Wise women-Setting your Magic Free
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Wise women-Setting your Magic Free

7 Simple Steps to a Magical Lifestyle ~ Uniting Goddess Wisdom, Self-Love, Sexuality and Earth based Spirituality.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4 students enrolled
Created by Margarit Brigham
Published 7/2012
Wise women-Setting your Magic Free
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  • 13.5 hours on-demand audio
  • 10 Articles
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What Will I Learn?
  • Three steps to women's estatic energy how to gain it and keep it all day long
  • The number one tool that aligns women with their magical core and the Rhythm of Oneness
  • M.A.G.I.C.A.L = M-angaging the magical energy, A-ttention,G-ratitude,I-intuition, C-onnection, A-ction,L-ove
  • This course follows the Birth metaphor model and the Laws of Emergence
  • To lead women back to their child-like sense full of wonder and to see, to feel, the Oneness connection within nature.
  • Guide women on a path to the treasures within, where the seeds of magic reside.
  • Featuring the Breath of Fire and the Cosmic Breath two very powerful tools that will aid in rebirthing your magic and help ease the pain of the worlds labor pains
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  • magic tools of pen and journal
The Art Of Seeing and Setting your Magical Essence
How TO Live An Enchanted Life…
"Caution, this program

may contain moments of surprise, elation and Joy"

This magical home study is an encouraging can do program! With honest questioning and excavating into the true nature of self love, intuition, and sexual energy. You will receive tools that will raise your vibration and connecting this with women's wisdom (her womb and heart space), where a ball of magic energy resides as ancient as the earth herself.

You see, each of us HAS the codes within us to become our magical selves, to eliminate conflict, heal old wounds, and be catalysts for positive change.

Modern science is coming to the same conclusion as our wise ancestors: your heart holds the key to your happiness, your health and your ability to create thriving relationships and meaningful work.

Women will receive strategies, tools, and techniques to authentic women's wisdom, to their unique powers, and to the many levels of wonder that exist within their lives, especially the wonder, “down under”, in the female body.

It is my absolute Joy to point out the Wonder and the many ways the emergence of magic is already manifesting, in people, the earth and even in the cosmos. It can open you up to feel love more intensely and help you see how much you truly are loved already by a benevolent mother earth and all its kingdoms.

Your magic resides in your heart and when it is in a state of loving resonance and aligned with your mind, your body and your spirit, it's like medicine.

You feel better, more relaxed, more joyful, better able to
manifest what you most want in life, and better able to
handle the stresses that come up with ease and mindfulness.
We are born with this soul-knowing, but it takes the development of concrete and practical skills in order to do it effectively.

Is it time now to unplug from a culture of stress?

This inspirational path of the Heart can clarify your own Hearts Desires and help them come into form so effortlessly, it'll feel like Magic. Women of all ages, are being invited to tap into their inner wisdom and learn to walk as Women Of Wonder! Together, we will enter the shift of the ages empowered with strong spirits,embracing the Unknown fearlessly and lovingly, and with a sacred playfulness in all that we do.

  1. Discover How You Can Activate Your Inner Power to Create a Better Life and World with Greater Ease, Clarity and Joy!
  2. Do you feel a yearning for something more? The more, is your magical essence trying to get your attention. For centuries, we have repressed it, ignored it, doubted it and have never felt fully complete without knowing why.
  3. Find how to connect to your heart, the oneness vibration and to use the natural world as a tool for Divination.
  4. Be Mystics who radiate a delicious peace and love from the core of our beings;

AND the exciting part is you can start this adventure right away, with the Free mini course given below.

This is not your typical magical school that teaches how to create charms or spells, however you will tap into your innate powers of intuition. You are psychic and this home study program along with your magic journal, will prove it to you.

Using the vibrational tools in this program to raise your frequency so you can clearly see your magic and begin to Co- create magical moments infused with spontaneous play and Joy that ripples out and touches everyone.
Play is the Way! Your Joy, intuition and magic which is a gift for everyone and everything!

