Awaken To Faery Shamanism - A Unique Spiritual Pathway
4.9 (9 ratings)
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Awaken To Faery Shamanism - A Unique Spiritual Pathway

Become Enriched By Actively Connecting with the Magical Faery Realm
4.9 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
211 students enrolled
Created by Sharon Ramel
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What Will I Learn?
  • Become your own spiritual authority. Discover the "right" way to practice shamanism, the way that resonates with your true nature and integrates the guidance from your fae and other spirit helpers.
  • Reignite within you the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faeries
  • Conduct appropriate ceremony surrounding the faery realms
  • Expanded awareness and ability to journey
  • Restore your fundamental interconnectedness to community, the natural world, and the eternal rhythms of the cosmos to have the direct experience of oneness in your life.
  • Rediscover their wild wisdom deep within yourself
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  • Have an understanding of either shamanic or witchcraft lore and ways
  • Believe that the faery and other 'beings' exist in another dimension of reality
  • Preferably you have completed my Shamanic Spiritual Initiation, Magical Witchcraft or equivalent
  • Understand and accept the concept of a multiverse
  • Be willing to explore craft and record your thoughts and feelings

As a Faery Magical Shaman you will work with the elements, all of nature moving into the faery realms. You will grow with the seasons and recognise the call of the wild, the winds will whisper to you and you will answer their call. The natural world awaits your awakening and looks forward to working with you.

This course is not a romantic Hollywood story. Faeries are very real nature beings they have been with us always. All countries, all cultures are rich with the lore of those who live betwixt and between. This offering however is based on the hereditary stories of my Grandmother and all that I have learned since those early days. If you’re drawn to integrate ancient indigenous earth wisdom into the modern world and walk a path of sacred respect, healing, and love, then know that I am here for you actively working with you serving as your trusted guide

Together, let us gently explore the pathways of the Faery Realm through incantation, invocation and ritual, seeking the magic within and the the magic around will be revealed to help you project your consciousness into realms beyond this world. It is time for us to anchor into the pulse that all of life beats with - the one we have tuned out from for far too long.

Shamanism is the oldest and most enduring human spiritual tradition. You have been called, you have been asked to reclaim that lost, rich heritage of working with faery folk that our Pagan ancestors took for granted. It is your time now to discover how to work with faeries in a mutually beneficial way. Personal experimentation and creative exploration are the heart and soul of Faery.

We are drawn to the ancient arts of shamanism for their enduring power to help us live a life of harmony, good health, and balance in our lives and with our planet." —Sandra Ingerman

All of us have the potential to activate our own spiritual pathway. Practice and believing in ourselves allows us to awaken this potential.

As you deepen your own faery shamanic practice, you may start to perceive the forces and dimensions of the universe that are invisible to the normal five senses. You learn to see not with the eyes or the mind, but with the heart itself.

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Standing in the mists of this morning

Seeing betweens the veils

Where there is no day, there is no night.

I tune in and see in this light

The crossroads where we shall meet

Calling in the faery blessed way

For all those with eyes to see

The gentle ways of those

Beings who live in between

Together let us be blessed

As we walk the faery way.

This course is dedicated to my maternal grandmother - my beloved Nan - who taught me to love the natural world, respecting every aspect of it as vital, connected, rich and vivid. She taught me to trust and to see, to speak with the Fae of their terms, to respect above all the guidance they freely grant - for those whose hearts are true.

There are plenty of free previews and an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee - so enrol with peace in your heart that your pocket shall not be bereft it this relationship does not work out for you.

Who is the target audience?
  • People wishing to expand and extend their shamanic learning
  • Discover and work using ancient practical magic
  • People seeking answers that are found within ourselves, within nature and within our relationship with nature
  • Those wishing to reinstate their divine power
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Curriculum For This Course
52 Lectures
The Pathway Begins Here
11 Lectures 48:26

Greetings dear friend
You are invited to reignite within you the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faeries. This is a place you know, a deep ache in your hearts that is calling you home. Together we are going to open the portals to the faery realms. They withdrew from us in the mists of time, however have always been on the fringes, looking, patiently waiting for us to come home to our understanding that we are one with all of creation.
Connecting with the faery helps you in your work with the cycles of the planet, guides you in preparation for the earth changes coming, stimulates and deepens your connection to your own soul – all in ways that are simple, joyful, profound and full of love.
Please understand that Udemy will ask you very early on for a review. You may delay if you do not feel ready to do so.
It is my honour to be here with you as we awaken our senses and once again engage fully in all dimensions of time.
Sowing the seeds of peace and love

Preview 04:19

A Prayer for the Faery 

Watchers from the edge of space and time

We call you here now from the mists of time

We are here to work with you in sacred time

Help us hear and see the call of your mystic dream time

Sharon Ramel

The only way you will become a Faery Shaman in to actively engage on a regular basis. Doing this course and the exercises alone is not enough. Repetition, over and over and over again. Call it, live it, love it, practice it, be it, breathe it, becoming one with all of creation. 

