Dog Training for Humans - Clicker Free Trick Training
4.3 (43 ratings)
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1,254 students enrolled
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Dog Training for Humans - Clicker Free Trick Training

The ultimate beginners course to easily teach any dog five simple tricks that will help you have more FUN and CONTROL.
4.3 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,254 students enrolled
Created by Dom Hodgson
Last updated 11/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the proven method to teaching your dog any trick.
  • Advance your own dog training abiltiy and train like a professional dog trainer.
  • Enjoy a strengthened relationship with your dog and have more focus when you exercise him off lead.
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  • You will need some of your dogs food or treats.
  • You will need a standard lead.
  • And a dog who you want to have fun with!

Learn the simple method to quickly and easily teach your dog five basic tricks 

Build a powerful relationship with your pet dog using simple training methods that dog trainers use, but without any of the jargon or fancy equipment. 

You can teach these tricks to any dog EVEN if you haven't done any dog training before and you don't need any clicker to do it. You can start sing items that you already have lying around your home.

Trick training will help you:

  • To bond and connect with your dog just like a dog trainer.
  • Keeping your dogs attention and focus on you when you take him outside. 
  • Exercise your dog at home (if the weather is too bad to walk him).
  • Provide a challenge for your dog that will keep him out of trouble.  

Well known dog trainers such as Kyra Sundance and Susan Garret teach tricks extensively in their dog training. This beginners course will help you to follow in their footsteps using a simple luring method to teach your dog the trick.

Content and Overview

This short course consists of 14 lectures that teach you the fundamentals of trick training. The content is delivered in a series of 'How to' video lectures by a dog training expert that you can consume in under an hour. 

It starts by explaining why you should teach tricks and what the benefits are to you ( and your dog). It also looks at what you need to teach your dog a trick, uniquely this course doesn't require a clicker, whistle or any other dog training equipment. You can teach your dog tricks using his regular food some treats and his leash.

In this course you will learn the ASTR method, which works on the principal of luring your dog using food or toys. Luring is the quickest and easiest way to teach your dog a trick. Lecture Four also comes with a download of 'How to Teach your Dog Anything' a chapter from Dom's best selling dog training book 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero'

Then it explains in detail the step by step instructions for teaching each of the five tricks.  A range of dogs are used for each trick including a Pug, a Boston Terriers, a Cocker Spaniels and a Giant Schnauzer, so you can see the different challenges you may face with your own breed of dog.

In the closing lectures you learn how you can further develop your trick training and where to practise the tricks so you can better control your dog off lead when you take him to the park, beach or woods.

What are the requirements?

  • Just bring a willingness to learn and some effort and enthusiasm. No previous dog training experience required.

Who is the ideal student for this course?

  • Beginner puppy owners who want to teach their dog to focus on them in a fun way.
  • More experienced dog owners who would like to teach their distracted dog some new tricks.

Who is the target audience?
  • Pet dog owners who want to get more focus from their distracted dogs
  • Beginner dog owners or more experienced dog owners who want to learn how to teach their older dog some new tricks!
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Curriculum For This Course
Why and how you should teach your dog tricks.
4 Lectures 16:23

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog a trick but don't know where to start?

This short and simple course by dog trainer and author of 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero' will get you started. Trick training is something any dog (and owner) can do. Teaching your dog tricks will strengthen the bond between you and your dog AND help you keep better control of him when take him to the park.

In this introduction video Dom tells you what you can expect to learn in 'Clicker Free Trick Training'

Preview 04:26

Why teach tricks at all? Is teaching your dog tricks just something that dog trainers do? Not at all!

If you have a dog who is easily distracted on your daily walks then trick training your dog will help you more easily get your dogs focus back on you.

A lot of pet dogs suffer from boredom which can lead to hyperactive or destructive behaviour. Trick training provides a mental challenge for your dog which will help you wear him out physically and mentally.

And finally trick training is FUN! You will enjoy training your dog the tricks that Dom teaches in this course, and your dog will too!

