Discover Your Purpose - In 30 Minutes!
4.5 (37 ratings)
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Discover Your Purpose - In 30 Minutes!

Enjoy confidence, certainty and fulfillment by Discovering Your Purpose on Planet Earth
4.5 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,240 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • You are going to feel full of life and lose a BUNCH of doubt about who you are and why you are here on Planet Earth.
  • You will experience and exhibit a sense of confidence and surety.
  • You will KNOW your Purpose - that guiding light that will steer you towards health, prosperity, meaning and a fulfilling life.
  • Know clearly what "success" is for you and see how to manifest it.
  • Exponentially increase happiness and enthusiasm for your life.
  • You will remove doubt in making decisions.
  • You will decrease anxiety SUBSTANTIALLY in solving your life's problems.
  • You are going to have a MEANINGFUL life from now on.
  • You are going to ENJOY life so much more than's called 'being happier'.
  • You are going to have more zest and enthusiasm in EVERY day from now on.
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  • You must have the courage to discover your Purpose on Planet Earth as this WILL change you.
  • You just need a pen and a printer or some paper...oh, and your Thinker! lol

This is a big moment for you: You will be discovering and uncovering your Purpose on planet Earth - adding certainty and clear direction in every thing you do. Knowing this information will empower you at home, at work, and – especially – inside yourself. See below how top successful business moguls and celebrities are guided daily by their Purpose Statements (same as a Mission Statement). -Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD, your instructor.

Develop the Compass for Your Life, Showing You the Way in Every Decision and Problem You Face From This Moment On.

Building out your Purpose will change everything in a rapid and positive way:

  • You will definitely be more cool and confident
  • You will have a template for success you can use in your personal and work life
  • Your self-esteem will be positive and action-oriented, manifesting your Purpose daily
  • Decision-making will be exponentially easier
  • Say good-bye to anxiety over that constant question, ‘What do I do next?
  • Problem-solving will be a positive experience rather than a confusing one
  • You will grow from your mistakes - positive outcomes every time
  • Many of your stressful situations will disappear forever

A Powerful Mind Laser for Cutting an Empowering Swath Through Your Personal and Business Life


Denise Morrison, the very successful CEO of Campbell Soup Co. admits it took her long time to craft her personal mission statement because she did not have a template that worked for her. Oprah Winfrey claims her mission statement is responsible for her being where she is today, one of the wealthiest women in the world. Every major corporation on the stock market has a strong statement of purpose. So, why shouldn’t you? By knowing your Purpose you remove one very large block to your growing success!

Purpose is not a gimmick. It’s not simply the flavor of the month. It’s the key ingredient behind every business and personal decision you make. If you flounder more than you think you should this is the reason: You NEED a Purpose that is clearly stated.

Take a look at companies that are operating on purpose. Examples of successful purposeful driven companies include Walmart, Virgin and BMW. These companies have weathered the past recession better than most. That’s because decisions are made based on purpose. For example, every decision Southwest Airlines, one of the most successful of all the airlines, makes is based on whether or not the outcome is in alignment with their purpose.

What gives people the edge? A clear sense of direction! It is estimated that 99% of the population on Planet Earth has no personal Purpose Statement, no Mission. That would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Why? Because a clear Purpose improves your strategic alignment of what and why with expenditure of your two most valuable resources: Time and Money. A Purpose brings clarity and confidence and exponentially increases positive results when spending these two important resources.

In conducting a meta-analysis of 49,928 business units across 192 organizations representing 49 different industries in 34 countries, Gallup scientists discovered that in business a strong mission promotes brand differentiation, consumer passion, and brand engagement. Unfortunately, only about 40% of employees know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors'. “This lack of brand awareness is not a marketing problem; it is a mission-driven leadership and management problem,” states the Gallup research. And it is a huge problem called failure.

Acceleration in your success all begins with a personal Purpose Statement! It is those unique individuals with a clear sense of mission that succeed well in business and in life. No matter what profession, job, or situation in which you find yourself, progress will occur much faster with a laser-like clarity oft Purpose.

Specifically how does a Purpose or Mission Statement help you?

Frankly said, discovering your Purpose will change everything in a fast and positive way. It provides you with a confidence in your daily personal and business life and a clarity in your deliberate actions. It is quite obvious that knowing your Purpose will increase your self-esteem. You will KNOW why you are here on Earth, and that adds an element of determination that carries you past failures and mistakes that always happen to successful people.

