Digital Citizenship & Social Media Safety for Tweens

"Saving Face for Parents & Educators," a social media training course

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About This Course

Course Description

Tech savvy tweens doesn't mean socially savvy! We have a responsibility to help kids become good digital citizens! 

STOP WORRYING and START SAVING FACE with Hay There Social Media’s revolutionary offering, “Saving Face for Parents of Tweens™.” This Social Networking Safety coaching program includes 7 instructional videos for parents and educators covering topics such as: digital citizenship, cyber bullying, social media manners, online responsibility, safety & privacy, and more! The creators of Saving Face have expertise in social media, education, and parenting and have combined this knowledge to develop this revolutionary video training program!

When you buy “Saving Face for Parents of Tweens,” you will get Internet Safety for Kids Video which consists of:

  • Seven (7) eye-opening 30-minute video modules
  • Corresponding handouts for reference
  • Homework assignments to help you utilize our best practices in real life to help guide your tween’s social media use

Here's some of what we cover:

  • A step-by-step guide to instill good digital citizenship in tweens
  • Questions to ask about a specific social network before allowing your tween to join
  • A written agreement between kids and parents covering rules for social media safety
  • Talking points to identify and prevent cyberbullying
  • Steps to take to create a positive online reputation and more!

What are the requirements?

  • Computer with audio (to hear online training videos)
  • Adobe (to read course material in pdf format)
  • High speed internet connection

What am I going to get from this course?

  • - How to raise a good digital citizen
  • - Social media and school in this digitally connected era
  • How to be a superb social media role model for tweens
  • - How to NOT be a “Facebook-challenged” parent or teacher
  • - 6 SAFE social media sites specifically for tweens
  • - 5 ground rules and settings for tech-savvy tweens
  • - The ins and outs of photo and video sharing
  • - Guiding the parent and educator’s activity on Facebook
  • - 10 social media etiquette tips for tweens to live by
  • - Teaching digital accountability and maturity
  • - - Understanding and monitoring cyberbullying and dangerous online behavior
  • - How to coach a tween to be an upstander vs. a bystander
  • - Shaping a tween's digital footprint early
  • - Preparing for college and beyond with social media

What is the target audience?

  • Parents of Tech Savvy Tweens
  • K-12 Teachers
  • School Leaders and Administrators

