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Course Description

Radiant Life and Meditation and Metaphysics : Creative Process and Meditation Cleanses : Meditation Cleanses: Guided Meditations with Theta Soundtracks.

You have heard about the using the power of our feelings in Metaphysics.... Radiant Life and Meditation courses show you how.

Find on this Course a few of my Quick Radiant Meditations from my other online courses here on Udemy. Start with Egg #1, From the Complete Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Course. We learn how to ground. We begin to clear energies that we have in the body and pick up daily. We learn to Radiate our energetic body or our Egg. We Flex. We practice. We learn to feel our own energy and it may surprise you! The Radiant Egg Technique helps us keep the energetic body flowing, and quickly brings to the surface our issues.

Next play with my 17 Day meditation cleanse with Four of my students favorite meditations from this series, 'Color'. We flush the body and our Egg with Color and Frequency. It's wonderful. I just finished this course again myself, for about the 6th time. (I'm not the only one either)

In this Free Meditation and Techniques Course I have also included one of my Theta Soundtracks as well as my Chime Meditation Sountrack. Use them to practice the Radiant Meditation techniques, like the Radiant Egg or Open Technique on your own.

Be sure to read Beginning Radiant Meditation for my tips on a successful start to your practice. Do the Free Quiz too.

To use these meditations just listen, breathe and be comfortable. If your mind is really racing you actually need to meditate longer until it calms down. This may take a number of days. I'm available for personal help with anyone having great difficulties. Really you can't do it wrong..

Try to free your Imagination, to let go and allow yourself to do this meditation thing.

Radiant Meditation is a tool for us to use to release fear, old energy, to ground to earth frequencies and universal energies. It is a self help tool for you to explore your own consciousness and spirit. So meditate to be balanced and to spend time in the 'listening' state.

Learn how to drive your body vehicle and clear your aura!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

disclaimer: This series of meditations are created from my own personal practice and Creative Stream, supported by my education in meditation and current study in metaphysics. As an Intuitive Artist I created this meditation series as I was asked how I meditated and so created this series. Although I am not a health professional I have seen the benefits of these meditations in myself and others. Use at your own risk and discretion.

It is advised that you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 9 or 10 while taking your courses as it may interfere with making a comment on your courses. Please send me an email if you can't comment. I am just an email away! Shae

What are the requirements?

  • none

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 17 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • learn how to use meditation where ever you are!
  • Learn Egg #1 in Shae's Radiant Meditation Series
  • Learn how to clear the body of energies
  • Learn how to Radiate your aura
  • Learn how to charge your imagination with color meditation

What is the target audience?

  • everyone on the planet
  • anyone that has trouble with mind chatter in meditation practice
  • anyone looking for a new way to use meditation
  • Anyone that would call themselves sensitives

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
Lifetime access

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion


Section 1: Start Here

This will take you through basic how to's of Radiant Meditation and gives you the written techniques for EGG Technique and OPEN technique. Learn what Gorilla Meditation Style is! This is greatly recommended in Radiant Meditation Pracitice. Be sure to read this before you get started.


Meditation Tip! REconnect to your Meditative Space when you need it! 

As we practice meditation we begin to open up, calm down and learn what this meditation space feels like to us. We learn what our Meditative or Listening Space feels like and we can return there. I have found that we can return and reconnect to this space anytime and almost anywhere.

We can support our meditation practice even by a quick reconnect in our car. 

I hope you enjoy my little video meditation tip!

Clearing the Fog some questions to ponder
Section 2: Two Powerful Radiant Meditation Techniques

Egg #1 is the first meditation in the Step One of my Radiant Meditation series DO YOUR EGG. Your Egg is your aura. This meditation helps us ground and Clear our aura and energy. Listen to the recording, learn this technique so that you can use it when you need it. Listen to it while on the bus, just practice and practice and the more you will feel.

Egg #1 is designed to release our issues from the body and mind , Clear out all old energies, but just get that energy flowing in the right direction.  You will learn to be your own intuitive creative being, free and expressive. 

Feel Better Friends and Do Your Egg

Want to learn more about Radiant Meditation with Shae?
Try my Complete Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Course . This will take you from earth connection and up through the body, mind and spirit chakras Step by Step. You will learn your meditations from the lower body up to the spirit chakra and higher self. Free Your mind from your repetitive thought by calming the ego and facing your issues. Learn techniques that you can use for the rest of your life, in the flow of your life, not a forced practice. Find quizzes, downloadable mp3 meditations, Video discussions. This is a self help meditation course that has helped me and others to free repetitive ego chatter, lower ego issues, childhood issues, to face blockages, free blockages, free heart energy. We work with strengthening the energetic body flow for your Full Radiant Egg! We will learn meditations and techniques that will clear the chakras and their related issues 

 I have added a coupon at this end of this Free Meditations and Techniques Course for it as well as my 17 Day Meditation Course.

Find all of Shae Vere's creative and meditation courses offered right here on New Courses planned for 2013!

