Double Your Confidence & Self Esteem - Complete Blueprint

Confidence. Self Esteem. Social Skills. Social Success. Social & Inner Confidence. Body Language. Charisma. Influence.
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About This Course

Published 12/2013 English Closed captions available

Course Description

  • Over 46,700 people from 182 countries enrolled in my coursess
  • Featured in "Entrepreneur" and "Business Insider" magazines
  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award
  • Overall, 2000+ TOP Reviews on all my courses

[Fresh BONUS: over 30 minutes of fresh bonus videos with the celebrity entrepreneur, author and world class public speaker - Peter Sage. Peter has started over 20 companies and shared the stage with the likes of Richard Branson and Bill Clinton to name just a few.]

Confidence is one of the core principles of happiness. And fear is one of the primary obstacles to confidence. Confidence is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and also improve one's ability to think clearly and make everyday decisions. This course is designed to to teach the principles which make up self-esteem and confidence, so that you can begin improving your outlook on life while reaching a higher level of self satisfaction.

Start Exuding Confidence and Feeling More Self-Satisfied With This Straightforward and Effective Course.

  • Building Confidence
  • Developing a Powerful Mindset
  • Social & Perceived Confidence
  • Developing an Elevator Pitch
  • Rituals and Tricks

Contents and Overview

This course was made for anyone that wishes to improve their levels of confidence and self-esteem. The only requirements are a flexible mindset and a commitment to changing yourself.

Enrollees in this course will have access to over thirty-five videos that seek out your inner confidence and build it up step-by-step with mental exercises. You will learn how to feel powerful and capable in your abilities and break out of the psychological cages that you have built around yourself.

The course also includes strategies for maintaining confidence when anxiety slips back in, and how to deal with stressful situations. Then, you will move on to practice social interaction in exercises like a simulated elevator pitch. Finally, once you have achieved progress, you will learn some simple tricks that boost confidence and keep it going every single day.

Students who complete this course will be mentally prepared to feel more confident and full of self-esteem in most situations, including those game-changing moments that can turn your life around. This course may also increase the likelihood of you seeing opportunities every day and seeking them out instead of shrinking back in fear.

Learn to stop letting anxiety prevent you from leading the life you deserve; start gaining mental strength with these tricks and strategies and don't let the life you could have pass you by.

What people say about this course:

"The best course I have taken at Udemy. I have enrolled another two courses by Jimmy, great teacher!" - Mèo đần

"Excellent course. The instructor is very straight forward and gives a lot of practical examples and gives challenges to practice. The videos are very high quality and creative, nice idea to record videos in different cities of the world. I'll be back to remind of certain aspects that i forgot and for sure I'll practice for now on". - Jorge De Matos Vieira

"Great Course.
Enjoyed the course. Many great takeaways received. Very up to date for todays world." - Hayden Proffitt

"WORTH IT! I am not even finished, but I can tell, If you really listen to, understand and follow the steps and tips on the videos, you're gonna increase your confidence for sure!!" - Lucio Rodriguez

"This is really fun and challenging.
Even though I believe that I'm quite self-confident, I bought this Course to see if I can learn something new. It totally changes my view of what you can do to improve your self-esteem. Especially the Comfort Challenges are - as you might guess - very challenging. The quality of the videos is awesome and you can see that Jimmy put a lot of effort in this course. I really appreciate that." - Enis Tola

Trust me, you can double your confidence! Jimmy Naraine's course on "Double your confidence & Self Esteem" has gone beyond my expectation. There are so many factors which we consider of less importance. But if dealt properly, the magnitude of succeeding in achieving confidence is realistic. He explains these nitty-gritty details, which makes us think on "Why we never thought about this before?!". I've started practicing his suggestions. The audio and video clarity is one big plus in this course. Highly recommended." - Shameer Mohammed

"GREAT INFORMATION! Jimmy Naraine Is the man! he gives great information and he explains everything very well he does not sugar Coat anything he goes straight to the point! Take ACTION!" - Rihan

