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About This Course

Published 5/2014 English

Course Description

  • Over 46,700 people from 182 countries enrolled in my coursess
  • Featured in "Entrepreneur" and "Business Insider" magazines
  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award
  • Overall, 2000+ TOP Reviews on all my courses

This course will dramatically increase your level of Productivity. It is comprised of solid mindset strategies, but it will also equip you with proven techniques and simple methods that will boost your Productivity and help you Get Things Done in a very short period of time.

Moreover, it is constantly updated with bonus material and I always answer all your questions in a comprehensive way. Congratulations for your commitment to become more productive, improve yourself and let our journey begin! Double your productivity and change your life.

What students say about this course:"Great material and very professional presentation" - Sebastian Maloro

"The best!! Jimmy's courses are the best!!! very high quality..." - Sandy Allan

"Good for anyone. Jimmy did great job explaining things and giving us his experience. Only thing that may need bit tweaking is outsourcing section as it mainly focus on West Countries. It would be good to hear opinion on this from perspective of people from East countries (e.g. Bangladesh, India, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Taiwan, etc.). But in any case I rate this one with 5 stars as it helped me a lot. Good work Jimmy". - Alexander Varicak

"Wonderful Course! There are many many points mentioned during the course. Some of them simple points but very important ones that we usually ignore in life. I would recommend this course to all the people for whom their time is important and also to those that may have always suffered from procrastination or running out of time, those who can not manage to work with 100% of their energy and concentration". - Shiva

"Very Good Course. Great course, enjoyed watching the videos. I think that everybody can find some useful point over the course to change himself or some bad habits". - Svetoslav Marinov

"A great course which can help anyone. I expected quite a lot from this course and I have to say that it surpassed every expectation. The lectures were really useful for me and they also will be in the future. The videos are all of a really high quality and the lectures are told by someone who is really enthusiastic about what he does and what he learns us. Thank you for this great course!" - Kevin Voetelink

"Very good course, extraordinary production. This course provides a lot of tools to increase productivity. I already knew a few of them, but many others were new to me, and besides that, I always appreciate a refresh. I appreciated the delivery, very friendly and down-to-Earth, very different from Tim Ferriss' blunt and smug approach, even when they talk about the same things. The production quality is great, probably the top you can find in Udemy. The course is also frequently updated, so it is likely to remain current for the upcoming future." - Andrea Gini

"Worth every Penny. This was my first Course I bought from Jimmy. Since I want to start as an Entrepreneur, I began to search for advices to improve my productivity and found this course. I assure you, buying this course was one of my best ideas. Thanks for the awesome content, Jimmy. Greetings from Germany" - Enis Tola

"Jimmy is the best. Jimmy makes the best courses about development of your personality. Lots of examples, nice flow, very easy to understand language, great humor. Just buy this course it is worth every penny." - Arkadiusz Wlodarczyk

"I feel my productivity has more than doubled.I'm also a Udemy instructor and entrepreneur, and even though I've always been extremely productive, I felt by the end of 2014 that my productivity had drastically decreased compared to previous years, up to the point where I was worried I had lost my ability to be productive altogether. After taking a good holiday and watching this course in it, I've come back to work more productive as I ever was. I'm putting in place many of the techniques I learned in this course like morning rituals, critical tasks of the day and distraction-free hours, also batching work and identifying time wasters and bottle necks..." - Pablo Farías Navarro

What are the requirements?

  • An Open Mind and Commitment

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Enjoy TV Quality Videos
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods
  • Learn How To Manage Your Time
  • KILL Procrastination
  • Make More Money
  • Get More Things Done
  • Learn How To Prioritize
  • Cultivate Productive Mindset
  • Learn How To Get and Appreciate Free Time
  • Learn 3 STEP Success Ritual
  • Get Access To BONUS Material
  • Download Audio Version for MP3/iPod

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody who desires to rapidly build a high level of productivity

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Introduction to Productivity

Intro video for the entire course.

1 page

Have you ever said to yourself: "I simply don't have the productivity gene!"
Well, here's why you are wrong:)

Section 2: Goal Setting

Why setting goals can be a game changer?


Why your goals NEED to be exciting.


In this video I will share with you a very powerful principle I learnt from Jordan Belfort.

Section 3: How 80/20 Boosts Your Productivity

In this video I will give you a brief introduction to 80/20 Principle. I will explain how/why you should use it in order to become more productive.


Define the main task for each day

Have a quick look
1 page

In this video I will tell how Tim Ferriss, the author of "The 4-hour Workweek" implemented 80/20 Principle.
His results were tremendous and I believe that they are worth sharing in this course.


