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Easy PHPeasy 2 - Objects, Frameworks & Apps

Take your PHP further & learn how to develop professional apps using objects & frameworks on this PHP course.
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  • Ryan Kennedy Director of Make It Value CIC

    I am 21 from Manchester, UK and I have been working as a web developer for a number of years now, I have a bit of a close bond with php so that is what I specialise in! Although as a web developer by trade I am up to date with everything from node.js to RoR. I am currently juggling various responsibilities as the director of a CIC (Community Interest Company) helping social enterprises get up to speed with social media and bringing their websites up to standard. Hopefully I have picked up enough knowledge so far to pass on some genuine skill sets for anyone who cares to watch!

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Easy PHPeasy 2 - Objects, Frameworks & Apps

Take your PHP further & learn how to develop professional apps using objects & frameworks on this PHP course.
60 reviews


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So you've mastered the basics? Want to step up to the next level?

Well that's what Easy PHP Course – PHP Objects, Frameworks & App is here for!

With things moving so quickly in the world of web development and so many new technologies and tools appearing every month it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to building things that live up to today's standards. Luckily it's not as scary as you think. Tools such as code libraries, objects, frameworks and content management systems can help you build things fast and hold some powerful features.

So join me, Ryan Kennedy and learn how to build professional apps with the PHP Course Easy Way!

Take this PHP Course and learn PHP Objects, Frameworks & App. Take your skill to the next level.

If you're not up to scratch with the basics then why not check out the first PHP Easy for the basics.

    • A grasp of the PHP basics
    • HTML (Some)
    • CSS (Some)
    • SQL
    • Over 20 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • Gain a foundation in PHP Objects
    • Understand certain design choices and implement the right one for the job
    • Knowledge of frameworks and libraries
    • Intermediate PHP Programmers
    • Anyone who has a solid grasp of the php basics


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    An Introduction To The Course

     A description of what this course include. Just to be clear, I don't aim to make you an object oriented ninja I'm just here to help you understand the key concepts and understand how to design and build web apps.

  • SECTION 2:
    Objects 101
  • 2
    Objects 101 - An Introduction

     A quick introduction into the world of objects and why we use them. Oop is relatively new in php in the whole scheme of things but since php 5 the language is bang up to date!

  • 3
    Objects 101 - Our First Class

     We create our first class together and understand the syntax, we also implement our first properties and methods.

  • 4
    Objects 101 - The Constructor

    In this lecture we take a quick look at how to use the __construct magic method included with classes that helps us set up our object when a new instance is created.

  • 5
    Objects 101 - Inheritance

    In this lecture we cover the basics of inheritance in order to further specialise our superclasses by extending our subclass to add functionality.

  • 6
    Object 101 - Encapsulation

    Encapsulation is the idea of creating a cleanly defined interface and hiding key parts of your class from code outside of the class in order to avoid outside code from ruining parts of your system. 

  • 7
    Object 101 - Polymorphism

    Polymorphism is the idea of creating a common interface that takes different forms in order to help us maintain a clean interface for client code.

  • 8
    Object 101 - Abstract Classes

    In this lecture we take a look at abstract classes and how we can use them to implement the theory learned in previous lessons such as polymorphism

  • 9
    Object 101 - Conclusion

    We come to an end of our objects section, next MVC frameworks!

  • SECTION 3:
  • 10
    MVC - An Introduction

    A quick introduction into the world of Model View Controller, This is the model that runs almost all frameworks.

  • 11
    Why Use MVC & Frameworks?

    Why would we use mvc patterns and frameworks when we could keep it all together in different ways? Well in this lecture i quickly explain why.

  • 12
    Laravel - Setting Up

    We take a look at setting up our framework.

  • 13
    Laravel - Controller

    Let's create our first controller!

  • 14
    Laravel - Views

    Let's learn about views! We will look at models when we create our app in the next few lectures

  • 15
    Todo App - Setting Up

    In this lecture we begin work on our very own todo app. I think the best way to learn is by doing, so let's get straight into some real world coding and set up our database and config files in laravel.

  • 16
    Todo App - Creating Tasks

    This lecture covers the first part of our app: creating tasks

  • 17
    Todo App - Creating Tasks part 2

    Second part of creating our tasks

  • 18
    Todo App - Creating Our Index Page

    In this lecture we create the page that will display all of our posts.

  • 19
    Todo App - Deleting Items

    We almost have our basic CRUD operations finished, this lecture covers deleting our items

  • 20
    Todo App - Creating Our Show Action

    Our final action is complete and we have a working app!


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  • Kieran McGregor
    Out Of Date

    This course is okay up until the trek into Laravel. Unfortunately, Laravel 4 syntax and function appears to be completely different from the version the instructor uses so after Lecture 12 you're best to find another resource or read Laravel's documentation.

  • Paul Sayer
    Delivery and Examples could be better

    The tutor is obviously very knowledgeable, but struggles to get this across in his delivery sometimes. Long Pauses and watching as he deals with unexpected errors in the code, point to a lack of lesson planning which anyone providing this type of tutorial needs to do in advance. It was worth watching section 2 for some of the nuggets and gems in there, but section 3 is a little hit and miss. i.e. in an MVC framework, no specific lesson on Models?

  • Mberends@deakin.edu.au

    Been meaning to look into working within a framework. Will look into Laravel framework. Thanks

  • James Peters
    Great Course

    The section Objects 101 was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for your help.

  • Stefano Esposito

    I find this course very clear and interesting

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