"Great Course! A very well made course, lot's of great videos that really communicate the content. Very well and authentically presented in a professional manner. For me personally it was very well worth it, my confidence and communication skills have increased significantly and my overall living quality has increased a lot. Big recommendation!" - Valentin Funk

"Excellent course to make yourself more confident. The contents in the course are short videos and to the point. I like the baby steps jimmy used to taught us his tricks. It was fun to try all those challenge. Highly recommended" - Afsar

"Worth Every Penny! This course does what it says and more, he really takes you on a journey that you are going to enjoy being on as you see the core problems that you are having that is holding your confidence back and how to change them". - Jerome Moore

"Awesome Course. I am learning a lot and am impressed with the presenter. He knows his stiff and presents it well. Thank you." - Terrie

"Lots of good concepts. Jimmy can find the right words and examples to explain theoretical concepts about confidence & self esteem. I am pretty sure that applying these ideas would increase people confidence." - Matthieu Speeckaert

"I needed it. Thank you so much Jimmy for this amazing course, I like all the techniques you taught in this course. but the one that was special to me and a very powerful and helpful for me is the Phone Trick. whenever i feel that i need some push in my confident i use it and it really helps alot in many situations". -

"Excellent Production Quality. Jimmy and his video team have obviously made a great deal of effort in the filming and post-production. They set a standard for other Udemy instructors to follow". - AliciaBrilliant course! Incredible course, I'm not the entire way through but I am amazed at the wealth of information in the course. Brilliant production quality and the instructor is brilliant. Would definitely recommend." - Richard Batt

What are the requirements?

  • An Open Mind and Commitment

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop Your Inner Confidence
  • Become Perceived as a Confident Person
  • Start Believing in Yourself
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods
  • Stop Seeking Approval
  • Eliminate Fear of Rejection
  • Eliminate Nervousness and Social Anxiety
  • Become More Social
  • Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • Learn How To Make a Good First Impression
  • Learn How To Speak with Confidence
  • Enjoy TV Quality Videos

What is the target audience?

  • Anybody who desires to rapidly build a high level of Confidence and Self Esteem.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction & Objectives
1 page

I will be discussing the main objectives of the course so you have a clear understanding of what is about to happen.


I believe that before learning anything about becoming more confident it is essential to understand what confidence actually is.

BONUS with Peter Sage - The Celebrity Entrepreneur Part 1
BONUS with Peter Sage - The Celebrity Entrepreneur Part 2
BONUS with Peter Sage - The Celebrity Entrepreneur Part 3
Section 2: Double Your Core (Inner) Confidence

Your self-image has a huge impact on your level of confidence. In this video you will learn how to make it powerful.


Everybody seeks approval to certain extent and it is normal. However, many people go to far and make their entire lives about seeking validation. In this video you will learn how to escape this dangerous trap.


In this video I will show you an amazing technique that will make you feel more confident and valuable on the spot. You will also believe in yourself much more in long term.


Pushing your comfort zone is extremely important on your path to confidence. In fact, if you will apply the advice from this video you will be able to significantly accelerate your transformation.


The first comfort challenge is very simple, but make sure that you actually perform it! It will build a solid foundation for the rest of the course.

Have a quick look
1 page
Section 3: Develop a Powerful Mindset

Relationships you have impact your level of confidence and success whether you know it or not AND whether you want it or not. In this video we will discuss the power of positive relationships, how negative people bring you down and what you can do about it.


Learn how to rapidly impact your state to feel more confident and powerful!


Learn how to rapidly impact your state to feel more confident and powerful!


In this video I will discuss a very simple change you can implement in your life in order to feel more positive and confident.


Welcome to the second comfort challenge! Go ahead, do it and enjoy your rapid progress!

The Power of Audio Books
4 pages
Section 4: Accelerate Your Transformation

Become an actor and create your masterpiece.


There is no point of reinventing the wheel when you don't need to. Learn about one of the most powerful concepts of accelerated learning.


