YouTube Marketing Mastery
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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YouTube Marketing Mastery

YouTube's interface has changed a lot. Learn how to use every feature of the new YouTube to market your business.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
102 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will understand how to use YouTube especially for marketing your products and business.
  • In this course you will learn about all of YouTube's features
  • In this course you will learn how to market online using YouTube
  • In this course you will discover how to increase traffic to your website using YouTube marketing techniques
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  • You will need your own YouTube account and at least 1 video uploaded to YouTube

Video marketing has been getting more and more important for every online business. With the right combination of personal training and resources, you will be able to confidently optimize and market with your videos on YouTube. Soon, your videos with be all over the Internet.

So you’ve created your amazing video and uploaded it to YouTube. Now what? How do you get people to watch them? That’s where YouTube Marketing training comes in.

This course covers all of YouTube's (sometimes hidden) features as well focuses on how to use those features to market your business and improve search results.

YouTube has changed its interface so much, you might easily pass over hidden gems that can help you market your business. Don't let that happen. Discovery every usable tool that can give you the edge over your competition. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Internet Stars
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Curriculum For This Course
62 Lectures
1 Lecture 07:14
Welcome to YouTube Marketing Mastery. There is supplementary material in the form of YouTube Marketing Manual, a book written by the instructor. Sections of the book are available with their corresponding lectures. This is every section compiled together. 
YouTube Marketing Mastery: Introduction
YouTube Interface
9 Lectures 01:18:09
The first place you arrive when you go to YouTube is the home page. There are many features as well as links to many other options available on this page. Knowing what you can access from the home page will make it easier for you to get around the whole website, not to mention help you learn about what is going on in the YouTube world.
Preview 10:52

There are many features that YouTube offers its users. Some features are for discovering others' videos and some features are for your videos. These range all over the place, from pages that provide information about your audience, to pages that can enhance what you've uploaded.
User Features

YouTube Dashboard

Verifying Your Account for Additional Features



Enhancements adds elements to your video that can help keep your viewers glued to the screen. These are additional features that you can add to your videos to create a more creative experience.

Audio is very important to your video. Not only does it add professionalism to your production, but it can provoke emotion and help get your message across. Copy written audio is also one of the biggest problems to the uninitiated YouTuber. This video shows you how to never deal with those problems.

YouTube's video editor was lacking for a long time. It is now improved and finally, you can do almost everything you would need to create a fully edited and branded video for YouTube. This lecture shows you how to create professional looking videos with graphics, transitions, and audio; all within YouTube itself.
Preview 14:49
Uploading and Optimizing Videos For Search Engines
5 Lectures 40:45
Optimizing your videos is one of the most important things you can do to get seen and improve search engine rank. Oddly enough, a lot of people aren't doing it at all and those that are, aren't doing it correctly. This lecture is the start of the optimization process. If you don't do anything else provided in this course, at least do this step.
Uploading and Optimization

When you upload a video you have a lot of places to enter information. Going beyond the information channels, there are advanced options that give you the choice to notify subscribers, approve/deny comments, turn off voting, and a lot more.
Advanced Upload Settings

The description box is full of opportunity to optimize your videos, get your message discovered, and brand your business or products as best as they could. The description box allows vital elements to be placed in it that is not widely available anywhere else on YouTube.
Preview 17:06

Annotations are extra, clickable areas on your YouTube video that you can use in many different ways. Some annotations promote your website. Some annotations keep your viewer watching longer. Other annotations help increase your subscribers. There are many uses for annotations, yet a lot of businesses don't know exactly how to use them.

Not only do captions present the information of your video into text for hearing impaired individuals, it also helps with the search engines. Find out how to use captions to add that little bit extra that most other videos don't have.
Transcripts and Captions
3 Lectures 11:38
YouTube is a social site, yet it's so much more. Using other social sites to promote your videos will help increase views and get your brand and message out there to others. YouTube makes it very easy to do this.
Using Social Sites

Your YouTube videos don't need to simply sit on YouTube's site. You can embed them on your own website. There are many benefits to doing this, and it's easy too. Discover how and why your videos and your blog are perfect for each other. Wordpress is the blog in this example. The steps involved are similar to almost all other blogging platforms.
Using Blogs

Comments are another example of YouTube's attempt at being social. Comments let others contribute as well as help provide you with other video suggestions. Comments let you connect with potential customers. See how comments can help you.
5 Lectures 53:51
Channel Settings

Channel Banner

How to Create a Custom URL for Your Channel

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

One Channel Banner Artwork - How to Create Your Artwork for Free
Analysis and Research Tools
4 Lectures 19:30
Looking for video ideas? Want to find viral videos before they get super popular? Want to have the inside scoop on what is going on in the YouTube universe? YouTube trends is a great place to start. 
YouTube Trends

Have a business or product that fits a certain age, gender, or location demographic? The trends dashboard is a great place to see exactly what those demographics are interested in. 
Trends Dashboard

Google Alerts

YouTube Charts is another place to get valuable information on your target demographic and the videos that are popular with them right now. 
YouTube Charts
YouTube Analytics
2 Lectures 19:13
Analytics is dedicated to provided stats on just about anything you would want to know about your YouTube videos. Analytics consists of tools that give you information such as:

• View counts

• Viewer demographics

• Traffic sources

• Audience retention

• A lot more

YouTubers that use Analytics have a lot more information at their disposal that those that don't. All of the professional YouTube channels rely on Analytics for a wealth of information.


