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Start Using Selenium WebDriver with Java

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Start Using Selenium WebDriver with Java

161 reviews


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1

    Set the scene and list the tools we will install.

  • 2
    Readme Txt
    12.78 KB

    The Basic Course outline and notes

  • 3
    About Me

    About Alan Richardson, your course instructor

  • 4
    Tools Used To Create This Course

    Brief overview of Virtual PC and the Microsoft Browser Compatibility Images

  • 5
    Mailing Lists and more videos

    I periodically run webinars and maintain a mailing list.

    If you are interested in additional information on Selenium Webdriver then sign up for my mailing lists:


    I also periodically release information to youtube:


  • 6
    Udemy Logistics - How to contact your instructor

    How to contact your instructor via Udemy messaging? Udemy haven't made the process of messaging your instructor particularly easy. So I'm going to show you how to do it. The short version is visit the following link and message me: https://www.udemy.com/u/alanrichardson

  • 7
    Udemy Logistics - How to ask a Question

    The Udemy interface can lead to mistakes when asking a question or an answer. I want you to be able to contribute to the course and ask questions so in this video I'll show you how the Udemy interface works for questioning.

  • 8
    When things go wrong...

    Things might go wrong when you follow this course. Your setup might not be the same as mine, you might not notice that some of the earlier steps have failed.

    When things go wrong, drop down to the command line and make sure that the basics work:

    • mvn -v
    • java -version

    In your project folder make sure that "mvn clean" works without error.

    Then try a "mvn compile" and make sure you don't get any download errors reported.

    Many of the recent questions on this course have been related to maven.

    I have created 2 new videos, and a hints and tips lecture, which show some troubleshooting steps that you can take if you encounter maven problems.

    These are over on the full Selenium 2 WebDriver course, but I have made them free previews so you should be able to watch them even if you haven't signed up for the full course.


    The lectures are at the end of Section 4

    • Maven FAQs, And Troubleshooting Tips
    • Maven Troubleshooting Downloads
    • Maven Troubleshooting Proxies and Download Cache issues

    Please refer to these first, if you encounter any maven issues.

  • 9
    What tools will we install and Why?
    Recently there have been an influx of people on the course, and some are a little confused by the amount of software they install. The course does explain a little about what the software does when using them but the course hasn't provided an overview... until now
  • SECTION 2:
    Install Firefox
  • 10
    Install Firefox Browser

    Install Firefox browser, and briefly mention Saucelabs as a grid provider

  • 11
    Install Firefox Plugins

    Install firebug and firepath, with reasons why you should and a quick demo of each

  • SECTION 3:
    Install Support Utilities
  • 12
    Install Console2

    Install Console2 an open source wrapper around command lines e.g. Cygwin or DOS to make later command line based development work easier


  • 13
    Install Rapid Environment Editor

    Install the Rapid Environment Editor to make it easier to amend Windows Properties

  • SECTION 4:
    Install Java
  • 14
    Install Java Sdk

    Find and install the Java SDK

  • SECTION 5:
    Install Build Tools
  • 15
    About the build tools
    I recommend you only install Maven, but if you know about Ant and are curious how it works with Selenium then you can choose to follow the Ant lecture as well. But this course and the main course only require installing maven.
  • 16
    Install Mvn

    Install Maven

  • 17
    Install Ant

    Install Ant the easy way using winAnt http://code.google.com/p/winant/

  • SECTION 6:
    Install an IDE
  • 18
    Introduction to the Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

    A brief intro to Eclipse and IntelliJ

  • 19
    Install Eclipse

    Install Eclipse

  • 20
    Install Intellij

    Install Intellij community edition

  • SECTION 7:
    A Simple Example Project
  • 21
    Intro First Project With Maven

    Our first project uses maven so we don't have to download anything from the SeleniumHQ site

  • 22
    A few up to date notes - read this to update your project
  • 23
    A simple Eclipse project using maven

    A simple WebDriver test in Eclipse using maven

  • 24
    A simple IntelliJ project Using Maven

    A simple test using WebDriver and Maven in IntelliJ

  • 25
    FAQ: Why are my JUnit asserts showing as deprecated

    JUnit asserts often move around, so you probably just have to change the import package.