I can guarantee you that if you follow the guidelines from the video you will be shocked.

Section 4: Cultivating Productive Mindset

Very simple tip that will show you how to trigger the inspiration.


What's the "breakthrough" factor and how to use it?


The problem most people have is that they want to learn everything they can before taking any action. Some call it: "perfectionism", but I simply call it "a sophisticated way of procrastinating". Here's why...


There is a huge difference between free time and idle time. Here's why...


Most of us tend to spend way too much energy on making small decisions. Ultra productive people simply automate them in order to free up some additional time and maintain high level of energy.

Section 5: Morning & Evening Ritual

All successful individuals have a morning ritual. The truth is that how you start your days have a huge impact on your level of energy, motivation and productivity. In this section I will tell you exactly what you can do in the morning in order to create a positive momentum and get more things done during the day.


The first thing you need to do in the morning is taking care of your body. In this video I will show you how your motions can impact your emotions.


This is one of my favorite videos. Some great food for thought + views from the helicopter.


In this video I will tell you why and how you should use goal-setting principles to increase your chance of success


Your habits shape who you are and have a huge impact on your level of success.


Evening Ritual is as important as the morning ritual.


How to finish your day in a powerful way


How you finish your day is as important as the way you start it.

Section 6: Wasting Time & Interruptions

Instead of letting interruptions control you, schedule them in a smart way.


How to handle external interruptions

Section 7: You Can Buy More Time - The Magic of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be one of your greatest opportunities. Here's why...


Why outsourcing can be cheaper than you think.


This small experiment will help you to understand the power of outsourcing.


Wondering how I use those principles in my own life? Go ahead and see for yourself.

Section 8: Killing Procrastination

If you take this one simple action I can guarantee you that you will find it way easier to kill procrastination.


The key to productivity is knowing how to catch yourself doing seemingly important things instead of what's really crucial.


It's not a surprise that huge tasks can overwhelm you. It happens to all of us. The key is to know how to break them into small, achievable objectives...


Why NOT TO DO lists can sometimes be more powerful than TO DO lists.


This is something I learnt from Tim Ferriss and Dale Carnegie. In order to destroy procrastination it is not enough to set goals. It is also important to figure out the worst case scenario as it will propel you to take an action. Sounds confusing? Let me explain...


It's one of the most powerful principles (and my favorite) of productivity!

Section 9: BONUS Concepts

Power naps can be an amazing productivity tool if you know how to leverage them. In this video I will share with you everything you need to know about power naps.


There are some activities/tasks that are simply not worth finishing. Here's why...


One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they don't have a clear agenda for their meetings. Don't be one of them...


One of the biggest mistakes people make is checking their emails when they can't act upon any pending disaster that may show up. Let me explain...

Section 10: 21.5.14 BONUS - Productivity Software

Why productivity software can be a game changer?

Productivity Software PDF
7 pages
Section 11: BONUS - AUDIO Version for your MP3/iPod!
80-20 Principle AUDIO
Automate Small Decisions AUDIO
Breakthrough Factor AUDIO
Morning Routine STEP 2 - Count Your Blessings AUDIO
Morning Routine STEP 3 - Goals AUDIO
How To Kill Procrastination AUDIO
Evening Accomplishments AUDIO
Everybody Can Be Productive AUDIO
Free Time Doesn't Mean Idle Time AUDIO
Goal-setting - What Jordan Belfort Has Taught Me AUDIO
Meetings AUDIO
Morning Routine Introduction AUDIO
Morning Routine - Power of Habit AUDIO
When You Should Never Check Your Email AUDIO
One Task Per Day AUDIO
Morning Routine STEP 1 - Physical State AUDIO
Parkinson's Principle AUDIO
Plan Your Day The Night Before AUDIO
Power Naps AUDIO
Practical Pessimism AUDIO
Seemingly Important AUDIO
Trigger the Inspiration

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Instructor Biography

Jimmy Naraine, Winner of Udemy's Innovation Award & 56,000+ students

Jimmy Naraine is an online entrepreneur who travels the world full time (59 countries) while teaching over 56,000 students on Udemy. He has been featured in Entrepreneur & Business Insider.

In 2014 he received a formal recognition from Udemy for his contribution to the platform. His courses were featured as bestsellers and in July 2015 he won the first Udemy Innovation Award.

You can follow Jimmy's travel adventures on his YouTube channel and Instagram profile (search the full name).

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