Woven throughout the program you'll discover Sacred energy of the Divine Feminine. Many times there will be references to the Goddess culture and highlighting her in all her forms, re-emerging today as a change-maker, restoring balance, wholeness and peace by reconnecting us with Nature, our innate wisdom and the sacredness of all life.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is recommended for women and young women over the age of 18
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
The Free mini course
10 Lectures 02:04:15

"Fearless" is not a reduction of fears, but rather the capacity to go beyond fear. Going beyond fear begins when we examine our fear..In the Shambala tradition discovering fearlessness comes from working with the softness of the human heart." - Chogyan Trungpa Rinpoche

Have you ever found yourself in a crisis and no one is around to talk to?

You want to stop feeling the way you are feeling and you finally reach out for help and it seems you can't find any?

Perhaps you've figured out that retail therapy or any of the number of ways to numb out, are only short term and you are ready for some serious tools. Sometimes the best thing we can do to shift out of the pain, is to turn inward. It seems counter-intuitive because that is where we perceive the pain to be radiating from. But inside of you is also a guiding force that has your best interests at heart. When we are in fear, we cannot hear! I wrote this meditation years ago and has proven to be beneficial over and over to myself and my yoga students. It's timeless because fear always arises when trying out new things, no matter who you are. This will help you keep moving forward despite any fears that arise and embody you with Courage, Power, and LOVE.

*****This meditation is the same one found in Step 1 ~Intuition class but with music. I recorded it professionally to help you go deeper into releasing fear and gaining more acceptance and Serenity.

Preview 08:41

    The video you are about to watch teaches a very simple and deceptively powerful breathing technique. It is very ancient and was introduced to me as the Yoga Cosmic Breath, which I've begun to term the Love Breath.

    It houses high vibrational resonance and with a bit of repeating can bring the user into the Rhythm of Love, Oneness and Magic.

    I have discovered humans can be a link between Heaven and Earth and this video demonstrates how to do this.

    With practice, this Love Breath puts the user into the rhythm of cosmic consciousness and nature at the same, the place where synchronicity lives.

    "Synchronicity is how we experience telepathy" - Telektonaon

    As a synchronized whole-system, Earth is a conscious, sentient being, an integral member of the larger galactic community. Humanity, as a unique part of this living system, belonging to Earth, and our collective evolution in Time.

    Living in resonance with the Earth, honoring Gaia's MAGIC in our Heart, we maintain a healing and support when we consciously affirm our unity.

    At this juncture of evolution, all planetary citizens are called forth to participate in shifting our collective consciousness that we may set a new course of action-one which aspires to heal the Biosphere by functioning in Harmony with Nature. Ultimately, Earth's fate is our fate- we are One Earth, One Time, One People! Let us, together navigate our collective evolution into conscious synchronization with the living Earth Force.

    The video you are about to watch on the Yoga Cosmic Breath, the Love Breath will give you the experience of being the connecting Link Between Heaven and Earth. This breath links to the three hearts, The Galactic Heart, the Human Heart and Mother Earth's Heart.

    I credit this Love Breath and the connection to the Cosmos as the Guiding force helping to create the Magical formula this << Wise Women Setting your Magic Free>> program.

    Everything is in Support of our evolution..and magic is a part of us.

Preview ImportContent

 This audio is yours as a free gift to download and listen to and use again, and again. This introduction is infused with Reiki energy and is the beginning of removing blocks that stand in the way of seeing your magical essence.

It outlines,

  • What magic is
  • An introduction to the Goddess Tradition
  • The importance of our connection to the natural world
  • The problem for our young girls because of the book 50 shades of Grey based on seeing the results from working in a Love Shop.
  • An energy exercise to release patterns and limiting beliefs of unworthiness, shame and the naughty or nice projection. Then fills you back up with pure, raw, energy.
  • It ends with a meditation that will strengthen your intuition, your connection with nature and where you will meet the maiden,mother, and crone who have gifts for you.
Preview 01:16:48

There will come a time while taking this magical program that you will be shifting back fully to your feminine essence! You may, find like I did that, that your partner or people close to you and even your own inner male will begin a power struggle to keep you in the comfort zone.

