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Course Description

K Michael Russell's coloring course is no longer available on Udemy. He will continue to support current students here.

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Section 1: The Basics

A quick introduction with sample of the type of content you will see later in the course.


Let's get the technical stuff out of the way! In this lecture, we'll optimize Photoshop for coloring and set up your menus. (Feel free to use your own setup if you are comfortable! There's no "right" way.Check the supplemental material for downloadable presets for brushes, tools, color profiles, swatches, etc.


In this lecture, I'll show you how to set up pencilled or inked pages for coloring in Photoshop--an important first step! Make sure any art you decide to import and color is at least 300 dpi if you ever want to print it.


This lecture covers how to pick base colors to avoid "muddy" pages in print, flatting and the tools involved, and a bit of color theory terminology.

Pop Quiz!
3 questions
Section 2: Coloring Like A Pro!

Cel-shading style... for all you anime and cartoon colorists! Check the Supplemental files for the pre-flatted PSD file used in this lecture, some extra line-art from artist Max Dunbar, and a great resource for learning about color theory and lighting.


In this lecture, we'll talk about how to render using the "cut and grad" style--one of the most popular coloring styles. Check the Supplemental Files for a real-time video featuring me coloring a page from Hack/Slash #1 using this style.


"Painterly" style! And some tips on multiple light sources. Check the supplemental section for links to some of my favorite digital painters--lots of education there!


We take a look at a few of my pages from actual projects that feature techniques we've covered, and we also look ahead at some examples of what you'll be learning in the next section: Advanced Coloring Techniques!

Pop Quiz!
3 questions
Section 3: Advanced Coloring Techniques

Here I'll show you how to change the color of the line art for use with SFX or atmospheric perspective. The industry term is "color holds".


Special effects! It's one of the most fun parts of coloring comics... making fires glow, lightning strike, and explosions explode off the page.


In this lecture, we'll be discussing how to add interest and hint at detail with textures.


In this lecture, we'll cover several concepts that help with storytelling as a colorist using several of the techniques we've already discussed plus a few new ones.


In this lecture, we'll discuss a few common errors that I often see from new colorists--some of the same mistakes I made when I first started!

Pop Quiz!
3 questions
Section 4: Putting Your Colors To Work!

In this lecture, I'll cover how to export the hi-res CMYK tiff files required (generally) for print use and how to create web-ready versions as well.


In this lecture, I'll discuss several aspects of the business of being a colorist -- building a portfolio, using social media and Internet forums to find your first gig, and what you can expect from your first coloring job.

Instructor Biography

K Michael Russell , Professional Colorist (HACK/SLASH, JUDGE DREDD)

K Michael Russell has been working professionally as a comic book colorist since 2011. He recently completed Judge Dredd #26 for IDW comics and the mini-series Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain for Image Comics--the publisher of critically acclaimed titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, and Chew.

His coloring course is no longer available on Udemy.

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    • Lindsay Doebler

    Half way through Section 2, already learning lots

    I just finished cel-shading my first piece and I'm so pleased with the result! The lessons on flating and cel-shading were great and I'm looking forward to learning more as I continue. Everything is laid out simply and easily so even a beginner like myself can follow along and make something awesome looking.

    • Laurent de Laroche Souvestre

    Finished the course and am so happy I took it.

    My artwork has always had a soft and painterly feel to it.I learned a lot and look forward to improving my style and techniques future . Strongly recommend it for anyone that would like to make coloring a full time job.

    • Laura Cooper

    What's an insightful and easy way to learn photoshop? Watching a pro.

    This has been super helpful to me. I've been wanting to use photoshop with some level of skill greater than a 4 year old. These lessons have been super helpful- the only problem, I guess, would be the time description. Yeah there are only 4 hours worth of videos- but I've spent almost 4 hours already stopping the videos and practicing myself. I'm only on lecture 5! Also- I really wish the tests were more thorough. The information is so helpful I wish I could remember every word.... The video quality has been great- but it might be better on a larger monitor. I can't see the tiny icons as well with my 13 inch. Either way- I'm so glad I'm taking this course. My coloring skills have improved drastically. I would still be playing around on youtube looking for scattered info if it wasn't for this course.

    • Kassi Mulligan


    I found it really engaging and I learnt of a lot of new techniques that I wouldn't have discovered anywhere else. :) My artwork is more cartoonish because I'm an animator, but I was always found it hard to decide how to paint my final products. Thanks to this course, I found a simple and effective way. Thankyou

    • Justin Decker

    Well Done

    I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I've become a much better colorist and gained valuable knowledge about using different tools in Photoshop to create interesting effects.

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