Faery inhabit everywhere and every space - plenty to choose from! Be true to your hearts dear one and come fly with me.

We incarnate through ten thousands lives, but few are those who remember that in the beginning and in the end we are everything and we are nothing. The Faery have been with us from the beginning of time and are still here today. We are here to remember. 

Preview 05:31

You will often hear me use the term "look through your ancient eyes". This is a way of seeing the other realms, of enlivening your senses, of seeing through the veils. Sometimes called the "second sight", 'the knowing" - there are many terms. This is something we can connect with and re-discover if we left it behind in our younger years.

Most humans are born into this world not knowing whence they have come or where they will go, you are here because deep down you know you have been called, it is time to be true and follow your heart pathway.

Your Ancient Eyes

Here is a gentle trance meditation to assist you opening your ancient eyes. Enjoy.

Exercise to Open Your Ancient Eyes

Together let us redefine what is to be alive. Simplicity is the key to potency. Nothing we are going to do together is complicated. When we find our fears heart we find the bridge to the otherworld.

Use this simple gentle ritual to engage with your heart chakra and leave behind the stresses of our modern day living. If you are having trouble vocalising how you feel, again look into your heart and call on the other worlds to assist you in opening up to your pure voice. This is why I ask you to say the invocation. Please be creative and feel free to exchange the words I have given you to start your journey with your own.

"At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow conspire to set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.” 
Michael Meade

Dreaming Our Hearts Exercise

Read and say the following sentences everyday for the next week. “Initiation has a life all of its own - I cannot rush nor force it to be. However I am here today walking the sacred pathway and I understand that it will simply happen"
Way of the Fae Assignment 1
1 question

Dreaming our lives in a valid way to integrate all that we may come to see. To be fey means to be free.

Everyday the faery teach me something I need to know, it is rarely earth shattering - mainly practical things to make life flow with a greater sense of ease.

"Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars."Carl Sagan

There are unseen forces that have been with you since you were born, friendly allies who have guided and sheltered you. What would you learn if you could speak to them? Well you can. 

Some Basics About The Fae

This is a visionary practice to align you with the three worlds mentioned in the last lecture, in a very subtle way it also calls  and connects you to the Tree of Life to assist you to tune in an align your sacred open heart. You also have the audio version to download to take into nature to perform this ceremony. It can however be performed just as well in your bedroom or balcony.

"When you live from your intuitive core, your belly, your heart and let your soul lead, your words and actions will be naturally subversive.You will go to your edge. And there you will not be alone" Melissa La Flamme.

Exercise - Triple Flame Opening - Do It Everyday

Let the way of the faery run and flow inside you, and perhaps you will remember what you already know, what you have always known.

* Please think thoughtfully for yourself - no marytrdom needed.

* Allow the sweetness, wisdom and wonder of great spirit (God/Goddess) to shine within you so that you may be all you are wishing to be.

* Acknowledge your uniqueness and bask in it.

Why Walk The Faery Pathway?

"Yes, you are creating your reality AND reality is creating you."

Nassim Haramein

Your inner kingdom seeks to come out. Everything is ripe and ready for your emergence into who you really are. There have been gathered many soul gifts in the other worlds and now there it is a harvest time. A subtle, tone underscores the outward power with mystic fervor, a deep and strong combination waiting patiently for your to make a difference and to carry through what is intended.

Preview 04:13

It is always a blessing to ourselves to verbalise and oath. To write and truly commit to the pathway we are on. I do prefer you write your own, however I have offered these words for those of you who may not find it easy to write. 

Oath To The Fae Folk, Please Join Me

Let our nights be full of beauty, let our days be full of light. We are open to the magic and wonder of our mother Earth. We are not bound by a mechanistic point of view, instead choose to see through our open eyes all of reality.

