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3 Fun Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs

Experiential tools to clear out your mind clutter and free up new space for greater possibilities in your life!
38 reviews
  • Ariel Snapp UX Strategist, Artist & Writer

    Ariel Grace Snapp is an Experience Design Strategist and creative professional. Continuously praised for her work on websites and web software, she presently leads a creative design team creating stellar user experiences for multimillion dollar enterprise software. She also helps people unlock creativity in order to feel happier, tell better stories and make a larger impact on the world.

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3 Fun Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs

Experiential tools to clear out your mind clutter and free up new space for greater possibilities in your life!
38 reviews


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Do your life circumstances often leave you feeling STUCK?

In this introductory course you will learn three playful and profound techniques that can help you re-evaluate your current belief structure and clear out limiting patterns that are stopping you from progressing to the next level in your life.

Clearing and releasing our limiting belief structures is one of the best things we can do to make change in our life and grow into our best version of ourselves.

Through this brief, but transformational course, you will be provided with three videos that walk you through how to use each playsheet.

You will also receive a bonus celebration playsheet.

Have fun exploring these creative exercises and transform how you relate to your life!

NOTE: I've received a few negative reviews around my voice and the quality of the videos. I wanted to let you all know up front that I appreciate the feedback and that you can get value just by downloading and using the playsheets if you are not "feeling it" with my videos. If I have time, I will re-record some of them but in the meantime please enjoy my heart-felt FREE gift.

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    • Adobe PDF viewer, printer, pen and paper, possibly small balloons and tacks.
    • Over 5 lectures and 37 mins of content!
    • By the end of the course you will be able to think differently about your belief structure and have tools that help you clear out patterns that are not working for you.
    • The course is intended for anyone that is feeling STUCK or frustrated with their external circumstances or situations in life.


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    Spending time looking at your limiting beliefs from different angles - and playing with how you address your inner self growth can be freeing and open your life up for more of what you want to experience.

    I am not a therapist or doctor and this course is not a substitute for professional support or therapy. I am not personally responsible for your interpretation or use of the information provided in this course. Use the information at your discretion.

  • SECTION 1:
    Clear Out the Old
  • 2
    Clear Out the Old

    This course takes you through the details of using the clearing card sort playsheet. Download it in the supplementary materials. Or visit:


  • SECTION 2:
    Help! I've Got Monsters
  • 3
    How Many Monsters Do You Have?

    This course takes you through the details of naming and quieting your inner monsters so that you can more easily progress towards your true intentions. Download the playsheet below or visit: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ArielSnapp.com/Clearing/CantBeMonster.pdf

  • SECTION 3:
    Explode Blocks
  • 4
    Pop the Block

    This course takes you through the details of popping blocks through visualization and mind games. Download the playsheet below or visit:


  • SECTION 4:
  • 5

    Download a fun BONUS playsheet to let go and just CELEBRATE!



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  • Maria D Davis
    Fantastic Course!!

    I am an actress with a full time 9-5 job that has been postponing pursuing the dream for several years due to the "monsters." This course was so on point with my experiences that I thought "man I am not alone. The exercises have been a tremendous help and I look forward to pursuing my dream WITHOUT the monsters--at least I won't be listening to them. Thank you, Ariel!

  • Cecilia Postel
    That voice is annoying

    I couldn't get through this. The voice on this woman is annoying. She speaks with a "valley girl" accent. For being so educated, there is no eloquence in her speech.

  • Tammy Gardner
    Very Helpful.

    I really liked this. It was very specific and gave some concrete ways to get through things that seem like mosters in your life that can limit you.

  • Rose Macabre
    Difficult to focus on

    I've tried four different times to get through these videos but it's difficult to follow what you are saying because your voice is distracting. Please try to speak like you're talking to someone, not like you're reading something. I really had high hopes for this course, and I hate to give you a bad review because I'm sure the information is invaluable, but I just couldn't get though the videos at all.

  • Annie Byway-Williden
    Easy to Follow Along

    A nice short course on getting you to stop and actually focus on how your beliefs can affect you ability to get things done in your life. The course helps you to prioritise, review and consider your thought patterns and even release some of them.

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