3D Animation - The Ultimate Game Characters Animation Guide
4.1 (8 ratings)
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3D Animation - The Ultimate Game Characters Animation Guide

Your online guide for learning 3d animation using the best animation software for game characters
4.1 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,454 students enrolled
Created by Mohammad Zuhaib
Published 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will get a lot familiar with the Blender software, which will help you a lot in future if you are in game development or animation development career.
  • You will learn the core knowledge for creating animations
  • You will get familiar with the rigging process and the skinning process.
  • You will learn to create your own Animations.
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  • A Mouse which includes middle mouse button. It's not mandatory, but it will be really helpful. So, Try to purchase a new mouse if your mouse or track-pad doesn't include middle mouse button.
  • An internet connection cause this course is not made available for downloading. So, You've to watch it online
  • A strong desire to learn animations and a passion for learning.
  • 32-bit dual core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 24 bits 1280×768 display
  • Mouse or trackpad
  • OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 256 MB RAM

LATEST: Course Updated May 27, 2015

Now, There is one new section that contains bonus videos. All the new videos requested by Students will be uploaded in that Section.


About this course:

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What's inside this course?

In this course, We will work with a very powerful and amazing tool "Blender" for creating animations for game character models.

This course will only cover the basic stuff, As this course is designed to help newbies who don't know anything about animations.

When I was creating my first game two years ago, I faced many challenges. I didn't know how to create my own 3d models or how to make background music etc. & One of the main challenges that I faced was to creating animations for my game characters. I couldn't find proper and fast guide for that. It was really frustrating. So, I am making this course to help you guys if you are facing the same problem as I did.

===========================Some Q & A's============================

Q. Which software will we be using for creating animations?

A. Blender. This is one of the best software for creating animations. Plus ! Its FREE !!!!

Q. Is this course for beginners?

A. Yes ! This course is totally for beginners.

Q. What will you cover in this course?

A. This course will cover three vital steps for creating animations. Rigging, Skinning & Animation. Plus a section for helping you to get to know Blender.

Q. I don't know how to use Blender. Is it gonna be a problem?

A. Nope ! You don't need any knowledge for using blender. You'll learn it on the way.

Q. Why should I buy this course?

A. Its the quickest guide for learning the Animations.

Q. What kind of materials are included?

A. Video tutorials, power-point presentations, pdf files & .blend files

Q. Are the skinning & rigging processes linked with animations?

A. Absolutely ! They are totally linked and without them animation is not possible. I will show you how they'r linked in the course.


“You can make it if you try. Don't give up or quit the fight. If you believe, you will see, you can do it."

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn animations from beginning is welcome to take this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures
Creating the Environment
2 Lectures 04:44

Welcome to your firs't video tutorial. This video will start with a simple introduction. Then, You will open up google cause I'll show you where you can download the blender software and which version of it will we be using in the entire course period. So, we will download it, and then I'll show you how to install it. During installation, I'll show you some of my new upcoming courses. & then, we'll complete the installation wizard. After blender is installed, We'll run it for the 1st time. & Voila ! That's it./

Note: The download link is available with the lecture, plus the .pdf file is also included for you to download if you still need help downloading the software.

Preview 04:44

These slides will show you how to download blender and from where. Basically ! It's a pdf version of lecture 1. If you have successfully downloaded and installed blender, then you can skip these slides.

Note: If you still need my help, then post a new discussion in the course. I'll read it and I'll get back to you real quick.

Blender Installation Slides - Extras
21 pages
Getting To Know Blender
2 Lectures 00:43

26 Slides containing lots of vital information about blender. Basically, these slides contains the main portion of blender that we will be using throughout this course. So, make sure to read it properly and get to know blender.
Note: For any questions or queries, feel free to contact me any time.

Learn About Blender
26 pages

The text file includes the basic shortcuts that we will be using entirely in this course. So, you make sure to remember these shortcuts. These are very important and they come very handy while using blender.

Note: Remember these shortcuts cause the quiz includes all the questions based on blender shortcuts

Blender Shortcuts

All the questions will be regarding the blender software and what you learnt in the Tutorial 2.

Test Your Knowledge
9 questions
Rigging & Skinning For Character Model
4 Lectures 27:32

These notes contains information regarding downloading of the character model that we will use for the upcoming rigging, skinning and the animation methods. So, make sure to download the character and run that .blend file at least one time to see if it runs properly on your system or not.

Note: Without downloading a character model from this lecture, you won't be able to follow up to the next video tutorial.

Downloading The Character Model

In this tutorial, You will get familiar with the rigging process of a character. It's a firs't step for making animations. In the rigging process, we will add the armature to the character model. Basically, The Edit Mode of blender will be used throughout this video tutorial.

Note: The completely rigged character model has been uploaded with this video tutorial. So, if you want to use it, just download it.

Preview 07:33

This video will start with a new character mode "The Aqua Man". Basically, there was some problem in the previous character model, so, I replaced it with this new character. So, make sure to download it. Anyways, I will first tell you about skinning i.e what is skinning and all that stuff. After that, we will start doing it. We will switch from object mode to edit mode and then we will skin the body parts one by one.
We will use only three keyboard keys and three mouse buttons in the whole tutorial.
The keys are:

"A" for selecting/deselecting all vertices

"C" for selecting custom vertices

"Esc" to get rid of C-Selection

Note: The character model "Aqua-Man" has been uploaded with the lecture. So, make sure to download it. & secondly, the half skinned character is also present. You can download it too if you face any kinda problem during skinning your character

The Art of Skinning in Animations

Note: This lecture contains a fully skinned Aqua-Man character. So, make sure to download it if you faced any kind of problem.

Fully Skinned AquaMan
Animating The Character Model
1 Lecture 25:31

In this final video, I will show you how to do a simple walk animation on your character model. Basically, All the other animations will be done the same way, So, you won't face any problem. Cheers

This is How You Animate - The Final Video
Bonus Videos
1 Lecture 09:41

This is a bonus lecture in which you will learn how to texture 3d objects in blender. It's a basic tutorial.

Note: For any queries, feel free to contact me anytime.

How To Texture In Blender - The Basic Technique
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