This mediation is to support you with some comfort and ease...if you can do it with taking a bath all the better!! It is a journey to your inner sanctuary while taking a bath in your mind. Many time the bathroom is the only room in the house that you can get a real time-out and be alone. Consider this your Me-ing time meditation, a wonderful, private place where you can escape the outside world, even if it is only for a few minutes.
Preview 09:09
The 7 magical steps
7 Lectures 09:13:48

In this first class of the Magical system we begin with the I for intuition. Women will be initiated to their intuition and be able to tell the difference between instincts and intuition. This class gives practical tools on:

  • How to Trust your body
  • Expanding your field of Presence
  • A bit of history of where the witch wound came from
  • A meditation on releasing fear
  • Working with an energy tool to release blocks of fear that are held within the body, subconscious mind and DNA

*please note the class is an hour, even though it reads as two hours long.

Step 1~Intuition

Have your magical wand (pen) and notebook or journal handy for the beginning of this class. It begins and ends with songs to open your throat and heart as well as affirmations that combine Power and Love.

  • Featuring the Cosmic Breath to raise the energy and open the Heart.
  • How to feel everything and the rebirth of the heart that is occurring
  • The vibration of Love and its resonance field to according to the book "Power verses Force"
  • Where the Cosmic Breath came from and my personal story surrounding the practice
  • Doing the Cosmic Breath to the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth and some Planets to increase your vibration of Love, open your heart, and attune to the Universes Rhythm.
Step 2~ Love

Connecting  to our feeling nature and to the Great Mystery using the analogy of pregnancy and birth. We are in a rebirth and many people are going through this with anxiety when it can be amazing instead.

  • I begin the class by singing the first verse of Beautiful by Carole King, and share a story of how just by singing it repeatedly it did  begin to feel beautiful and people treat me better, an easy tool for you to try as well.
  • A Goddess Shakti Meditation using the Chakras for more energy and how to keep it within your system
  • Discover what the Law of Emergence is and how it can bring forth your magic and blueprint effortlessly
  • A look at how Quantum Physics works and how it is speaking the language of magic
  • Why to treat yourself in a loving way
Step 3~Connection

Together we Set the attention that we are magical beyond understanding; turning our attention towards Joy and Hope. A look back at the year 2008 when seeds of this program were planted and the rebirth of Magic that has occurred in 2012...with many more magical moments to occur.

  • How to play the wonder game instead of the worry game & playing the Free game
  • A personal story of Mother Mary in my life and how to control our thoughts
  • Playing games to see the magic manifest with words instantly
  • A teaching about personal power from the Queen of Hearts, "imagine 6 impossible things before breakfast"
  • Some stories from my journal about following my intuition
  • History of the how sex and feminine energy was repressed
  • The bubble energy tool to pull out the anger, grief, shame around our gender and the harmful pain associated 
  • Meditation to connect heaven and earth and to expand your field of Presence
  • A lesson on how to do Sexual Magic
  • How to Believe and Love in yourself, you deserve your own love, Giving yourself the Dignity of loving yourself
  • Ending with an affirmation and a Blessing

***There is a supporting video to go along with this class****

Step 4~Attention

Learning how to act with complete calm and confidence, this class on action and is the step behind raising your self worth. The call begins with an intention and prayer and sets the tone and vibration for the call.

  • Introducing the wild woman and where it resides within us
  • Building the habit of magic
  • A prayer of healing for our Foremothers
  • Loving our hips and the sacred well (pelvis) inside us
  • A dance- Dragon woman dance
  • A grounding meditation into the Lap of Mother Earth
  • A talk about our sexual energy and how to have orgasms and keep them coming while pleasuring your partner intensely
  • It’s not always a man, another woman or a machine that does the trick to loving our wonder down under. Taking the reins and putting the magic in your own hands
  • A loving chant to sing to your body
Step 5~Action

This class begins with Reiki energy A look into the Goddess as the originator of orgasmic energy and the pleasure and power is our birthright.

  • How to have your inner Goddess doing back flips
  • A look into Noetic Science
  • Giving our gratitude to the elements
  • A teaching from a Hopi Grandmother and bringing balance by praying to the elements and how we are related
  • How to be free
  • Freeing ourselves from fearing the animals
  • Study a resource from Doreen Virtues book on Earth Angels particularly the Incarnated Wise Ones who are the incarnated Wizards, Sorcerers, Sorceresses Shamans, Witches
  • Releasing past life vows with a powerful releasing with an affirmation severing vows of suffering, self sacrifice, celibacy, poverty that you may have made in all directions of time
  • A powerful meditation on pleasure of healing
  • A quantum prayer for your magical self
  • A motivation to not give into the ego's fear
Step 6~Gratitude

A refresher class designed as a resource and review of the most beneficial tools for the whole program. Its a compilation of the most powerful practices and can be listened to as a first class or last and to use it as a refresher later on. This was the last class to be created and it fell on a Full moon so I included is an opening and closing ceremony that I always use in Goddess Yoga classes.

