Learn Excel Fast
4.5 (45 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Learn Excel Fast

Jumpstart your Excel skills with this user-friendly Excel tutorial course.
4.5 (45 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,351 students enrolled
Created by Igor Ovchinnikov
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get a fast and powerful jumpstart for your Excel skills.
  • Quickly become comfortable using Excel as a tool.
  • Solve problems with Excel formulas.
  • Get results using the most important Excel functions.
  • Save time by tapping into Excel's best practices.
  • Arm yourself with useful tips and tricks when working in Excel.
  • Clear confusion about how Excel works.
  • Impress your colleagues with what you have learned in this course.
  • Share your knowledge from this course with friends who deserve it.
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  • Basic computer skills are a prerequisite for this course.


I want to welcome you to “Learn Excel Fast."

Originally, I created this amazingly-effective Microsoft Excel tutorial for my panic-stricken clients who came to me about the bottom falling out of their reputation because their job suddenly “requires Excel skills now”

Some of these poor souls got hired by puffing the employer’s perception of themselves as “Excel experts”. They figured, perception was reality and then the reality hit them on the head a devastating blow - it was time to deliver.  

Others, may have been using Excel for years doing mostly data entry and being all confident and cocky about it - like that blind dude who touched the elephant’s trunk and thought that elephants were similar to snakes. 

When one day they had a remarkable revelation that they really had had no clue “all these years”.  

It’s like when you open your eyes and it strikes you that you are a mile behind the pack and you must play a very fast game of “catch up”

The savviest of them come to me for help, instead of running around like headless chickens and whining about their precarious situation. After all, people learn Excel, you can learn it too!

Somewhere along the line, I earned a reputation of a great teacher who provides crystal-clear explanations for complex concepts, helps you solve problems, and could even teach a monkey how to use Excel. 

I like the rep too, and I am proud that some of those “monkeys” are six-hundred-pound gorillas - like Apple, Stanford University, Altera, and others in our Silicon Valley zoo.

And I can do it fast. Over the years of teaching I’ve discovered what you need to quickly get started with MS Excel. I have painstakingly selected and methodically refined material that you need for your super-fast Excel Power Jumpstart.

Since my early days when I started out teaching Excel, I’ve successfully trained folks of all walks of life - from non-profit clients to partners of the top accounting firms.

This on-line course Excel Power Jumpstart offers you the same quintessential learning experience that served well my most important corporate clients.

When you enroll, it will gently and efficiently guide you step-by-step through the most important Excel concepts and functions.

So you are completely prepared to take on your problems in the course of your day-to-day work.

My crystal-clear explanations will get you up to speed quickly and effectively, and your learning curve should be fast and pleasant, and you’ll go full throttle in Excel in no time at all.

I’ve designed this course in a sneaky way, so you learn without strain, as if the knowledge just gets into your head like water into a sponge. Teaching must not be boring to be effective.

By taking this course, you’ll easily grasp and finally understand the most fundamental Excel concepts

To the point that you are ready to take the next steps and share your knowledge with others and begin to develop reputation for you being stunningly good with Excel.

So, I invite you to enroll in this course right now and see for yourself how instantly great you’ll feel after you complete it. You may be astonished how quickly you learn and how easy and effortless learning Excel can be.

It’s risk-free with the super-generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Join now, secure your place and begin begin to experience your Excel jumpstart course.

You are going to enjoy this.

Your teacher.

Igor Ovchinnikov

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are a beginner and want to learn Excel QUICKLY for your work.
  • If you use Excel already, but know that something is missing from your knowledge and there is a better way.
  • If you like clear explanations when you learn.
  • If you value step-by-step user-friendly tutorials for learning.
  • If you believe that learning should be easy and fun.
  • If you need to save time when working in Excel.
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
A Few Things Before We Begin
3 Lectures 09:58

Welcome to the Easy Excel Foundation course!

Preview 01:37

A few quick tips about Udemy's interface. If you have been on Udemy for awhile, you can skip this lecture.

Preview 05:57

What is the best way to learn Excel online? We all learn in a little bit different ways. Here I give you a couple of tips of what works for me when I learn new things.

