is a very simple and important tool for you to know how well did you regulate your blood sugar level. Observing for hunger 45 min till 2 hour post meal is key so you can make changes in the previous meal if necessary for better blood sugar regulation. Normally you shall never be hungry ever if you regulate your blood sugar level well

The Hunger scale: measuring how balanced you meal was
1 Lecture 05:47

Drinking fluid is large part of the meal. Water is the bet and the only fluid our body really needs.

Hydration: What should you drink and how much

Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice
7 questions
Practical advise
16 Lectures 34:16

Filling up your plate with food, is also an art. Start with your protein and veggies then leave only the small room for the starchy carbohydrates.

How to load your plate with food in a buffet

There are so many school of thoughts and fashion diets, trends to lose weight quickly. Plastic wraps, starvations and excessive restrictions of calories have adverse effect for your health and its important that you learn the difference between weight loss and fat loss

Quick body weight loss comes form water and muscle loss, and down regulates the Basal Metabolic rate, which on the end will make you gain the weight back quickly.

Understand how exercise effects your weight loss and know that losing 0.5kg / 1 lbs of fat means accumulating 3500kcal of energy expenditure form exercise and if it was running you needed to run 56 km for this.

Learn how the body works and how there is no such a things that spot reduction on wish.

What should you now about fashion diets

Why does diets can not be kept long term? Because they are not practical and no one can live in the type of restrictions this means.

And since the is o sensible plan to continue after, then people go back to their old learnt eating habits.

Even if you followed a extreeme diet, its never late to switch to blood sugar regualtion and eat in balance

What happens on the end of diets

In order to make a life-long healthy lifestyle you need to first address you emotional and behaviour drivers. Clean up your fears and sadness, anger, depression all what needs to be faced, should be faced.

It is much easier to put healthy eating on a healthy mindset. Healthy mindset, elevating health to the highest value on your priority list will help you to chose healthy food and healthy active lifestyle

This is the Integrated health approach, multi angeld solution.

What work for life long healthy lifestyle management

This video will help you to understand just how big is your stomach and portion control is easy when you use the hand-size method. Thankfully we have our hands or can eye-ball the portions which greatly help in portioning food for one meal.

The main meal sizes are two handful and snack sizes are one handful of food.

Taking time chewing your food is the mechanical - chopping up- preparation of the food for digestion, which will break down the food to the smallest particles which can absorb and usable for the body as energy. It also allows the digestive enzymes in your saliva to mix with the food and make digestion complete.

Most of your indigestion issues will resolve if you just sit down and eat quetly while chewing your food well.

How do we need to eat, and why chew food

When you use utensils, you portion control the size of the bite. Eating with fork oppose to spoon will also make the bite even smaller. When you are eating with hand and eating sandwiches by biting into the food directly you lose control over how much food you place into your mouth for chewing.

In South East Asian countries eating with hand and eating with bread/ naan, or chapati bread is used as they didn't use to have utensils. This way you also eat much more bread as the bread is your spoon.

Why do we need to use utensils to eat

65-70% of our body is water. Without water in 3 days the body loses life. Water has vital role in almost every single process n the body.

EAting high water content foods are inlined with the body's water content therefore much more healthy for us.

Even 1% of weight loss due to dehydration / water loss, makes the body tired and perform less.

Why water is important for our body

EAting high water content foods are inlined with the body's water content therefore much more healthy for us.

The more bread pasta rice, potato and bakery items you consume the more sluggish and more tired and more you gain weight.

High water contnet fruits and veggies will fill your body up with much less calorie content

Why do we need to eat fruit?

The best to preserve the enzymes and vitamins and minerals in the veggies if you sear them pan fry or satay them or cooked them until they remain still crunchy.

How to cook vegetables?

The pink Himalayan salt has 84 different nutrient minerals in the exact same portion the body needs it. All these minerals are also in the organic bound which is recognizable for the body.

White table salt is actually a left over of manufacturing, and its added inorganic iodine is actually unhealthy for us. NaCl in the white salt is actually a unrecognizable toxin for the body and this is what pulls water out of the cells into the blood and increases blood pressure.

The pink Himalayan salt is safe to consume and cook with.

Most blood pressure issues are stress related, magnesium deficiency driven and eating high GI foods. Anyone with blood pressure issue should take magnesium and face emotional issues first.

The organic natural salt is actually a natural anti-depressant.

Preview 02:37

Beans, lentils/dhals, and peas are high in fiber. Wonderful source of low GI carbohydrate for the sustained blood sugar level and great sustained energy all day long

Preview 01:25

It is very important if you are esp on a weight loss program to eat enough protein, to prevent muscle loss. You need to keep your muscle content high - also do strength training for that -- so you keep your Basal Metabolic rate high, so your body consumes more energy even while at rest.

Eating protein for lunch will help you to eat less for dinner. Not having protein in your lunch will make you hungrier for dinner and eat much more in volume.

Why do we need to eat protein

The best blood sugar regulating bread is the whole meal bread, which has the small peaces of the fiber from the grain still in it. You can see these peaces in the bread itself.

High fiber foods are slower absorbing and lower in GI, bring sustain released of energy, and promote weight loss.

If you want to eat bread as part of your healthy meal, it should be whole meal bread.

Which bread of flour is healthier

Combining fried food into the meal is possible if you keep the rule of thumb, that in one balanced meal only one fried food item.

If you like to eat fried chicken eat it with salad and chickpeas or steamed rice with peas

If you like to eat French fries / friend noodle / fried rice --eat it with broiled, grilled baked chicken or fish and a salad

How to combine fried food into healthy eating

Why is it important to sleep early?

Because the body recovery system is times to dark and light cycle of the sun and moon.

Our physical recovery, cell repair, muscle repair happens between 10pm to 2am. The psychological and immune system recovery happens between 2am to 6am

If you sleep late your body will miss some of the physical recovery and stay tired next day.

Waking up too early makes the body sluggish in the head and you cant think in the morning. This is why most people need coffee to wake up.

If you missed sleep , its easy to make it up with an afternoon meditation

Including a special meditation here which is about 20 min and - every minute spent with this meditation will make your body sleep 6 minutes. So this 20 min meditation equals to 2 hours of sleep.

Try it out just how refreshed you will be in your body and mind too.

How does night sleep affects your weigh loss

Most important video of all -- how to have your chocolate cake and eat it too.

It is possible to huild it into a healthy balanced meal, here is how.

How to eat chocolate cake part of healthy diet
About the Instructor
Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

1. Health/lifestyle
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3. Education via mobile phone

Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

1. How you think

2. How you eat

3. How you move

4. How you rest and refresh your body and mind

Dr Zsu’s mission is to make a difference and facilitate changes in peoples lives reaching sustainable health and wealth