Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews
4.8 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews

How your business; company; healthcare service or professional firm can gain better online customer reviews.
4.8 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
75 students enrolled
Created by Steve Phillips
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Utilize simple techniques in order to earn better online reviews for their business.
  • Claim and confirm online profiles for their business.
  • Target the "Top 25" online review websites for their business.
  • Optimize their business' online profile and earn higher rankings in review websites.
  • Understand how online review websites work for customers.
  • Understand how online review websites work for businesses.
  • Participate in ongoing Question-and-Answer sessions about online reviews for their business.
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  • Students should have some general knowledge about online review websites such as Yelp, Google+ Local, Bing Local, etc.

*** Course Updated, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015 ***

Many of your customers - and future customers - practically live online every day.

They text. They Tweet. They search for goods and services and, sometimes, they'll leave reviews for restaurants; coffee shops; florists; heating and cooling repairmen; plumbers; lawyers; accountants and more.

Your company - whether you're a local start-up; "Mom and Pop" shop or is starting to grow with a larger customer base and more employees - needs to protect and improve its online reputation.

One of the best ways is by earning positive reviews from customers and clients through online review websites such as Yelp, Manta, Google+ Local, Bing Local and many others.

Positive online reviews offer social proof that your company provides excellent products and services to its customers. It tells other potential customer "buy from this company" or "visit this restaurant!"

On the other side, customers can also leave your company a negative review which can quickly cause your business' online reputation to go sour.

In this course, we'll focus on how you and your business can earn positive reviews from customers.

We'll explain how online review websites work and how businesses and customers rely on these websites; how your business can claim, confirm and optimize your online review profile for better rankings; which online review websites your company should target, and, most importantly, proven and inexpensive tips and techniques you can implement in order to earn more positive reviews for your business.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is ideal for business owners and managers who need a stronger online presence for their company and earn more positive reviews.
  • Ideal students could be owners or managers of a local business; small business; restaurant; healthcare professional; service company; law firm; accounting professional - or anyone who needs to earn positive online reviews and build a stronger online reputation.
  • This course doesn't cover how to improve your online reputation; nor is it for individuals who currently have a negative online reputation.
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
The Basics of Online Reviews For Businesses, Healthcare, Services and More
5 Lectures 23:29

In this course, our primary goal is to help you and your business earn positive reviews with online review websites, such as Yelp, Google+ Local and many others.

Along the way, we’ll also discuss:

  • How online review websites work and how they are important to customers AND businesses.
  • How you can claim, confirm and optimize your Online Business Profile with online review websites.
  • The Top 25 “must have” review websites.
  • Tips and Techniques on how to gain positive reviews for your company.
  • And some frequently asked questions – and answers! – about online review websites.

Grab your favorite beverage; get ready to take some notes and let's continue with our course "Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews."

Preview 02:02

Whether you’re a business or a customer, you’ve probably have either glanced, read or even left a review for a business; or a dentist; the plumber or someone else.

Online business review websites typically rank high in Google search results, especially Google+ Local (previously Google Places and Google Maps); Yelp; CitySearch; Manta; Angie’s List and many others.

Here’s how they work:

Individuals – better known as customers (that’s you and I) – use online review websites for different reasons: to find a business; check for coupons, discounts or deals, and to leave reviews.

Businesses use (or at least they need to) online review websites for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Gain better control over their business profile. This allows them to update business information and insure everything is accurate (address; telephone numbers; website URL; business hours opened, etc.).
  • Earn higher rankings in search engines. Many times, online review websites are ranked high in search engines. If your business is earning a higher ranking in the review website, then there’s a better chance of earning more clicks to your website.
  • Communicate with customers through online reviews. Whether the review is good or bad, business owners can reply to the customer through the online review website. This shows other customers that you are eager to make the customer happy; appreciate reviews (especially good ones), etc.

Reviews are just a part of online review websites. Overall, the major goal of a customer is to find your business and the major goal of a business is to help customers find you.

Preview 05:19

here are many, many, many online review websites. Some new ones hang around and a few here and there drop off as review websites are supported by advertising dollars.

A few of the popular ones include:

  • Google+ Local
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • Manta
  • CitySearch
  • Angie’s List
Preview 05:28

The primary reasons customers use online review websites isn't because they want to leave reviews.

Actually, the MAIN reason customers use Yelp, Google+ Local and other online review websites is to find businesses!

Most, as you will find out, are using smartphones and many of the online review websites have apps making it easier for customers to search based on various parameters. This can include location; zip code; type of business and other searching options.

The second reason customers use online review websites is to find discounts, coupons and deals.

Then, the third reasons customers use online review websites is to read and leave reviews.

How Do Customers Use Online Review Websites?

Businesses use online review websites so they can be found.

While your business may be ranked high in Google, every profile you claim and set up within the various online review websites is like creating an additional mini website for your company. All of these additional "websites" give customers another opportunity to find you.

Yes, great reviews are nice to receive, but you need to be found first!

How Do Businesses Use Online Review Websites?
Claim, Confirm and Optimize Your Online Business Profile
3 Lectures 19:26

Claiming your business profile and adding important information about your business is a critical part of creating and protecting your online reputation.

In addition, by adding accurate, detailed and complete information to your business profile, you're also helping your business improve its overall search engine rankings in Google and other search engines. This is known as search engine optimization.

Consider this: Your website is ranked on local keywords in Google It might be ranked in the Top 10 search results of Google or on the second page, etc. By claiming your profile in Yelp, Bing, Google Places, etc., you have created 25 "mini" versions of your website - all of which give your customers 25 additional opportunities to find your business. In addition, these profiles will all include a link pointing back to your primary business website, which can help improve your overall search engine ranking for your site. This is known as link building (which is the process of publishing a link on another website which points back to your website).