Preview 02:24
First Things First
5 Lectures 01:03:20

We begin our Excel tutorial with a quick overview of the Excel user interface.

Preview 13:18

What are the best ways to enter data in Excel? Here we acquire some important points regarding data entry in Excel.

Preview 15:32

How to use Fill Series in Excel? Acquire a full understanding of how the fill-handle works in Excel and learn the ways it can help you do what you want.

Preview 09:14

Let's learn some important tips on how to select data in Excel and how to move around an Excel spreadsheet.

Preview 15:35

Here you begin to learn how to format Excel spreadsheets and their cells.

Easy Direct Formatting In Excel
Formulas - The Power Of Excel
5 Lectures 54:42

Excel Formulas is what makes Excel so powerful. In this lecture you learn how formulas in Excel are working. You will create your first Excel formulas in this lesson.

Easy Excel Formulas

If Excel formulas make Excel powerful and useful, Excel Functions make these formulas powerful and useful. Excel Functions are pre-built formulas that serve as building blocks of your creativity. We use Excel functions in formulas. It is very important to understand how Excel functions work. In this lecture you will learn to use Excel functions and will go through several examples.

Easy Excel Functions Basics

Excel cell references are the most fundamental Excel concept. Cell References in a formula are called the holy grail of Excel. In this lecture you will learn about Excel relative and absolute references and about how to use them in Excel formulas. It is important to become comfortable with them.

Relative And Absolute Cell References In Excel

AutoSum is the most common feature in Excel. Here you will explore the best practices and proven strategies when using AutoSum in Microsoft Excel.

Using AutoSum In Excel

Here we learn the so-called Excel Text functions. It is a category of Excel functions . These functions make it easy to manipulate data in Excel in a variety of useful ways. For example, how can I change case in Excel? You use Text Category of Functions. UPPER, LOWER, PROPER - these are examples of Excel Text Functions.

Easy Text Functions
Working With Dates
1 Lecture 05:26

In this lecture you will learn how to use Excel NOW and Excel TODAY functions. It is a quick basic tutorial on these useful functions. These are examples of Excel functions that do not require any arguments to return a result. There are plenty of such functions in Excel. Their purpose is to provide automatically up-datable result that you can use in Excel formulas.

Excel TODAY and NOW Functions
Logical Functions
4 Lectures 26:52

This lecture is the first look at Logical IF function in Excel. Logical IF function is one of the most common functions in Excel.

Logical IF Function Introduction

In this lecture we two logical Excel functions, one named Excel AND function and the other one Excel OR function. These Excel functions are useful in formulas that utilize the logical If function in Excel.

Excel Logical Functions: AND, OR

Here you learn how to use Excel's IF function in conjunction with logical AND function and OR function. These logical Excel functions make a powerful combination.

Using Logical Functions IF, AND, OR Together

Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson, one of your fellow students in this course, posed a question: How can we take a series of numbers in Excel and count all of the ones that are greater than 5 and less than or equal to 10. There are many ways to do it in Excel. Here you learn how to do it with the Excel IF function, the AND Function, and the SUM function.

Exercise Using IF AND SUM (courtesy of Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson)
Conditional Statistical Functions
4 Lectures 27:36

In this lecture you will learn how to use condtional statistical functions SUMIF and SUMIFS. These useful Excel functions are used in formulas, where we need to sum selectively.

SUMIF and SUMIFS: Conditional Sum in Excel

We continue to learn Excel conditional statistical functions. This time we explore AVERAGEIF AND AVERAGEIFS. There are Excel formulas where these functions are extremely useful.

AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS: Conditional Average

Let's continue to learn conditional statistical functions in Excel and take a look at the COUNTIF and COUNTIFS.

COUNTIF and COUNTIFS: Conditional Count

Now, as we are familiar with Excel COUNTIFS function, we are ready to solve Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson's problem with an easier and more direct Excel formula.