"To be faery is to live fully, drink deeply, and invite sensuality and conviction into your life on a daily basis. It is to live without putting out that bright spark, that raw essential self that society can sometimes seek to bury, dim or be ashamed of." Lucy Cavendish

Science Versus The Fae
The Awakening - Preparing The Pathway
15 Lectures 01:10:36

We all have the ability to open this sacred doorway or portal to the other worlds. Here are several different ways in which you may reach the Faery Fold. You do not have to do everything listed here. You may prefer to 'Journey', you may prefer to 'Awaken the Senses', or you may prefer the profound simplicity of a forest walk. If you are new to this then sample and see what works best for you.

How To Use This Section

Let us see if you can make a specific commitment to your own well-being. When we look after ourselves in a pure and respectful way this flows through to how we treat our planet. Whatever you pledge or want for the earth, we must also pledge to ourselves. This may take some time.
Your Commitment to Yourself and our Planet
2 questions

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." Carl Jung

Embrace the Discipline of Shamanic Work

Use the ritual of this simple tea ceremony to cleanse your mind of clutter - focus on the preparation and siping of the tea with a devoted heart. This allows you the quiet time you need to focus on the following sections 'dreaming the Fae' into our being exercises.

Exercise - Cup of Tea Time

Walking in the forest, the field of your dreams - either a real forest or a dream one can be a deeply healing experience. Try not to force what you may discover, simply be open and see what you see.

Try this and feel the healing benefits. Take time out to walk upon our Mother Earth barefooted, it is only by walking barefoot upon her can we truly sense what she is feeling. It is good to walk barefoot whether the day is sun-filled with a gentle breeze caressing the leaves on the trees, or a stormy day with banshee-shrieking winds crashing through the trees, breaking off their dead limbs and hurling them to the ground. It is good to experience all types of weather walking upon Mother Earth barefoot. Do take care that there is no broken glass nor other objects that may harm you along the way.

Faery Forest Walk Cleanse

It is time to reaffirm that initiation is only one step into the realms of the faery shaman.
Faery Forest Walk Cleanse
3 questions

Use the ritual of a seven cycles of breathe to cleanse your mind of clutter - focus with a devoted heart, you will inhale - hold for the count of seven, hold and stay for the count of seven, exhale for the count of seven and into the void for the count of seven. You repeat this cycle seven times. Be aware than you may become a little light headed - that is very normal as so many of us engage in very shallow breathing.

This preparation allows you the quiet time you need to focus on the following sections 'dreaming the Fae' into our being exercises.

Breathe Into Your Home

Draw a heart shape in your journal. Breathing deeply and holding the sense of openness and wonder that comes from having your Faery Senses open, begin to fill the shape with the things that fill your heart with love.
Breathe Into Your Home
2 questions

When we awaken our senses and heighten our awareness we are able to see more clearly into the realms of the Faery. I encourage you to do these one after another, all fives senses. You may find it tiring to begin with. Ensure you have some fresh water, maybe a soothing or energising cup of herbal tea.

Awakening The Senses

Awaken your senses to breathe in Faery Magic. Look through your ancient eyes and see perhaps for the very first time during this incarnation for a long long time.

Too many humans impose again and again their opinions, even their energy, on a world they are reluctant to understand. If only we can begin to open up and accept the nature of the Faerie without our conditioning and expectation continually tainting the messages, we will do better than we have done before 

Awakening The Senses - Sight Exploration

Listen to the magic that is everywhere. Explore the realms of sound from your inner world.

To be faery is to be a series of contradictions: it is to be noble and unstudied, natural and dignified, elegant and covered in earth, full of laughter but utterly serious all at once — and to change between all of these in the blink of an eye. 

Awakening The Senses - Sound Exploration

Touch like you have never experienced before the sensual beauty of feeling for the first time.

To be faery is to live fully, drink deeply, and invite sensuality and conviction into your life on a daily basis. It is to live without putting out that bright spark, that raw essential self that society can sometimes seek to bury, dim or be ashamed of.

Awakening The Senses - Touch Exploration

When the lands of Faerie and the human world entwine, all is empowered and made more beautiful. The human world becomes more ensouled, and the missing pieces of our broken hearts are found again in the simplest and sometimes the most powerful of ways. For the faeries, I cannot speak, but it would seem to me that, if we have been able to do so much harm, we must be able to bring solutions, creative and compassionate, in their place

Awakening The Senses - Taste Exploration

May your dreams be vivid and peppered with meaning. "Stop the words now. Open the window in the centre of your chest and let the spirit fly in & out." Rumi.

