Digital Productivity
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Digital Productivity

38 Digital Productivity Hacks To Save You 2 Hours Daily - Note Taking, Email Productivity, Social Media, Time Management
3.4 (27 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
769 students enrolled
Last updated 1/2016
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  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • Improve Daily Productivity By 20-30% By Using A Variety Of Tools
  • Organise Tasks & Work In Teams With The Most Advanced & Intuitive Software On The Market
  • Take Advantage Of Google's Suite Of Apps And Understand How They Can Benefit You
  • Do Note-Taking The Right Way - Save Time & Be More Organised
  • Reduce The Time You Spend On Social Media & Have A Congruent Posting Strategy
  • Become Better At Time Management, Automate Tasks & Eliminate Procrastination
  • Outsource Repetitive Tasks Easily & Focus More On The Creative
  • Utilise Other Tools For Better Control Of Expenses, Storing Passwords And Writing
  • Declutter Your Email Inbox & Make It More Efficient Using A Suite Of Tools
  • Eliminate Procrastination While Browsing The Web
  • Read The News More Efficiently
View Curriculum
  • A Laptop & An Internet Connection To Be Able To Access All Of The Tools Discussed In The Course

I'm Dragos Stefanescu - a Top Udemy Instructor with 12 successful courses, 10,000+ students and 450+ Five Star Reviews - and I'm looking forward to teaching you this course.

Digital Productivity - Or how to make technology work for you in the most efficient manner possible.

I created this product because for a long time I'd been struggling with my efficiency levels, especially when working on digital devices and being around them all the time. I thought "Why not share all the apps I use?" - from Note-taking to Email & Social Media Productivity - so that people can replicate the processes I use to stay productive and keep efficiency levels high.

If you're like, then you've had situations where you looked back at your workday and thought you haven't realised much. This is completely normal - we can get distracted by so many things that it's hard to stay organised and focused. But what if you could indeed squeeze in those 2 extra hours of productive work every day? Does that sound like something you'd want to be able to do?

On average, we spend more time using electronic devices than we do sleeping. Most of our working hours revolve around checking emails, browsing the web, doing spreadsheets or participating in conference calls, whether on our laptops or smartphones. But how much of this time do we spend being productive and how much of it is wasted on Facebook, watching cat videos or listening to music?

The Content

Here are a few things that we will be covering in this course:

  • Digital Note Taking 101: Save precious minutes on a daily basis, be more organised & have a go-to place for notes, tasks & content creation. We'll look at software such as OneNote and Evernote.
  • Email Productivity Hacks: Use Gmail and other tools and eliminate 30 painful minutes of email checking every day
  • Procrastination Killers: Productivity apps to eliminate bad habits when working on your laptop or phone

The course also includes bonus topics such as Social Media Productivity, Managing Teams & Tasks and Other Productivity tools and hacks.

The Guarantee

There is a 30 day Money-back guarantee that comes with this course, but given the quality of the content you won't even consider it. If you want to become a Digital Productivity Guru, then enrol in this course now and I'll see you in the virtual classroom.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody Who Thinks They Are Not Productive Enough & Wants To Get "More Productive Hours" Out Of The Day
  • Anybody That Works A Lot On Digital Devices
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
4 Lectures 08:46

Welcome to this course! You'll get to know a bit more general information about the content and about how we're going to approach this course.

Preview 02:20

You'll be aware what the top 3 Productivity apps & areas are in this course. I believe the whole content is valuable, but it's good to focus on a few things for starters. These apps will make a significant impact on your Productivity levels.

Quick Win: Top 3 Productivity Apps I Recommend

Important: Let's Get To Know Each Other!

I want to encourage you to take action throughout the course! Therefore this task will invovle taking notes using the software I mentioned, as this course can get technical and have a lot of details.

Preview 01:34
Use Note-Taking Apps To Improve Productivity
11 Lectures 31:14

Let's have a look at what we'll be discussing in this section - how to use OneNote to your advantage, be more organised & save time. I've also included a lecture on Evernote and its particulars.


OneNote is a free software both on Windows and on OSx. You'll learn how to install it in this very short lecture.

Action: Install OneNote

In this lecture you'll understand how OneNote is structured - Notebooks, Sections, Pages and SubPages. I've recorded a screenshare of my Notebooks, so you get a hands-on experience of how I use it.

Understanding How OneNote Is Organised

Discover a practical example - how useful OneNote is for me when I build my Udemy outlines for courses. I use it for much more than this, but I think it puts things in perspective and potentially gives you ideas of how you can make use of the software.

Preview 04:37

Here's one of my favourite apps to use with OneNote and Office in general - OfficeLens. I want you to download this to your smartphone as it can be your Pocket Scanner. It's extremely easy to use and highly integrated with Microsoft Office Apps.

