The Fortune 500 Companies B2B Sales Training
4.3 (62 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,027 students enrolled
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The Fortune 500 Companies B2B Sales Training

Boost your B2B Sales selling Value instead of Price
4.3 (62 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,027 students enrolled
Created by Business Advisors
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Sell on Value rather than Price
  • Sell more and gain revenue by winning big deals
  • Sell to larger, global companies
  • Sell to the “C” level
  • Sell better, with improved win rates and reduced selling costs whilst keeping the revenue coming in
  • Exceed your Sales quota
  • Create compelling Value Propositions
  • Become a trusted advisor
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  • No special requirements to be fulfilled, but having some business experience would be very useful

~~~Over 5,000 students enrolled in our courses.~~~ (Updated as of June 2017)

~~~High quality business presentation voice over.~~~ 

~~~The B2B sales methodology we teach to Fortune 500, high-growth companies.~~~

~~~Sell on Value rather than Price and start closing Big Deals.~~~

Are you a Sales professional, tired of competing over price? Are you a B2B startup founder who wants to win major contracts with big companies? Would you like to boost your B2B sales closing big deals

Over the last years there has been a rapid shift from selling features to value. Features explain what your product or service is. Value explains why it matters. This change in large part has been driven by the customers. They wishes to engage sales people much differently today than they did in the past. 

Following a value-based selling approach is all about the sales rep removing his or her personal agenda and instead focusing on understanding the client’s issues and opportunities. When the sales reps focus on the client, they start to ask the questions that need to be asked in order to diagnose the customer's issues and come up with a solution.  

Sales organizations who are using our sales methodology have reaped huge benefits including higher value sales (bigger deals), quota attainment, improved customer satisfaction and retention and better postioning in the customers and the market.

It doesn’t matter what your professional role is. If you work in Sales, Marketing and/or Business Development and would like to learn about the sales methods used by high-performance sales teams, then this course is for you. 

We will show you how to boost big sales quickly using our complete methodology and set of tools and assets. We will explain the key concepts of Value-based selling, such as:

  • Account Planning: to better understand your clients to increase your sales and positioning.
  • Building Relationships: the key concepts to establishing long-term relationships, avoiding short-sighted sales and transactions, and closing bigger deals.
  • Win Strategy: development of strategies to substantially increase the probability of closing big deals.
  • Origination: start creating ideas and originating opportunities with higher possibilities of being the “sole source” and therefore, competitor-free.
  • Contracting: different tips to start-ups and entrepreneurs, to succeed during contracting and achieve a win-win approach with the client.

We will teach you how to target the right clients and people, prepare and conduct sales meetings based on effective account planning and develop successful winning strategies in order to close big deals.

Learn the fundamental principles of value-based selling. 

Learn the B2B sales methodology we teach to Fortune 500 companies. If you work through these lessons and take action, we are confident you'll start to close big deals. Trust it. It has been designed for sales organizations who want to avoid short-sighted sales and want to start focusing on closing big deals with high end clients.

Click the "take this course" button straight away at the top right of this page to unlock the power of our methodology for your business.

Who is the target audience?
  • Sales people
  • Marketing professionals
  • Business Development professionals
  • Key Account Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Business owners
  • HR Departments
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge in advanced sales techniques
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
4 Lectures 07:40

Sales Organizations are facing a new Challenging Environment

Preview 01:24

What does “being more successful” mean? Stop losing deals and start doubling your sales by creating and winning big opportunities:

  • Sell more, gain revenue and close big deals.
  • Broaden sales and expand existing clients.
  • “Sell higher” to larger, global companies and sell to the “C” level.
  • Sell better, with improved win rates and a reduction in selling costs, whilst keeping the revenue coming in.
Preview 02:30

The B2B Sales Blueprint is a holistic methodology for B2B selling, based on our extensive experience in closing big transformational deals.
Preview 02:12

The course is composed of different classes. Each class will cover a stage of our methodology at a theoretical and practical level (B2B Sales Blueprint). The methodology will cover a sales process using a holistic and integrated vision. Therefore, it is very important that before moving on to the next class, you are sure you have understood and fully digested all the concepts taught in the previous class. 

