Earn Money Making a Candy Crush* iPhone Game Today. iOS Code

A-Z guide to help you publish your own Candy Crush inspired iPhone game mechanics in a day. Source Code included
  • Lectures 22
  • Video 2 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
    Certificate of Completion

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Course Description

This course's main objective is to become the go-to source for anyone willing to enter the iPhone app industry.

The course starts with us in front of a regular Apple computer (or MacInCloud for PC users) and I will guide you through all the step necessary to set up your computer for development. I will also go through each steps to become a licensed iOS developer.

We will then install the game from the source code(included with this course), run the game on the simulator, then modify the graphics and sounds to customize the 'match 3' game into one of your own.

Then we will setup three advertising channels to ensure money coming in. Then we will publish the game to the Apple app store.

This course is not about theories. Once you complete this course, you have a real product of your own in the app store, bringing in profit. You can't pass this opportunity.

There has been plenty of reskins of these apps by myself and by many students.

Also feel free to ask me anything that goes through your mind, I love to help!



*The sourcecode is not Candy Crush's source code, it does have the same match-3 game mechanics.

What are the requirements?

  • A Mac OS X or MacinCloud.com for PC users

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 22 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Publish your own Candy Crush inspired Game in the Apple app store
  • Go through the entire process of making an iPhone game without missing any step

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting to have a mobile app of their own
  • People that want an economic way of increasing their mobile app portfolio

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
Lifetime access

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion


Section 1: Introduction
Course Overview
Section 2: Initial Setup

In this lesson, we're going through the Apple developer license registration process.


Learn what XCode is used for, how to find it, install it, open it and yourself.


Make sure you download the Match 3 Lite Source Code zip file.

UPDATE: Since the new XCode with iOS 7.1, some of you are getting an error building the app. Please check the next lecture on how to solve this (remove 64-bit architecture, just armv7 and armv7s)


UPDATE: Since the new XCode with iOS 7.1, some of you are getting an error building the app. (remove 64-bit architecture, just armv7 and armv7s)


Going through the creation and install of the iPhone Distribution Certificate


Creating Identifiers and provisioning profiles


UPDATE: The name of the game in the advertising account does not have to match the name of the game in the app store. Here, we are using "Pinball" game because this section is taken from another course. Feel free to name it at your will.

Section 3: Reskinning Process

Make sure to download the placeholders.zip file which contains temporary files to use during the creation of a new app in iTunes Connect


Note: You can use Photoshop or GIMP (100% free - www.gimp.org) to create your own icons and images. You can also buy icons on Fiverr.com for $5.


Here, we're modifying the required images to make the game unique, and going through the images that are not necessary to update but is recommended.


Here we learn about how to modify sound effects and the background music.


Testing the game one last time prior to publishing it.

Section 4: Apple App Store Submission

Going through the submision process so that an Apple technician can approve the game and deploy it in the Apple app store.


Apple needs to know your bank & tax information in order to be able to pay you the profit made from inapp purchases

Section 5: Conclusion

Once you've published the game, this is only the beginning, it keeps getting better.


A variety of resources to help you strive in the mobile app flipping industry.

Section 6: What to Do Next? Level Up Your Business

A quick crash course on how to maximize your exposure in the app store using App Store Optimization (iTunes keyword SEO)


Showing you where to look at how your game or app performs in the app store.


Tips and Ticks on how to ride the next trend.


Being on time to ride a trend is a must in the mobile app reskinning world.

You want to be informed of the upcoming trends and deals before anyone else.


Must have icons to become a professional app publisher.

Instructor Biography

Yohann Taieb , iPhone Programming College Instructor & Entrepreneur

Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Florida International University. He has been a College instructor for over 6 years, teaching iPhone Development. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.

Yohann is one of the leading experts in mobile game programming, app flipping and reskinning. His teaching style is unique, hands on and very detailed. Yohann has enabled dozen of students to publish their own apps and reach the top spots in iTunes App Stores, which has been picked up in articles and blogs from popular sources like WIRED magazine, Yahoo News, and Forbes Online.

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    • Diogo Dantas

    Old and Weak

    Old code built using Objective-C. The videos aren't great too.

    • Hasan Edain

    Deprecated code, more bugs per second than I care to think about. This is not ready for use.

    • Clayton Stovall

    A bit dated, but teaches what is needed for iOS game development

    I was a bit skeptical of this course at first. However, after signing up, I was pleased to learn that Yohann goes through each step of reskinning the Candy Crush-like matching game. The source code is slightly old and gives warnings of using deprecated methods, but it seems to compile okay. The more important thing I learned from the course was simply how to navigate the steps necessary to get a game going and setting up the advertising mechanisms. Yohann takes you step-by-step in setting up your Apple Developer account, setting up your advertising accounts, and configuring the game to make use of the advertising channels. Finally, he shows you how to submit your game to the App Store for review and approval, so that you can start making money. I am looking forward to creating my game and starting to bring in some extra cash. On a side note, I have noticed that many people write into the course with various questions. It seems that Yohann responds to virtually all of the questions and provides links or insight when necessary.

    • Rob

    Great Instructor

    Yohann describes everything very well in all his courses. I enjoy them all!

    • Karl Boer

    Good resources and explanations, poor code

    I recommend the course since I learned the basics of reskinning apps and discovered great resources for sounds, cliparts, and other. The only downside is that the code was extremely old and buggy and would had liked to get more feedback from the instructor in the discussions.

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