Digital PR Made Easy
3.4 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
484 students enrolled
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Digital PR Made Easy

Learn to craft the right message, reach the right people and establish your authority on the web
3.4 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
484 students enrolled
Created by Marco Capra
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build a strong online presence
  • Reach out successfully to influencers and journalists
  • Craft powerful content for the web
  • Establish a deeper connection with their audience
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  • Anybody with a basic knowledge of the internet and social media can take this course.

"Quality course, worth the money"

"Anyone can benefit from this course"

Do you want to get your message through the noise?
Do you want to make a bigger impact?

You know you need to be on the web. You know you need a website, a blog and social media pages. But is that enough to be found and reach people? NOPE.

This digital pr course will teach you all you need to know to craft a strong online presence and get your message to spread powerfully.

Because you want your brand to be known and respected. Because you want to be heard. And let's face it, with all the content published every second from every corner of the web, getting your message through the noise is hard.

But this course will make it easier. After completing it, you will have:

  • All the tools you need to find and connect with influencers and journalists
  • Specific checklists to make sure your message is 100% digitally optimized
  • A solid, authoritative and consistent presence on the web
  • The ability to reach a better, wider audience
  • Lots of ideas on how to find your target audience and see what they're talking about
  • The right mindset and perspective to craft great branded content
  • Guidance on how to use storytelling the right way
  • A clear understanding of what effective communication online is really about
  • A step-by-step blueprint to audit, plan, execute and measure your efforts
  • The web offers amazing opportunities but to be successful you need hard work. This online pr course gives you the mindset, tools and strategies you need to get your message through the noise and connect more deeply, with a wider audience.

    Why Digital PR?

    Public relations have always been crucial, and today they are more than ever. But the world they live in has changed and, like everything else, they need to adapt. Communication professionals are embracing new ways of crafting and spreading their messages, and those who don't are having a hard time. The rules have changed: are you sure you are up-to-date? Are you able to not only work, but think digitally?

    Course structure and content

    "Digital PR Made Easy" has a direct, to-the-point approach. It's designed to give you a solid understanding of internet pr without feeling overwhelmed. It will guide you through different stages while keeping you focused on what matters the most. Because today, with so much information, so much content and so much data, it's easy to get lost. Here, you will know what to focus on.

    Take your online communication to the next level. Find and reach a wider, better audience for your brand. Join the course now.

    You have a 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked!

    Who is the target audience?
    • This course is for small business owners and for anybody who is interested in getting more out of their digital assets - website, blog, social media platforms. This course is for you if you want to be more effective and powerful on the web without spending money in marketing. It is probably not for you if you are an experienced digital pr professional.
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    Curriculum For This Course
    Why Digital PR?
    3 Lectures 05:46

    Public relations have gone online and we hear people talking about digital pr, online pr, internet pr. Do these activities really matter so much? If so, why?

    In this introduction to the course we mention some of the key topics that we'll cover, like storytelling, digital press releases, how to find and connect with influencers.

    We show you what you'll be able to do after completing the course, which all comes down to one big thing: communicate effectively online and reach people.

    Preview 01:18

    A very quick survey to get started with Digital PR.

    30-Second Survey
    1 page

    What are the features of online communication? What makes a message different on the web?

    It's easy to just start writing, reaching out to journalists, creating or publishing content when we are online. It takes a fraction of a second. But every activity, to be successful, should start from an understanding of the medium.

    You'll see why it's so important to create relations, why everyone is a media outlet and why you should give up some control.

    Preview 04:28

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you have the right approach when communicating online?
    15 questions
    2 Lectures 07:09

    Here we focus on the web as an extremely precious source of knowledge, that you can use to grow your brand.

    It's crucial that you "tune in" and start actively listening to what's being said about you, your market and everything else. It helps your brand in many ways, from reputation management to product development, from content creation to marketing.

    Tuning In To The Web - What Are They Saying?

    In this lecture you'll learn what you need to focus on when you 'listen' to the conversations on the web. You'll learn whom to listen to, how to listen and what tools you can use for a better 'listening' experience.

    --- UPDATE: Google Blog Search and Technorati, mentioned in this lecture, have been discontinued. For an updated downloadable list of tools, head to lecture 22. ---

    Finding Your Way Through The Noise - Listen To Whom? How?

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to listen?
    15 questions
    4 Lectures 10:43

    Before you start reaching out to the world you should make sure you have a strong online presence. Why is that so crucial and what are the right ingredients?

    Preview 01:45

    One of the best things to do when building a presence is to make sure you have a voice.

    Here you'll learn how to craft one and how to use storytelling in the right way to create a stronger relationship with your target audience.

    Crafting Your Voice - We All Need One

    You need to plan your way to success, and having a content strategy in place gives you a big advantage.

    This means you will create content on a regular basis. How will you do that? What will you focus on? We guide you in the planning process with a wide range of questions. After answering them you'll have a clear idea of what you want to communicate, and how you are going to do it.