Thank you for learning with us and welcome aboard! 

How To Get The Best Out Of The Course!
Account Planning
13 Lectures 26:22

Account Planning is a critical part of the selling process to be able to:

  • Understand your clients’ objectives and priorities.
  • Understand your positioning with your clients – your competitive positioning and the value you give to them.  
  • Proactively identify areas of growth for your clients.
  • Identify innovative and big opportunities to help your clients achieve their objectives.
  • Set account growth strategies by creating and executing specific action plans.
Account Planning is a critical part of the selling process

The first step of effective Account Planning is to target the right clients.  We don’t usually have enough capacity to pursue all potential clients. If we go after the “wrong” ones, our success rate (win rate/close ratio) will dramatically decrease.

Preview 02:26

Account Planning consists of 4 different activities as described below:

  • Gaining client insight:  understanding your client’s facts and business imperatives.
  • Defining account strategy: financial growth strategy, big opportunities, our positioning and share of the wallet compared to competitors, and our positioning on the power map.
  • Defining action plans: to improve relationships, to beat competitors and to create, identify and win big opportunities. 
  • Living the plan: carry out action plans, conduct regular team calls or visits, track progress against the plan and implement subsequent plan improvements if necessary.
4 Different Activities Account Planning Consists Of

The first step of Account Planning is to gain client insight, which is crucial in today's competitive environment. 

Preview 04:12

An important part of the Account Plan is to set growth objectives for the client: financial growth strategy. All the actions defined as part of this process, should be directed towards reaching these objectives. 

Defining the Financial Growth Strategy

After identifying the financial growth strategy, we need to understand the competitive landscape and our positioning with the client. 

Preview 02:07

An analysis of the key decision makers and influencers (power mapping) is crucial for success. 

The objective of the power mapping activity is to identify the key client individuals with whom we have—or should have—relationships, and understand the strength of those relationships and associated facts (e.g., their personal and professional agenda, their interests, preferences,  social styles and influence patterns). 

Analysis of the key decision makers (Power Mapping)

During the Win Strategy develpment, the different opportunities identified must be classified.  If they are originated opportunities which require a process to transform an idea into a true business opportunity, such process should be undertaken in accordance with the techniques described in the “Origination” module. 

Types of Opportunities

You can begin to identify business opportunities once you have identified the client’s needs with the products or services from your portfolio that could meet the client’s business imperatives (gaining client insight), and have clear growth objectives for the account (financial growth strategy).

Creating the Big Opportunities Plan

The main goal of the Account Plan process is to define an overall Action Plan which will allow the growth objectives of the account to be reached.

Defining an overall Action Plan

Hold team members accountable for what they “signed up for” in the Account Plan.

Living the Plan

Examples of Account Planning

Preview 03:41

Account Planning practical exercise.

Practical Exercise - Case Study

Account Planning Quiz

Account Planning
1 question
Building long-term Relationships with Clients
7 Lectures 16:41
The B2B Sales Blueprint is a holistic methodology for B2B selling, based on our extensive experience in closing big transformational deals. In this module, we will cover the building relationships process of this methodology.

Long-term relationships are key for us to become a trusted advisor and increase our sales performance. However, the majority of sales people do not build trusted relationships with their clients. They only centre upon social relationships without showing a true interest in the client beyond the mere business transaction.
Preview 01:23

Well, the only way to have strong and loyal clients is by building good, long-term relationships with them, which in turn provide better business results.
Preview 00:50

Targeting the right people is the first step to be effective in building a relationship. Targeting the right people is based on following a proven and disciplined approach to target selection, which begins during the Account Planning process. 
Targeting the right people

We will know which people we wish to have access to for the purpose of selling our solutions, as a result of the Account Planning process.
Preparing the first meeting

You can consider a first meeting "good" if you feel that you have the beginnings of a long-term relationship.
Holding the meeting

After holding a meeting, you must carry out different actions that will be explained in that module.