Preview 03:07

You don't need any fancy whistles or clickers to teach your dog tricks. You simply need some rewards your dog likes and an easy to follow method for your dog follow.

There are many ways to teach a dog tricks but by far the easiest was is using Dom's proven method that comes straight from his best selling dog training book 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero'.

What do you need to teach your dog tricks?

So how will you actually teach your dog a trick?

In this module Dom breaks down the trick teaching process into an easy to follow 4 step formula that you can start using straight away.

This simple method works and can be used by any pet dog owner (with any breed of dog) even if you haven't done any dog training before.

The easy way to teach your dog a trick
The tricks
7 Lectures 30:55

Dom demonstrates with his Cocker Spaniel Sidney his five favourite tricks that he will be teaching you.

Preview 05:51

Teaching the Sit.

Most dogs can do a sit anyway so this is a great place to start.

Even if your dog can do a sit you should still watch this lecture as it nicely demonstrates the luring method we use to teach out dog any trick.

Teaching a sit

How to teach a down.

The down follows on very nicely and is a nice progression from the sit.

Dom and Sidney show you how to lure your dog into the down position.

All dogs should be able to do a down, it can come in really handy when you take your dog to the vet and need him to lie down to be examined or bandaged.

How to Teach a down

Teaching a spin.

This time Stuey the pug demonstrates the spin. The spin is a really fun trick to teach your dog.

You can reverse it and get your dog to 'go' the other way round which is a twist.

Teaching a spin

Teaching a through the legs.

Through the legs is a very easy trick to teach and it can help you when you want to improve your dogs recall.

Zero the Boston Terrier is the demonstration dog this time and he quickly get the hang of the exercise.

Through the legs

The 'Catch it' trick is another fun and easy trick to teach.

The useful  things about this trick is it encourages your dog to look at you quickly. This can be very useful if you have a dog who often barks at other dogs when you walk him. The 'Catch it' will enable you to get your dogs focus on you BEFORE he has the opportunity to bark or lunge at the other dog.

You can also spice up your dogs mealtime by playing catch it games across the kitchen. How far away can your dog catch a treat from??

Catch it

Here Dom recaps the five tricks and demonstrates with Charlie (the Giant Schnauzer) how you can quickly link them together into a routine.

Recap of the 5 tricks
Where and when to use your tricks
3 Lectures 12:06

Whenever you want to teach your dog anything new you should put some thought into creating the best learning environment for him.

Start the lesson somewhere quiet and distraction free and your dog will learn more quickly. Then in time you can practise the tricks in areas that have more distractions and eventually your dog will do the tricks or you wherever you take him.

Where to teach your dog a trick

In this lecture Dom demonstrates exactly how he slowly build the distractions and keep practising the trick routine with Sidney.

You need to make the tricks FUN for you dog ALL the time.

You will also need some higher value training treats to reward your dog when you move onto more distracting locations.

Taking the tricks outside

Well done! You now know how to teach your dog 5 awesome tricks and you did it without a clicker or a degree in canine psychology!

We looked at why and how you should teach your dog tricks using the luring method. Remember tricks are a great way to get your dog more focused on you.  So once you have taught your dog the five tricks then  practise them everywhere and you will have more control of your dog when you take him to the dog park.

I hope you enjoyed this course and it inspires you to teach you dog more tricks and have more fun with him.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and if you enjoyed 'Clicker free trick training' then please leave a review.

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Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm dog trainer and successful dog business owner from Sunderland in the North East of England.

I'm also the author of the best selling dog training book, 'How to Be Your Dogs Superhero'. Transform your Dastardly Dog using the Power of Play. 

The book has been critically acclaimed by dog owners and trainers from Australia to Mumbai. The book explains in detail the philosophy and training techniques I use to help dog owners all over the world have less stress and more fun and with their pet dogs, both in my online and in person training programs.

The courses I provide aim to help dog owners to connect, bond and play more with their dogs using play and having fun.

All of the training is positive and practical so perfect for the dog owners who love their dogs but wish they had more control.