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Course Description

Once you join Serbian103, you'll have access to 12 chapters, each with at least two videos of pre-recorded session, video story, exercises based on a song and a pdf file. 

You can work on your own, but there is also a discussion forum under each video lesson.

*In order to attend the online sessions, get in touch with me via Skype, so that I can explain to you how it all works. Each session is divided into three stages:
  • revision / presentation
  • transfer of the presented knowledge to students' own experience
  • listening to a song, gap filling exercise and singing
The uniqueness and simplicity of Udemy course allows you to:
  • watch the materials BEFORE and AFTER the online session, download them if you wish, so you can access them any time, anywhere. 
  • ask questions by posting them in the discussion board under the appropriate lecture. 
  • get in touch with me, your tutor, instantly via Udemy IM system. 
  • do the tasks in the forum  discussions, once you join the course

TARGET LANGUAGE in this course:

  1. Present Simple of -im,-am,-em conjugations
  2. Past Simple 
  3. Modal verbs can and must
  4. Nouns in Accusative, Genetive and Dative
  5. Perfective and Imperfective Aspect
  6. Irregular verb "to want"
  1. Verbs expressing daily routines
  2. Places in a city
  3. Jobs
  4. Clothes
  5. Countries and Cities
  6. Days, Adverbials
  7. Flat/House, rooms and objects in them
  8. Food 
  1. Talking about liking/disliking
  2. Chairing a meeting
  3. Asking for and expressing opinions
  4. Ordering food
  5. Asking for directions
  6. Asking about past events
  7. Talking about daily routines
  8. Small Talk
  9. Arranging a meeting
  10. Introductions
  11. Expressing wishes and demands
  12. Inquiring about places

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Section 1: Serbian 103 - Revision
What do they do ? Šta rade ?
Verb conjugations in Serbian - Asking questions with WHEN
Section 2: Serbian 103 - Places in the City

Dative (going towards some place)/ Locative (being at some place)


Nominative  ---- > go towards (moving + direction= ka/prema)  Dative / be in + Locative

(Fem.Sg.=red, Fem. Sg. With „palatalization“  =bold red,  Masc. Sg. =blue, Neuter = green )

bolnica                               bolnici                                                      hospital

prodavnica                          prodavnici                                                 shop

škola                                      školi                                                    school

pošta                                     pošti                                                      post office

picerija                               piceriji                                                      pizza place/pizza cut/pizza restaurant

opština                              opštini                                                     municipality

galerija                                 galeriji                                                   galery

crkva                                  crkvi                                                        church

katedrala                           katedrali                                                   cathedral

kafana                                  kafani                                                   cafe/pub/inn

Banka                                   banci                                                     bank

Apoteka                               apoteci                                                 pharmacy

Fabrika                                 fabrici                                                   factory

Grad                                      gradU                                                    city

Aerodrom                           aerodromu                                         airport

Muzej                                   muzeju                                                 museum

Restoran                             restoranu                                            restaurant

Hotel                                    hotelu                                                   hotel

Mesto                                   mestu                                                   place


Short revision of the past tense of TO BE + IN + countries in the Locative case. 

Learn Serbian - Lepi Iv
Otiđite na ovu stranicu i prostudirajte reči i izraze pre nego što odslušate pesmu Partibrejkersa i popunite prazna mesta.
Section 3: Serbian 103 - Whereabouts - now and then
Serbian Course - A2 level Lepi Iv, preteaching phrases
Learn Serbian - Did she live in + Countries

ŽIVETI = to live

Past Tense:

S + TO BE in Present Simple + Past Participle 

Past participle:


Masc: živeo

Fem: živela

Neuter: živelo


Masc: živeli

Fem: živele

Neuter: živela

--- Da li si živela u Srbiji ?

Da, živela sam u Srbiji.

Ne, nisam živela u Srbiji.

Section 4: Serbian 103 - Talking about a job
Learning Serbian - BITI, past tense questions

Let's just watch the video and record or jot down your answers about where you were  in the past:

Na primer: Bila sam na moru pre dva meseca = I was at the seaside two months ago.

A ti ?

Past Tense in Serbian - Introduction
Learn Serbian with Lepi Iv
Odslušajte ovu pesmu i popunite prazna mesta. Reči koje vam mogu zatrebati su :
Section 5: Serbian 103 - Ordering Food
1. Video 2. Lepi Iv 3. Pusti pusti modu ?
Learn Serbian - Lesson 13
Odslušajte ovaj audio zapis i napišite koje reči ste razumeli.
Odslušajte ovu prelepu pesmu i popunite prazna mesta dok pevate.
Section 6: Serbian - Talking about clothes
Odelo Ko Sta Nosi

Šta imaš ?