The Discover Your Purpose process provides you with a template you can use over and over again in your personal and professional life. It will remove much of the angst that comes from making tough decisions and problems, because problems quickly become the best thing that happened to you because you have a crystal clear flashlight beam to help you work through them and grow stronger.

Sir Richard Branson states, “My success in my personal and career lives is because of my statement of purpose that I developed long ago.

Isn’t it time you got ON PURPOSE?

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who feel like they are getting nowhere fast. Those who feel directionless or just "putting in time."
  • Those stressed by not knowing how to make decisions.
  • Those who want a meaningful life.
  • Those who want more enthusiasm in their lives.
  • Those who wish to clearly see their path ahead.
  • Those who want more confidence and surety in their daily existence.
  • Those who want to be proactive, not a passive recipient.
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Curriculum For This Course
Course Road Map - Watch First, Please.
1 Lecture 02:51

An entertaining road map - a preface of your journey through the Discover Your Purpose process.

Preview 02:51
Intro and Necessary Material to Understand the DYP Process -
3 Lectures 03:28

Questions Answered:

1 - What will happen as a result of going through this course?

2 - Has anyone else gone through this process? [Shown are endorsements of previous participants.]

Preview 01:12

How YOUR Purpose Statement will eliminate negativity in your life.

Preview 01:16

A great alternative to complaining about a meaningless life!

Preview 01:00
The Good News! -
4 Lectures 07:04

What you focus on expands. In this lecture you will see why there is so much negativity in the world...and you will begin to see a way out just in case you are one of the complainers.

Preview 02:09

Few admit it but most people are directionless. And most live in the delusion that life IS big coincidence, that we just 'popped' into existence. For a fact: They are wrong.

Preview 01:37

The good news is that you CAN make lemonade out of lemons! It is called 'Transformation' and is the only way to take negative energy and do something productive with it. Energy cannot be stopped...only diverted. Your Purpose Statement will help you do just that.

The Good News - Transformation

Discovering Your Purpose process will remove uncertainty and make decisions you have to make so much easier...almost automatically effective without all the worry and angst.

Purpose - A Dire Necessity
The Discover Your Purpose Process -
12 Lectures 16:30

You have had your Purpose for a long time but you are probably unaware of it. The Discover Your Purpose process will help you uncover your natural talents, aptitudes, skills and passions and how to put them to good use...even optimal use.

Are You Ready to Uncover What is YOU?

Directions on how to do start the Discover Your Purpose process.


In this section your will take time to describe the world as it should be in your eyes - Your Ideal World. There is a work sheet to download and use if you wish. Not required. Also, know this - the whole Discover Your Purppose booklet is downloadable in its totality at the end of the course. You could just print it out now, then work along with the videos.

The Ideal World

From a list of personal attributes - skills, talents, abilities, passions - you will select some. Worksheet is available.

Worksheet is available.

Your Attributes

In this section you will narrow your attributes down to three.

Selecting the Top Three

You are about to see the longest list of pertinent action verbs (gerunds) ever assembled for your viewing pleasure. It is here you will uncover the means by which you will express your natural talents, abilities, skills and passions.

Avenues of Expression

In this section you will narrow and assign action verbs to your attributes. It will be made clear you will see.

Narrowing Avenues of Expression

You will now begin to assemble all the parts you have worked on into a preliminary Purpose statement.

Preliminary Purpose Statement

Here with a worksheet you will reshape, rethink and refine all the parts in the preliminary Purpose statement and begin to personalize to make it your own.

Personalizing Your Purpose Statement

Encouragement and direction is provided by Dr. Dallmann-Jones on how to polish your Purpose statement over time so it is most effective for you.

Polishing Your Purpose Statement

Here is a description of the gravity of what you have just done - the importance of what you have created.

Promise Activated

Print this out and hang it up with your Purpose Statement as a reminder that change begins at home...

Igniting your Purpose into Action -
4 Lectures 06:11

There are three phases to this process....understanding the process, doing the process and putting the Purpose statement into action. Very practical information.

How to Make Your Purpose Open New Worlds for You

Examples are provided to show you how to utilize your Purpose...some examples are provided.

Decisions and Examples

Conclusion and how to use a 3x5 card to make an impact with your Purpose statement.