There is no point of reinventing the wheel when you don't need to. Learn about one of the most powerful concepts of accelerated learning.


This comfort challenge will make you feel pretty uncomfortable, but it is also a game changer.

Section 5: Social & Perceived Confidence

I have been using this strategy for a long time and it works magic!


Do you have situations when you lose composure during a conversation. This strategy will make you much more confident when speaking to people.


Do you have situations when you lose composure during a conversation. This strategy will make you much more confident when speaking to people.


"It is better to be prepared and not have the opportunity than have one and not be prepared" - very powerful concept


"It is better to be prepared and not have the opportunity than have one and not be prepared" - very powerful concept. In this particular video I will also share with you a funny situation from Buenos Aires, Argentina that shows how far this principle can go.

Stories that Project High Value
8 pages

This trick may seem a little bit "out of the box", but works magic.


This trick may seem a little bit "out of the box", but works magic.


Your final comfort challenge will dramatically push your comfort zone, but... this one exercise will make you a different person. By now you have completed the core part of this course and I am convinced that you have enough power to take on this challenge! Go ahead and embrace the unknown!

Section 6: BONUS: Simple Tricks - Huge Impact
Sept 2016 Bonus - Increase Your Level of Confidence with a Simple Password Trick
Sept 2016 Bonus - Being Confident Around Intimidating People

Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam! In this video I'm discussing the concept of positive vs. negative spirals
Please think about the ideas I discussed in the context of becoming more confident.

"Hi Old Friend"
Thank you!
Section 7: BONUS SECTION with Roy Naraine

Roy Naraine has 2 successful courses on Udemy. If you like those bonus video make sure that you check out his profile.


Roy Naraine has 2 successful courses on Udemy. If you like those bonus video make sure that you check out his profile.


Roy Naraine has 2 successful courses on Udemy. If you like those bonus video make sure that you check out his profile.


Roy Naraine has 2 successful courses on Udemy. If you like those bonus video make sure that you check out his profile.

Section 8: New! Audio Version for your MP3/iPod
Introduction to Comfort Challenges AUDIO
Comfort Challenge 1 AUDIO
Comfort Challenge 2 AUDIO
Comfort Challenge 3 AUDIO
Final Comfort Challenge AUDIO
Always Be Prepared part 1 AUDIO
Always Be Prepared part 2 AUDIO
Become an Actor AUDIO
I Feel Great! AUDIO
Don't Reinvent the Wheel pt 1 AUDIO
Don't Reinvent the Wheel pt 2 AUDIO
Why I'm Great AUDIO
Feel like a WINNER pt 1 AUDIO
Feel like a WINNER pt 2 AUDIO
Multiple Elevator Pitch pt 1 AUDIO
Multiple Elevator Pitch pt 2 AUDIO
Stop Seeking Approval AUDIO

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Instructor Biography

Jimmy Naraine, Winner of Udemy's Innovation Award & 47,000+ students

Jimmy Naraine is an online entrepreneur who travels the world full time (57 countries) while running a location independent business. His bestselling Udemy courses have attracted over 47,000 premium clients from 182 countries. Jimmy has been also featured in publications such as Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

In 2014 he received a formal recognition from Udemy for his contribution to the platform. His courses were featured as bestsellers and in July 2015 he won the first Udemy Innovation Award.

He helps his clients in the fields of Business Skills, Social Dynamics & Online Business Strategy and taking that big step to a completely different lifestyle. Jimmy is a great example that it is possible to live like a multi-millionaire without spending huge amounts of money. The key is to take the time to carefully design a dream lifestyle and implement it using proven strategies and hacks.

He believes that continuous education & willingness to take calculated risks are some of the most important keys to success. Working for companies like Goldman Sachs, running his own businesses, living in/exploring over 57 countries and mastering foreign languages have given him a better understanding of the world. Jimmy turns each one of his adventures across the globe into a learning opportunity that contribute to his works, including Udemy courses.

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