Šta nemaš ?

Šta ti treba ?

Šta moraš da kupiš ?

Šta možeš da kupiš ?


NOSITI = to wear

The link to all the conjugations of NOSITI

The link to all the conjugations of KUPITI 

The link to all the conjugations of MORATI 


On nosi pantalone, a mora da kupi farmerke =

He is wearing the trousers, but he has to buy the jeans.

Now, watch the video and try to do this exercise :

a. by writing the answers in the comments

b. by recording your answers via AudioBoo


Mogu - Moram

Section 7: Serbian 103 - Clothes and Searching for things
Learn Serbian - Lesson 12
Learn Serbian - Lesson 12
Odslušajte ovu lepu pesmu Vlade Georgijeva i prostudirajte nove reči pre nego što popunite prazna mesta u pesmi na ovoj stranici.
Section 8: Serbian 103 - Small Talk
Learn Serbian - Lesson 15
Learn Serbian - Lepi Iv, part 4
Vocabulary: probuditi = to wake up oblačiti = get dressed piti = to drink nestajati = disappear trljati = rub zaspati = to fall asleep gurati = push gledati = look  / watch odlaziti = to go away odzvanjati = to echo osvrtati = to look behind kretati = to move puštati = pustiti = let go spavati = sle…
Section 9: What were you doing ?
Serbian Lesson 16 - Past Tense, Fem. Singular
Šta si radila ?
Lepi Iv - part 3
Section 10: Serbian 103 - Upoznavanje dvojina
Voz - vozovi
Section 11: Serbian 103 - Where is ... ?

Where is a ... ? Gde je  ... ?

Text   Nataša Vocabulary: Verbs in the past gledati doći oterati svanuti ostati zaboraviti mučiti pobeći oteti reći mora vratiti Nouns for objects in the room: ključ stan upaljač papir  čokolada flaša sok
Section 12: Serbian 103 - Verb "hteti"
Hoću = to want is one of the few irregular verbs in Serbian. It is quite frequently used, so it's useful to use: Ja hoću Ti hoćeš On, ona, ono hoće Mi hoćemo Vi hoćete Oni, one, ona hoće

Instructor Biography

Marina Petrovic , Teacher of English and Serbian

Hi there! I'm Marina Petrović , an EFL teacher and blogger from Serbia. After obtaining a diploma in English Language and Literature from the University of Novi Sad, back in 1996 my husband and I started our own foreign language school. I successfully passed the Cambridge ESOL exams of CAE, CPE, BEC Vantage, Higher, IELTS. In 2009 I was awarded LANCELOT ( LANguage Learning with Certified Live Online Teachers) scholarship and in 2010 I was IH COLT certificated (International House Certificate in Online Tutoring).

For the past six years I've been teaching online and creating language teaching sites along with digital language teaching materials. My most successful site is English for Beginners with over 90k unique monthly visitors, along with CommonEnglishPhrases, SerbianLesson and LearnSerbianBlog.

In my free time I enjoy walking and watching films with my two kids and hubby.


Veliki pozdrav svima! Zovem se Marina Petrović i živim i radim u Novom Sadu. Diplomirani sam profesor engleskog jezika i šesnaest godina radim u privatnoj školi engleskog, a od pre četiri godine držim časove engleskog i srpskog onlajn.

Pored položenih ESOL Cambridge CAE, CPE, BEC higher i IELTS ispita, 2009. godine sam dobila stipendiju za LANCELOT kurs (LANguage Learning with Certified Live Online Teachers), a 2010. sam upisala i uspešno završila IH COLT . (International House Certificate in Online Tutoring).

Obožavam da držim onlajn časove, da pravim digitalne materijale za časove engleskog i srpskog i sajtove za učenje jezika, od kojih su najuspešniji: EngleskiZaPocetnike, , CommonEnglishPhrases, SerbianLesson , LeWiNoW, LearnSerbianBlog.

Svake godine volontiram i pomažem kolegama u organizaciji onlajn konferencija, kao što je i Virtual-Round-Table conference, gde sam upoznala Gagan Biyani-ija jednog od CEO-a Udemy platforme koja me je oduševila jednostavnošću. Sigurna sam da će vam se kursevi koje pravim svideti i da će vam učenje jezika uz njih biti i zabavno i korisno.

Možete me kontaktirati preko LinkedIn profila, ili me pratiti preko Twittera na engleskom i na srpskom.

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