    Your Content Strategy - Planning Your Way To Success

    In this lecture we make sure you can be easily found. Because once you have strong assets, the game has just begun. You need to link all your assets in a network, and then you need to start getting your brand out there. Help others, share their content, and make sure you don't break the rules of online communication.

    Letting Others Find You - Make Sure You Can Easily Be Found

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to create?
    25 questions
    3 Lectures 08:18

    Who hasn't heard about the importance of niches?

    But do you know exactly what targeting niches mean and how to do it effectively?

    Let's make sure you do.

    Niches - It's All About The Audience

    Targeting authoritative people is one of the most effective strategies and a big part of what internet pr are all about. In this lecture you'll see what makes someone an authority on the web.

    Authority - Do You Know What It Means?

    Most of the content on the web is created by a tiny fraction of the users. How can you reach those content creators and let them spread your message for you? Which influencers should you contact? How do you find them?

    We'll answer all these questions and provide some tools you can use to make the job easier.

    --- UPDATE: WeFollow, Twellow, Topsy, Technorati and Ebuzzing, mentioned in this lecture, seem to have all been discontinued. For an updated downloadable list of tools, head to lecture 22. ---

    Influencers - How Do I Find Them?

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to target the right people?
    15 questions
    Crafting Your Message
    3 Lectures 06:29

    Do you know how to write effective online copy? What makes a text more shareable, a message more likely to be read and acted upon? Whenever you type something on your keyboard, keep in mind these guidelines.

    How To Write Your Message (In The Right Way)

    Let's talk about the dear old press release. Is it still an efficient way to create interest about you?

    Apparently, yes. And even if you don't plan to send out a printed one, it still makes sense to master the basics before we move on to the online press release.

    So, what makes for a great press release?

    What About The Press Release? - Is It Dead...?

    Now that you know what makes a press release interesting, newsworthy and effective, let's see how you can work on it to make it successful on the web. An online press release, or digital press release has the power to spread just with one click, and you should definitely take advantage of this.

    Digital Press Release - Not Really The Same Thing

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to craft your message?
    15 questions
    Reaching Out
    3 Lectures 09:44

    What gives a message the potential to spread? How to go viral? What is seeding?

    Although everybody wants his message to go viral, you can make the biggest impact only when you think long term. Relations are so important that you can't afford to activate them just when you need them. You should prepare in advance.

    After taking this class, you'll be read to start planning long term on one side, and try to go viral on the other side.

    Bringing Out Your Message - It's All About Relations

    Most emails are ignored, it's a matter of fact. There are many simple things we can do to avoid ours getting trashed before they're even opened. Most rules sound obvious, yet we don't apply them. Next time you write an email, do yourself a favor and stick to these rules.

    Crafting Your Email - One That Gets Opened And Read

    Your message is ready. You know whom to send it to. How do you reach out to these influential people who will help you dramatically increase your visibility?

    Here you'll learn the best practices for pitching journalists and influencers.

    Preview 03:13

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to reach out?
    15 questions
    2 Lectures 05:41

    This is the last phase in the process. You have learned how and what to listen, you have created a strong online presence and sent the right message to the right people. Now it's time to look at the results and see what went well and what didn't.

    Measuring Your Efforts - Why And How?

    It's great to have data but it's also easy to get lost. This lecture helps you focus on the metrics that really matter and gives you tools and ideas to collect all the data you need. So you can tweak your strategy and do even better next time.

    What And How To Measure - Focusing On Data That Matters

    Let's check what you have learned in this section. Ready?

    Do you know how to measure?
    10 questions
    2 Lectures 01:06

    Thank you for taking this course. To wrap things up we simplify the whole process taught in the course in four simple steps you can easily remember.

    All the best for you digital pr strategy, and if you found this course useful please leave a review on the course main page. Also, feel free to start and engage in any discussion or send me a message. Finally, if you know anyone who could benefit from this course, make sure you share it.

    Marco Capra

    Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

    Here are some digital pr resources and tools you can use to learn more about the topic. I have mentioned some throughout the course, many others are new. They are my favorite pr blogs, online marketing blogs, reputation management tools and more. Go explore!

    Digital PR Resources And Tools
    2 pages
    About the Instructor
    Marco Capra
    3.4 Average rating
    7 Reviews
    484 Students
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    Communication & Media Professional

    Hi! I'm Marco.

    I've been working in the media and communication fields since 2004. I started out in a music TV channel where I had the chance to interview some of the most famous singers and bands at that time (Muse, Ben Harper, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Depeche Mode and many more - I had a lot of fun!). Being a journalist and writer for tv was great but I fell in love with the internet and my focus shifted from on air to online communication and content. So I started working for brands, creating digital content and helping them reach and engage their audience online. My current job is in a medium-sized integrated PR firm but the only thing I know about the future is that I'll keep working in the digital field, as I love spending time online - but hey, don't you too?

    After three months of work, I'm really happy to launch my first Udemy course, Digital PR Made Easy. I condensed what I learned during my journey through communication to help you take your online presence to the next level. Because with all the content out there, you need a solid roadmap to make your message stand out.

    Ready? Looking forward to seeing you there!