The 3 x 5 Purpose

Dr. Dallmann-Jones showing how to gasp on camera....

Outtake of Dr. DJ Flubbing Up
Extras -
2 Lectures 04:05

A two minute resume of Dr. Dallmann-Jones

Who is Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD?

Bio of Dr. Dallmann-Jones and his websites, publications and pictures....etc. Worth a look!

Who is Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD - Part II
About the Instructor
Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones
4.2 Average rating
79 Reviews
2,868 Students
4 Courses
Author, Teacher, Counselor & Friend with a flashlight.

Mission: To lighten, enlighten and transform

Goal: Offer help and hope and add more genuine joy to the world.

What you will gain from my courses:

Clear instruction - no baloney - on how to:

Cut your stress in half (at least)

Discover and use your source of power

Stop others from bending you to their will

Solve problems that have stumped you

Encouragement and direction for finding the real you

Definitive guidance on achieving your goals

Clarity about your purpose on this planet

Gain or regain your self-esteem

Achieve your desired weight, wealth and companions

As a counselor, radio personality and professor I have helped thousands find their purpose, liberate their potential from overstressing, and have healthier, happier and more prosperous lives. I know what I am talking about.*

Guaranteed - your money back if not satisfied!

See my Udemy Courses to transform your life. Isn't it about time?

*I lived in a penthouse on Marco Island for three years before deciding to buy a 4 story house with an elevator across from a Gulf of Mexico beach. Then we decided to sell that and this past Spring we bought a place ON the Gulf shore.

I also own a home in the country on a river in Wisconsin.

I have a beautiful wife. My houses are paid for. My cars are paid for. I have no loans. I pay off VISA and MC the day I get the bills. I now spend my time coaching others and developing courses on Udemy.

I have taught this course to over 1,000 people paying over $200 for it. I have coached Fortune 100 and 500 CEOs and mid-managers, high-security defense contractors, the United States Marines (no kidding!), models, actors, musicians, prisoners, veterans, addicts, graduate students and regular citizens just like you and me.

Why do I bother? It isn't money! It is simply because of a character flaw and a pet peeve:

Flaw: It hurts to see others suffer or live in restriction when I know there is help.

Pet Peeve: I cannot bear watching great human potential go down the drain.

I have published 13 books now, but three are my favorites: Living a Stress Free Life - which sold out twice in the 20 major US airports; Shadow Children - about at-risk kids growing into adults - thousands of these sold to colleges and universities; and, Primary Domino Thinking - a book on personal development and problem-solving that came out of my counseling practice after I realized that life is mostly making decisions and few, if any, clients had decent tools to make key decisions effectively. Making poor decisions, or letting other make decisions for you, often lead to a lot of pain in this world.

One of my favorite gigs was a five year stint on a call-in Monday morning radio show: "K107.1 Arrive Alive Mondays!" The DJs there at the station called me "Dr. Stress" which they started broadcasting before I got to the station - thinking it funny to say, "Dr. Stress is in the House" upon arrival, and "Dr. Stress has left the building!" at the end of the show. I asked them, "If you were a doctor how would you like to be called, 'Dr. Sick'?" I had to outlast three generations of DJs before I got them to change the name to "Dr. Zest" - at least a more positive name if they had to have their catchy names for the sake of radio. Getting up at 5AM was no fun, but being on the air and taking phone calls, with the crazy DJs about stress was just a blast.

I have taught online for about ten years and love it. I like to convey meaningful, life-transforming, powerful information to put people in the driver's seat of their lives. It's a dream: I am making it happen.

I plan on doing a series of online courses on stress management because I know it gets at the core of life's issues and problems that cause pain in people, and by solving those issues it creates not only relief but joy in many cases. And my philosophy is that we were born to have a good time.

In my psychotherapy practice I also did industrial consulting for large corporations. and, as I mentioned, I flew several times out to Oceanside, California, and taught stress management to the Marines at Camp Pendleton. On my brochure I stated: "If I can teach stress management to the Marines I can teach it to anyone!"

Somehow I gained a reputation in defense and high pressure situations and also did stress management workshops with top-security defense contractors in California, Dayton, and Indianapolis. I was also stress consultant for Headquarters of Charter Communications (formerly known as STAR CABLE), and models, musicians and a Fortune 100 executive that I cannot disclose.