Dreamweaver CS6 mySQL PHP data-driven e-Commerce course

Learn to build robust data-driven web solutions for desktop and mobile devices with PHP mySQL, XML, jQuery & javascript
  • Lectures 50
  • Video 6 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
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    Available on iOS and Android
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Course Description

This is where the money is... These are the #1 most in-demand web dev skills set to have, building from scratch php MySQL data-driven web solutions for desktop and mobile devises
This is a LIFETIME: Onetime fee course... this course grows and I add new features and online tutorials every month...
Learn how to build a complete A-Z dynamic php mySQL website solution with little to ZERO hand coding - using mostly Dreamweaver's built-in tools and some 3rd party extensions

Learn to build a complete data-driven website solution using Dreamweaver CS6, HTML5, CSS3, mySQL, PHP, XML, jQuery, Javascript from the ground up. Build an online database from scratch and create dynamic php pages inside of Dreamweaver.

The Bottom Line: Do you want to learn to write code by hand? Or do you want to make money?
While others are busy and wasting their time writing code by hand... my students are enjoying life and MAKING MONEY!
This is REAL TRAINING... for a REAL JOB!...
in the REAL WORLD!
Carpe Diem - Robert

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  • Over 50 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!

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Section 1: Define your new MySQL php website and create an online database and php pages
10.14 KB

Unzip the files - and put these files in: the Dreamweaver App folder: Configuration > BuiltIn > Layouts - all the starter page files go here - it will now be there for you in the Dreamweaver interface New Document Dialog box


part 1 Step 1 Define your new mySQL PHP website in Dreamweaver


part 2 Setting up your FTP connection for your new Dreamweaver PHP mySQL Website


part 3 FTP upload and download new php files to your web server


part 4 Login to your webhost via cpanel and set up your MYSQL Database


part 5 Build tables and content for your new mySQL database using cPanel online tools


part 6 Insert content, names, emails and passwords to the new admin table via phpMyAdmin tools


part 7 Create a NEW php mySQL data connection file in Dreamweaver to talk to the mySQL database


part 8 Insert and edit an rsAdmin record set using Dreamweaver's server behavior panel


part 9 Create a password protected admin backend PHP page with Dreamweaver


part 10 Create a php login page to access the PW protected admin PHP page and mySQL database


part 11 Create a php login page to access the PW protected admin PHP page and mySQL database


part 12 Create an HTML5 placeholder tag for your login form fieldset text fields


part 13 Create the PHP code for your new login page via Dreaamweaver tools


part 14 Create the PHP LOGOUT code for your new login page via Dreaamweaver tools

Section 2: Buiding and developing the category and products tables with PHP & mySQL

part 1 Building the category table via a web browser in cPanel using phyMyAdmin tools


part 2 Building the category table via a web browser in cPanel using phyMyAdmin tools


part 3 Building the category table via a web browser in cPanel using phyMyAdmin tools


part 4 Building the products table via a web browser in cPanel using phyMyAdmin tools


part 5 Building the products table insertion PHP form page via Dreamweavr dynamic tools


part 6 Building the products table insertion PHP form page via Dreamweavr dynamic tools


part 7 Building the products table insertion PHP form page via Dreamweavr dynamic tools


part 8 Building the products table insertion PHP form page via Dreamweavr dynamic tools


part 9 Building the dynamic PHP add products form in Dreamweaver


part 10 Add user id to the products php insertion form via Dreamweaver in 4 steps


part 11 Add a new products rsProducts record set to your php page for a dynamic table list


part 12 Add a new product navigation system to your php product page list

Section 3: Building the FRONT END - Dynamic php mySQL website pages

part 1 Building the FRONT END - Dynamic php mySQL website pages


part 2 Front end techniques Adding dynamic data-driven content to your new php webpage


part 3 Building the front end product home page PHP record set


part 4 Adding repeating divs to your dynamic PHP products page


part 5 Adding category dynamic navigation system - dynamic hyper links


part 6 Building the dynamic php products page based on categories


part 7 Building the products dynamic PHP page hyper links


part 8 Building and linking the final products dynamic PHP details page

Section 4: How to create a shopping cart using WA eCart Extensions

part 1 Add a Cart object to your php webpage


part 2 Add an ADD TO Cart object to your php webpage


part 3 Adding the cart GO TO php webpage


part 4 use the Web assist extension to Create the final pages needed to bill and checkout your online clients

Section 5: Grafik Free Extensions - Download here: http://jediclasses.com/grafik

 Part 1 How to use Grafik Kaos to develop dynamic web pages


Part 2 Password protect your dynamic web page


 Part 3 Adding Grafik Kaos FX to your dynamic webpage


 Part 4 Creating dynamic email and web url links with Grafik Kaos Free Extensions

Section 6: Adding a CSS Grid for your store products

 Part 1 Adding a CSS Grid for your store products


 Part 2 Adding Store Products RS - Records sets


 Part 3 Adding a CSS Float to create your products page grid


 Part 4 Navigate to your products page using FREE grafik kaos extensions


 Part 5 Adding an add to cart button to your e-commerce webpage


 Part 6 Creating an External CSS file for your e-commerce website


 Part 7 Modify your CSS store products grid the easy way

Instructor Biography

Adobe Guru Robert Farrell Adobe Apple Designer / Developer , Master Adobe Software Teacher: 27 Years of Adobe Experience

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If there is a better, faster way to build an Adobe digital document... I share that with my students!
I have been teaching professional level Adobe production techniques since 1987- (27 years) and teaching from my NYC - Manhattan learning studio on West 57th street since 1991.

I teach individual and companies looking to improve their Adobe software production skill set or for job seekers looking to stay marketable.

I share with my students my own techniques and tips for creating any Adobe digial document quicky and effortlessly. From Acrobat to After Effects from inDesign to Dreamweaver and Illustrator to Photoshop. I know every single keyboard short-cut there is to know.

My training approach is totally different from any other training method. I teach my students to THINK the way the Adobe software THINKS - My proven time-tested method will make a power-user out of a total beginner or any user with many, many, years of experience who was never taught the right way.

I can 100% assure you that you will not find my production techniques taught anywhere else. I bring a total passion for "involved thinking" and learning to all my adobe software training tutorial titles. - Carpe Diem
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    • K Ferr



    • Christopher Scott

    Excellent instructor thank you for your knowledge

    • Pamela Wagner


    I was told I would learn everything to start an commerce site. I learn towards the end of the course that this is not so. I need to buy web assist in order to make an commerce site thru this course. Also, the instructor informs me I will learn how to add details and pictures in another series of videos. Not the series I purchased. Bait and switch.

    • Echezona Nwankwo

    Great class

    Great lesson. Knowledge is powerful, if your interested in learning how to build an e-commerce data driving website with no knowledge of code, you def need to take this class. I guarantee you will be so amazed.

    • Patrick Evans

    Funny, straight forward, structured learning

    I have been using Dreamweaver since it was Macromedia, Robert reminds me of the things I forgot over time and better and smarter ways to build. {on a side note} I am glad I found out that there should never be "Freds'" in the databases, an the difference of dis and dat and never confusing the two... LOL

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