Awakening The Senses - Smell Exploration

Go to the hills, the forests, gardens, beaches as much as you possible can. Drink in the wisdom whispered on the winds. Lie upon our Earth mothers breast and find peace and nurturing healing from her.
Gaining More Insight
5 questions

"Synchronicity is not just about things happening at the same time - it's about things happening in a sequence that is magical and different that alerts us to a joining up between meaning and occurring events", Robert Moss

Take a journey to the middle worlds now, seeing through your ancient eyes. You may prefer to download the audio - this is a more traditional way to journey. However for our visual friends the video is here for you.

Journey To The Middle World

Journey to Lower World

Journey to the Upper World

There is a darkness that lay deep within each of us. It is found deep within our psyche and is commonly called the shadow; that side of us that like to we blame for bringing negative situations into our plane of existence; that side of ourselves which cowers in fear at the unknown. Let us take a brief look at the dark side. It's rarely been so important to step into Witness mode and calmly take in both a long breath and the long view.

The Darkness That Is Within Us All
Meeting With The Faery On Nature's Pathway
17 Lectures 01:17:19

Come and dare to meet the Fae. Whilst filming this on a still still day the winds came whispering, you can hear them in the video and they would not be silenced. I looked later and could clearly see my Marga, my stern spirit friends nodding in the background of the film - they made me smile as they said -we cannot control nature - we must learn to work with it and all of creation.

Understand that Fearies may not make themselves visually obvious to you, it maybe that you experience a change in mood, feelings of kinship and happiness, maybe a brush behind your ear, tickling on your head, even being physically pushed although there is no-one there that you can see. Be open to all the possibilities of communication.

Introduction and Ritual Exercise - Dive In and Dare to Meet the Faery

I am honoured to introduce you to my dear friend herbalist Elizabeth Heck and her inspirational ways with herbs. This was filmed on the land she and her husband have been caretakers for just over 22 years. You will find more information about Elizabeth a her amazing courses in the bonus lecture. However for now enjoy and discover the pure pleasure of brewing your very own faery tea.

Faery Attracting Tea's with Elizabeth Heck

This is a practice I first came across in Sweden when I was invited to 'sit out' in the wilderness from just before sunset to just after sunrise. This was not as onerous as you may think - it was just before midsummer so was a little more than 2 hours in total! However, most of my like minded friends indulge in the practice often as it feeds to soul in a beautiful way. 

The concept of a wilderness siting or quest is ancient, cross cultural and universal. Spending time in nature alone nurtures and reconnects us to the spirits and ancestors of the land. It is a simplest way to refresh and consciously reconnect ourselves with the larger web of life.

I have included a Faery Trance audio file here in the resources section that you may with to either take with you as you to assist you going deeper in the practice. It can also be used as a stand alone practice. 

Preview 02:44

You journey to meet with tree spirit and maybe even the Far is here for you to download in mp4 format. This way if you have a tree in nature you may physically go there with the recording. Mentally ask tree to help you with journeying. Trees can facilitate journeying and are great allays.

Before you begin be very clear about your intention. It is simply to merge with tree the first time, or to ask tree to open the portals of the far for you at this time. There are several levels within this journey, those who are more experienced may choose the extend themselves. Be patient with yourself and see you see - do not force and outcome.

Exercise: Quick Guide to Journey to Meet Your Spirit Tree

Trees are natural story tellers, although they can be quite shy.. They hold a powerful healing force as the record keepers of this world. They see and communicate globally, albeit slowly. If you are needing some assistance in connecting with the tree spirits, the Dryads, look for a rock nearby, (the stone people are such solid reliable helpers). Hold the rock against the trunk of the tree, meditate on both the rock and the tree and you will see that the tree tells the rock, the rock will then tell you the answer to your question! Works every time, try it.

The Nature of Being With Trees - Dryad Guidance -

The Nature of Tree Spirits -Dryads

Exercise: Merge With Your Tree

The dryads are the faery spirits of our tree brothers and sisters. They are a great way for us to begin to communicate opening with the magical beings of the other worlds.
Dryad Wisdom
2 questions

"Without water, there is no life;

so water is not an image or simile,

but a symbol of life."

Water, we are 70% water - can you imagine a world without water? Water purifies, restores. cleanses, and heals when we call. We have always held a special place in our hearts for the element of water and we celebrate a spiritual connection to the sacred essence of water with washing and immersion rituals, baptisms, and prayer. 

Everyday ensure you have a conservation whenever you use water; taking a daily shower, soaking in a much needed chakra clearing salt bath, drinking a glass of beautiful water, brushing your teeth - take the time to pause and reflect and say a simple thank you. 

You will not meet the water faery unless you see and genuinely treat water as sacred.