This lecture helps you go through the process of claiming and confirming your profile with online review websites.

How To Claim and Confirm Your Business Profile With Online Review Websites

In order to gain the attention of Google (and other search engines) and earn potentially higher rankings in search engines for your business, it is critical that your business information is accurate and consistent across all profiles you create.

Because of this reason - and to help ensure you are consistent in completing your business profiles with accurate information, be sure to download and use the informational sheet we have added here for you to use.

As you will see, review websites and mapping services varying in the types of information they seek. You will greatly improve your ranking within each site - and within search engines - by providing and completing ALL fields within your profile.

This lecture goes into great detail about the importance of why - and how - to complete AND optimize your online review website profile for your business.

Completing and Optimizing Your Business Profile For Better Rankings

There are many online review websites – some are good; have lots of users and rank high in search engines.

Since there are so many, we have helped you narrow the list to the "Top 25" must have online review websites for your business.

This lecture contains a complete list of the Top 25 for you to download. It also includes the exact URL that points you to the first step in claiming your profile for your business.

The "Top 25" Online Review Websites For Your Business
Techniques To Earning Better Online Reviews For Your Business
7 Lectures 28:31

As you claim, confirm and optimize your online review profiles, the next thing you’ll want to do is to start promoting them.

We’re not talking advertising or spending additional marketing funds. Instead, you’ll want to avoid the “if you build it, they will come” scenario by letting current customers and clients know of your new profiles.

This section introduces some simple techniques that you can implement to drive customers to your profile and, with a little encouragement, they’ll leave your business a positive review. Remember, reviews show social proof to potential customers.

Informing Your Current Customers and Clients About Your Online Review Profiles

Over the past year or so I have seen some great examples of businesses wanting to make sure customers are happy. Now only does this tip help prevent negative reviews, but it also helps businesses earn positive reviews.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about asking customers for online reviews.

Here's a hint: Do NOT ask customers for reviews.

The Proper and Professional Way To Ask For a Review (Without Really Asking)

As a result of claiming and confirming your online review profile, a few of the websites will send you window stickers and signs that you can use to market your profile.

In this lecture, we'll cover how you can obtain these visual ads and use them to inform customers. This will ultimately help customers find your online review website profile and, perhaps, they'll leave you a positive review.

Using Visual Tools In Order To Earn Better Online Reviews For Your Business

This is a cool, unique and effective tip that you can utilize in helping your business earn more positive online reviews.

Watch this lecture to learn about this technique.

Try These Business Card Techniques And Earn More Positive Online Reviews

Sending thank you notes is a lost art.

People don’t frequently send thank you notes anymore and that’s a shame. Anytime anyone does anything good for you; does something for you; gives you a gift or, better yet; spends money at your place of business, that is the ideal time to send a sincere thank you note.

The best thank you note is a hand-written note on stationary (and this could be company stationary or notecards) and mailed via snail mail – that means by the post office with postage. No texting! And no Facebook messaging.

How Sending Personal Thank You Notes Can Earn More Positive Reviews

This lecture offers two "technology" based tips - one involves adding some new icons and links to your website, while the other suggests making a minor update in within your e-mail preferences. Both of these ideas will help drive more traffic to your online review website profiles and, in turn, help you earn more online reviews.

Using Website Icons, Links and E-Mail Strategies For Better Online Reviews

I want to thank you for purchasing, downloading and reviewing our course on “Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews.”

I hope you have found this course to be helpful in securing your business’ online profiles that you will start using some of the techniques and ideas presented here to earning more positive reviews.

Remember, if you have any questions, use the conversation sections within this course to ask. I’m an e-mail junkie and I’ll get back with you right way and help you with any questions or concerns you have.

Online Reputation Management: Earning Positive Reviews Course Summary
Questions and Answers About Earning Positive Reviews For Your Business
3 Lectures 09:51

Why Isn’t My Customer’s Review Appearing In Yelp?

One of the most confusing element in Yelp (and one of the features businesses and customers complain about the most) is hidden reviews.

Sometimes, customers leave reviews for businesses and they are hidden from appearing on the main profile page for customers. Yelp instead places them in a section stating “X other reviews that are not currently recommended” (with “X” representing the number of reviews that Yelp doesn’t recommend).

Why? What this lecture to learn more about why some reviews are hidden.

Why Isn't My Customers' Review Appearing in Yelp?

How well do you know the steps you need to claim, confirm and optimize online review profiles for your business? Take this quiz and let's make sure you're on the right path to earning more positive reviews.

Earning Positive Review Quiz
10 questions

Sometimes, businesses have been known to try to tip the scales in their favor when it comes to earning more positive reviews for their company by seeking fake reviews.

I would highly and strongly recommend that you do not do this!

Most consumers can spot fake reviews, especially when there are a lot of 5-STAR reviews on your profiles. In addition, purchasing fake reviews can get you into a lot of trouble with online review websites.

Can I Boost My Reviews By Purchasing Fake Reviews Online?

There are now more opportunities for small business owners to build more positive reviews thanks to Facebook.

In our latest lecture update to this course, we take a look at the Facebook Editor.

Here, you can make suggestions or edits for improvements for businesses and place pages within the Facebook garden.

The Opportunities for Building Positive Reviews Just Grew Exponentially
About the Instructor
Steve Phillips
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I have over 15 years of online reputation management and search engine optimization experience working with a variety of local, national and international businesses in helping them improve their online reputation; earn better customer reviews and obtain higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

Previously, I worked as a self-employed, software consultant and trainer helping law firms and lawyers understand new technology and upgrade their network systems and software programs.

My background also includes 13 years as a newspaper sports writer and news reporter.

I am currently the Vice President of Mountain Woods Media, LLC.