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Section 1: Intro to Digital Citzenship
The theme is digital citizenship. We will cover what digital citizenship is today and why it’s SO important to your child’s future. These terms didn’t exist a few years ago. Then we will talk about what actions you can take to prepare your tween to become a model digital citizen. Like all great classes, we will wrap up this module with a homework assignment. Don’t worry you won’t have to do algebra or geometry, but this program is designed to give you specific elements to implement!
2 pages
  • Corresponding handout for reference with important key concepts
  • Homework assignment to complete with tween on understanding digital citizenship
1 page
This bonus list gives parents action items covering digital citizenship to implement with your tween
Section 2: The Power of Social Media
We will focus on The POWER of social media. We will talk about the responsibility that comes with that power. We’ll specifically outline some of the negatives and the positives associated with these online platforms to ensure your tween is appreciating the responsibility and in some cases maturity that must accompany this power of SM.
We’ll also cover some best practice suggestions for you to help your tweens distinguish the difference.
While Facebook and Twitter are certainly the most common sites, I will share some kid friendly social networks that you might not be aware of and then we’ll conclude with your homework assignment so you can take what you are learning and apply it with those tweens!
3 pages
  • Corresponding handout with key points highlighted covering the power of social media
  • Homework assignment to help you guide your tween in understanding the positive and negative powers of social media
1 page
This action-oriented checklist will allow you to put this critical knowledge on the power of social media to use right away
Section 3: Safety and Privacy
This video covers safety and privacy on social media. First, I will share some real life examples of parents struggling everyday to keep up with their tech savvy tweens, and I want you to make note of the problems you relate to. You will start to see how children’s safety and privacy begins with parents knowing what to look for.
After we talk through some of these current scenarios, we will cover some ground rules we suggest you set for kids today when they are participating on social networks to keep them safe. These are real-life best practices we’ve gleaned from other parents, our own experience and tremendous research.
Within these ground rules we will get into what and how to actually set the privacy options on social networks using Facebook as our example. We will head on over to Twitter and show you which settings to be aware of as your tweens begin to tweet more and more. As you know, we will end with your homework assignment.
2 pages
  • Corresponding handout for reference highlighting key concepts of social media safety and privacy
  • Homework assignment to help you utilize our best practices in real life to help guide your tween’s social media use
3 pages
The BONUS list was created give parents action items to implement with your tween TODAY!
Section 4: Social Media Manners
In this video, we will focus on what we define as social media manners. Social media manners are so important because they are a reflection on your child AND ON YOU. Furthermore, kids manners used to just be judged in an isolated case; now how they interact is on display for all to see and essentially has a digital paper trail.I’ll share what some research tells us about kids and their behavior on social media sites. You’ll see that the research reinforces what parents may already know intuitively, but what their tweens struggle with or worse don’t even consider. We’ll discuss what ethical decisions in the online world should look like. We will talk about good vs bad social media manners and why many are more comfortable exhibiting rude behavior on Social Networks as opposed to real life/face to face behavior. . We’ll discuss how to teach your kids to recognize and exhibit good social media manners and be part of the solution rather than the problem!
4 pages
  • Top 10 rules of good Social Media Manners
  •  Social Media Manners homework assignment
1 page
Social media manners checklist to share with tweens
Section 5: Digital Responsibility
Digital responsibility in social media can be defined as a balance of accountability between tech savvy, i.e., knowledgeable about all things technology and computer related AND social savvy, i.e. able to build positive relationships and contribute constructively to your networks/communities.
In this video, we will examine this definition more closely and share steps to building this balance for your tech savvy tween! We will examine why becoming digitally responsible is essential for our children now in what is dubbed the participatory culture in other words a culture in which private persons (the public) do not act as consumers only, but also as contributors or producers of published media. You will be introduced to some real life kids who are positive online influencers. We will share specific online actions and behaviors that your tween can use to become digitally responsible within social media!
3 pages
  • Corresponding handout covering the important points to digital responsibility
  • Action plan for helping your child implement the steps to becoming digitally responsible
2 pages
A bonus list of digital responsibility highlights and terms to implement with your tween
Section 6: Cyberbullying
In this video we will examine cyber bullying compared to offline school yard bullying.
We will try to answer the question: Why does it seem so prevalent? And examine if it is as common as it seems.
Then we will focus on prevention and why it’s key.
We will look at the difference between upstanders and bystanders- Why do some young people choose to intervene in cases of cyber bullying and others ignore it or worse join in?
I’ll share some guidelines to helping your tween become an upstander.
And finally we will focus on empowering your tween to prevent cyber bullying with specific things he/she can do to ensure they don’t get caught in one of these circumstances even by accident.
3 pages
  • Corresponding handout covering important topics of Cyberbullying including upstander vs bystander
  • Homework assignment  covering best real life practices to deal with cyberbullying and help guide your tween’s social media use
1 page
An action-oriented checklist covering best tips for limiting cyberbullying
Section 7: Online Reputation Management
In this video we will talk about exactly what online reputation management is, particularly on how it impacts your tween. We will discuss why online rep management is important during our kids’ increasingly digital childhood. Their reputation is shaped by what they say about themselves on social media, by what they say about others and by what others say about them.
We will discuss online rep management for your tween today, tomorrow and in the future beyond and in the near future and beyond. I will profile one young lady who has created her own positive persona and shines when it comes to online reputation management…she’ll give you parents a specific example of and possibly some ideas to show your kids.

The meat of this video will focus on how we as parents can help our tween create, maintain and manage a positive online reputation. This is especially important as we begin to think a few steps ahead for when its time to be applying to college.
3 pages
  • Corresponding handout covering key points and tips for online reputation management
  • Homework will focus on researching your tween’s online reputation in real time
1 page
The bonus list includes tips and best practices to managing your tween's online reputation
1 page
The course creators share some final thoughts!

Instructor Biography

Emily A. Hay, Founder, Hay There Social Media, Co-Creator of Saving Face

Emily A. Hay is the founder of Hay There Social Media and™, businesses that deliver social media marketing services to a variety of B2C verticals. She is also the co-creator of “Saving Face for Parents of Tweens,” an online program helping parents and educators coach tweens to become smart digital citizens. Emily is a public speaker and is the social media contributor to the Internet Advisor show on WJR 760 AM in Detroit. You can follow her on twitter @emilyahay.

Instructor Biography

Sheri Watkins Co-Creator Saving Face v. 1.0, Hay There Social Media Team Member


Sheri Watkins is the co-creator of “Saving Face for Parents of Tweens,” an online program helping parents coach their tweens to become smart digital citizens. A mom and a former middle school teacher, Sheri holds a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction. A noted public speaker in the Midwest, Sheri delivers information to parents, teachers and students. In addition, she is a social media manager with Hay There Social Media. Find Sheri on Twitter @SheriWatkins. 

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