Udemy Affiliate API Documentation (v2.0)



Name Description List
created When the user created his/her account @all
has_activated Whether the user has activated his/her account @all
image_100x100 User image, dimensions 100x100 @default, @all
image_125_H User image, dimensions 125_H @all
image_200_H User image, dimensions 200_H @all
image_50x50 User image, dimensions 50x50 @default, @all
image_75x75 User image, dimensions 75x75 @all
is_disabled Whether the user is disabled @all
is_followed Whether the user is followed @all
is_generated Whether the user is anonymous @all
job_title Job title of the user @default, @all
locale Locale of the user @all
name Name of the user @min, @default, @all
num_subscribed_courses Number of the courses this user is taking @all
surname Surname of the user @all
time_zone Time zone of the user @all
title Full name of the user @min, @default, @all
url Absolute URL of the user profile page @default, @all
url_title URL of the user profile page @all