Introduction to Meeting the Water Fae

This is a gentle easy ritual to bring in healing for water and the fat. It was shown to me by a dear friend, an elder who is the custodian of his lands. His blessings were granted to share it as far and as wide as can be found.

By asking water for its powerful energy to flow to both reveal the fae and to remove the obstacles in our life and get you back into the flow of our intended path, we will discover ourself with renewed inner peace. Instead of focusing on negativity or hurt, we’ll be free to embrace our true nature, our true ambitions, and the true path of our life.

We all need to become proactive and dive in, do the physical work of cleaning our shores, rivers lakes and more to assist the work of healing her, protecting her and making all water sacred and blessed. I urge you to act locally. There is no time to waste.

A Simple Ceremony to Bond With Water and The Water (Undines) Fae

Water Faery Dreaming

In the air realms we may find the Sylph and other air fae folk, they are often knows as wind singers,  Like others of their kind, they possess the ability to shapeshift and may assume human form.  

Kind of nature, they are most helpful with wishes involving air, though they will assist with any positive desire. In addition, they are associated with mental development and one of their functions is to inspire human creativity. 

Your Introduction to the Sylph - Air Fae

Trance Journey To The Inner Worlds With The Sylph

I wrote this many moons ago in honour of the dragons and their gift of fire.

The dragons were slain in vain

Never did they use their flame to harm us

Their fire only burned the past

That which no longer serves us

Their fire only ignited the future

That we were to become

By extinguishing the dragon

And their beautiful fire

We extinguished our own

Sacred flames and desire

We lost our honour and connection

We lost our ways for millennia

Now we seek to redress the wrong

The dragon should never have been slain

However they retreated and remain

To rekindle our souls pathway

We apologise and ask them 

Please visit our hearts

So that we may know

Their fire burning within our flame

Feel their presence

Honour their worth

Brightly burn them back to life

Right the wrongs and step boldly

Back onto the liquid path

That meanders through the veils

And hale we’re home once again

In all dimensions of time

Sharon Ramel

Wild Fire Spirits

Fire ceremonies are an obvious way to connect with these mischievous fae. As I am inside I have created a small sanctuary to work within. Please use what you have on hand. There is no need to go out and purchase anything - other than a tea light to do this safely. However a candle of any type will suffice and a flame proof vessel to burn up and bring in your desires.

Salamander Fire Sprites Ceremony

Here and see the Earth Faeries. Connect and regain re-sacredise your relationship.

Earth faeries or Elves, Gnomes, Trolls  are the givers of material gain and stability. The rulers of the forest. Protectors of outdoor circles and groves. These faeries have personality and individuality. They are fully sentient beings with feelings and rights. Think of that the next time you call them to your circle or walk in the woods. It will greatly enhance your experience. 

"Who we are is a mystery that we uncover more clues to every day." ─Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D

Earth Faery Are Always Close By

Look into the video and see what you may see. This area has so many of our fae friends looking from behind a leaf, peering over a log, staring out from a faery cave. This is a wonder filled area in the Sequoia National Park. I was privileged to be there and spent a delightful healing five hours walking barefoot amongst these sacred trees and the gentle soft land they reside in.

Easy Earth Faery Connections

Everywhere we may garden, and where ever that may be we may call upon the fae to assist us in creating, protecting and working with our gardens. Size does not matter. Love matters, integrity matters. You matter. Your relationship with the other realms matters.

"There is an ancient longing....

There is an ancient call.....

Hear the longing of your spirit to nature's dancing hall.

There is a voice within you....

It's been there all along...

It is the voice of the note you are within the earth's song."

Orion Foxwood

Many Ways to Create A Faery Garden
The Many Forked Road To The Fae
6 Lectures 34:32

All your activities in seeking our the fae have just one aim when all is said and done. We are seeking a clear connection to source. This connection is absolutely necessary for the week-being and health of every aspect of our lives. Whether we reach that space through prayer, through dialogue with Angels or the Fae or daily activities to conjure pour nature based practices. We are in fact acknowledging in a deep and meaningful way that we are in partnership with all that there is - seen and unseen - in this way we are whole, we are complete.

Our Heart Path Is Open - The Faery Folk Are Everywhere

There are many ways to meet the fae. One way is to use oracle cards. Personally I like to make my own. 

If something created by someone else, no matter how purely channelled, no matter how meaningful or beautiful, doesn’t work for you,  just make your own.

The Fae folk love it when we get creative. Whilst I do not encourage you to go out and purchase a toolbox of goodies for this course - it is un-necessary - I thought you might enjoy this activity.