Hack: Get A Pocket Scanner With Office Lens

A short lecture on how you can record Audio & Video in OneNote. You'll love this feature particularly for situations where you can't type / typing isn't fast enough / you want audio or video of a situation or a speech.

Use This Feature To Save Typing Time

What you'll love about OneNote if you end up using it is its integration with Office in general. In this lecture, you'll discover how to integrate OneNote with Excel, in case you want to store some of your spreadsheets on there.

Integration With Microsoft Office

I want you to do screen clipping the right way - that doesn't mean using the Snipping Tool, but the in-built Microsoft Office tools (which OneNote also has). I think you'll find this feature extremely useful.w

Preview 03:21

Note-Taking by yourself is something, but when you have the chance to share these notes with others it gets even better. Discover how to work on a Notebook with other teammates at the same time.

Using OneNote To Collaborate With Others

You'll see what Evernote's features are, a few differences vs OneNote - this will hopefully allow you to make a judgement call as to what tool you wish to use.

Why You Should Consider Evernote As An Alternative

It's Action Time! Start using OneNote to take notes for this course and any other Udemy-related activity. This is an example task - you can start using OneNote for a bunch of activities, but let's start small and progress along the way.

Action Time - Use One Of These Apps For Udemy Learning
Email Productivity Hacks
8 Lectures 27:52

Let's look at what we're going to cover on Email Productivity in this section - namely several GMail features, but also add-ons that you can use with other Email Clients. That being said, I prefer to use Gmail.


You'll learn how to use one of Gmail's most important features - Labeling and filtering. These can have significant impact on the way you organise your email and how you read your Inbox. Do it right and you'll save a lot of time, particularly if you receive a lot of emails on a daily basis.

2 Smart Ways To Organise Emails

Discover how to use Canned Responses - pre-written scripts that you can use to reply to standard emails. Any email you need automating, rather than copy and paste from another location, simply have the Canned Responses stored in Gmail one click away.

Save Time On Standard Replies With This 'Gmail Labs' Functionality

(Hopefully) You will absolutely LOVE Boomerang! It has 3 simple features that allow you to schedule emails for later, amongst others. I cover how these features can be useful to you with practical examples. It's a must-have if you use Gmail!

Preview 04:38

You absolutely need to have these 2 features enabled if you want higher email accuracy. We'll see how to Undo sent emails and how to avoid pressing "Reply" by mistake when you should be hitting "Reply All".

2 Essential Tricks To Ensure Email Accuracy

One of the best aspects of Gmail is its keyboard shortcuts. But rather than learning them off a PDF, I want you to use a simple app that will remind you all the time what they are, prompting you to memorise them faster and be more efficient at using Gmail.

Use This Tool To Learn Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Fast

If you use other Email providers, then Sanebox is great for you. It's an easy-trainable program that will filter through your email and only keep the most important messages in your Inbox.

How SaneBox Helps You Declutter Your Email Inbox

Action Time! You'll be called to action and will have to fulfill a few easy tasks before proceeding to the next Section.

Action Time!
Social Media Productivity
10 Lectures 32:32

You'll learn more about Social Media Productivity and what we're going to be covering in this Section.


If you haven't, after this lecture, you will absolutely use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule and automate your Social Media Posting strategy. They are 2 absolutely crucial tools that serve as an all-around help for Social Media.

2 Clever Tools To Schedule Your Posting Strategy

With IFTTT you can automate a lot of tasks based on Recipes. This includes, but is not limited to, Social Media amongst others. It can cut a significant chunk of time off your Social Media activity if done right.

Save Time By Automating Tasks With IFTTT

Rapportive is a simple tool that will make it easier for you to connect on Social Media with your email contacts. You'll find it particularly useful for networking purposes and building a presence with the contacts you communicate with on a daily basis.

How Rapportive Makes It Easy To Connect On Social Media

Words can't describe how useful Canva is! If you want to post on Social Media a lot and want to always create new and simple images (but don't have experience with or can't be bothered with Photoshop), then Canva will be a great solution for you.

Beginners' Guide: Photo Editing Made Easy With Canva

What you'll like about AppSumo is how intuitive it is. If you have a website and want to redirect your traffic towards your Social Media accounts, then give this a try!

Integrating Social Media With Your Website Using AppSumo

If you want to nurture your relationships with LinkedIn Connections, then this handy app will allow you to do so in very little time every day. LinkedIn Connected is an absolute must if you have a presence on the platform!

Nurture Relationships In 2 Mins A Day With This Handy LinkedIn App

Do you confront yourself with situations when you don't have enough content that you want to post on Social Media? Pocket will come to the rescue. It allows you to save content for later reading/sharing. More details in the lecture.