Radiant Meditation and Spiritual Discussions. 

Find Shae on Youtube here

Follow Shae's Free Crystal Egg Reports on Spreaker here

Personal ONE on ONE Meditation and Intuitive Guidance available with Shae for more information. Free 15 minute consultation for new clients. Learn your meditation techniques and but also understand your life's messages and meaning.

Visit Shae's Website here

Find Shae on Facebook for Specials on her Intuitive Readings and Spirit Portraits here


Here is my open technique on a long soundtrack that you will be able to use again and again in your life. 

Learn the technique so that you can use it ANYTIME you may need to release any of that stressy stuff we pick up. 

If you would like to learn all of my Radiant Meditation Techniques I recommend my Do Your Egg Series, the 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse or you can book a skype session with me for some private instruction. I can teach you the whole series or just work with a few techniques to help you not just to cope in your life, but to begin to find your truth, purpose and happiness.

I believe in us friends. We can do this. 

In Peace 


copyright Shae Vere 2012

Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation

Section 3: Try Four Days of my 17 Day Radiant Meditation Cleanse!
Try Four Days of this great Cleanse and be sure to take advantage of my coupon for this course and continue your 17 Step Journey!     

Day One Focus Stress and Anxiety Release 

Try to Start your day with your meditation. If you have trouble sleeping you can repeat before bed. 

Learn this techniques and then you can use this anytime you need to. You can return to this mediative space anytime once we have connect and learned our techniques.

For greatest effects of the Theta soundtrack please listen with headphones, undisturbed. Less than 20 minutes. Repeat as many times as you like. 


Continue, use your headphones. 

At least once a day, morning is best,

Three times a day is optimal.


Heart Calling


If you have a lot of Heart Balance Issues, I recommend that you do the whole Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Series before your Heart Calling Technique. Find my Do Your Egg Radiant MeditationCourses here on

Our issues are in the way of our Heart Calling. If you still have issues in your way they will surface first as you put out your Heart Calling. This is part of your answer. Keep calling daily.

Start with this Heart Egg Meditation 

Heart Calling Technique

This technique is simple BUT we MUST feel it. We must release our lower chakra issues blocking the heart first. The Heart energy must be 'free'

After practicing our Heart Egg technique, you can listen to my recording above or even better learn the technique and do on your own anywhere anytime.

Heart Calling should be practiced daily.

Before the Meditation please ask your higher self and some of your body's ancestors to help you to connect your heart call ( whatever the call is) AND to PROTECT you against any interference or influence by other spirits or dimensional entities. 

After you have built your Heart Egg and the energy flow is from the Heart Chakra. This is when we are ready. Ask for protection, then send out your call, feeling the heart ignited, really use the power of your imagination as you speak aloud your call. ( this can be done in silence but out loud is stronger because of TONE) SEE and FEEL what your heart wants, ask it to come to you however it will. Thank the spirits and make sure to close your portals and close your session. 


Continue, keep going, Day by day, a new focus, a new technique to a new you.

At least once a day, three is best but repeat as many times as you want.

Remember your headphones.

keep going you can do it!


Here's a beautiful one, we FLUSH and FEEL color.

Day four, I hope this one will make you smile. 

This meditation is wonderful with my Eggsploration Workshop too where we use meditation to connect, release and charge our creative connections. First we meditate, then we work on this explorative technique creating our Egg Yantras. This is one of Shae's own classes using her Radiant Meditation techniques.

We step and we step friends.

Continue your 17 Radiant Meditation Cleanse and here's a coupon too!

Here are all of the Meditations

Section 4: Soundtracks
Why I use Theta in all of my meditations

Are you at the office? on the bus?

Put on your headphones and just listen to this one anytime you just need to calm down, free repetitive thought or negative energies or to just reconnect. with that meditative space.

This soundtrack uses Theta sound to really help the brain to calm down! 

Its okay, just breathe.

In Peace


Here is just the mp3 Soundtrack the you heard with my Open Technique video.

Be sure to download this one too. I listen to it while I am working too!

Section 5: Need some One on One Help?

Let's Talk' Skype Sessions with Shae.

Private Radiant Life and Meditation Sessions and/or Metaphysical Coaching Sessions, Intuitive Spirit Search Readings more here


Here are some more Testimonials

The experience was awesome. I didn't have the time to Skype or talk on the phone due to work obligations so she video taped her session for me to view. I have since watched it three times and feel I need to watch it more. She was right on target. I did not give her any information. I just forwarded a recent picture. It was so pleasant that I have scheduled a Skype session with her tomorrow. I'm so excited. Her name is Shae Vere and she is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Here is her website She was soft, compassionate and a wee bit flighty, but I am too. I think all artists are a bit different. Maybe that is why I was attracted to her energy.

If you have been thinking about consulting an Empath, contact her. See what energy you pick up. you'll know if it's right for you. I'm a big believer of trusting your gut instinct and embracing the cosmic energy of the universe.

