Dog Training for Humans -Easy Peasy Recall Training for Dogs
3.7 (64 ratings)
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Dog Training for Humans -Easy Peasy Recall Training for Dogs

How to quickly and easily teach your dog a fool proof recall in just 7 days.
3.7 (64 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,515 students enrolled
Created by Dom Hodgson
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Confidently and successfully call your dog back to you in the park, EVEN when he is distracted.
  • Allow your dog more off leash exercise and freedom and enjoy worry free exercise with a dog who wants to be with YOU.
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  • You should own a dog and a dog lead and have some things at hand you know your dog likes

Teaching your dog a recall doesn't have to be difficult and you don't need any advanced dog training knowledge to do it.

Your dog will be attracted to whatever interests and excites him in the outdoors, but most dog owners don't think they can compete with things like;

  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Food scraps
  • Other dogs

But what if you dog was more interested in you than any of those things?

Using a process of repetition you will quickly be able to teach your dog that coming to you is a pleasurable activity.

This is a short course containing 9 Lectures that you will be watch within 1 hour. It's designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to improve their dogs recall. You can quickly start implementing the simple exercises with your dog straight away.

At the end of this course you will have the skills required to safely exercise your dog and keep him close to you at the park, even when he is off lead.

You don't need any fancy dog training equipment like clickers or whistles for this course and will use just your dogs regular toys, treats and his leash and some enthusiasm. You will play your way to a better recall.

Having a dog with a great recall means your dog really loves you. Not only that but he loves being with you all the time, everywhere you go.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for beginner dog owners who want their dog to come back to them in the park
  • This course will suit more experienced dog owners who want to improve their dogs recall
  • Dog owners who are worried about the safety of their dog because he doesn't have a reliable recall
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Curriculum For This Course
Why doesn't your dog come back to you?
3 Lectures 11:40

Many dog owners think that it's ok for their dog to just roam around the park and do whatever they want. They are dog's after all and they have to run, sniff and explore their surroundings right?

Well yes they do, but as the dog's owners we have a responsibility to ensure they don't bother anyone else while they are off lead.

And as harsh as it might sound, you aren't in control of a dog if you can't call him back to you quickly and no one likes feeling out of control when it comes to our beloved dogs.

A dog with a good recall who races back to you when you call him will be a pleasure to walk.


Preview 03:39

So why doesn't your dog come back when you call him?

How is your dog your best friend when you are cuddling him on the couch but when you step outside your front door he develops deaf dog syndrome and you become invisible to him?

There are lots of elements that make up a good recall and the more you can get right the quicker your dog will learn to come back.

Imagine you were trying to get fit and lose weight. You would probably take up jogging or a similar exercise and if you ate healthy too then gradually you would get fitter and lose weight. But, if you kept on eating pizza and burgers every day then no matter how much running you did you would struggle to lose weight.

Well it's a similar thing with your dogs recall it will be easier to teach your dog a recall if you can eliminate some of the mistakes that currently cause him not to come back.

In this short module Dom explains the main reason why your dog doesn't come back to you.  

Preview 04:03
How to teach a recall
2 Lectures 13:01

In this module Dom explains exactly how you are going to teach your dog a recall.

If your dog thinks when you say his name that good things are going to happen he will be more likely to come back to you, so please ensure you reward your dog every time he looks at you when you say his name.

If you do this regularly it will be easier for you to get him to come to you every time you say his name.

Dog's learn through repetition so you may need to repeat the recall exercises several times for many days before you can trust your dog off lead in the park.


The easy way to teach a recall

Despite what some dog trainers will tell you, you definitely don't need a whistle or a clicker to teach your dog a recall. And you certainly don't need a choke chain or an electric collar.

The first thing you need is some enthusiasm because it will be much easier to get your dog to come to you if he thinks you are happy to see him! Don't discount the power of affection and praise when you are training your dog, most dog love being told they are a good boy (or good girl if they are a girl!)

Next you need some toys and treats that you know your dog likes and in this video Dom demonstrates how you can use a range of treats to give your dog 'jackpot' rewards with your dog. You don't need expensive toys or treats, use whatever is your dogs 'Kryptonite'

 Next up is a dog lead , the dog lead is in many way the most important item because it stops your dog from ignoring you. If you use a lead your will make it impossible for him to make mistakes, then he will learn much quicker.

So to recap you need

  1. Some toys and treats you know your dog likes.
  2. A lead, ideally around 2m in length (tie two shorter leads together if you want)
  3. A cheery personality (your dog will thank you for being happy and cheerful)

Let's get started!

What do you need to teach a recall?
The Recall Exercises
1 Lecture 10:55

In this module Dom teaches you the two recall exercises that will eventually have your dog racing back to you in the park.

You can use toys or treats (and Dom uses both) to reward your dog. Remember to use a lead indoors too. This will  get your dog used to wearing and will teach him that being on lead doesn't mean the fun is over!

Two Recall Exercises.
Taking the Recall Training Outside
2 Lectures 09:17

The biggest mistake most dog owners make is that they have a little bit of success and then they rush off to the park where their dog inevitably acts the same as he always did, which is not come back to you!

In this module Dom explains how to slowly build up the distractions so you can practise your dogs recall all the time, at home when you are making a cup of coffee or in the garden and eventually in the park too.

Dom also explains how to practise a running recall in the house this is a cool game your kids (or partner) and you can play with your dog.

When and where to practise the recall?

If you watch and follow what is taught in this module then you should experience stress and error free recall training with your dog in the park.

But before Dom goes to the park he shows you how to practise the recall in your garden or yard using the exercises you learned in section 3.

When you head outside with your dog to practise the recall don't forget your dogs toys, treats and your enthusiasm!

Do not be tempted to skip this important lecture.

How to safely practise recall training at the park?
1 Lecture 04:11

Let's recap everything you need to do to teach your dog a reliable recall.

  • First we looked at why your dog doesn't have a very good recall.

  • Part of the answer to that is going to involve you making yourself more interesting to your dog (No recall means no interest in you)

  • Teach him that coming towards you is a good thing (because you have all the things he likes)

  • What does your dogs name mean to him? (If it means good things are going to happen then teaching a recall will be easy)

  • Then we looked at how we help a dog to lean a recall by building a repeatable pattern of behaviour.

  • We discussed what equipment you need to teach a recall (just 3 things!)

  • The two recall exercises that will have your dog racing back to you.

  • Finally we looked at where you should be practising the recall exercises and why you shouldn't just head off straight to the park with your dog.

    So now you have the tools to teach your dog a reliable recall that will have him racing towards you when you call his name at the park, beach or woods.

    Long term your goal should be to spend some time finding out exactly what it is your dog like playing with (his Kryptonite!) and then play games and practise tricks to keep his focus on you. Once you have great focus you can teach your dog anything.

    Most important of all, have FUN with your dog!

    So now you have the tools to teach your dog a reliable recall that will have him racing towards you when you call his name at the park, beach or woods.


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