Accumulate Content To Post The Easy & Efficient Way Using Pocket

Important: This Will Only Take You 2 Minutes

Let's get serious about Social Media with this Action Time lecture. This doesn't mean I want you to spend more time on Social Media, but rather that I want you to be more productive doing it!

Action Time!
Time Management
7 Lectures 18:09

In this lecture you'll find out what we're going to cover in this chapter. It's a short one, don't worry!


RescueTime is an app that is an absolute must if you're worried about your Productivity levels. In this lecture you'll find out how to analyse the time you spend on your computer and see which activities are productive and which detract you from your end goal.

Break Down Your Daily Activities To Analyse Productivity Levels

If you have an iPhone, then this is the app for you. Workflow will enable you to automate tasks on your phone, thus saving you precious time.

Workflow For iOS - A Great Tool For Automating Tasks

StayFocusd is particularly useful when used with RescueTime. If you know the activities that keep you from being productive, you can use this to block them. Discover more of its functionalities in the lecture.

Eliminate Procrastination With His Simple Add-On

Do you? If you're like me, then you enjoy listening to music whilst working. However, that isn't always the most productive way to work. Luckily, I have this little app for you that will play you music scientifically proven to boost your Productivity.

Do You Listen To Music While Working?

A very simple add-on that will eliminate one of the biggest time-killers of our era: The Facebook News Feed. Discover more in the lecture!

Eliminate Facebook News Feed Browsing With This Simple Add-On

It is time to analyse our daily activities and see how we can improve them moving forward. If we can get 1-2 more hours of productive work in every day, it could do wonders overall!

Action Time!
About the Instructor
Dragos Stefanescu
4.4 Average rating
1,028 Reviews
20,188 Students
15 Courses
Founder at |15 Udemy Courses & 15,000+ Students

About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

  • Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job.
  • Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media
  • Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads
  • Conducted Workshops with Project Teams and Small Enterprises on the use of Twitter and LinkedIn
  • (2) Resume/CV & Interviewing

With 30+ Job applications, I have gained a deep understanding of the recruiting process

  • I have never failed to get an interview (phone or face-to-face) after submitting my Resume
  • Participated in over 20 Job Interviews & Assessment Centres
  • Worked for a leading Management Consulting firm in a highly competitive market
  • (3) Productivity
  • Heavy user of Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint. I completely rebuilt the spreadsheets inherited from one of my teams, reducing the monthly updating time by over half the time (a few business days)
  • Co-produced reports that were ultimately held by members of the Board of Directors in one of the Multinationals I worked in (using Excel & PowerPoint)
  • General productivity freak, I love technology and always look for ways to make it work for me

How I got here…

Until recently I never really envisioned myself starting my own business. In fact, it was quite the opposite - my dream was to work for a large Multinational/ Consulting company and enjoy the riches of the Corporate life…

I soon found myself in what I thought would be my "dream job" only to do work that wasn't at all fulfilling, spending hours every day commuting and paying enormous rent (almost half of my salary) in one of the largest cities in the world. I felt stuck, limited and didn't think much of my future prospects.

I look back now and find it funny how at our lowest points we make life-changing decisions. Since a few members of our Mastermind Group had launched online businesses, I decided I would give it a try. I made up my mind that whatever happened, I absolutely HAD to launch an online product before my birthday.

Within two months, I launched my first Udemy course.

One month later I decided to quit my job (to the utter amazement of my colleagues, managers, friends & family - they probably thought I was crazy) and never looked back since.

My Goal

What I aim for is simple: I want to get you real results in the fastest possible time. Whether it's improving your presence on Social Media, getting your dream job, improving your productivity or self-development, I want you to walk away from my courses with a sense of achievement.

The courses I create are structured in a step-by-step manner so that you can implement them straight away. They do require your effort & commitment, but if you do that I'm extremely confident you can get to the next level.

Ultimately, receiving a message from a satisfied student detailing how I've helped him or her is immensely gratifying, more so than any number of sales.

Get in touch!

If you're one of my students and you want to ask me a question, or you're just reading this now and think we might have something in common then post a discussion item on one of my courses - I'll be more than happy to answer & get to know you better!

Richard Korbut
4.4 Average rating
734 Reviews
15,928 Students
12 Courses
Udemy Producer - Filming, Editing & Creative Direction

Richard Korbut owns a professional film & media company with a mission to transform the field of education through interactive learning based on engagement, step-by-step instruction and actionable material.

We work with passionate individuals seeking to add value to the world by:

  1. Creative Direction - Transforming boring content into captivating education
  2. Filming - Documenting the content in an engaging way
  3. Production - Top quality post-production to add pizazz to each course
  4. Marketing - Ensuring that the word is spread to the public & changes the lives of each and every student

We also serve clients ranging from filming & producing weddings & festivals to directing multi-location exotic documentaries.