Oracle Cards

Creating and going to Sacred Groves and Enchanted Gardens have been a favourite habit throughout millennia possible because they attract faeries. The Wise Ones and Witches would gather in perfect love to create sacred, protected and enchanted places in order to work and live there. The Wise Ones always knew that living in a protective and magically elevated place is going to help them achieve more and direct their energy more effectively. It does not matter whether you are an urban dweller or rural you can create the magic to both see and draw in the faeries and home and at play.

Dreaming Urban Heart Temple

Many of us travel, be in within a small or larger picture of the world. When we move around and wish to see the Fae, or indeed do any magical work, we should first attune ourselves to the place we wish to work in. This a gentle sacred well meditative trance that I was privileged to learn many moons ago whilst at a sacred well in Britain.

Sacred Well Attunement to Assist Working In Other Placess

This is just a fairly short list of appropriate offerings that you might like to consider to give as a gesture of our pure heart to your fae friends.

Appropriate Offerings Rural and Urban

Go deep into our Earth mother to ask for Earth healing using a crystal below and our fae friends. You may dedicate this meditation to either a specific location all the entire globe. 

World or Specific Place Faery Heart Healing
Faery Dreaming A Compassionate Way
3 Lectures 04:44

A brief meditation in gratitude to the one breathe that breathes us all as we move together in unity. 

"In the end you have only your heart to answer to. What will it say to you at the end of days? That you lived in the shadow of someone else's inquiry or that you lived in the light of your own? Latisha Guthrie.

Drink deeply from the underground river of your unconscious soul images, metaphors and symbols you live your life by.

Meditation To The Seeker

Yes you heard me right in the video. For how can you graduate from life itself! We are as a culture hooked into ‘graduation’ of every phase in life these days. Personally I was both mystified and horrified to see three year olds ‘graduating from kinder’ - seriously!

You have stepped into the realms - there is no beginning and there is no end. As you face your fears, as you deepen and commit to your oath, to your dreams. Layer upon layer you change and all the while our fae friends gather to assist this magical mystical passage into our heart - a heart that knows.

Together we have walked the Faery pathways, and along the way you have developed your own special relationship with the faeries. This is needed more than ever before, and your faery rediscovery will heal, excite, delight and stimulate your body, mind, soul, both as a unique individual on this planet with a purpose, and as a being in relationship with the web of life.

There Is No Graduation

This is your place to discover more about courses and inspiration from me.

Beautiful Music:

There are several amazing pieces of music that are shared with you by my talented friend Christine Morrison.

Preview 00:50
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Offering spirit based courses to encourage kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us. Every student is personally welcomed by me. In addition I perform a small sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space of the courses. These course offerings have active discussion boards/forums. Please share your stories in our sacred space as they move to enrich us all. Let us plant the seeds of inspiration and love together.

I believe in “personal spirituality” and the ability we each have to create a path for ourselves that is of our own making. There are often criticisms against people who create a personal spiritual path for themselves, taking a little Buddhist meditation and adding in a bit of drumming, and then a healthy dose of yoga and some trance dancing for good measure. Interestingly, this is simply judgmental language to label this “cafeteria spirituality”. Whilst I do not advocate that people go from course to course, book to book, finding elements of the sacred within certain practices and adopting them is fine by me!

It is very empowering  knowing what we know in our hearts and claiming it, regardless of whether or not it is popular or approved of by others. Within my courses I try my best to provide the resources that support “the spiritual journey” because it is that Mystery that I serve. I am not inspired to serve something made by humans, controlled by humans, and manipulated by us so we can fulfil.

Weaving magic, spirituality and crafting with nature is the way of my ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are. What are you waiting for? Over 10,000 people have enrolled in my classes. 

I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and  wisdom of my future years as they unfold.

Abundant blessings on your path.

I believe in the gift of giving back; a percentage of my income is donated to a range of charities. This year 2017 money will be donated every month to the global conservation group "Tree Sisters - The Million Trees Campaign" - this is a not-for-profit organisation working to assist and rehabilitate forests, their initial aim has been reached - to fund the planting of one million trees in a year. Once we have achieved this, we will then aim for One Million Trees per month, then per week, and then per day - which we will achieve when 700,000 of us are standing for the trees. Are you with us?

I have worked in the field of complementary medicine for over 25 years.

Munay Ki teacher since 2008

Remedial Massage Therapist since 1993

Sound Healer

Business mentor

Myofascial release teacher

Social activist

Energy worker

Lover of life