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Refactoring Java using Eclipse

Improve the design of your code and make the best use of the Eclipse IDE
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  • Dave Sammut Independent Java Consultant

    I've been cooking up code, mainly java for a number of years on variuous projects of varying sizes. 

    I have a passion for communication that stems from my days doing a part time radio gig for beer money. 

    I am passionate about cooking up expressive code that communicates the business domain with mininal developer translation. Keeping the code and the business domain aligned requires one helping effective communication and one helping developer tool box. Without either of these the development process can be painful. 

    I teamed up with technologist Adam Shimali to put together lessons that we think will be helpful to developers who are not only happy with connecting the dots (just getting it to work) but rather crafting code that's expressive and representitive of the domain it's based on. 

  • I'm an experienced freelance Java developer and have worked on web based projects at BSkyB, the BBC and others in the UK.

    Over the past few years I've worked with crazy bloated Java web development stacks as well as nicer modern stacks like Grails (notice I did not say lean in case of Grails :) ). In the process I've come to the agree with the school of thought that puts developer productivity first.

    With that in mind I'm on a mission to make sure other Java developers get the chance to get stuff done and deliver value by adopting my simple patent pending formula of "Keeping it Simple!".

    I've teamed up with a friend and colleague Dave Sammut and hope to be releasing a couple of new courses in the next month or so.

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Refactoring Java using Eclipse

Improve the design of your code and make the best use of the Eclipse IDE
10 reviews


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This course will be an amble through the world of refactoring using Eclipse. 

We're offering it as a free course for the next few weeks in order to get some of your feedback. After that time we'll be charging, so please get your feedback is soon :)

Dave Sammut, who truly has a voice (and face) for radio, and Adam Shimali have teamed up to present an approach, with tips and tricks, to safe controlled refactoring.

The videos are best viewed as HD and please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Dave Sammut and Adam Shimali

    • Over 10 lectures and 31 mins of content!


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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction - Programming in the small
  • 1
    Getting Started

    For this lesson you'll need to install a recent version of the Eclipse IDE. We've used version 3.7.2. You can download it from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/.

    The Eclipse classic version is just fine.

    So that you can follow along with the videos please download the refactorking project from here

    Throughout the course we'll be emphasising the use of keyboard shortcuts for as much as possible in your daily usage of Eclipse.

    We've tried to be careful to mention both standard and mac key combinations. Please let us know if you ever think it's unclear what keys we're using.

  • 2
    Sort out dodgy methods

    In this lesson we're going to have a look at some less than ideal methods and find out how to refactor them safely in a controlled manner.

    Remember let's try to key our mouse usage to a minimum and really focus on being productive with the excellent tools at hand.


    Dave Sammut & Adam Shimali

  • 3
    Method Confusion

    In this lesson we'll have a look at a couple of methods that are not clear in their intention.

  • 4
    Interlude Eclipse Tips

    In this video we're going to switch tack for a couple of minutes to have a look at some of the labour saving features in Eclipse.

  • 5
    A better future through effective use of types - part one

    Can we do better than string comparisons in the search for a DVD worth watching? In this lesson we'll safely refactor the offending methods and move them over to use a new Enum we'll create to replace the String genre parameter.

  • 6
    A better future through effective use of types - part two
  • SECTION 2:
    Programming in the large
  • 7
    Extract Base Class

    The Eclipse project for this lesson can be downloaded from here.

  • 8
    Extract Interface

    The code for this lesson can be downloaded from here

  • 9
    Pull up Constructor body
  • 10
    Replace Constructor with Factory Method


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  • Howard Erickson
    No code available.

    Kind of defeats the purpose if you can't follow along.

  • David Rodriguez Gonzalez

    En la red existen muchos tutoriales y cursos sobre como programar, pero muy poco sobre el refactoring y sobre como trabajar con eclipse. Si aprendemos a usar todos los atajos que nos proporciona nuestro IDE seremos mucho más productivos.

  • Mateusz Almannai
    Quality Course

    I especially value the fact that you can work along with the presented examples. Furthermore the examples are didactlically well chosen and really beneficial. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am looking forward to your upcoming lessons.

  • Yiannis Dermitzakis
    Useful content, slightly annoying presentation.

    I mean, "Refactor Kings"?? It made me feel as though I were 12 :) The material is unquestionably good to know. I also like the key combinations that are presented. A overview would be nice to have in the Extras tab. It could include the presented keys and perhaps a description of the resolved code smell, where applicable. I would also like to see more advanced material

  • Carm.cachia
    Professionally done

    This course is devised by excellent technical people and directed to technical people. Esxcellent coverage.

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