Participants will review:

  • The Cosmic Breath technique, a powerful heart opening energy tool.
  • Review of the Ho'noponopono
  • Expanding the Field of Presence 
  • The Pleasure meditation from the Gratitude class
  • How easy it is to be a master and let go into the Universal flow
  • As well as a way to strengthen your chi energy, to get instant energy and keep it!
Step 7~Maintaining a Magical Mindset
Sacred Connections and Supportive Material
15 Lectures 03:04:10

This class leads directly into a  Zen story about a Lioness giving birth in a crowd of sheep!

  •  The meaning  of the story is seeing ones original face and the lesson in the story
  • A thought provoking awareness of how you can see your original face
  • The number one thing that can KILL your progress on your magical journey
The Fastest way to kill magic

Margarit's Magical Meditation into the abundance, treasure and wonder found within mother earth.
Steeped In Abundance and Wonder Meditation

The mechanics of Magic

Releasing judgement

Its not as easy as it sounds, the noise below is a constant draw on the attention. This is my daily reminder, that we always have a choice on what we put our focus on. Do you have something in your life that is a constant reminder to focus on the noise or silence, the serenity or the chaos?

***This video is a companion for the Attention lecture***

Would your Attention be focused in the Serenity or Chaos?

 Come on over and join the Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/WiseWomenSettingYourMagicFree 
The books that went into the course material: I suggest purchasing the Ted Andrews books to help you maintain the Wonder and Magic everyday!! Anim…
Resources for Program

Setting your magic F.r.e.e

You are Special

Spring Equinox 2009 -Goddess Chant

The first 20 minutes of this class is an introduction to the goddess and my awakening into researching the feminine archtypes through Mother Mary in 1995. I mention this in case you want to get right to the yoga and skip over the intro.  This yoga class was created on the July Full Moon of 2011 and could very well be the seeds of this Magical program because the final recording of these 7 steps ended on the July 2012 Full Moon a full year later...hmmmm! HUrray for Moon Magic!!

The class is timeless and is a good introduction to the upcoming Gentle Goddess movement and yoga classes coming this fall.
****please note** this class was designed for female golfers to stretch and open their hips..and bring confidence for the mental state, however it will work for everyone regardless if they golf or not.
Full moon class

Letting Mother Earth be your guide

About the Instructor
Margarit Brigham
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Author, Goddess Coach, Yoga Teacher, Vibrational healer

Margarit Brigham

Author, Speaker, Visionary, Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, Radio Show Host, a workshop & retreat facilitator.

A discovery to live the magical way in strength, honor, sensuality, courage, sacredness, Joy. I am here to serve your magical self using this course as a path to ancient wisdom of the womb, women's wisdom, and heart space.

Margarit first began studying the Goddess while taking her Yoga Teacher Training in 1994. The Goddess is very much alive and Sacred in the Hindu Tradition. She began teaching and empowering Women and girls when she created a Luna Goddess Yoga series in 1999. She continued as a student herself, studying Earth based religions such as Shamanism, Paganism, Native Spirituality, and incorporated these aspects into the Yoga and Goddess programs.

The Luna Goddess Yoga was the first foundation into living a magical lifestyle which transferred into writing a book for women to play as a "Golf Goddess" connecting in Oneness with nature" and the magic found in mother earth.

The next foundation for this magical program is the vibrational Love Breath called the Yoga Cosmic Breath which is the key to raising the heart energy and allowing magic to emerge.

Margarit worked three years in a Women's Love Shoppe and with this experience saw the needs and desires that women longed for to heal their sexuality and live a more sensual life. The research in this field of healing women's sexuality is linked to forgiveness for our past and for our ancestors to liberating us to be the Magical beings we are created to Be.