  • 26
    FAQ: Why is Firefox browser not closing when the test finishes

    We need to use driver.quit as well as driver.close

  • SECTION 8:
    Running your tests using Maven
  • 27
    Running From Maven Intro

    A quick introduction to learning about maven

  • 28
    Running Tests From Command Line Maven

    Running Tests From Command Line Using Maven

  • 29
    Running Maven Tests From Intellij Ide

    Running Maven Tests From Intellij Ide

  • 30
    Where I Fail To Get Maven Working Within Eclipse

    I show, in theory, how to run the maven targets from within Eclipse but I failed to configure it properly. But I normally use maven from the command line.

  • 31
    Maven Running Within Eclipse Properly

    Running a test from within Eclipse using maven with the correct configuration this time

  • SECTION 9:
    Make Command Line Easier
  • 32
    Use Console2

    Use Console2 as a simple wrapper around command line shells

  • 33
    Use Conemu

    ConEmu is a very powerful and flexible alternative to Console2

  • SECTION 10:
    Using Ant
  • 34
    Running Tests From Command Line Ant

    Running Tests From Command Line using Ant

  • SECTION 11:
    Next Steps
  • 35
    Next Steps - Web Resources
    Some web links to help you learn more about Selenium
  • 36
    Next Steps - Read other people's code
    We used to learn programming by typing in listings from old computer magazines. Reading code is still a good way to learn.
  • 37
    Next Steps - books
    Some recommended books for self study.
  • 38
    Next Steps - learn Java
    The more Java you learn, the better your automation code will become.

  • SECTION 12:
    Get the source code
  • 39
    Importing the source code into maven from GIT
    I have uploaded the source code to this tutorial to github https://github.com/eviltester/startUsingSeleniumWebDriver

    This lecture shows where to find it an how to iimport it.

  • 40
    Updating the version of Selenium
    Selenium was updated to 2.26 after this lecture series was created so in this video I show how to update the version of Selenium.
  • SECTION 13:
    End Notes
  • 41
    Where Next?

    Additional websites where you can find out about more free information and content that I release.


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  • Denys Stoianov

    as for free course it's very good job, thanks Alan

  • Shaun Green
    Excellent course, very helpful

    This course essentially took me from zero knowledge to understanding the basic use of Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Ant and various ancillary supporting tools in the space of about six hours. There's still a lot for me to learn but this has been an excellent start. I like that some mistakes were left in and corrected - often we learn more from failure than we do from success... The one bit of difficult I ran into was in using Ant (which is only really touched upon in this course). I transcribed the code from the screen of that lecture, and corrected a few of my mistakes (one by referring to Alan's Selenium Simplified book), but although I managed to get Ant to run the build.xml I created it failed at the compile stage. As best as I can tell, it was importing the Junit and Selenium modules after identifying they were missing, but then failed to understand the methods/commands associated with them. I suspect this is something I may have to figure out by working through the Selenium Simplified book... or I may just not bother, as I think I agree with Alan that IntelliJ and Maven are a much easier option!

  • Theresa
    Fantastic trainer. Fantastic content.

    The course and trainer are both amazing. Beware the corporate network with proxies galore though. I succeeded at home with the exercises, but at work struggled. If Maven doesn't work, or your dependencies don't download, and you've set your environment variables correctly, switch networks. That's what did it for me.

  • Carl Pohl
    Well presented with good information

    Starting of with Selenium can be a big challenge, Allan made it easy through this course, in setting up the environment, some examples etc.

  • Shaan Seth
    Excellent setup guide!

    I recently finished this and the instructor does an excellent job of walking the student through setting up the environment. The course could use a few more overview lectures for the absolute beginners. But I still rate this 5 stars as the doubts can be solved with a simple search or by asking the instructor. Very good response time! Also, since multiple environment combinations are presented, if each of the lecture could begin with why this step needs to be accomplished, it will solve most of the newbie questions. There was a overview added at Lecture 9 and thanks for that!

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