COUNTIFS Conditional Number Counting (courtesy of Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson)
VLOOKUP Function Tutorial
5 Lectures 30:54

VLOOKUP in Excel is one of the most important and widely used functions. This section is a VLOOKUP tutorial. This lecture is an introduction to VLOOKUP Excel Function. You will learn how to use it and will get a good idea of how VLOOKUP Function is working and not working in Excel.

VLOOKUP Function Introduction

In this lecture we continue our Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial and take a look at how to fill data in Excel with VLOOKUP function. It is the most powerful use for this function in Excel.

Fill Data With VLOOKUP Function

Here you learn how to use VLOOKUP Excel Function with the approximate match option. You should be able to understand in what siituations the approximate match is useful.

Excel VLOOKUP With Approximate Match

In this lesson we will use a what's called Excel's Named Range as a data array for VLOOKUP. It is a better way than using Excel cells range reference and is considered to be one of the best practices in VLOOKUP.

VLOOKUP With A Named Range As Table Array

An Excel Table is a very interesting object. It is a, sort of, special purpose named range. In this lecture we go through using an Excel Table as a lookup table or the Table Array for VLOOKUP.

Use Excel Table In VLOOKUP
Loan Payment Calculations With PMT
2 Lectures 14:14

Let's take a look at Excel financial functions. PMT is used to calculate the monthly payment on a loan. Let's use this common Excel function in a formula that helps us figure out how much we need to pay every month for a loan.

Monthly Loan Payment With PMT Function

Let's learn how to use the Goal Seek. It is a simple, but very powerful Excel tool. It allows you to perform reverse calculations in any Excel formula that you create.

Goal-Seek Analysis Tool
A Few More Important Things
4 Lectures 34:17

In this lecture we look a bit more at formatting in Excel. We discover the concept of Excel Styles. I hope, you get some good ideas and tips on formatting Excel spreadsheets.

More on Formatting

Excel printing is not as easy as, lets say, that in Word. In this lesson you will begin to acquire the skill of printing in Excel.

Printing in Excel

A few closing remarks.

Preview 01:06

Bonus Lecture: Special Offers
About the Instructor
Igor Ovchinnikov
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5,771 Students
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Helping you learn fast, so you can do your job well.

Hi, I am Igor Ovchinnikov.

Welcome to my profile page. This is where you normally get to learn about me and read something like this:

“Igor Ovchinnikov is a corporate trainer with over 10 years of experience. He lives in San Francisco and provides excellent training-delivery services to clients all over the Bay Area. He has delivered training for Apple Computers, Stanford University, University of California, Google, Boston Scientific, Altera, Stryker Endoscopy, Air Liquide, BAE Systems, City of San Francisco, Anritsu, Genentech, Novartis, Bayer, Systron Donner, and many others. 

Mr. Ovchinnikov holds an MBA from the Ohio State University.”

Well, frankly, I always have some serious cognitive dissonance whenever I have to write about myself in the third person like this. It’s a bit silly - don’t you agree? So, enough of this out-of-body talk!

First of all, you probably don’t care about me that much. Second, you are probably more interested in why you should buy my courses and what’s in them for you? You may be more interested in how my teaching is different compared to the other great instructors out there?

I have to confess, it is something I've been wondering about too. You know, when someone asks you what you are good at, it’s tough to answer that. Especially, because when you are really good at something, you don’t really perceive it as a big deal. Don’t you agree? Think of something you do really well. Now, do you really work hard on it, or does it come kind of naturally?

So, to answer this question to myself, I recently decided to ask my students. Most of the ones I polled are employees of just one organization where I teach - Stanford University, so the research sample may not be fully scientific. Anyway, I asked a few dozens of my students what they liked best about my teaching style. It was really surprising, that most of them told me that their favorite part was how clear things became after I explained it to them. One of them said literally: “You are a great explainer. It was so confusing before, and now I finally understand it!” 

I think, here’s what I can promise you when you enroll in my courses. I promise you clear explanations, so that things will be no longer confusing.

So, here’s my value proposition to you:

When you enroll in my courses and go through the material, you should expect clear explanations that will help you learn and build your skills fast, so you can succeed at your job. 

If that is the experience that you are interested in, simply enroll in my courses below.