How To Follow-up With Your Clients

Building Relationships Quiz

Building Relationships
1 question
Developing A Winning Strategy
12 Lectures 31:19

According to several authors, the Strategy is a process chosen through which reaching a certain state in the future is foreseen. Bearing in mind this definition, we can understand the Win Strategy to be a structured definition of a process (action plan) to reach a future state (win an opportunity). 

We will explain how to develop a Win Strategy as we work through this module. 

Preview 01:42

The Win Strategy is initiated for the opportunities identified in the Account Plan. 

The Win Strategy, or in other words, the implementation of a permanently up-dated action plan with the aim of winning an opportunity, ends when a contract corresponding to said opportunity is signed – never before.  

When to begin/end a Win Strategy?

Qualification of the opportunity is a very important and essential process. If our opportunity does not comply with the basic requirements (for example, uninteresting financials, inadequate competitive positioning, etc.), then the fear of saying “it’s a no-go” must be lost

Opportunity Qualification Criteria

We will study the components of a Win Strategy.

Preview 01:02

Opportunity insights includes:

  • Opportunity context: get insight about the client and the opportunity.
  • Power Map: analysis of the key decision makers and influencers (power mapping) is crucial for succes.
  • Buyer values: key points that will influence the decision of a buyer.
  • Positioning: understanding the competitive landscape and our positioning with the client.
Opportunity Insights

In this section of the Win Strategy, we will identify the components of our solution at a high level.

Designing Our Solution

The main goal of the Win Strategy process is to define an overall Action Plan which will allow us to win the opportunity. 

Developing the Action Plan to Win

The Win Strategy process can be individually developed by the actual Client Lead or Key Account Manager. However, it is more convenient to develop the process as a group, counting upon the participation of everybody who can give value to the client. This will guarantee better knowledge of the client and improved effectiveness.  

Win Strategy Sessions

An example of a simple but real Win Strategy.

Preview 01:42

Win Strategy practical example.

Practical Exercise

Sometimes, it is necessary to develop the Win Strategy for opportunities for which we are the incumbent, especially regarding the sale of solutions within B2B deals. 

In this case, the Win Strategy action plan must contemplate specific actions if we wish to maximize our probabilities of winning an opportunity and keeping the business.

Winning as the Incumbent

Use it for inspiration, but make sure you create your own ones based on the B2B Sales Blueprint methodology

49 Win Themes for All Occasions

Win Strategy Quiz

Win Strategy
1 question
Proposals, Orals and effective Contracting
3 Lectures 17:54

A key part of the development of an opportunity is the preparation and presentation of our proposal to the client. 

Developing the best Proposals

Orals” refers to a face-to-face presentation of the proposal by the company making the offer to the client, as part of the client’s selection process of the winner. Normally, the client decides who will win the final tender after the orals have been held. 

Conducting Effective Orals

We understand that “contracting” is the final part of the sales process of an opportunity. In other words, that part of the process where a contract is negotiated and signed between both parties (our company and the client). 

This contract will regulate the relationship between the client and our company after the sale of the products and/or services offered. 

Effective Contracting

Proposals Quiz

1 question

Orals Quiz

1 question

Contracting Quiz

1 question
Originating big deals
2 Lectures 14:12

Origination is a complex process, so it is important that you are confident with your abilities before starting to originate opportunities with clients. If not, it will be a waste of your time and your company’s money. 

What is Origination?

Once the origination opportunities have been identified in the Account Plan based on business ideas, it will be necessary to make a detailed analysis of the true viability of transforming these ideas into true business opportunities. It is recommended that a minimum of two ideas be identified from the Account Plan, especially for Tier 1 clients (see the Account Planning module). 

To do so, the Origination process begins involving two different recurrent activities as described below:

  1. Validation of new ideas generated from the Account Plan (the vine).
  2. Transformation of ideas into real opportunities (the wine).
Originating big deals. The Vine & The Wine

Origination Quiz

1 question
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