Analytics Part. 2
Bonus Sites
3 Lectures 15:19
This neat tool lets you see how fast your video is streaming compared to other videos. This is a handy diagnostic tool that many people don't know about. 
Checking Video Speed

Want to try out new features YouTube rolls out before anybody else? This is where you can find them. Some are good, some are bad. You'll never know until you try. This is always changing and is a great way to see what YouTube has up its sleeve for the future.
YouTube Test Tube

Linked Tube continues on where YouTube annotations left off. This site lets you add extra interactivity to your videos. Can only be used for embed codes. 
Linked Tube
URL and Embed Strategies
3 Lectures 28:17
You can share your videos in many different ways. One way is by sharing the link. You can do certain customizable tricks with with this link. 
URL Techniques

YouTube's embed code gives users a lot of options. Learn how to tweak the embed code to get your videos to do what you want them to do.
Embed Code Customization

This lecture goes beyond simple embed code customization and takes it to a more advanced level. Customizing your embed code can help take your video to another level. Learn how to remove YouTube's branding, avoid viewers leaving your website, add branding, add customization, and control YouTube embed codes like never before. 
Advanced Embed Code Customization
Marketing Strategies
17 Lectures 01:05:52
YouTube Live Events

Once you know all the ins and outs of YouTube's interface, you can use that knowledge to really add to the marketing potential of your videos. Playlists are one great way to market with your videos. Discover playlist marketing techniques that will help get more views and optimize your videos that much more. 
How to Optimize a YouTube Playlist

Here are more options you can use with your playlists. Continued from the last lecture.
Preview 01:45

Riding others' views is a marketing technique used to take advantage of other user's video views. When done correctly, this will help snag potential customers.
Playlist Marketing - Ride Views of Others' Videos

In the world of YouTube, information and good content is king. Sometimes your videos (or other's) might contain a little filler before the good content. You can now set where you want a video to start and stop within your playlists. This helps provide your viewers with a shorter, more valuable viewing experience. 
Customizing YouTube Playlist - Set duration of videos in playlists

YouTube comments won't let you put a URL in to be visible. There is a way to make a URL visible using playlists. Here's how to do that. 
Get Your URL in YouTube Comments

Banner Marketing and Branding

Creating custom thumbnail images for your YouTube videos was a big request for a long time. Now YouTube makes it available to certain YouTubers. If you are lucky enough to have this features, here is how to use it to your advantage.
Custom YouTube Thumbnail Images

Build Conversations and Gain Comments With Your Content

Watch Time - More Important Than Views

YouTube subscribers are very important. What if you have a video on your blog where it's not easy to get visitors to subscribe? Now you can create a subscribe widget so visitors to your website never need to leave yet they can still subscribe to your channel. 
YouTube Subscribe Widget for Blogs

Marketing With Annotations

Super Impose Annotations

If you have subscribers, you can post messages to them. This helps increase views and get a dialogue going. Learn how to use this feature here. 
Preview 05:51

You used to be able to see every tag of every video. Now, YouTube has made that unavailable, but there is a way around that. Learn how you can find important tags of any video on YouTube.
How to Find Tags (Keywords) of any YouTube Video

Having a clickable link anywhere on YouTube is very important since they don't allow that to happen that often. Associated websites opens up a whole new world of clickable links to your website. Discover what you can do with this awesome feature.
Associated Website (Clickable Link to your website)
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About the Instructor
Video editor, YouTube Marketer Marc Bullard
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Video Editor turned Business Owner

Hi, I'm a video editor that happened to luck into a great job with Internet marketing multi millionaire Tom Antion. Through working with Tom, I learned all about online business, Internet marketing, ecommerce, and more. I quickly started my own online business and never looked back. Running a business has helped me learn everything I could about marketing online and now I offer my expertise to many clients looking for the same information. 

With my bachelor's degree in video production and a Master's degree in education, I was an ideal candidate to be the head instructor at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, where I advise and instruct other students on Internet marketing. 

When I'm not consulting or working on my own business, I can be found surfing as much as possible or chasing my hyperactive 2 year old around the house.