I'll keep you updated on my Skype session. I'm so excited. I can't wait.

Hope you all have a wonderful day mitraHs. Now I'm back to play with MishogaWear.

Metta la

Trisha Clarkin Shae's intuitive guidance is clear and helpful when facing the challenges of life.

February 5, 2013, Trisha was Shae's client

Christina A. PiersonShae is a remarkable person! Insightful, articulate and experienced. She also has great empathy for the desire of others to learn and to heal and reaches out to everyone she can. I recommend Shae highly.

Empowering Having worked with Shae one on one, and doing her do your egg meditation, has helped me to feel better:) I am thankful!

Go to my website for more!

Testimonials from the Do Your Egg Complete Radiant Meditation Online Course

  • by Keith M. Layton, 10 days ago
    Complete Do Your Egg

    I have been working with the Do Your Egg material for about a month now and I am finding this series of guided meditations to be effective in processing the energetic mental emotional and pysical issues that are coming up for me as I continue to work on healing early childhood trauma.

    I started meditating 35 years ago and have been doing a buddhist meditation practice consistently for the past 5 years. Also 12 years ago I started studying various energy healing techniques, aspects of shamanism and began studying Pranic Healing - Reiki's more technical cousin. In Pranic Healing we learn scanning; an ability to feel energy with our hands. In applying these scanning techniques before and after doing these meditations I have consistently found that depleted or congested chakras are cleared and that my auric field is strengthened, I move from being ungrounded to being centered in the Real and the Now.

    Shae does a good job of explaining the basic 7 chakra system and the intentions of each meditation as well, making this material suitable for beginners as well as experienced energy healers. This is a good course for people interested in coming into conscious awareness of and involvement with good energetic health and hygiene.

  • by Chandi Nicholson, 12 days ago
    Easy and effective!

    I like Shae's meditation techniques. They make me feel better in just a few minutes and I like that I can do them anywhere if I am feeling nervous or overwhelmed. Shae is always there for you if you need extra support or if you have any questions. Thank you!!

  • by Ashlee MacEwen, 12 days ago
    Amazing Guidance

    Shae is so knowledgable, non-judgemental, truly a spirit that wants to help others find their right path with her supportive & careful readings.

  • by Trisha Clarkin, 6 months ago

    Having worked with Shae one on one, and doing her do your egg meditation, has helped me to feel better:) I am thankful!
  • by Trisha Clarkin, 6 months ago

    I love this meditation series, and how good I feel after.

  • by Stephanie Loomis Trowbridge, 8 months ago
    perfect way to start the day

    Each meditation is unique and can be used over and over again. I like starting my day with one of these meditations- it helps me feel grounded, centered and hopeful.

  • by Lorie Roerden, 10 months ago

    Shae Vere's meditations are Brilliant, Active and Powerful!

    I have been meditating for most of my life and have never found such clearing, empowering and actively moving energetic meditations in my experience.

    These meditations have assisted me in removing and releasing energy blocks, removing fear patterns, energetically freeing myself from old worn out programming, helping me open my heart, connect to The Earth Mother, Feel who I truly am and release my pain.

    Shae is a brilliantly connected and an inspirational teacher who guides with love and opens me up to my own true power to transform and become my highest and best self.

    I highly recommend working with Shae, doing her meditations and opening up to all the possibilities that unfold from within.

    With Love and Joy,

    Lorie Roerden~

Instructor Biography

Shae Vere , Natural Health Coach and Creator of The Shae Way

The Shae Way is a Life Coaching plus Meditation Instruction Course created, of course, by Shae Vere.

Vere is currently finishing her Metaphysical Psychology Doctoral Degree focusing on Modern Meditation , consciousness and creativity.

Shae is a Natural Health Consultant, Certified Life Coach and Meditation Instructor

Vere also holds a Post Graduate Degree in Interactive Multimedia, Photography and Business. \

She received many photographic grants, as well as was honored with first place in most Innovative Use of Technology as a student. Vere is also an award winning Artist. She has worked in the Arts and the Gallery scene. Vere has worked for artist rights, recognition and connection of art with the community and as a focus for all of her personal art studios and galleries.

Currently Shae is living in North Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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    • Chris Crabtree

    I am happy in my egg :)

    As a Reiki Master I study other forms of healing arts and meditations and this was a wonderful short course from Shae and I loved the Theta Meditations and more. With the coupon within this course to take the full Radiant Meditations course for such a low price, I grabbed it and will gladly do that course next (I would have paid the full price if not for the coupon). Thank you Shae, Namaste'

    • Shariff Fudin

    Great! Refreshing!

    A great meditation training methodology from Shae. Great, soothing voice that helps us to relax and be &#039;tuned&#039; into the meditations.

    • Ltt Danny Tran

    Very powerful and easy to follow

    • Trisha Clarkin

    feeling better

    Doing Shae's meditations helps me feel grounded, and more connected to source.

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