Growth Hacking: An Evening Crash Course

Learn to grow your product from zero to millions of users with growth hacking techniques you can learn in one evening.
  • Lectures 49
  • Video 4 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
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Course Description

Dear potential student,

Are you at a startup or thinking of starting one? Are you struggling with the question of how to quickly build a userbase for your product? Do you have no money to spend on marketing?

This class is for you.

In the past few years, a handful of people have emerged that have been able to hack growth for products, growing them from 0 to 10+ million users in a matter of months with little to no marketing (read lean marketing).

They call themselves "growth hackers" and they built companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Zynga, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Appsumo to where they are today.

A growth hacker is a rare combination: someone with the right marketing and technical skills who can come up with clever marketing hacks and also track their results.

So where do you find this rare creature? You don't. They're being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their expertise at startups and venture funds.

But don't give up. You too can learn growth hacking and be a growth hacker.

Growth hackers weren't born that way. They learned a unique set of skills by being in the right place at the right time, and with the right people.

I wanted to figure out what those skills and secrets were. So I started reading up on all the growth hacks. Then I reached out to some of the most famous growth hackers and asked them to learn their secrets. And they told me! (Growth hackers love showing off.)

You'd be amazed at what I learned! Some of it is so effective and so easy to copy that I can't believe more people aren't doing it.

Some of my best friends work at startups, and I see how much they struggle to get new users for their product. I started telling them about what I learned. One of them used growth hacking techniques to get 60k new users in 60 hours!

So I took what I learned and turned it into a class teaching growth hacking.

In this growth hacking and lean marketing class, you'll learn:

  • The secrets of how the world's fastest growing companies got their first million users
  • The lean marketing funnel and how it makes figuring out the right strategies easy (and best of all, you waste less money!)
  • What tools only growth hackers know about for quickly building hacks with almost no time or experience necessary
  • The most innovative growth hacks that could double your userbase literally overnight

This class contains hours of video content, live sessions, case studies and over a dozen lean marketing strategies you can implement immediately.

It's right for just about any level - from beginner to experienced, from entrepreneur to designer to coder to marketer. No matter who you are, I guarantee you'll learn something insightful from this class (see testimonials below for proof).

I also personally respond to any questions my students have, so there's no worry about getting stuck or not knowing how to apply it to your company. So sign up now!

Talk soon,

Mattan Griffel

P.S. The $49 price is meant to be an introductory offer to build the students and positive reviews. I plan on doubling the price very soon - maybe in the next few days. So if you want to make sure you get in at this special price, sign up now. You won't regret it (but if you wait, you might).

"By far the best description and practical advice on growth hacking I've seen." – Andrew Dumont, BD at SEOmoz

"This is pure gold." – Eric Rattner, Account Manager at HEBSnyc

"Thanks for a great lecture. You gave a very useful framework to get started with funnel analysis." – Joel Kemp, @hackny Fellow 2012

"Very helpful insights about Growth Hacking. Super interesting topic." – Niklas Jansen, Co-founder and CPO of Blinkist

What are the requirements?

  • Knowledge of marketing concepts is helpful but not necessary

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 49 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Implement the Lean Marketing Funnel
  • Build a viral feedback loop
  • Plan & execute a rigorous A/B test
  • Identify your most valuable acquisition channels
  • Optimize conversion at each step along the way

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Engineers

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
Lifetime access

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion


Section 1: Growth Hacking in Today's World
Here's the deal with Growth Hacking

In The Beginning There Was Hotmail
Most Startups Face The Same Problem
What the Fuck is Growth Hacking?
Share the love
Section 2: The Science of Growth Hacking
User States
The Growth Hacking Funnel
An Example: Quora
Measuring Conversions
Section 3: Growth Hacking Best Practices
Barebones Homepages
Site Speed
Email Notifications
Seamless Social Integration
Copying Other Growth Hackers
Dissecting A Growth Hack: 37Signals
Section 4: Iterating & Testing
Running a Proper Experiment
Highrise: Testing the Long-form Sales Page
Highrise: Testing the Person Design
Highrise: Testing the Long-form Person Design
Highrise: Testing the People
Landing Page Testing with Unbounce
Testing Product Features
Frequency of Testing
Section 5: Notable Growth Hacks
Mint Landing Pages
OKCupid OKTrends
Wall Street Journal Free Public WiFi
Path App Texts
OKCupid Tour Guide
Twitter and Quora Weekly Digests
Quora Endless Scroll
Zynga, Spotify and Socialcam Social Product Push
Dropbox, LivingSocial and Appsumo Incentivized Referral
Section 6: Next Steps
Growth Hacking Resources
Here are some additional resources for learning about growth hacking: Find a Growth Hacker for Your Startup In this famous post, Sean Ellis coins the term  Growth Hacker  to mean “a person whose true north is growth.” The idea is that after a startup has found product/market fit, the next step is to…
Growth Hacks Google Spreadsheet

Another good resource for more growth hacking information

Section 7: Bonus Material
Dave McClure's Example Conversion Metrics
Dave McClure's Example Acquisition Channels
Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Senior Director at GLG ( and, gives a detailed presentation on metrics to foreshadow revenue, the relationship between a user and customer, as well as hacks to drive usage.
Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Senior Director at GLG ( and, gives a detailed presentation on metrics to foreshadow revenue, the relationship between a user and customer, as well as hacks to drive usage.
Statistical Significance Calculator, Visual Website Optimizer
Patrick Ambron, CEO at gives a talk about how BrandYourself unexpectedly brought on 60k users within 60 hours at the GrowHack Meetup in NYC.
Patrick Ambron, CEO at gives a talk about how BrandYourself unexpectedly brought on 60k users within 60 hours at the GrowHack Meetup in NYC.
6 Steps to a Customer Lovegasm with Noah Kagan, pt 1
6 Steps to a Customer Lovegasm with Noah Kagan, pt 2
6 Steps to a Customer Lovegasm with Noah Kagan, pt 3
Free Viral Channels with Michael Geer

Instructor Biography

Mattan Griffel , Expert Growth Hacker

I'm Mattan, founder and CEO of The Front Labs, a growth hacking shop for startups based in New York City. I'm a member of General Assembly and NYC Ambassador to the Sandbox Network. I've spoken about coding, social gaming, marketing, and the state of startups at various industry events – including at Bloomberg, General Assembly, Internet Week, Social Media Week, and Hacking for Hustlers – and have been featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Mashable, The Next Web, and Hacker News.

Instructor Biography

Conrad Wadowski , Growth Specialist

I'm Conrad, a Partner at GrowHack and do growth work for multiple series-A funded companies and Quotidian Ventures in NYC. In the past I've launched products in multiple industries. I also founded and produce the first Enterprise Tech Meetup which has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and ZDNet.

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    • Jowanza Raheem Joseph

    Light on Technical Detail

    I was hoping this class would have more hacking a less lecturing. It was a bit frustrating to just go through case studies for a few hours. That said it's a good introduction tot he topic, just not recommended for someone who is a programmer looking to get ideas on where to go from there.

    • Alexander Engzell

    A great introduction course to growth hacking.

    Unfortunately didn't go into as much details as I' would have hoped.

    • Luis María Clemente Morera

    Really Basic, too many famous examples and no technical info

    This is an ok course to explain somebody what is growth hacking. It's funny but that's all. If you want to go deep on growth hacking, know the tools and techniques don't look here. The classes are really short and no real info is given :(

    • Ian Sharp

    Food for Thought

    • Rick Kenna

    Thought stimulating

    Thought stimulating content that opened multiple threads for additional investigation. Worthwhile. The only knock: a bonus presenter video series is no longer accessible.

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